Tips on How to Make Your Ex Jealous


Contrary to belief, it is actually quite a simple task to make your ex jealous. Once you have just broken up all you need to do is take time out to figure things out for a bit and then wait your options. If you want to get back with your ex, there are ways to do it. If you want to make them jealous, there are ways to do that too. If you want to just get over them and move on in life, then that’s a possibility too!

If you choose to make him/her jealous though: buckle up and read the many tips below with a vengeance!

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Get a makeover

Nothing will affect an ex as much as their old partner’s fresh new look. A new look will attract more people and this is not something that will make an ex happy. If making them jealous is your new aim in life, start with a new hair cut, new clothes, new style, new everything. Not only will this make you feel better and renewed, it will help you achieve your goal too!

Buy a fancy new car / bike


This works especially if you are a guy…if your ex girlfriend sees your new hot car or bike, they will undoubtedly get jealous. Girls like to ride in new wheels as much as guys do and they like guys with hot wheels…so make her jealous with a new set.

Boast about your hot new date

Get a date with a hot, good looking person of the opposite gender and boast about through mutual friends and social networking site. Eventually, your ex will hear about it and fume. Nothing affects an ex as much as the fact that their old partner is already going out with someone else. It makes them feel jealous, to the core.

Post pictures of a good time with friends and email it to your ex (by mistake)

This is one of the well known dirty tricks in the book. Take lots of pictures of a fun outing with friends and upload them on Facebook or e-mail them by mistake to your ex…send another email following it apologizing for sending them the email…

Once they see the pictures and the big smile on your face, the fact that you’ve moved on and away will make them truly jealous and insecure.

Take a stroll with a new guy / girl outside your ex’s house

You could use the excuse of going on a stroll close to where your ex lives with your new date. Hold hands and walk and once you see your ex, act like you are really into your new partner. This will get the better of your ex and they’ll get jealous like never before.

Send an accidental text message to your ex

If you dare, send an accidental message about a date and then send another saying something like, “sorry, wrong person”. Although this is a predictable and much done tip, it still works and that’s why people resort to it.

Buy gifts for yourself

Buy gifts for yourself that are better than anything your ex ever gave you, boast about it by saying your new found partner got them for you. Although this is another dirty trick, it works wonders. Not only does the ex get jealous, they will get so down and beaten by this that it will affect them for days. No one likes to think that what they did from their heart has all been forgotten.

Get recognition for something

Everyone likes their share of the limelight. If you suddenly get known for something even if in a small place like your local town, neighborhood etc – it will make your ex sit up and take notice and get jealous. Try to save someone (be a local hero) or create something etc…there is a lot you can do to get your fair bit of fame.

Go on a holiday with a new date / partner

If you meet someone interesting and if they agree to, then go on a short weekend holiday with them. Post pictures and make your ex jealous because knowing you met someone AND took them for a holiday will make them more jealous than ever. Try to keep it real though and don’t make it too dramatic or obvious.

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  • Larry

    If you are so much in love with your ex, don’t get up close and personal with another guy. Instead of making him jealous, you might push him away from you…. I wouldn’t date my ex if I see her with another guy irrespective of how strongly I feel for her…

    • grandi

      i totally agree with you larry i have been with my girlfriend for 11 years i love her more than anything in this word we have two children together but i will never comeback to her because i so so her kissing another guy ,

  • Leslie

    This is the most ridiculous blog ever. All of this advice is bad. Are you 15 years old?