Why Do Women Have Affairs With Married Men?


There is something very scandalous about married men that attract women so much. They engage in illicit relationships with married men because of a variety of reasons. Some like the secrecy, some enjoy the extra attention, some are forced to participate whereas others don’t even realize that the men are married. This post looks into some reasons which women give for engaging themselves in affairs with married men.

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To break the stereotype:

The society disapproves of a woman’s relationship with a married man, irrespective of whether she is single or not. Married men are like the forbidden fruit and Eve hasn’t really undergone any massive transformation over the centuries. Just like Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit to spite god and see what happens, her disciples i.e. women have affairs with married men to just to spite society. They try to break the stereotypical constraints every society imposes on people.

It’s easy:

Married men have it easy. There is no guilt attached to dating them if the affair is strictly physical. Many career centric women don’t have the time or energy to enter into a relationship so they engage themselves in affairs with married men to satisfy their physical urges. It’s easy and uncomplicated. The lack of emotions and expectations from either party makes it even better.

Unavailability of single men:

Most of the genuine and good looking men are committed, married or gay. There is a huge pool of women but eligible single men are growing scarce with every passing day. This is one reason a lot of women turn towards married men and look for a more fulfilling relationship. Some women don’t have the time to hunt for single men so they make do with whatever lies in their power.

Emotional blackmail:

It is incorrect to put the entire blame on a woman for participating in such an affair because the man has an equal (if not greater) role in it. Some men go to the extent of emotionally blackmailing a woman they fancy, forcing her into physical submission.

They are more experienced:

Married men are sexually more experienced which is why a lot of women choose married men over single men, fully aware of the dogma society attaches to such relationships. Some women are hooked to sex so all they want is a partner who can satisfy their needs without really caring about their marital status.


Out of curiosity:

Some women get involved with a married man because they want to experience what others have and see what a married man is all about. Another reason for such affairs is peer pressure (even though very few women fall for it). Friends can be very compelling and sometimes, a woman takes part in such an affair to fit within her friend circle.

They don’t think of it as something wrong:

Certain women continue their affair with a married man because they fail to see it as something wrong or morally incorrect. They can become completely self-centric to fulfill their desires and to get what they want so if they want a certain man, there is nothing that can stop her, not even marriage.


Love knows no boundaries and everyone is allowed to feel something special for a particular person. A woman might be with a married man purely for the love that they share. Just because a man is married does not mean that he is happy or in love with his wife. Many men stay in a marriage because something or someone compels them to and an affair is the only respite they get from a difficult marriage. So, a woman can indulge in a relationship with a married man solely out of the love she feels for him.

They are unaware of it:

A lot of married men are basically players who married because of a compelling reason like societal pressures or the possibility of acquiring wealth through marriage. Since the intrinsic nature of man never changes, they lurk around the city, wedding rings taken off, claiming to be single and looking for potential love interests. Many women who date such lying chauvinists aren’t even aware of their marital status.

For revenge:

Fights between friends can be very stupid especially when they extend to spouses. Some women go to the extent of dating a friend’s spouse just for the sake of making her feel jealous or to get back at her for something. The reasons might be serious or vague but the affair isn’t.

The hunt for a sugar daddy:

A lot of women are on an endless hunt for a sugar daddy who can satisfy all their materialistic needs and desires. All they look for is a man with a lot of money (and by a lot I mean a lot!). They don’t care about how old he is, how long he’s been married or how many kids he has. A sugar daddy is crucial to upholding their position in the society and a lot of such men participate in namesake marriages so such relationships are basically the only ones they are really involved in. It’s more of an arrangement than an affair.

Married men give more attention:

After all, every woman wants to be a priority for the man she’s with. Even though married men don’t have a lot of time for their wives, they smother the ‘other’ woman with time, money and attention. Many women have an affair with such men because they (with practice) know how to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs and for most women, that is the most important thing they want in a relationship. They deserve the pampering and that is exactly what they look for in such an affair.

  • Jeff

    They are irresistible111 :p

  • Peter

    Ironically, married men are actually more appealing to a certain section of the female society irrespective of their marital status. Most of the others just like to pretend that they are single to get some women. But, there is a certain section of men say about 10%-15% of the cheaters actually have bad marriages and they look for ways to get out…

  • Cassie

    This article looks into the different perspectives of an extra marital affair from a man’s point of view. What I personally like about this is that all the different angles have been taken into consideration so it’s not like anyone’s getting the blame. I like the way this piece is unbiased. Its more like an eye opener that let’s the readers decide what they think. Great writing!

  • Leone

    Women are free spirited and strong willed so they do what they want to do. Love doesn’t believe in barriers so if a woman loves someone, she loves him with all her heart without being concerned about societal norms. That’s how love works with everyone I guess!!

  • Lorelli

    They have this fairy tale story about finding their prince charming and they are willing to go to any length to be with him…. As forgiving as women can be, some just don’t know their guy’s married though!

  • beto

    a married women likes the attention she not getting at home some men or guys much rather like to go out with friends or work all nite on there hobby and the women is always lonely she run into a wolf she is the pray and talk is good they fall into it thats how i see it .