10 Things to Do When You Are Hungry and Have No Food


Seldom does it happen that you are left without any food or leftovers in the house but when it happens, that is when you feel extremely hungry and keep checking your fridge to wait for some food to magically appear. However, no amount of checking your refrigerator or the pantry is going to help you so it’s better to start considering the alternatives and try to make do with whatever is available. You can try some of these ideas to end the hunger:

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Drink water

Drinking water is a good idea when you feel hungry. It fills up your stomach so that your stomach calms down, even if only temporarily. Also, water keeps you hydrated and the body needs water more than it needs food.

Go to your friends place

If you have nothing to eat at home, why not go to a friend’s place and hang around till lunch? And if that person is a good friend, you don’t even need to hang around till lunch. You can go to his house and ask him to fix you a quick sandwich or make something he knows. If you have any relatives staying nearby, drop in for a visit and stay long enough for lunch (which they will offer you whether it’s out of courtesy of love).

Get home delivery

Another great alternative to consider is ordering home delivery. With so many places that deliver food at home, not only will you get something to satisfy your hunger but you will also be in a privileged position to select your meal. If you are running low on cash, ask your roommate or a housemate for some. If you choose to order from a place that is close to your house, you won’t even have to wait for long to get your meal.


Go to a restaurant

If you are not feeling lazy, go down to a restaurant or diner and get something to eat on your own. There is no point in being lazy when you feel hungry because staying without food when your stomach demands it is very detrimental to your health. You don’t have to have the most expensive item on the menu but you can eat enough to satiate your hunger till you get some home cooked food.

Make something from whatever is available

Run a check on the food that’s there in the house. You may find meat or vegetables or fruits. Now, this is where you need to test your creativity so after listing down the available resources, think of innovative ways (or normal ways) of making something from them. Necessity is the mother of invention so go ahead and invent something to eat. Not only will it keep you busy but if the food tastes nice, you can also brag about it later to your friends and family.


If you cannot find anything at home and you are too lazy to go out or order home delivery, then just drink some water and go off to sleep. This is a tried and tested suggestion and it works most of the times. When you take a nap, your body rests and the hunger dies temporarily. When you wake up, you will have enough energy (and no other option) so you can run down to your nearest grocery store and get some food from there.

Try to divert your mind

Another great alternative to feeling hungry when no food is around is to try and divert your mind. Taking a nap is one of them but if you can’t fall asleep on a hungry stomach, watch some TV (avoid cooking shows), practice music, give a call to a friend or read a book and try to think about things that are completely unrelated to food.

Peanut butter can be a good idea

Everybody always has some peanut butter so if you don’t find anything else to eat in your house, make a peanut butter sandwich. If there is no bread either, you can spread it on crackers or saltines and eat it. Now, if that is also not available at home, then just go ahead and treat yourself to a jar of peanut butter. Since it is heavy, it will fill your stomach and peanut butter always tastes good whether you eat it with something or just by itself.

Make a tomato salad

If you have some vegetables like tomatoes, olives and lettuce at home, make a light salad and dress it with some olive oil. Put in some cheese if you have any. Add some salt, cayenne pepper and other spices to taste and you will have a healthy snack at your disposal.


If there is absolutely nothing you can do about your situation and cook at home, going to restaurants and ordering home deliveries are not feasible options and you are too lazy to run down to your grocery store then all you can do is call your roommate or housemate and wait for them to return with some food or make it when they come back.

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  • Ivy

    How can anyone not have any food at all in their house??!! But The ideas here are great. They are so versatile!

    • Anonymous

      some people have no money. Just because you do, dont take the mick out of others.

      • Anonymous

        i have no food whatsoever- and i live in a motel room. and im totally broke…sleep is a good trick to forget how your tummy is grummbling

        • ……

          A food bank is a good idea..I’ve been acouple of times..not the best food but it puts something in our stomachs

          • Sarina Amira McBride

            Not everyone has that option. Try having to live gluten free and go to the food bank. idk what its like where you live but here they tell you that they don’t “cater” to dietary requirements. I got a couple small grocery bags of food and had to give away all but two canned items due to wheat being in them. :(

    • Fredrick L. Mayes

      Some people live on a very limited budget. Me and my wife for example. We get our Groceries from oneharves and we have enough food to last us over a month. It is usually about 1 maybe 2 meals a day, but they all have to be cooked and you don’t want to start cooking something that might be part of a planned meal, because if you cook said Item that might be part of a planned meal, then you will end up shorting yourself a meal during the later part of the week. Snacks and stuff do not get included with this package…so because of a lack of money and a tight budget, you are hungry and can’t afford to buy junk food and snacks and other stuff , because of priorities. People seem to always forget that not everyone in this world is rich or is well to do and can afford anything they want. Some people are on a really tight budget and others just having to live at the mission because of bad circumstances. These Ideas are helpful, to those who might just be on hard times.

      • cally

        no. who cares. they may not get anything for christmas but as long as i have food im happy

        • cally

          im gettin mine yall

          • cally

            im dirty rich, live in a manchine and im great! im like that! dont u tell me nothin!

            • cally

              answer you f***ers

              • John Doe

                Shut up u whore.

            • Haley

              Yo, Cally. It’s great that your rich but calm down. I’m not. Im using my freinds computer who was so kind to take me in after my house burnt down and my parents died. My freind is running low on food to, so instead of bragging donate food because what your doing is wrong. I’m just a kid and you don’t have to listen to me but, you should. I’m sorry for any one else reading this. But, the world can be a cruel place.

    • http://an-angel-with-a-idjit.tumblr.com Andrea

      Um, People who are Poor!!!!

      My family starves at the end of every month, cause of it.

      • Sarina Amira McBride

        ikr? I’m disabled and got suspended from my disability payment… started a min wage job but now my rent is going up (second time in three months)… was $350 then $400 now $600… My budget is essentially rent, car insurance and phone (necessity to get calls for shift changes or extra hours)… every thing else has been cut out and I am still in the hole and owing the $400 for this month, next month when its $600 idk… there is no budget for food. The past two days all I ate was some rice cups I was given… one the first night and two last night… can’t go to the food bank because of a wheat intolerance and they told me they don’t “cater”… in other words eat the gluten crap we give you and get so sick you can’t work at all or eat nothing and starve and die. I will stick with starve and die, thank you… works for me. No more worries of struggling and having my mental health get worse every month because I don’t know if or when I will be homeless or if or when I will starve. No money for gas to get to work at the moment either so gonna be stretching the fumes as far as possible. It never ceases to amaze me, though, when people come along and make ignorant comments such as, “How can anyone not have any food at all in their house??!!”… and to think I thought I was living under a rock most of my life, in ignorance… guess she went ahead and proved me wrong. ty for that.

  • Keira

    I used to have this problem when I was in college. Going off to sleep on an empty stomach was my only idea when I’d feel lazy about going out to eat. I really know how it works but all said and done, it’s really unhealthy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any money to buy food. So what shall I do now?

  • Anonymous

    i have no food . not one thing to eat . i have no money . no car and no job . please help

    • Anonymous

      call me i may be able to help you.603 359 1084

  • Venorah

    I don’t get it do you know what my tum tums is saying its say FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://none Hungry

    I am waiting till dinner time and that smell makes me EVEN hungrier!
    What should I do to keep my mind off it till Im called to eat?

  • somedropintheocean

    I have money, have some food at home (like squash, lima beans, red kidney beans, onions, but no tomatoes, some bread and jam (but my stomach lurches at the thought of jam), lemon juice, rice and wheat flour, but can’t think of making anything (too lazy for that i guess) i don’t feel like ordering pizza either because my stomach lurches at the thought of all that cheese and oil :O. I just remembered that I have some fruits, yay! apples, oranges and tiny piece of pineapple – so I’ll have those.

  • Horselover

    My dog ate my chicken cutlet! >:( now I have nothing! Great job lotus!

  • Sarina Amira McBride

    Everybody always has some peanut butter? Really? In that case can you kindly explain why I don’t have peanut butter, nor do I buy it? Also, what about people with peanut allergies? Sounds like someone in the world is writing and posting articles online who simply don’t have a clue… IMO

  • ————————-

    ….Why would you be lazy to go get food WHEN YOURE HUNGRY AND HAVE THE MONEY?! wtf

  • aswdawd

    its new years eve and everything is closed and i have no food at home.