12 General Things To Talk About On The Phone


A phone conversation is greatly influenced by who you are talking to on the phone, whether you are talking about something serious or general, whether to a relative, a boss etc.

Depending on the person, the tone and type of conversation would change. There are several things one can talk about on the phone and even discuss. Although, in today’s times, spoken communication has taken a backseat. People prefer electronic mail and message communication.

But nothing is better than a lengthy chat on the phone especially when one has to discuss plans or points regarding a crucial subject.

Broadly speaking, there are several things to talk about on the phone. Look at the points below to get an idea:

You can talk about your future plans

If you are having a chat with a good friend, you can discuss future plans on the phone. Talk about your current situation and what missing in it and how you would like to change things if at all and what you would do to change the course of your life.

You can talk about your next holiday plan

It’s a good idea to talk about your next holiday plan, dream destination and time of your holiday. This is best suited to times when you are planning a holiday with friends or your partner. You can discuss the logistics and other things involved over the phone so that you can work on the plan during the work day.


You can talk about your job aspirations

A phone conversation is a good place to talk about your dream job, job aspirations and career plans. You can discuss and debate the next steps regarding your professional life with friends on the phone and sometimes your friends may help give you some solutions and ideas that will go a long way.

You can talk about your past

If you chatting with a good friend or boyfriend / girlfriend, you can talk about your past, your childhood, what it was like to grow up in your town etc. This will also help bring the two of you closer and will strengthen your bonds.

You can talk about your hobbies

Take the time to talk about your hobbies or other things that are close to your heart. If you are a sports fan, you can review today’s game on the phone with a friend who has similar tastes and can debate facts about the game like who played well and who didn’t. Furthermore, you can discuss your interests and likes too.

You can discuses shopping plans

If you are a woman then a phone call is a good way to make shopping plans because key points about when to meet and where can be sorted out. You can then talk about what you would like to buy and make a list with the help of your friend on the other line.

You can talk about your work / colleagues

You can use the phone call to talk about your work, what you like about it and what you don’t. You can also discuss how good some colleagues are and how sometimes they just get on your nerves. This subject is quite broad in perspective and there are tons to talk about regarding it.

You can talk about your partner

Don’t ever say bad things about your partner, but you can talk about your relationship and the good things about it on the phone with a friend. Share memorable events that took place during the relationship and let your friend know about it.

You can talk about life in general

You can also talk about your life, about what’s been happening in it off late, about your dreams and desires and plans.

You can talk about which movie to watch

You can discuss movie timings with a friend and make a plan to watch a new release and if you want a review first, call a friend who has already seen the movie to give you some free inputs on what to watch.

You can talk about which car to buy

Everyone dreams of a new car as soon as a new one is released in the market, use the opportunity to talk about new cars and features with a friend on the phone. Make plans to meet and test drive the car too if you must!

You can talk about real estate

Nothing is as good an investment in real estate and property. Discuss on the phone what the various options to buy a home are…It will be quite a fruitful discussion for the future.

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