25 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend


There is no reason good enough to break up with someone. You can break up for just about anything that suits your fancy but ideally, a relationship should not be ended without a strong and logical reason. A relationship is something to be cherished for as long as you can but then again, at times, the situation becomes so bad that couples/partners aren’t left with much in the name of alternatives. Here is a list of reasons for you to break up with your boyfriend:

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1. The most common reason to break up with your boyfriend would be to catch him cheating on you with another person. Irrespective of what reason he uses to justify his behavior, it should not be pardoned because nothing can be worse than a partner who has been caught cheating you.

2. If you have ever dated anyone while dating him or had a one night stand that qualifies as cheating and you should break up with him and set him free.

3. At times, relationships just faze out and when they do, it’s time to move on. It doesn’t involve any blame game or bad feelings. If you feel your relationship has ‘fazed’ out, you should break up with your guy.

4. Another reason would be if you or your partner suddenly develops feelings for another person. A lot of relationships have succumbed to this hard reality of life but when things are over, they really are and there is nothing anyone can do to change or influence someone’s love for another person. In fact, there isn’t much point to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t in love with you. Irrespective of whether it’s you who has developed strong feelings for another person or your partner,it’s better to end the relationship.


5. A key element that keeps a relationship going is understanding and without understanding, a relationship loses its charm. If that’s the case, you should break it off with him.

6. If both of you are polar opposites and both of you aren’t willing to do your share at compromising with each other, then you should end the relationship.

7. A long distance relationship can become a source of worry rather than comfort. Some people are just not meant to be in a long distance relationship. Instead of being faithful to their partners, they end up cheating on them while their partners go away for long durations and there isn’t much point in ending things in a bad way when you know yourself well enough to have a cordial mutual break up in advance.

8. If you are a career woman and your deadlines are more important than your anniversaries, you should break it up with him before things get messier!

9. You should break up with him if he has hurt you in any way. There is no point in being in a relationship with someone who has broken your trust or made you feel very bad about something.

10. Every relationship needs a certain amount of kindness, compassion and compatibility but if you have been fighting little power struggles with him at all times, you should give up on the relationship

11. A lot of women can’t tolerate lying and if your guy has been a constant liar, you should end it with him now than to face more serious issues due to his compulsive lying in the future.

12. A common reason these days for break ups is the lack of career prospective. Many women who want to see a future with a man will look for someone with a bright career and at times, when things don’t exactly work the way they had planned, instead of supporting their boyfriends, they go away to look for new ones. If you are a materialistic woman and your boyfriend’s career doesn’t look that bright, you should end the current relationship.

13. If both of you have different demands from life itself, break up with him right now and live your individual dreams. That’s a lot better than missing out on your dreams due to someone or something.

14. If your boyfriend is a commitment phobic and you are not, you should end things with him right away instead of waiting for a couple more years before you realize that your relationship will not end in marriage. It can save you a lot of hurt!

15. Your friends should always receive top priority and if your friends say that he isn’t worth it, then you should believe them and leave him. They are your friends so they will do what’s best for you.

16. Every guy might not be very comfortable with the idea of taking care of someone’s children, even if they are yours. Make sure your boyfriend likes your kids (if you have any) because if he doesn’t, you should break up with him.

17. Every girlfriend needs emotional intimacy as much as a boyfriend needs physical intimacy and if he’s not giving it now, chances are he never will so you should end it with him.

18. You should break up with your boyfriend if he has a gambling, alcohol or drug problem. Most of the times, people who are addicted end up destroying the lives of everyone attached to them along with their own so it’s always better to stay away from a relationship with someone like this.

19. If you think that his parents don’t like you and if he’s a mama’s boy, you should leave him before he leaves you!

20. If your guy values money more than you and he’s fine with cancelling a date just to save some bucks, you should end it with him because he certainly loves money more than he loves your happiness.

21. Many people don’t realise this but they might still be in love with their ex boyfriends. If you are one of them, then you shouldn’t stay with this guy and give him false happiness.

22. There is no logic in being with a guy unless he can give you a lot of happiness and treat you like a princess. If you spend most of your time in your room crying or feeling bad about yourself because of him, you should dump him and try to find your happiness first. Relationships are meant to keep people happy and if yours isn’t, then it’s not worth it.

23. If you feel that you are putting in more time or efforts to maintain the relationship than your boyfriend, you should end it right there and pack your bags.

24. Some men have a tendency to make their female counterparts feel less worthy and if your man is one of them, you should let him go and find someone who treats you as an equal.

25. If your boyfriend abuses you physically,verbally or both, you should leave him immediately. Being in such a relationship is not only psychologically and physically harmful but it can also have serious repercussions in the long run. Irrespective of your reason for being in a relationship with someone like that, you should end it with him immediately to save yourself from further damage.

  • Domenic

    Whoa… That’s a REALLY long list of reasons. The more the better ;)

  • Moe

    Most of these are horrible reasons. Basically be kind and have empathy people! And lastly, treat people like how you would like to be treated. Stop letting your ego dictate the relationship. And love doesnt just happen, it is hard work but at the end of the day, it is worth it. ‘Nuff said.

    • Nadisse

      Agreed, Empathy is exactly the word I was thinking. Sounds like whoever wrote this was badly wronged or is afraid to be, and has not forgiven/tackled it. :-\ I hope that has changed since this was written or will change soon, so they can truly be happy. :-)

  • Elise

    This list of reasons is sexist and ridiculous. You basically are saying that most problems in a relationship are simply the mans fault and that’s it. Get over yourself.

    • shannon

      That is because it is true. Men are the cause of most problems in relationships. Simply put, a man is not as intelligent as a woman.

  • olamide otaru

    Its indEed a long list tho! Cool yh

  • Terriann

    I love this list! I think it is dead on accurate.. This list includes lots of things we don’t think about, and we may let relationships go on longer than they should, instead of seeing these problems and moving on. And as for the commenter that didn’t like the list because we should be more empathetc. Not true. Empathy often leads to making choices that allow you to stay in a bad relationship taking care of someone else’s needs than your own…..

    • Bree

      I feel like all you said is so true and I am in a s*cky relationship right now where he abuses me verbally but he says that he only calls me out my name when I act like a b*tch or a c*nt or whatever he chooses to call me. He doesn’t like most of my friends and I think he may be trying to control me. On the other he is one of the most generous, caring, and loving guy I have ever met that doesnt just want me for sex. But I think his bad traits kind of outweigh his good ones.Idk I just feel like I should try to keep on making it work bt hes attwmpted to kick me out like twice and he doesnt really let me spend time with ny family anymore. (Im 18 and hes 19) he just wants me to himself I think and I miss my family and stuff like that.And whenever I go home he is constantly texting and calling me and if I dont respond quick enough he gets mad and claims that I hate him and that I might be cheating or something.

    • Nadisse

      Wow…. I feel so sad for you. But I guess you wouldn’t understand that.. I hope you’ve got past this also. :-\

  • http://www.mjwara@yahoo.com nhlakanipho

    Love is patient and kind

  • BRE

    This list is everything like my current boyfriend – ____ -

  • davidh

    this is soo stupid, you don’t just end a relationship for something small, you talk first!! if everyone listened to this list everyone would be single, sometimes even when your trying your hardest with a relationship you might be doing something bad, men cant always understand how woman are feeling but doesn’t mean they are not trying! and i agree with Elise, its not always the mans fault, there may be a reason for how the guy acts. whoever wrote this obviously hasn’t been in love or intends to fall in love and thinks all men are idiots and instead of trying to fix things you just give up what could be a great life long relationship. totally stupid!!!!

  • Koukou

    Women have become obnoxious dumb untrustworthy and basically retarded. Their only role in thos world should be in the kitchen and laundry.Don’t worry about them and their drama. Shemales are the best. Tried one never looked back, thank god for those beautiful creatures

  • tenzin chungta

    i think the list is really nice because it opened my eyes .i have been living in relationship where i think i m the only one who is trying to save the relation but the other person doesnot even care . we broke up last year and he was the one who wanted to give it chance and he beg me for it but now things are same as it was before .and i m regretting for giging it second chance

  • Chloe

    I don’t think it’s sexist, personally. This article is just from the female’s perspective; I’m sure there are plenty out there from a guy’s perspective.

    Also, I agree with a lot of these if not all. (:

  • Nadisse

    In an ideal world this would be “normal” for every guy to do/not do everything on this list to treat their woman right all the time. Unfortunately, we live FAR FROM an ideal world and I believe it is going to be near impossible to find a man who never disappoints you or hurts you in some way, at some point or another. If you expect it not to happen, you will be living every day afraid of the next time it is going too.

    The only thing that matters is that you love each other, and he LISTENS and TRIES his hardest to understand your opinions and emotions, and not let it happen again (And this door swings both ways). You are asking for a perfect man that does not exist. I understand wanting only the best, but even the best is not perfect. I truly do hope that these opinions have changed and that you find happiness.

    Of course there are certain wrongs in a relationship that should not be tolerated, and of course there are times when you need to walk away for your own mental/physical safety. But to draw the line for every relationship by the list above seems very unrealistic to me.

    P.S. I am also willing to bet that there are only a fraction of woman out there that would live up to these expectations, including yourself.

  • Megan B

    Excellent list, although women have a lot of faults too in some relationships, these reasons cover most of the reasons you should split with your man, because even though you want him to care or if youre the most beautiful girl (boy) if youre gay in the world, when they do these things it means they just don’t care enough, eather it be about the relationship or even themselves and nothing will change them, I know.

  • Tesh

    Great list, pretty legit.

  • Ilostmybrainalongtimeago

    Excuse me for saying but if someone has no job,goals,respect or interests that are the same as you. If you are always arguing and have nothing good to say to each other. ask yourself, why you with him? You should leave him! He is just mooching off of your life! He is a LOSER! He is a leech sucking off of yourself, sickening! And he needs to learn or else you will spend the rest of your life dragging around some fat guy everywhere you go with his mouth wide open. Listen to what your mother will say to you if she saw you in this situation. She will tell you the same thing, dump that loser! You will realize years from now of how much damage its put on your mind and body physically and psychologically. Im sorry but, if your being abused there comes a point in tiem where you have to tell yourself. I need to care about ME. Not you. ME. He will never understand because he wants to worry about him and him alone he will never tell you this. Leave the loser, dont wait another day. Or, leave as soon as you possibly can. It would be very sad for someone to have to feel like they are chained to one person for the rest of there existence and never break free. Not every relationship will be the one. you might have to go through a bunch of people and break peoples heart. That’s just the way it goes. You can either be stupid and feel sorry for someone(the wrong person), or you can be smart and leave so you can breathe properly. There are many dysfunctional types of people living in this world, and you don’t have to be one of them. Let all the crazy people find each other. Let all the smart ones live at the bottom for a long time. My Gosh! I think sometimes things just dont work out and that’s okay. There are alot of people who need to get a life and stop hanging off of you because you are financially stable and they need to be too. Sorry get your scarred up desperate palms off of my blanket im walking! Dont let him tell you to feel sorry for him, dont fall for it. It is him trying to make you fell sorry for him.

  • Really pissed off.

    My Girlfriend left me because of #20. this site specifically. she printed out the page and highlighted it. left it by the p.c..

    Are you dumb? Are you a gold digging scum-bag and a total waste of any guy’s time? Do you realize the terrible advice you are giving out??

    20. If your guy values money more than you and he’s fine with cancelling a date just to save some bucks, you should end it with him because he certainly loves money more than he loves your happiness.


    really you did me a favor in hindsight, but really? that’s terrible advice. and you should feel terrible. Gold diggers should die alone.

  • Nats

    what if he confessed to cheating instead of me catching him, is that acceptable?

  • awes0me

    This is the worst advise ever. It was obviously written by someone young with no experience. Most of these things are communication issues

  • lizzy

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  • mimi

    I left my boyfriend 2 days ago, it feel terrible because We still love and care for each other! But now that I read that list, that I realise that 5 of my break up reasons are on it, I feel much more better about this break up… Maybe we are just met to be friend no more :)

  • Tracy

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