12 Tips to Impress Your New Boss Right Away


When a new sheriff comes to town, everyone runs to seek their approval and to create their individual relationships with him. Similarly, with the arrival of a new boss comes an opportunity for every employee to be the boss’s favorite. Everyone will try to impress the boss and be in his good books.

This is a lot like the medieval times when the coronation of a new king would result in all the courtiers running around trying to please the king in order to get favors from him. It’s strange how some thing’s never change. You might also be wanting to impress your new boss and here are a couple of tips to impress your new boss right away:

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Smile and be confident

Nothing defines confidence better than a confident smile. When you meet your new boss, do a firm handshake with a big smile and greet him. With all your peers lining up for his approval, you will have to stand out and confidence is the key to that. Don’t be scared to have a quick chat because it will show that you are a friendly and confident person. However, don’t go overboard and ask him about his previous employers or anything personal. You can talk to him about his opinion of your company, the weather and other common topics. Don’t appear too inquisitive. Try to talk less and listen more.

Show the art of articulation

Don’t be shy when you speak to him and don’t hold back. Speak your mind but choose your words very carefully. Articulation is the key to handle any situation in the best manner. You can use articulation to voice relevant opinions without sounding blunt or rude. This technique can work for you to show your intelligence and prowess to your new boos.

Be helpful but don’t suck up to him

Always be a team player. If your boss needs help, help him out but know when you are not wanted. You don’t have to hover around him at all times to let him know that you exist. Show your willingness to help by being there when you are asked to and suggest solutions for any issues the company is dealing with. However, don’t try to butter your way through to his good graces because that is what most of the other employees will try to do and it’s not very difficult to separate sincere words from hollow ones.


Be organized

Organize your desk and be disciplined. An organized environment speaks for itself. When you are organized, you will appear more confident, be more responsible and you will always walk the talk. All these things are inter-related and if you are disorganized, you will never be able to be at ease with anything around you so will not have the confidence to be responsible or live up to your promises..

Ask questions

When you go for a meeting with your boss, ask relevant and intelligent questions. People with questions reflect an eagerness to learn and the courage to accept their limited knowledge in public. However, don’t try to be a over smart and ask a million silly questions to get noticed because if you do, you will not be noticed for the right reasons. Hold your dignity and be careful about your words when you ask a question.

Pay attention to his expectations

When your boss speaks, listen to him very carefully and make mental notes to understand what he expects from his employees. Try to go beyond his expectations and excel at the task at hand. Another way to impress him would be to add your own touch to projects, presentations, assignments, etc. and perform to the best of your abilities. Hard workers are seldom unacknowledged by the superiors and since your are his subordinate, the one true way of impressing would be to allow your work to speak for you.

Connect with your boss

Gradually, try to establish a comfort zone with your boss. You don’t have to be super friendly to him but allow your body language and words to make him feel that he can trust you. Don’t impose your presence on him or demand attention. Initiate small talk. Talk about the day so far, the weather and the work that needs to be done.

Show initiative and leadership

If he needs someone to make a presentation, take the initiative to volunteer. If you have been assigned to lead a project, show your leadership skills. Make a plan of action and handle all the complications one by one. Encourage your peers and subordinates working for the project with positive words. Be approachable and helpful to them. Just because you are heading the project doesn’t mean that you will have to boss around.

Dress to impress

Don’t dress for where you are in terms of your position. Dress for where you want to be. The way you dress reflects your ambition and your driving force. Casual clothes should be avoided at all costs because it suggests a very laid back and easy going attitude. Crisp clothing projects accountability and the ability to make a change for the better.

Show punctuality and dedication

If you want to impress him, be the first person to come to work. Even if you can’t be the first person to reach office, make sure you reach office on time. Work hard till the very end. Be the last  one to leave if you can. Avoid taking frequent leaves. Show dedication towards your job as well as the working hours.

Stay in touch with the world around you

Be careful when giving opinion and estimates. Be aware of what happens around you. When you make comparisons or give opinions, make sure that you are well informed about the topic. Stay updated with the developments that happen in the world especially with those related to your field because one wrong information can jeopardize your boss’s opinion of you.

Be humble

Humility is rare but appreciated where it exists. Practise humility with your subordinates, colleagues and superiors irrespective of their behavior towards you. When you receive praise, give a part of it to the other people who helped you to get it. Acknowledge people who have contributed to your growth and success. You don’t have to lie to appear humble. However, you should also remember to not be over confident.

  • Jerry

    Our management changed very recently and I was so worried about how my new boss would be. It’s like a different ballgame all together… I can relate to some of these tips cuz I had kept similar things in my mind to make an impression on him and I must say, it actually worked!

  • Austin

    Wonderful article… Great points! It’s shot and to the point… Good job!!!

  • Delilah

    Show him your confidence level. Everything else will be easy as long as he knows he has a confident employee