Ways To Grow Facial Hair


Facial hair in men is usually a natural growth process as they hit their teen years and mature. Sometimes, depending on an individual’s genes and family history, some may get their facial hair at a younger age while some may take time to see it. Before you jump to conclusions and start treatments to get more facial hair, read up about the right time that facial hair is usually active on men. Just because you don’t have much of it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem. And the lack of facial hair should not discourage you and play with your confidence. The clean shaven look is not considered bad by social standards and you could perhaps get used to the idea of it instead of worrying about how to grow facial hair.

But, if you are still one of those who thinks its high time you had some facial hair then try the following tips to quicken facial hair growth:

1. For men, in order to get faster facial hair, they need an increased dose of the male hormone – testosterone in their bloodstream. Its advisable to visit a doctor and get some prescribed medication for the purpose and then wait and watch for a couple of months.

2. Sometimes, if its based on your genes (if your father / older brothers / grandfathers) did not have much facial hair then no matter what you do, the chances of you having more facial hair will always just be a dream. In this case, rather than being disappointed, experiment with styles related to men who have less facial hair. And accept it.

3. Sometimes, certain races are known to have less facial hair. If you belong to a race like this, then learn to be happy with what you have got because you cannot alter the genes in your race.

4. Visit a skin specialist. Sometimes skin specialists can prescribe specific lotions or face oils that can help stimulate facial hair growth. Apply them to your face for a while and check to see whether there is a difference in the coming months.

5. Regular shaving can make the existing hair coarse thereby giving the appearance of thicker facial hair. Try to shave daily even if you don’t have much facial hair.


6. Try to use normal hair enhancing treatments on your face, only on the part that is supposed to have facial fair. The ingredients in these special treatment shampoos and conditioners could help increase facial hair.

7. Visit a saloon / hair expert and ask them if they have any specialized treatment available to stimulate facial hair growth.

8. If you have little facial hair and want more, try not shaving for a few days. The continuous growth may at least help give the effect of longer / thicker hair.