10 Ways to Say Sorry to your Girlfriend


There are times when every guy runs out of ideas and starts thinking of different ways to say sorry to his girlfriend. Well, try not to break it in the first place because as easy as that sounds, reversing the effect is equally difficult and we are talking about a person with feelings and emotions so one should be a little more careful. However, if the damage has been done, try using some of these ideas:

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Tell her you are sorry and be honest

Nothing makes a girl’s heart melt faster than honesty. Women revel in the knowledge of their partner’s trust on them and the amount of honesty they bring into the relationship. Talk to her. Tell her how bad you feel for hurting her and risking the relationship. Choose your words carefully and be articulate. Believe in what you say because if you apologize for the heck of it, it’s going to show when you speak to her, making the entire apology worthless. Apologize only when you feel you have wronged her because nothing is worse than a fake apology. If it comes straight from the heart, she will understand and forgive you.

Write an ‘I am sorry’ letter

Some men tend to be shy in such situation whereas others cannot keep aside their ego even when they are aware that it was their fault. Irrespective of whether you belong to the former category or the latter, write her a romantic letter admitting your mistake and telling her how much you regret it. Some people get nervous in such situations so they find it easier to write things rather than confront someone face to face. It’s also very romantic because it shows thought being put into the apology and since women know such thoughts don’t come to a guy that easily, it makes them feel even more special.

Send her a CD of her favorite tracks

Burn a CD of her favorite tracks. Try to put a song that explains your situation and how sorry you feel at the end. If possible, follow the song with a recorded message where you can speak about everything that’s been pent up inside you. Explain what she means to you and how much you regret being foolish and hurting her. Girls love it when guys go out of their way to make them feel important so unless you’ve cheated on her, this should work.


Old-school gifts

This one has been tried and tested over decades and nothing has been able to beat flowers, a card, a stuffed bear and chocolates. Totally old school but it still works. Get a flower service or a kid from your neighborhood (whichever suits your pocket) to deliver some flowers to her first thing in the morning. In the afternoon, leave a box of chocolates with an apology card by her door. Give her some time to understand what you’ve been up to and to evaluate her feelings about you. Later in the evening, go back to her place, ask her to come outside and give her the stuffed bear. Tell her how strongly you feel about your mistake and apologize.

Show that you’ve changed

Actions speak louder than words. If she is mad at you because of your insensitivity and utter lack of thought towards her and your relationship, show her that you have changed by doing small little things that you know will make her happy. Try listening sincerely to what she says and give your inputs in the conversation as well. That way, she gets to have a real conversation with you rather than a one sided discussion and you will come across as an changed person. Make it clear that you love her and you want her forgiveness.

Plan a surprise

Do you know any particular piece of jewelry that she has her eyes on? Maybe a dress or a pair of shoes she hasn’t told you about but you have noticed how she looks at it every time she walks by. Buy it for her and surprise her. Not only will it make her happy but she’ll also understand that you notice her even when she thinks you don’t. You can try to personalize the jewelry by getting her initials, a quote or an apology etched into it.


If your girlfriend is out on a trip but has Internet connectivity, send her an e card that she can open wherever she is as long as she has connectivity. Send her an e-card ever hour, filling them with romantic quotes and poems. She will notice the intensity of your feelings and realize that even the reality of her being away isn’t stopping you from admitting your mistake and asking her to forgive you.

Take her on a date

When was the last time you went on a romantic, candle lit dinner for two? Maybe on your first or second date? It’s time for you to plan another date that will be very romantic and very memorable for the two of you, like a new beginning. Even if she does not show much interest in going out with you, do not get disheartened. Her behavior is natural because you did break her heart so consider yourself lucky that she has agreed to go out with you. Make the evening as romantic as possible with flowers, candles, maybe balloons if she likes them. Just make sure it includes all the small things that are important to her and practice what you are going to say to her because even though she has come on a date with you, she hasn’t forgiven you.

Keep it between the two of you

Irrespective of what you plan to do, keep it private. Do not talk about the reason for the fight or what you plan to do about it with anyone. If you have close mutual friends, you can ask them for help but apart from these people, girls aren’t very comfortable sharing their life with anyone else.

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  • Louisa

    If the apology comes from the heart, you can figure out a way to say sorry on your own but if someone does an online research to look for ways to apologize, that’s pretty sweet as well

  • sarah

    actually there is this friend of mine who is very upset with her boyfriend… and im their only true and helpful mutual friend… and now the boy is asking me how should he convince my friend… and i seriously dont have any idea!!!

    • baye

      @ Sarah did they meet ever after the crash?if they didn’t first try to convince ur friend to meet him then he knows how to convince his girl!

  • rudy

    Isn’t this all a bit obvious. If you cant apologise to your bird. You obviously don’t care.

  • Alex M

    Right me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and 3 months now, and well we have been arguing for the past 2 weeks, the thing is, i dont know what to do… so i need help… basically some lad has been telling her that he loves her and wants to get with her and that she should finish with me … to get with him.. and saying how he wants to fight me cuz i dont treat her well enough and i dont love her, when i can truly say i do love her, and well i treat her like a princess… and because ive got involved and told him to back off her (i dont mind them two talking but when he is saying the things he has been saying to the girl i love with everything it gets me a little bit annoyed) and yesterday we decided that we should go on a break, so she could sort her head out, can anyone tell me if they understand what ive done wrong and someone help me please?

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    It works to some part