Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend


You have spent a lot of evenings whispering sweet nothings to your lady love. You know she loves compliments and you know she looks forward to everything you have to say to her. So make it more exciting for her by learning of 25+ ways to make her feel special just be saying sweet things to her!

It’s a known fact after all that girls love it when their guys notice them, their beauty and tell them how good they are. Every girl wants to feel special and it doesn’t require much for a guy to make her feel so. Besides being a sincere and loving partner, acknowledge everything about her that makes you feel good and happy.

Finding the perfect girl is always a tough task and once you feel you’ve got the best one, you should never let go of her. Tell her what she means to you. Tell her how much you love her and crave her. Tell her she means the world to you and that you’re nothing without her. Tell her this and tell her more. But tell her so she knows and she understands that your love is pure and that your love is true.

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25 sweet suggestions to say to your beautiful girl:

1. I really, really, really love you.

2. You are the most beautiful girl on the planet.


3. You always dress so well.

4. I want to be with you forever and ever.

5. You always make me want to be a better person.

6. I miss you when you’re not around, cant you stay longer.

7. Your eyes are so pretty.

8. Your hair is so soft and silky; I love the smell of your hair.

9. I love hearing you talk and sing

10. You sing so sweetly

11. I love the way I feel when I’m with you

12. I’m the happiest when I’m with you

13. You’re easily the most wonderful thing in my life

14. Spending time with you is my number 1 priority

15. I treasure you, every bit of you

16. I treasure our every moment together

17. Thank you for being so good to me

18. You are so pretty, it makes me crazy

19. I want to protect you from all the harm in this world

20. I enjoy hanging out with you

21. You’re such a gem. And a beautiful one at that!

22. What good have I done to be blessed with someone like you?

23. Please don’t ever leave me, I’ll be sad without you

24. You’re my favorite thing in the whole wide world

25. You’re like my lucky star

A few more intense ones:

  • I’ve been waiting for you all my life
  • I’m super glad to have met you!
  • You are the reason I want to live
  • I breathe you, I crave you, I love you and I need you

Alternate ways to profess pure love:

  1. Sing her a song
  2. Dance with her
  3. Surprise her with little things that she likes
  4. Make her breakfast in bed
  5. Compliment her family (as opposed to the usual complaints boyfriends come up with)
  6. Don’t let her forget you love her
  7. Take her on surprise holidays
  8. Make her feel like your number 1
  9. Support her in times of her need
  10. If she’s ill, be there for her
  11. Invite her parents to spend some time with you
  12. Don’t force her to be a certain way or to turn into someone else

The above list of sweet things to say to your girlfriend will help you reach her heart. And it will help you touch her soul. Girls don’t need much except to know that their partners love is true and that it comes straight from the heart.

Relationships are never so challenging in today’s world. So step up and learn how to be a man and guide your relationship to result into something great, something beautiful.

You’ll make her feel like a princess and secretly that’s exactly what every girl out there wants.

Sometimes its not even about what you say as much as the little things you do. Like holding her hand when you cross a street together, or opening the door before her, or pulling out the chair for her, holding the car door open, giving her a rose suddenly, bringing her beverage to her first at self-service cafes…

If you love your girl, show her completely that you do. With actions, with words, with 25 sweet things or even 40…

But don’t over do it either though. Do it well and do it right.

  • Susan

    Good idea, But i will suggest that one must know each & everything about his girl friend. tell her the thing which was only known by her & was never shared with you. mind it she will be so impressed with you. if you don’t have any other idea how to find her likes & dislike then better to read her Zodiac sign using her Horoscope & i am sure you will get all about her.

    Good Luck.

    • HASSAN

      Hi! thank you so much for this rare information that you gave us, I’ve tried it and it works for me, my girlfriend’s love increases everyday when i use this things. thnx a lot
      peace and much respect :)

  • matthew

    baby when i look into your beautiful eyes i smile and thank god for giving me a precious angel

    • Ryan

      I like what you said I will have to use this one

      • cdiddy

        dude seriously, don’t “use this one”. you need to express how you feel not say it. While its a nice thing to say to your girl she will totally catch on if you are just shooting a line or actually sincerely meaning what you say.

  • Steve

    I like 6 and 8th point. :)

  • Ryan

    Girl your smile makes my day. I couldnt go through this
    Life with out u

  • Jose S.

    I Like All Of Them :) I’ve made this one on my own . . . You hold my heart in one hand and in the other my life, you’re my future baby!

  • Alex c

    The way i love you makes me smile(:

    • Anonymous

      Useless things to said.

      • anon

        not really..

        • tayshon

          My girlfriend is 18 year old will this work

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Absolutely it works on every girl but talk from ur heart not from Wat ppl tell u

          • http://art awwrtfw

            yeh it will

          • Anonymous

            um it should it im 14 and so is my girlfriend and it works with her.

          • Anonymous


  • http://uuykmyu Amir

    I sent an angel to look over u last night.But he came a minute later and said that angels dont take care of other angels

  • Lee

    You are the summer vacation package . God has taken all of his time to cretae a beauty ful angle like you.I love the way you are. I really really love you my heart.

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      u all swallow cum

      • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Your always in my mind your the sunshine I wake up to your the surip on my pancakes your just do amazing no words can explain how I feel about you

  • Jake

    Say i love u more than the cookie monster loves cookie and thats a lot.

    • only_calls_you_gauy

      you.. i like you

  • Duane

    Just always tell her how you truly feel about her, and how much you love her, and come up with your own cute, and creative things to say to her, girls like that

  • Caleb

    just say I`ll give you 10 roses 9 that are real and one thats fake and love you until the last one dies

    • Anonymous

      thats a fucking good one

    • Anonymous

      The fake one was never alive

      • James

        haha funny

    • Anonymous

      good shit .. i like that

  • alex

    my girlfriend (destany (yes i spelled it right)) is always setting me up with one of her friends to see what i would do. i stayed faithful! what did i get for that well thats for her and me to know. well anyways i tell her 5 sweet things to her everyday. and dude buy her a bracelet matching ones she will love it. ask her what her favorite color is a buy it in the color. my gf told me not to buy it but i did. and now shes worn it for five years straight. ive had mine on the same. girls a guy wants you to meet his friends and have them like you not love it just ruins a guy.

  • destany

    yeah thats my boyfriend on top↑ yeah i got my bracelet. i have to say i like it when he trys to guess what i mean by :/ i had to hide my relationship from my brother and family they would have ripped us apart now look at us 6 years. they thought we were highschool sweet hearts now we were in 8th grade! i have say GUYS LISTEN you might have the attention span of a two year old but you should listen to your girlfriend. she is one suppost to be the best thing in your world say sweet things take her to a movie out to eat or go shopping with her maybe hold her hand or kiss her and tell her you love her every chance you get tell her a song that reminds you of her just be sweet alex does all of this for the longest time he thought i was trying to get rid of him dont make him feel like that

    • http://YahooorFacebook Renny Glenn Kiyomasa

      Hey U know what happen while I was reading your words!?!?! To be honest you remind me of my x girlfriend…We really have good times together for two years till she decided to leave me cause of someone else…The thing that you n my x girl friend hav in common is ur words…I don’t know how to say it but they’re just amazing…I hope I could help you out….

      • wayne

        Yeah bro my ex was a total bad word, but every break up leads to the that’ll love forever no matter what!! Trust me I know.

      • http://GOOGLE Anonymous

        hi when u are not around its like im dieing

  • ben dover

    Just come out and straight tell her that her vigina stinks

    • Logan

      You have a vigina bro that’s fucked up

    • dolladaze

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    • only_calls_you_gauy

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    • Anonymous

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  • skinny

    What should I tell my girl friend to make her happy

    • urovian

      this is 1 of a kind when u cant find in the internet…. One day I woke up one day and I didn’t care about anything then a angel Cam to my life
      it was a miracle… the next day I realized that I love you.. I just couldn’t get that angel out of my mine. That angel was you.. I live you my princess.


      • only_calls_you_gauy


  • http://m.facebook.com/sadu.dumbuya Sadu

    Hearts are red,oceans are blue,the perfect day is being with you.a day of love,a basket of flowers,barefoot on the beach with u for hours,tossing a blanket down on the sand,enjoying the view while holding ur hand.its all about simplicity,you and me for eternity.

    • Anonymous

      I told her this , left her in tears .

      • only_calls_you_gauy


        • the dude who talked


  • Anonymous

    you don’t need a website to tell her sweet thing if you truly mean it what you say it will come from the heart

    • Anonymous

      Then y r u here

      • me


  • http://YahooorFacebook Renny Glenn Kiyomasa

    If you wanna talk to a hot stranger, this is the best word to use…” Hey can you please cum here n sit down so you can rest your legs?” if she ask, “why” then you tell her, “because you’ve been running through my head all day long!!”

    By: Renny Glenn

    • only_calls_you_gauy

      By: Gaylord Gaaaaaaaaay

  • development

    i told my girl “i would save the planet just cause you in it”

  • edris

    i need sweet quotes for my lover

  • Jaidyn :-)

    Guys I think you should send her a huge message telling her how much you love her and how much she means to you at around 12 o’clock, when she replies you say ” sorry bub i thought you were asleep and I wanted that to be the first thing you saw in the morning, just to make your day <3"

  • http://Yahoo Johnson

    Love is like sugar and water.

  • crossjugg

    alien’s are coming to take all the peoplei just wanted to say ill miss you!

  • Sierra

    I am a woman. I am 19 years old. I am with the sweetest guy his name is Tom. I have been with him for 5 years. But, he has cheated on me repeatedly. I still stay faithful. I always wonder what he is doing when he isn’t with me. I have a strange feeling that he is doing it again. He has done it 7 times already. Should I leave him? I don’t know but what I’m saying is sebody can be so sweet and turn around and stab you in the back. So watch what you are getting into with the “sweetest” guy.

    • Anonymous

      hw wld yu cal him the switest wen he is lykk tht????true luv dsnt do tht,,yu are loving some1 wh pretends luvs you yet he dsnt,,,,7 times cheating on yu???ans yu cal tht swit?

    • Jake

      I’m sorry but if he’s cheated on u 7 times, it’s time to find a new boyfriend. I have never cheated in my life bc cheating is for douchebags who don’t respect women

    • jesse

      u should leave him cuz if he doesnt realize that he has an amazing girl like u then he is stupid,and sierra not all sweet guys r cheaters :) only the dumb ones r,i really hope u find ur true love one day sierra, *hugz* if u want to talk more then contact me :) ttyl if ya want :) and just lettin ya no,im a sweet guy myself :) byes

      • stud_mainian_devil

        Wow Wat a way to pick up woman

    • Maxi

      Sierra you must stay with Tom because he is sweetest. He treat you most good and give you a lot love. Tom is nice and will not do it a lot more. Most men do 10 times so it nearly over… Be strong and you have happy life… he special for you

  • Anonymous

    Hearts are red,oceans are blue,the perfect day is being with you.a day of love,a basket of flowers,barefoot on the beach with u for hours,tossing a blanket down on the sand,enjoying the view while holding ur hand.its all about simplicity,you and me for eternity.

  • conner

    I love yo_.All i need is U.

  • Anonymous

    suck on it

  • Anonymous

    I wont ever tell you I love you cause that’s no where near how I feel bout you

  • ish


  • Jake

    I sent this to her and she was almost in tears
    Jackie, when I’m not with you, I think about you…when I think about you, I realize how lucky I am to have such a perfect angel in my life…when I’m with you, it’s as if all my dreams have come true. You are my life and I am honored to be called your boyfriend. I love you <3

    • Maxi

      Jackie, I also care about you a lot… very much… More than jake. Please give me other chance

  • No berg

    If you were a tree, you’d be a good tree;)

  • http://noone.com b3ati

    iam doing all this stuff and she dont love me like what iwant…..
    she is beautiful and there is much guys want here ….she had an ego to much of it

    • Maxi

      This is very common problem that is not super cool. You must show her your true love of her. To do this, take off your shirt and ask her to dance… Like in the dirty dancing movie with Mr Swayzee… Then she start to like you… Soon she love you

  • http://www.corebloggers.com Carlos. S.

    “you must be tired”


    “cuz baby. you been running though my mind all day”

  • my name is your mom

    #17 is so ironic!! My gf jessie and I have made Good To You by Marianas Trench our song. The irony.

  • jessica

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  • jjj

    How cheesy! it just makes the man look more insecure and reliant on the girl. And girls DO NOT want that! They don’t need a desperate guy who can’t live without them. Sorry, this article fails. And guys, DO NOT say any of these things to you girl. Action is what counts, cheesy words later.

  • Nicholas ricks

    there is a girl I love and she doesn’t know what do I do

  • Colton

    Honey you’re the light of my life and I will love you to the end of the world and back, a million • forever ;*