How To Tell A Guy You Like Him


Telling a guy that you like him is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Once you acknowledge your feelings in front of him, the fear of him getting away or worse still, rejecting you plays heavily on your mind.

But still, we only live once so if you like someone and if he’s single, then you should just go and at tell him how you feel.

If you really like someone, then wait for the right moment to tell him. If you already know him, you can plan a surprise outing and share your feelings with him. However, if you don’t know the person well enough and want a chance at getting to know him better, then dress up alluringly and find the courage to tell him that you like him straight up.

What would help more is to find out first his level of interest in you,if any at all. Ask mutual friends/colleagues or observe his behavior when he talks to you. If he likes you there will be certain giveaways like a sparkle in his eye, the way he holds you or the way he tries to remain physically close to you…

If you think there is a high chance that he likes you back, then read on:

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1. If the guy you like works in your office, start dressing up with the objective of grabbing his attention. When he comments or compliments you on the way you look, take the opportunity to strike up a conversation and say something like, “I think you’re cute and I like you so let’s go out on a date.”

2. If you are crushing on someone you met at a friend’s party, try to get his number from a mutual friend and make that call! Just simply dial his number and introduce yourself when he answers, tell him you saw him at the party, thought he was cute and were wondering if he’d be interested in a movie…

3. However, if you like someone who is already in a relationship, then it’s best to just keep your feelings to yourself. You wouldn’t want to break someone’s heart now, would you?

4. If the guy you like is a new neighbor, you can go ahead and introduce yourself to act like a good neighbor while you take the opportunity to get to know him better. You’ll can talk to him about the neighbourhood and even show him around (this way you’ll get to hang out with him too). When you develop a pleasant relationship with him, you can find the right time to tell him how much you like him and talk about going on a date with him…

5. Be courageous and be “ready” when you are about to tell him. Practice what you are going to say before you actually do. This way you can avoid stammering and messing it up during the real thing. Keep it simple. Just find the right time to say you like him and wait for his reaction.

6. If you are too nervous or scared to share your true feelings with the guy you like then be less direct and send him notes or text messages instead. Just write something simple, short and basic like, “Hey xxxx, I really like you a lot and was wondering what it would be like to start dating.”

7. Take him to his favorite baseball game and if his team ends up winning, use the good moment like a lucky charm and blurt it out. It’s best to catch him when he is in a good and light mood…

8. Be yourself when you do it. Don’t pick up lines from a famous book or poem. He may not believe what you are saying then. Write down what you really feel and then read it out to him. Impress him with your true feelings.

9. You must be relaxed when you ask a guy out or tell him that you like him. He shouldn’t get scared, intimidated or afraid of you and neither should he be put on the spot. Say it calmly and confidently so that irrespective of whether or not he shares the same feelings as you, he still has respect for you.

10. You could try talking about your feelings to him on his birthday. Find out when it is and if you are too shy, just write what you feel on a birthday card. It will be like a double surprise for him. He may just be touched by your effort and may end up taking you out!

11. Maybe you can warm up to it by dropping hints for the first few days before finally telling him. Drop hints about how a guy like him is what you have always wanted and dreamt of or how you want your guy to be like him. He might get the real picture and you can plan telling him about your feelings based on his reaction.

12. Don’t be too obvious in the days prior to telling him how you feel. Chances are that if he notices, his friends or other colleagues may notice too and you might just become the “girl who likes xxx”. They may tease you and there will be sure to tease him and it will just be embarrassing for everyone involved.

13. Don’t make the mistake of telling one of his friends first. If you like someone, tell the person directly. Friends tend to blurt things out at inappropriate times thus ruining the effect or meaning of what you really feel.

14. If this guy is a close friend of yours, you can simply head over to his place, stand below his window and pour your heart out. There’s no rule regarding appropriate female behavior during a proposal so why should only guys be allowed to confess their love like that?

15. If you know of something he’s been dying to buy like a Nintendo or a PS3, see if you can buy it for him. Surprise him with it and with a card or a note declaring your feelings for him. If something like this is very expensive for you, you can get him a t-shirt, nice shades or anything that comes within your budget instead.

16. However, the best way to tell a guy that you like would be to talk about it whenever you meet him without putting in too much thought. Just be honest and open, don’t worry about how you could have done it better and I am pretty sure he’ll appreciate your honesty. If you want to tell him that you like him, don’t allow romantic superficial things to steal your thunder. If he likes you for real, your words alone will be enough to make him believe you.

So, use the tips above and muster up your courage to go approach the guy you’ve been waiting for all along!

  • marie

    i like him and i want to tell him but im scared ge is going ti tell everyone because a gurl told him earlier this year and told everyone and i dont want that to happen because ge is a grade above me and i wanna tell him cuz he is leaving and wont be at my school anymore. please help!

    • Lacye

      i know it can be hard i liked a guy and then he decided that he was too ashamed of me to take me to football banquets and now the girl is teling him she doesnt love him anymore but still wants to be with him i am madly in love with this guy and we have been talking ever since the girl ended up getting pregnant by another guy and my ex decided to stay by her i honestly dont know what else to do

    • Anonymous

      If i was you i would tell him b4 he leaves!! but do understand that he my not what to date u if he is leaving or after he leaves!

    • Anonymous

      Gal,just text the guy and tell him how u feel,

    • Geraldine

      Girl u must tell maybe he feels the same but his just shy to tell if u really love him u would tell him

    • helpingout098

      I would just let him go because he’s going to be going away and a relationship would be even more stressful but If you already close might as well tell him he might have feelings for you to good luck

  • maxene

    so hey, i have been crushing on this guy for like 3, maybe 4 years now. and i never had the courage to muster up what i feel about him. we’re classmates now in college. it’s been an on and off feeling because we didn’t always have the same schedule. maybe it’s just puppy love, right? so anyway, we love the same things, music, ideas, food, you name it. he’s such a sweet, nice guy. and i think that’s why i liked him at the first place. lately, we’ve been hanging out like once a week to play badminton and he always told me he liked being partners blah blah. and i should eat. and i had a beautiful voice. and i was like zooey deschanel who he has a big crush on. so i don’t know if those were advances? he told me long ago that he always wondered why ladies were digging him when clearly he just wanted to be their friend. he said that they misinterpreted things. I AM SO CONFUSED. what would be my take on that? im such a sucker in these kind of things so i don’t know how to handle it myself. and one other thing, he’s kinda conservative and i’m the type who drinks and parties a lot. so i don’t really know. HELP? ANYONE? :(

    • ann

      from my point of view, it looks like hes just being friendly to you and it also looks like he just sees you as a friend from what you said, “he told me long ago that he always wondered why ladies were digging him when clearly he just wanted to be their friend. he said that they misinterpreted things.” This is probably a warning,i bet many girls like you have fallen in love with him in his past so either let go of your feelings about him or write a letter to him to express how you really feel about him or email or say it to him directly cause if you don’t you’ll be thinking i never had a chance to tell him…. so make your move and tell him!! buy a present and write a note to tell how you feel towards have to say it now or its gone, this just my point view…

    • helpingout098

      Well maxene I would just ask him straight up about it you both obviously share a common bond ,you have so much in common but maybe him saying that was him being nervous around you or him giving a hint .good luck

  • jasmine

    I’ve only known the guy that I like for a year, and I’m really falling for him. His best friend always talks about how good we’d be together. Which annoys me sometimes because I feel pressured to do something. I want to tell him and get it off my chest cuz I’m a very honest person, and this is killing me. I know he likes me because he gives me every sign in the book. From opening doors for me, to being really flirty, and immature with me, and dragging on conversations just to keep me by his side. He even got jealous when I talked about something his best friend said. But I don’t want to run him off. Please help?!

    • Riya

      Just do it….you do not wanna have any regrets in life!! 10 yrs from now, you’ll look back and say why didn’t I???

    • helpingout098

      Wow jasmine I can totally relate to how you feel but I still haven’t figured out how to deal with it yet. The fact of the matter is that he’s always there for you right ? He obviously cares about you and wants to be with you so if your not intrested you should tell him respectfully and let him go because you might end up hurting him and yourself

  • Alexandra

    I like this guy named Chris and I think he likes me but I don’t know for sure. I really kinda want to tell him but I don’t have the courage.

    • ann

      If you know that he likes you…but don’t have the courage to tell him. No one said you can’t email or to tell him through a letter that you like him but say it through your feelings….and honesty about how feel about him through the letter.

  • amber

    I like my friend…..I think he likes me too. I do t know what to do. When ever I talk to him I blush and I cant stop smiling. When ever he looks at me I get butterflies in my stomach. What should I do? Tell him or keep it to myself?

    • anna

      Amber- you should for sure tell him!! If you get butterflies and smile then he is the right guy! If you are too shy to do it in person then write him a letter or text him, ask him how he feels!

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem. See i like my friend ,too see he lives down the block so we hang out alot. And whenever we do i get butterflys and cant stop smiling. Ime pretty sure he likes me too. And i wish that i could know if he like’s me too. So my solution is tell him when he’s happy. See the guy i like plays sports so the next game he wins i might tell him then or if he dosent play sports find a hobby he likes and try it find things you have in common so if you have a good relationship and hang out alot Then you can pop it up when you two are alone or if you arnt brave enogh to tell him face to face then send it throu a txt message email or letter see i like to be up front so if your like me try to do it face to face i know it might sound scarie its scarie to me too but if you realy like him then you should be able to gather enough courage to say it thats what i sy but if your not like me then you could send him flowers or a gift he would like and put a not in it that tells hom how you feel well theres my op

  • rosa

    I’ve met this guy online and he then found out we went to the same college, so we made plans to meet up the next day since we kicked it off pretty good in the first time we talked online. We’ve been seeing each other now and we’ve emailed each other every day which was his idea since i don’t have texting. Hes such an awesome guy to be with, I always seem to smile when I’m with him and when he holds my hand I just don’t want the moment to disappear. Besides that we have great conversation and share interests and love in community, running and other stuff we really click together. This Saturday were going on our second date date and I really want to tell him how I feel. I know I’m going to be taking a huge risk but I just want to be honest with him and know instead of making myself dreams that he’ll soon confess his feeling for him.

  • Linda

    There is a guy I like for several months now, and when I asked his friend who he might like, his friend said he doesn’t know, but the best guess is me. I’m not sure about his friend’s observation because the guy and I never really flirt, and he doesn’t talk to me outside the school except for some projects and assignments. However, he is very nice to me and talks to me comfortably (but he is nice to everyone!). I really like him for who he is, and I want to tell him too, but I’m afraid of rejection. Plus, he is smart, popular, good-looking and many other girls like him too. I don’t know if he likes me better or someone else better. I heard its not a good idea to tell through email or messages, but I’m too shy in person and its hard to find opportunity. I do see him regularly but its always too many people around. What should I do about this? Many people say I should just get to know him better and then tell him. But I don’t know what to say to him to start a real good friendship.

    • kailey

      i liked this guy im pretty sure he likes me, like he always calls me his bestie and today i saw him in cllass and he made that little `call me` sign and cuz tomorrow is valentines day i wanna give him a cookie like a heart, should i tellhim?

  • Selma

    Am working wit this guy called mark hes my partner at work i jst knew him ths year,i liked him from the first day we met and his girl friend she’s our colligue,he says he dnt want her anymore.i like him and he does two but it seems lyk he dnt want to tell me or hes shy.hes always staring at me.many times we like to talk about relatinships issues,we hav fun laughing togethr..but a very bad thing is that i love him and he loves me 2 but we cant tel each so am thinking of telling but i dnt knw wher to start.and again worse thng is that i also hav boyfrind on a work place and he knows..i wana him to tel me but i dnt know wat i can do to push pleas

  • Ash

    so I really like this boy in my class, Camerron… A lot of the girls call him cammy.. I just call him cam…I am really into him but we barely know each other… We share a common taste in music, personal interests, and humor. He is my fb friend, and his phone number is always on it somewhere. But I don’t want to text him… He always post stuff like I wonder if I’m someone’s crush, and I wish girls were into me… Truth is I love this kid! What to do?!

  • lucy

    ok i like this boy and we have so much in common. we talks lots and normaly he is nervous around me and i catch him staring at me alot of the time. im super scared to tell him so i am thinking about getting my friend to tell him but i dont if i should because it might seem weird getting told by someone he dosent really know and dont know if there telling the truth. I know alot about him but i cant tell if he likes me and were good friends and i dont want to lose that between us if he dosent like me. plz help me! I really dont know what to do

  • Garnet~

    I don’t flirt with guys, but I do have a good mixture of guy and girl who are my friends. I treat them all the same. Except, I’m much more comfortable hugging my girl friends than any of my guy friends.

    I have a strange complex I feel when I hug any of my guy friends…it’s almost like I’m cheating on my boyfriend…but the funny thing is I have been single for more than 2 years already!! I was a very loyal girlfriend. Maybe…too loyal. That’s probably why my romantic life has been stale for this long…even when I have no one to be loyal to…this whole girlfriend/boyfriend idea thing SUCKS!

    Anyways, recently through mutual friends…I met a new guy at a friend’s Halloween party this year. He’s a pretty faced boy, easily attractive, gentle voice, and a very nice physique. While I am physically attracted by looks…Looks alone does Not phase me. Communication is a biggie to me so that’s what I look most forward to…anyways!

    Yes, I was very attracted—but my body has a defense mechanism where when I see something that attracts me, I actually pull away and avoid/ignore the person or even act aloof sometimes. What is wrong with me?? Lol…total fail. I did talk to him, but I put on a strong act…and talked so generically, like I wasn’t interested….but I SO WAS INTERESTED! stupid-stupid!

    Anyways…Halloween passed and I didn’t see him again until Thanksgiving came around. We had the usual group friend parties…but I still couldn’t get myself to fight off my bad habit of not being social to a person I really want to be social with. I am so lame. So I became wallpaper that day.

    Christmas just passed not too long ago…and I saw him once more! I was stoked. I came to the party late…and for some odd reason, he yelled my name happily and through his hands out motioning me to give him a big hug. I was so confused. So I did baby steps and threw on a smile and slowing walked into his arms. When I did, the actions felt so foreign to me. Hugging a man…a man I was interested in. (this was not the usual girl-sister-friend hug I’m so used to) So our hug was so awkward and airy because I totally spaced out. FAIL. He laughed and seemed confused.

    The next thing I knew, every time I got up and sat down, he frequently found a seat next to me and sat beside me…did it at least 3 times at the party…no matter where I sat or walked to. He even obviously turned his head a few times just stared down at me from what it seemed like. I was so nervous, I let him do it, and I just pretended not to see it. And then he even poked me in the side of my waist! Who does that anymore? lol…I thought it was cute though.

    What really got me hot was..,about twice he took out his camera and kept showing me all his pictures he took in Japan while he lived there for a while. He would lean in pretty close to my face ( I could have easily brushed my cheek onto his). What made me wonder though, was that he comfortably showed me a picture of a pretty girl and casually admitted that it was his ex.

    I liked that he was open about it, and those things of the past don’t bother me…but I wonder if he was dropping me hints that he was single and maybe interested to moving on as well? Heck I hope so. Mopey guys are such a drag though, but he was not giving off that vibe to me.

    Any I took time to observe him to see if he flirts in a similar way to any other girls at the party. He didn’t. Hmm…well I’m not even sure if he was flirting with me, but it had me going for a bit.

    1 week or more later in a group setting of him, his guy friend, and me…He mentioned to me about how he hopes to find a girl to marry him soon. And we hung out with 2 other guy friends later as a group. The 2 friends went to shop for drinks and so him and I stayed at the house. I was eating some meat that was big and asked if he could help me eat the other half. He declined at first…but then opened his mouth signaling me to hand feed him.

    Normally I hesitated from a flush of excitement and curiosity…but I got my courage and happily fed him a piece. I then tore a smaller piece and fed him that too…but this time instead of just eating the meat my fingers held, he mouthed more than halfway up to both of my two fingers…almost like sucking/licking them quickly. I was so shocked.

    Of course I liked it! But I’m not used to this kind of thing…so I kind of surprisingly exclaimed something along the lines of…”You did that on purpose didn’t you? You just licked my fingers!” I didn’t say it in a mean way…but I was just so stoked lol! I needed to breath and walk to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. So I abruptly got up and ran off to the kitchen. The last thing I saw was a big fat grin on his face.

    Later, I came back to motion him to the kitchen to help me help his friend’s mom to cook appetizers for everyone. He came to help so obediently, like a trained good puppy. I pretended to be annoyed by him…but I couldn’t help grinning a bit here and there. We cooked silently together until our 2 friends came back.

    Later that night, everyone was splitting up to go home. I realized ever since the Christmas party, he never attempts to hug me anymore. He sees me hug other mutual guy friends who always motion to hug me first. (with guys, friends or not, I never initiate the hug) But he himself never approaches me with hugs anymore. It is weird.

    Does he think that if he hugs me now, I will categorize him like all my other guy friends? I wonder….

    Everyone left the parking lot, and it was just me and him left to part. He told me to come to the New Year’s Eve group gathering, and told me to drive home safely. I simply nodded and did an “mm-hmm” like a good kid…and we left it like that.

    Tomorrow is New Year’s eve (well technically right now it is) And something is going down. Wish me luck and decode my long story for me if you like or have anything to say about it.

    Also just let you know, we’ve only hung out like 4 times within a 3 months time period. We recently switched phone #’s just for contacting each other for hangouts. We both don’t txt/call each other like lovey dovey peeps either. It’s so real, and I may find myself not able to control myself later if I don’t do something about this.

  • Ab

    I like a guy and hes in my class and i really like him i liked him 4 a very long time and still do and my m8 says i should ask him on a date or ask 4 his number help i dont kno wat to do!!!!!!!

  • annymous

    hi, i like this guy who flirts with me and says things that make people think were going out, but then again, he’s a flirtatious person and he is usually flirting with every other girl and it upsets me. I don’t know if i should tell him i like him or just keep it to myself and hopes the feeling goes away?

    • Garnet~

      If a guy flirts with you just as he flirts with other girls as well, then he has a flirting problem and will confuse and break many girls’ hearts. You can confess if you feel strongly about it…but just know that if a guy really has his sights set on you, he will treat you special and different from all other girls.

    • Arianna Gutierrez

      I think you should just tell him. tell him how you feel, and if he doesn’t feel the same way then you would at least know you got to tell him instead of living with what if?

  • Hadley(:

    Well I have liked this guy for a year now and he just started texting me out of no wherebut then he usedme to get one of my bestfriends….we have 1 of the same classes together and he is really cute and kinda tall. He broke up with my friend and started texting me… Again! And he said I was just trying to get your attention and I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings… He dosent know I like he yet and I think about him everyday…. Today he told me in my math class, because I sit beside the clock… That he just gets nervous around me and when he looks at the clock he just wanted to glance at me…. I like him a lot… How do I tell him??i just am kinda shy though

  • An-j

    So I really really like this boy and he’s in my class..I wanna tell him that I like him.ive know him for about 5 Months.. And I wanna tell him but I don’t know how and I’m afraid to get rejected(yes i know it’s a part of life) ..I think he’s amazing but he calls himself ugly :/ ..what should I do!!?!

  • Anonymous

    There this guy I went to school with, we used to always hang out I knew he liked me for a while, then we left school he asked my out twice I said no both times. But we were young I was nervous I guess and he was a year older, looking back now I realise I was a fool and didn’t know I good thing when I had it. We still stayed friends and I got a boyfriend he got a girlfriend. But there was always that unexplainable something that was between us. We eventually drifted apart for a year or so. But a couple of months ago I had the weirdest dream about him and since then I can’t get him out of my mind. I can’t sleep or think straight! I know I like him, I’ve always had feelings for him. But I never faced up to them because I was young and scared of the whole idea of a relationship. For the last couple of months I’ve been debating weather or not to tell him, I came to the conclusion that I’d wait until they broke up. But now after the last couple of weeks I can’t get him off my mind and I’ve been beating myself up at the fact I didn’t say yes when he originally asked me out two years ago. Should I just message him and tell him straight up how it is or do I keep quiet? Someone please give any advice, this is like a bag of bricks that’s been weighing me down for two years!

  • Emma

    I really like this guy. He’s in all of my classes, and he sits next to me in most of them. All of our friends say we should go out, and we flirt all the time. I want to tell him I like him, but I’m not sure how…

  • Arianna Gutierrez

    I really love my ex’s bestfriend for already two years. If i tell him how i feel, will that be wrong? Like i’ve know him for 5 years and i just love himso much. i don’t know what to do. i really want to tell him but im afraid he just won’t feel the same way as i do about him?

  • Allie

    So this boy has been my betfriend for a couple of years now… He can make me laugh even on my worst day. We talk about everything, and he is just… Perfect. I’ve only just started getting really strong feelings for him, and I really want to tell him. The problem is I think he may like me, but I have a feeling it may be no more than you’d love a sister….. Plus he’s a freshman in college while I’m a sophmore in high school and I don’t, nor do I want to put him through, all the politics that go with a relationship like that…. Any help??

  • unknown

    So there is this guy in my class his name I Ashaul.I’m totaly inlove with this guy but the problem is tht he thinks I like his friends becoz I’m so close with them.But I dnt like them i’m really love him but he told my friend tht I dnt knw what I want in life plz help me should I tell him myself tht I like him coz I cnt keep it any longer its keLling me I side out Plz help I need it

    • anonymous

      Im a guy tell him trust me

  • Tessa Lukosky

    I like this boy I have liked him a long time now he asked me out. And I said no because of my friends what do I do know

    • jasmine Salazar

      tell them that it is your choice because he asked you not them.ok :P

    • siu toomalatai

      Thats really cute!!!! You know i liked a guy for a long time and he liked me but we agreed not date until the timing was right… But for you Tessa i say go for it and dont let anything hold you back!!! If this boy that you’ve liked for a while now asked you out, then go for it!!! Who cares what your friends think, he this boy makes you happy then this is your chance to to let him make you happy!!! If your friends dont approve of it then their not your true friends!!! Because TRUE FRIENDS would do anything to see you be happy even if they dont like that guy that asked you out!!!! Everyone deserves to be HAPPY!!! SO GO FOR IT GIRL!!!

  • siu toomalatai

    The first one someone is really stupid!!!! How can some guy compliment you that you look pretty or nice and then you tell that person that you like them and ask him on a date??? That is just REALLY STUPID!!! Take time to know the person and hang out with them to see what their really like and see if thats the kind of person you want to be with but dont rush… There is no need for rushing!!! Take it slow and give it time and then when the time is right then you have a calm good conversation with him and find a way to tell him how you feel and that you like him and to see if it would be nice to take him on a date and see how things go or work out with you guys!!!! :)

  • davina

    i told a guy i liked him but he never rejected or told me he likes me. so i dont know what he means. anyone help???

  • jenny morgan

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  • celine

    im extremely inlove with a guy in my school… And i wanna tell him that. But the problem is that we never communicated or talked before and thats because o my shyness and i dont have the courage to talk to him and tell him… i dont know what to doo :(

  • abby

    My friend who I’ve liked for awhile and my best friends know that I do. im pretty sure he almost asked me out but he got to shy…I was gonna ask him if he was..but.if he wasn’t….it would be soooo embarrassing….helllp

  • girl with mixed feallings

    there is this guy im my class that i have a crush on and when we are talking he sometimes says “oh my gosh you are so dumb!” and then after i get done laughfing he staired deep into my eyes and said “I’m sorry your not dumb, your really beutifull.” and then he go’s back to work and his face gets really red.
    So dose that mean he likes me?

    • suze

      Yes I Think it dose. My husband did the samething when we were kids too. Be calm around him and just be your self! Good luck GWMF.