9 Reasons Why Do Men Cheat on Their Wife


In most relationships it is more common for the husband to have an affair, although women too are sometimes subject to the fate.

There are a variety of reasons as to why men cheat on their wives. Most people blame it on the fact that men in general are made to cheat. This isn’t entirely true. Everyone is different and it depends on person to person.

Sometimes situations just call for spouses to cheat…maybe one partner is another city for work commitments and due to the distance it happens.

The point is, it is not uncommon for people to cheat in a marriage. There are several reasons to blame for it. In order to cheat-proof your marriage it is important to build a strong relationship with your spouse so that the relationship can withstand any temptation.

Listed below are few reasons why men cheat:

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It’s in their nature

Some men get attracted to every beautiful woman that they see. It’s in their nature and if they have been this way for several years then it’s almost impossible to change them. These men are commonly known as womanizers. They can’t help themselves, when they see a good looking woman, they just land up cheating and they don’t make the greatest of husbands as a result of it.

They aren’t happy in their marriage

Marriage is a responsibility that needs to be handled with the maximum maturity levels. Sometimes, people get married and realize that their partner is just not the perfect one for them. This leads to constant unhappiness and if a man is stuck in a marriage of this sort, he will unconsciously try and seek happiness elsewhere. He may come across a woman who makes him laugh, who makes him feel special – all of the things that his wife doesn’t make him feel and therefore he may end up cheating on his wife with the other woman.

They feel someone new would be good for a change

Men like the sense of experimenting with new things…and once in a marriage they may feel the urge to meet a new person for a change…this may end up in an affair and before a man realizes that things have gone too far it’s already too late.

Men are naturally polite and on their best behavior with women they don’t know

If you were to ask a woman / wife who has been with her partner for a long time how her man is as a person, she will have so much to tell…she will also have her share of complaints because of the sheer fact that she has spent so much time with him. But men are only their “own” self with women they have been with for long. For any new woman that comes their way, they revert back to being a smart person who talks well and dresses well and tries to be nice and they even go out of their way to help women they don’t know sometimes. This may sometimes be seen as the other woman as an act of kindness and she may feel that he likes her…this leads to more conversations and maybe even an affair.

They like the attention

Men often fall for the attention they get from a new girl even if they have a wife. In normal cases, husband and wife couples get used to each other with time. But there is always a sense of novelty with a new person and men may land up cheating because of the sudden attention they get from a new girl.

They can’t say no

Sometimes when a man cheats, it is possible that it is not entirely his fault. He may have come across a girl / woman who likes him even though he is married and if she pursues him it turns into an affair because men find it quite difficult to say no to girls. Although the aggrieved party in this sense would insist that he should have been stronger, the point is that he didn’t / couldn’t say no and so it led to an affair.

They find it exciting to sneak around behind their wife’s back

Sometimes, men like the idea of having a wife and a girlfriend on the side and the idea of sneaking around behind their wife’s back gives them a sense of excitement. This is also another reason why some men choose to keep secret girlfriends on the side.

It boosts their self esteem

Having a wife and a girlfriend along with that can boost a man’s self esteem and this is another reason why men are known to cheat on their wives. This is especially true of middle aged men.

It gives them a renewed sense of love

A cheating husband will experience a new sense of love during his affair. This will be like a break from the normal marriage routine. It may not be real love, but it gives him a new experience and this is one reason why husband’s end up cheating.

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  • Bill Moore

    This is a poor article and mostly lame excuses for someone who refuses to use self control, and doesn’t really love anyone but themselves. There may be one tenth of one percent that has some genetic, metal defect, but mostly, infidelity comes from selfishness, self centerredness and lack of discipline. In every case I’ve seen, heard of, been privy too, the above pretty much describes it.

    • Mark

      I agree with Bill. There is no reason that can justify cheating. It is a disgusting thing to do and honestly, if you don’t love your wife enough to be faithful to her, you might as well end it with her and then see someone else. Cheating can never be justified.

  • Mindy

    This is a debate that can go on and on. But this article has handled this issue really well. Great going!

  • Olivia

    Men just can keep things going with one woman… No matter how much we try to please them, it’s never enough!!!

  • Zach

    Maybe the woman should put out more, that usually helps alot

    • Deanna

      Cheaters love the excitement of getting away with it. Just like a child stealing a cookie, from the cookie jar.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the hell up.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up who ever who are!

    • Womentakeblaimto

      You are correct Zach. Some woman decide its time stop having sex with their husbands not realizing that its actually part of their relationship that they are destroying. Men need sex as a final way of saying “I love you”. Not having sex as much anymore, makes them either flirt more with other women, and maybe someday having sex with the other women. So remember ladies when you decide to cut him off in sex, you are not helping the relationship, you are destroying it by taking away part of his way of showing he loves you.

  • Kudakwashe hove

    This is total nonsense… Why marry someone wen you knw you gonna cheat on her and why nt tell her you dnt love her, rather than cheating. Men needs to grow up. You cheat on me, i will leave you and go without a trace.

  • squeezyp

    schlong bait.