Top Careers that Help People


If you are trying to pick a career for yourself and are confused because of the limitless plethora of choices out there, then it’s probably a good thing that you have at least decided to choose a career that helps people.

There are several careers that result in you helping people; the only problem in these types of careers is that not all of them are high paying. Some of them can be, yes, but if your prime focus lies in helping people then it’s harder to get rich.

People who pick careers that focus on helping people have to have certain traits in them so that they are successful and more importantly happy at their job. In order to flourish in a career that’s dedicated to helping other people, one needs to be / have:

  • Self less
  • Patient
  • Understanding
  • A Passion to help
  • Simple in terms of material wealth
  • Reliable
  • Mentally strong
  • High tolerance levels

Careers related to helping other people are usually ones wherein you may need to break down every now and then. That’s due to the fact that several of these careers can turn into a life or death situation in spite of all your help which may not save a person’s life. This is why one has to be as mentally strong and stable as they can.

There are several careers that are dedicated to helping people; some of them can be found below:

The Medical Profession (Doctors / Nurses)

Doctors, nurses, people employed in the medical profession in general are expected to help people all the time for any health problem they may have, from pains to seizures, accidents etc. One requires a heavy amount of training and skills to join the medical profession as also a high I.Q level. However, as mentioned before, you may not always be able to help someone and save a life so its better to be well prepared for a profession like this before you step into it. Although there is nothing better than knowing that you are of help to people at other times.

Guidance counselor

A guidance counselor is meant to guide and coach students to perform better or help them plan their career path. A number of students rely on their counselors to coach them and help them plan and most of their success is related to how much help their guidance counselor gave them. Not only does one help people with this career, one moulds a better life for the future leaders of the country.


Social Worker

A social worker who works for social causes either for housing orphaned children or even helping the under privileged for employment causes are all causes that help people with various problems. It can be a job that leaves you feeling like as if you have done something good at the end of the day however, it can also be quite frustrating because many times you will come across people who have such serious issues you will be powerless to do anything about it.

Braille Teacher or Special Children’s Teachers

Special children or as some like to say – specially abled children are a sight to behold. Even though they suffer from major physical or mental problems and disabilities they are still such loving and friendly beings. Being a teacher to these children is a heart warming career and depending on the institute you choose to teach at your pay scale will vary. But all in all it’s a tedious job and one that requires high amounts of patience and love for the job and children. These children are sometimes incapable of doing even the most basic of things and they require help from their teachers for every little thing.

Work for an NGO

Jobs in NGO’s or agencies like the make-a-wish foundation are again great careers that help people. Their focus is others and putting a smile on someone else’s face. And since these jobs usually target children that are terminally ill or underprivileged they try to grant them a wish, its very heart warming at the end of it all. You can try to pick a career / job in similar agencies or ones that offer special treatments to the needy.

Police forces

The police forces are meant to protect, rescue and help people in times of danger. Sometimes events can be so serious that it turns into a life or death situation. But being part of the police forces can give you so much respect and pride from society. Furthermore, it can be a great feeling to be counted on for protection or to be the first one people call in times of an emergency. The job requires a high level of talented, well trained and skilled personnel. Sometimes you may need to work really late nights, even overnight. But all in all, if helping people is your prime objective then this career comes pretty close to it.


Firefighters are specially trained people who are called on to fight serious fires that take place in the city side or country side. Although a highly demanding and stressful job, there is no better feeling than coming out of a fire alive and saving the lives of the people who were trapped inside the plot that caught fire.

  • event planner degree

    Great ideas, although all of these jobs require a certain level of being able to cope with often distressing circumstances and some people just arent cut out for that no matter how much they may want t work in a role that directly helps others. I read an article earlier however where an Oxford professor was arguing that a career in banking could be the most ethical – if the banker then donated a percentage of their salary to charity – so I suppose you can help whatever your job.

  • Ciara

    As long as I can contribute to the society, any job can work…