What to Do When You’re Bored at Home


Occasionally, you may find yourself at home with no one around, no friends to hang out with and no work to do. This is a perfect situation to find yourself in the lap of incessant boredom, and when that happens, we’re here to help you!

If you ever find yourself being bored to death, fret not; just try one of our 184 suggestions. If you get bored with one, there is always the option of trying on another. A list this exhaustive will keep you entertained in months and months of utter boredom.

  1. It is a beautiful night (if you are bored, it always is), so just lie in your backyard, or open a window and star-gaze.
  2. Take out old photographs from your childhood and take a trip down the memory lane. Even if you’re not the emotional kind, it is always a pleasure to look at a cuter you.
  3. If you like to indulge in creative activities, you can even make a collage or poster out of your old photos.
  4. Paint all your crockery purple.
  5. Try out chemistry for kids and become a mad scientist!
  6. Go skinny dipping.
  7.  Rearrange the furniture in your room/house. This helps breaks monotony.
  8. Paint. This is always a pleasurable activity, even if you don’t quite know how to. Who knows you might discover latent talent!
  9. Take some time out and appreciate someone important in your life. Write them a thank you note.
  10. Create a prom dress entirely out of disposable cutlery.
  11. If you’re a pet lover, you always have the option of teaching your pet a new trick. Tip: Patience is a virtue.
  12. Answer all questions with ‘purple monkey dishwasher.’
  13. Draw using your left hand (right if you are a lefty).
  14. Challenge your friends for a wizards’ duel.
  15. Buy a tiger soft toy, put it on a leash and drag it around your neighborhood calling it Hobbes and discussing life’s travesties with it.
  16. Make a house of cards – always a great way to pass time and learn patience.
  17. Tell your friends to call you Princess Consuela Banana-hammock for a day.
  18. Take your pet for a walk and pretend it is breaking up with you as soon as someone passes by.
  19. Experiment with poetry. If it is good, you would have discovered a talent, if not, you can always put it up for a few laughs here.
  20. Give back to nature: plant a few seeds.
  21. Use your extra time to do something useful: clean your wardrobe!
  22. Make a new playlist or CD, this time for a special someone.
  23. Learn a new language, an exotic one.
  24. Insert encouraging messages into helium-filled balloons and release them. Be sure to include your email address so people can contact you if they find one!
  25. Go to Yahoo Answers and answer some of the more ‘interesting’ questions.
  26. Replay an episode of Cops using remote controlled helicopters and cars.
  27. Find out more about your ancestors and develop a family tree.
  28. Learn to solve a new puzzle. For example, Sudoku, Wordoku, Pic-a-Pix.
  29. Engage in a physical activity. When was the last time you went jogging, cycling or trekking?
  30. Call up friends in the neighborhood and play games. Soccer, basketball and Frisbee are great options.
  31. Teach yourself a sign language. This comes in handy in awkward situations, where you don’t know the local language or cannot talk (during classes, for example).
  32. Write the script for an ad selling coffins.
  33. Make an anonymous threatening letter by cutting out words from a newspaper. Send it to your enemy.
  34. See how quick you can start and stop your digital stopwatch (no more than 0.03 seconds is the time to beat).
  35. Go on a walk armed with your camera. Snap pictures of things that look like letters of the alphabet.
  36. Do a Google search for “test subjects needed” or “volunteers needs” and volunteer for something.
  37. Ever tried sand art? If not, then try it now! Sand art in jar looks really beautiful indeed.
  38. Do you recall your favorite book as a child? Go and reread it! It is bound to make for an amusing couple of hours.
  39. Pretend to be dinosaur with a sore bottom
  40. Write your biography and illustrate it with stick people.
  41. Use green nail polish to paint uncomfortable looking rashes all over your body and tell folks you were bitten by a Martian.
  42. Call random people on the phone and try to sell them imaginary products
  43. Bake cookies. You’ll learn something new and get a nice savory snack.
  44. Gaze at the clouds, try to make out the shapes; you’ll be amazed with how many you can find!
  45. Eat all your food without using your hands.
  46. Call that one person you haven’t talked to in a really, really long time.
  47. Take a bubble bath, scented candles et al.
  48. Design your paper snowflake.
  49. Cover yourself with fake blood and lie on the sidewalk outside your house. See if anyone cares.
  50. Make a movie about something ridiculous: correct techniques of drinking from a can, things you can stack on your cat before it makes an attempt to move.
  51. Climb inside your freezer in your bare essentials and see how long you can survive.
  52. Cut out pictures from old magazines and newspaper and create your very own specialized wallpaper.
  53. Set up a tent in your living room or backyard and go ’camping’.
  54. Try origami.
  55. Write a letter to someone using only letters cut from newspapers and magazines.
  56. Make fancy birthday cards. That way you indulge your creative juices and save some money.
  57. If there’s snow, invite your neighbors, family and friends for a ‘snow war’. Create ‘forts,’ ‘watchtowers,’ and ‘moats.’ Don’t forget your snowballs and snowman sentries!
  58. Play a board game you loved as a child but now think you’re too old for. Returning to activities you enjoyed during your childhood is never boring.
  59. Arm yourself with some scraps of wood, nails, glue and a hammer and see what you can create.
  60. Learn a new card trick and amuse your folks at dinner.
  61. Play Wallyball.
  62. Instead of solving one, create your own puzzle. Then give it a fancy name!
  63. Rake and play with the leaves. You could even use the leaves to create something artsy or to decorate a pot. You can spread them around in your room and pretend you’re in a forest, or if you’re in the mood for something naughty, spread them all over the house and wait for your folks to get home.
  64. Design your own snowflake and mail it to your friends.
  65. Invent your very own board game. Create fancy puzzle pieces and indulge yourself.
  66. Play 20 questions.
  67. Turn your keyboard into a drum kit.
  68. Learn to juggle.
  69. Paint a glass window.
  70. Pick flowers from your garden and learn to arrange a fancy bouquet.
  71. Hide a “treasure” and organize a scavenger hunt for your friends.
  72. Start blogging. You do not have to make it about anything socially relevant and don’t worry about readers. Once you start writing, you will realize how liberating it is and all else would cease to matter.
  73. Make a time capsule.
  74. Write long e-mails to friends and use the thesaurus on every word. This would keep them confused and you will get your fair share of amusement.
  75. Go exploring in the house! Check out all drawers and cupboards, and don’t forget to look under the couch. You are likely to ‘discover’ numerous things you had forgotten all about or find someone interesting that belongs to your sibling. Finder’s keepers!
  76. Check out these funny illustrations and attempt some of your own.
  77. Pack a few sandwiches, some peanut butter and set off for a picnic in your own backyard.
  78. A great idea for some handy amusement is to watch TV on mute and make up the dialogues as you watch.
  79. Make an extensive list of friends and family and assign them nicknames based on certain ‘qualities.’
  80. Go stumbling all over the internet.
  81. Go out, take a stroll in the park and notice the different species of trees, plants and shrubs. Collect a few leaves of each and start your very own nature scrapbook.
  82. Two words- sidewalk chalk!
  83. Use dental floss, painted macaroni, beads and any other item you might find and make a string necklace or bracelet.
  84. Do yourself a favor, make a nice smoothie and chill in front of the TV.
  85. Gather some friends and play the blind man’s bluff.
  86. Write your very own script where you play all the characters and put on a play. You can even videotape the performance and e-mail it to your friends.
  87. Arm yourself with some fabric paint and a drab, old t-shirt and create your very own designer piece.
  88. Make your very own personalized list of Things to do When You Are Bored.
  89. Google yourself. It always brings up some very interesting results.
  90. Choreograph a dance to a non-dance number. This can be extremely challenging and that’s what makes it fun.
  91. Challenge your friends to a marble tournament.
  92. Create your very own calendar. If you prefer to print instead of painting it yourself, you can create your specialized calendar here.
  93. Blink your eyes rapidly and then close them real tight.
  94. Learn to make animal sounds. Cats, dogs and snakes are good starting points.
  95. Paint caricatures of your friends and family and use them
  96. Repeat a single word over and over again.
  97. Raining? Don’t hide indoors. Whether you’re 3, 13, 33 or 63, get out there and splash in the puddles. Feel the joy!
  98. Air guitar to head banging metal songs.
  99. Put together your very own photo puzzle blocks.
  100. Make some shorts of a handbag out of an old pair of jeans
  101. Play volleyball using a balloon or your nose
  102. Play hand-cricket, i.e. cricket without a bat.
  103. Find the weirdest assortments and make an outfit out of them. See if you can tie a chair to your back, take pictures and post them online saying you’d like to be Lady Gaga’s latest stylist.
  104. If you could go back in time to deliver a letter to younger self, what would the letter say?
  105. Go to your terrace, balcony or just open a window: you need a clear way of the street. Check out the people passing by and keep track of the weirdest things you see on the street that day.
  106. Play partners-in-crime with a friend. Write a story where each of you gets to write only one sentence at a time.
  107. Watch silly movies.
  108. Walk an imaginary dog. You could also play fetch with it or try to catch it as it runs off.
  109. Use fried marbles to create some trendy jewelry.
  110. Jump on your bed shouting ‘I’m the best’
  111. Wear your underwear over your pants, tie a table cloth as a cap and go around the neighborhood looking for villains.
  112. Pretend to be a robot or a car. Remember to produce the requisite sounds.
  113. Practice producing gargling sounds without any water.
  114. Read a book, backwards.
  115. If you are the crafty kind, hop over here and create some extraordinary paper models.
  116. This one requires perseverance. Put a coin on one end of the table (the lower the denomination, the better) and take it to the other end just by blowing on it.
  117. Pretend to have a split personality and talk to the different versions of yourself.
  118. Save the words. Adopt them.
  119. Disassemble items and try to put them back together. Do not try this on your refrigerator or washing machine, no matter how interesting it promises to be.
  120. Attempt to lick your nose and your elbow.
  121. Get trippy with these illusions.
  122. Go to the supermarket in bathrobe, slippers & a towel around your head. Tell people you ran out of supplies and that this is an emergency
  123. Bring dog treats to the park and meet 20 new dogs (and their owners). Tell them you lost your pet and now every time you see someone bonding with their pet, you are reminded of your pet leopard.
  124. Create a list of 100 random things about yourself. Share them on your social networking profile page.
  125. Give your pet a makeover
  126. Play classic video games in your backyard.
  127. Juggle some virtual jello here. It’s even better than the real deal and you can even make music with it.
  128. Get a big roll-of-paper, lie down on it, and get someone to trace around your body. Now fill in the details. Create your very own life-sized portrait. You can even decorate it with your old clothes, glasses etc.
  129. Invent a not so boring and very cunning plot of how to take over the planet
  130. Memorize a random paragraph of nothing but gibberish. Answer every question with that.
  131. Discover a number of things you can create from a cardboard.
  132. Give yourself a new makeover – the wackier, the better.
  133. Try to type with your toes.
  134. Create extraordinary sculptures out of old books.
  135. Host a movie marathon — but choose the DVDs with your eyes closed. Don’t forget popcorn!
  136. Organize an improvised sports day. Play ping pong on a table with two books and a rubber ball. Improvise and use plastic bottles as bowling pins. Play basketball or volleyball with a crumpled up piece of paper and use pens as hockey sticks and a bottle cap as a puck. Or bend wire hangers to make croquet wickets and use toilet plungers for the mallets!
  137. Take a fifteen minute walk on your sofa.
  138. Go jogging backwards.
  139. Prepare some wiggly finger jello. Or rainbow jello. Have a jello eating contest and eat with your hands behind your back!
  140. List twenty things you like about someone. Give them the list and make their day.
  141. Beat yourself in a game of flash/ chess/ carom.
  142. Write a letter to your future you.
  143. Fill your room with soap bubbles. Tell anyone who inquires that it’s your new screen saver.
  144. Build a robot using spare parts from around the house. Please don’t take the toaster apart without permission.
  145. Whip up some homemade sidewalk chalk. Use your chalk to write something encouraging on the sidewalk — in 10 different places.
  146. Build appetizing cookie houses with cookie wafers, candy and frosting. Customize them for upcoming holidays.
  147. Gather up all your old toys and games and have a garage sale. If garage sales aren’t your thing, you can also sell your stuff on eBay.
  148. Discover your entrepreneurial skills – set up a lemonade stand. Car wash works too.
  149. Play hangman.
  150. Engage in an epic water hose battle in the yard. You could even try a shaving cream fight or pelt each other with pudding!
  151. Try to catch 25 grapes in your mouth, one at a time.
  152. Challenge your gran to a one handed skipping struggle
  153. When was the last time you indulged in fingerprinting, thread-painting, vegetable painting? Do it now! While you’re at it, also ties some toe-painting.
  154. Learn the art of calligraphy and design posters, cards, gift bags, etc.
  155. Go for a whole day without speaking. Don’t tell your family and friends that you would be trying this. Observe their reactions.
  156. Play tennis in the dark
  157. Follow an ant around the house/yard and then write in your journal pretending you’re the ant.
  158. Throw out all your holey socks or make zombie sock puppets out of them.
  159. Invent a new space suit.
  160. Take old books that no longer serve a purpose for you and cut holes in them to stash your treasure.
  161. Dance like wolves – pretend you are Mowgli. George of the jungle will work too.
  162. Turn on your shower and dance in the rain.
  163. Use flippers to make a hot couture headdress. You can make on with fruits, old shoes, crocs, a pair of jeans and fridge magnets as well.
  164. Take a bath with milk: a glowing baby-soft skin without any side effects.
  165. Paint Easter eggs.
  166. Race snails with your remote cars. You could also tie them up and then rescue them.
  167. Blindfold your teddy bear and interrogate it where it stashed the money, or else…
  168. Pet a fish called Wanda.
  169. Make a chocolate teapot.
  170. Create a mountain of clothes in your room, dress like a fish and pretend to climb Mt. Everest. Post pictures on your Facebook page once you reach the summit.
  171. For an entire day, call your dad your mum and your mum dad.
  172. Create a new fashion line especially for the homeless, entirely out of cardboard.
  173. Die your hair rainbow colors.
  174. Learn Swahili.
  175. Plant flowers. If you don’t have anywhere to plant them outdoors, plant them in a pot indoors instead. Or plant vegetables.

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