12 Things to Do on Your Birthday


Birthdays irrespective of age and gender are special. You may be 6 or 60 but when you wake up to the familiar ‘Happy Birthday to you’ there is a smile on your face. You do a whoopee when it’s time to unwrap those colorful gifts. Birthdays are about cakes and good times. It is also a day to reminisce the past and look at all that you gathered when you were a year younger, learn from your mistakes, celebrate your success. There is a lot you can do this day and if your birthday is round the corner these are some of the ideas that can pep up your already special day.

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Pray to the almighty

If you are a believer this is a good day to thank God for all that is good and for keeping you hale and hearty through the year. This is a good way of starting your day

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Celebrate with your family

Even as I type this you probably have received your cake at midnight and the party has begun. Your parents, sibling or children love you selflessly and shower you with love on this day. Go with the flow and enjoy every bit of the day. Join your family in celebration. Your sister always fights with you but today she has saved her pocket money to get you your favorite movie. That is what family is all about.

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Hike or drive your way around the city

If traveling is your passion and camera your best friend, make the most of today. Plan a trip to an off beat place that you have been wanting to visit in a long time. With your family or friends for company, this is the best way you can spend your birthday.

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A romantic getaway

You can spend this day with your partner, girlfriend/boyfriend. You are busy through the week and hardly get the ‘we-time’. This is a great day to escape from the usual hustle and bustle to a place where you can spend time with each other. If you have to get back to work the next day, no need to take an overnight trip. Start your day with your favorite breakfast. Watch a movie together or a play you two wanted to see for a long time. Spend the day together and welcome the night with a romantic candlelight dinner.

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Treat yourself

Treat yourself and pamper yourself. Spend the day in the spa and allow yourself to be pampered. If shopping malls pull you to them then get yourself the purple dress you had been eyeing for a long time. Indulge is your favorite word today. Brownie and hazelnut shake, blueberry cheesecake, cheese burgers are all yours today.


If you are a party person then hit the nightclubs with your best friends. Spend your birthday dancing away to glory till your legs ache. Party time is your time today. Make the most of it.

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Coffee and Conversation

A heart to heart conversation with your closest friends is therapeutic and highly recommended on this day. talk about your past and present. about music, politics, life, breakups over a cup of coffee. At ythe end of the day you will sleep feeling happy and content about life.

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Hobby time

If life is pulling you to its usual grind birthday is the day to be different. Take some time out for yourself. Read the book that has been lying on your table for ages or listen to your favorite music. Your Piano has gathered dust. play it the way you used to. Birthday is the day to do everything that makes you happy

Forgive and forget

You fought with your friend and are not on talking terms for some time. You know the issue can be resolved if someone takes the first step but your ego is stopping you. On your birthday pick up your phone and say it’s ok and invite your friend for the party in the evening. Birthday is a great opportunity to learn from your mistakes and rectify all that is wrong.


It helps to look back on the times left behind good or bad. Past is the foundation of the present and looking back does not mean to lament and regret. Look back to learn and move on. If you have hurt someone this is the day to say sorry. If someone has made you happy in the past this is the day to thanks them. Your experiences make you what you are. This is also the time to think about your future. Remind yourself about the goals you have set. Chalk out a plan for your future. Be happy that with age you have gained wisdom and knowledge. make good use of it.

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Make a Wish

This is integral to any birthday but make a wish. You may be celebrating your 80th birthday but you are never too old to make a wish. These simple innocent things make life worth living. Never lose them.

Sprinkle smiles all around you

You are happy today. But not everyone maybe blessed like you. Even as you celebrate this day with your near and dear ones, take some time out for those who have none to wish them on a birthday. Visit an orphanage today and share a piece of your birthday cake. Kind words and a happy face is all that they need to be happy and that will indeed make your day a very special one.

  • Alyssa

    I like to spend my birthday with my friends. A nice dinner in a restaurant followed by some surprises has been summing up my last 3 birthdays.

    • Seguranator2001

      hahaha lucky atleast u have friends to do it with mine cant even be bothered