25 Signs Your Girlfriend has Found Someone Else


If you think your girlfriend has suddenly become unavailable, emotionally as well as physically and you feel that she has found someone else, you might be right. She might be seeing someone else if:

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1. She doesn’t want to talk about the relationship or any recent problems that the two of you are having. If she is very comfortable with the way the relationship is going (when you can feel something is wrong) she might be too busy thinking about the other guy to bother about your relationship.

2. She shows reluctance to meet you or go out for a date with you. If she has started giving silly reasons to avoid you and meeting you while she has a mysterious friend who occupies her time, you really need to consider your relationship’s stability.

3. She has suddenly become more than careful of keeping her cell phone away from your reach to the extent that she even takes it to the bathroom.


4. She develops a nagging habit and gets irritated for very small reasons. Basically, she is trying to figure out ways to break it up with you and because she couldn’t find a reason, she is trying to make one.

5. She stops caring about you and doing small things just to make you happy.

6. She stops considering your needs and requirements, let alone prioritize them. The same girl who would go out of her way to make you feel comfortable and happy will stop thinking about what you want altogether if she finds somebody else.

7. Your credit cards bill pattern has changed with odd purchases or if she has restricted your access to online checking accounts.

8. She speaks of her mystery friend with great admiration, animated gestures and a big smile.

9. She has tried to sneak out of the house without telling you more than once in the recent past.

10. She takes time to respond to your texts very frequently and tells you things like she wasn’t around to reply immediately or the phone was on silent mode. This is believable if it happens once in a while but not all the time.

11. She stops initiating plans, dates and ideas. Girls have a tendency to make plans and they love organizing a night out with couple friends or maybe a romantic dinner for two. If she has stopped taking the initiative for anything in the relationship and in fact doesn’t even seem to be bothered about how things go with you, it is time for you to let go.

12. She has started being more affectionate then usual. Just like men, some women try to make up for the dishonesty by showing extra attention and going the extra mile to make their partners feel loved and secure for no reason.

13. She gets annoyed whenever you try to hold her hand or cuddle with her. If she is constantly pushing you away or making sure you don’t come too close to her, the situation is questionable.

14. You guys haven’t had sex in a while because she has not been ‘in the mood’ for it or if she’s been menstruating at an unusual time of the month or longer than her usual cycles (more often than not, these are all lies).

15. She gets calls at weird hours and doesn’t receive them around you (unless that is her usual pattern). There has to be a reason for her to not take the calls in front of you and you should try to know what the reason is.

16. She avoids eye contact with you, especially when you tell her how much you love her and talk about your future as a couple. Because she is aware of her dishonesty towards you, she will find it difficult to lie to your face,

17. She ignores your calls on the pretext that she is busy.

18. She has stopped looking to you for emotional support and stability (chances are she has found someone else to fill your shoes).

19. She had stopped paying a lot of attention to her clothes after some months of dating you and now she has suddenly started putting makeup and dressing up even if it is for a trip to the grocery store. Chances are that she has plans to meet this guy and she wants to look strikingly beautiful or attractive enough for him.

20. She has suddenly started taking pottery classes even though you know that she hates pottery. You might give her the benefit of doubt and believe that she’s trying to develop an interest in it but, if she doesn’t talk about the classes or seem happy about making clay objects, this sudden change in her interest may be attributed to another guy.

21. She has started working overtime frequently in the last couple of weeks. If she is seeing someone else, she knows that she has to come up with a very logical reason for her absence from home and what can be better than overtime?

22. She starts doubting you to cover her guilt.

23. She starts making excuses to get some time for her to go around the town. If she has found someone else, she will need some time to meet him and spend time with him so if your girlfriend has started going out on her own (without anyone), you should seriously start thinking the relationship through.

24. She would talk to you about her entire day including where she went, what she did, etc. and has suddenly started being very unclear as to where she went and who was there with her. It is obvious enough for you to understand that she is reluctant to give you an honest answer.

25. She has become argumentative out of the blue and keeps challenging each and every opinion you have.

  • Melissa

    These tips are so real. I mean, if you can be careful enough, you can actually notice these changes when someone starts seeing another person while she is in a relationship with someone. Commendable piece of writing.

  • Destiny

    These signs are the ones we usually ignore because they don’t spell it out for us whereas these are the real indicators. If you are waiting for your girlfriend or the other guy to call you and update you, then you will have to wait for a long time….

  • Alfred

    I guess you should start keeping a tab on her as soon as she starts acting all secretive and indifferent around you….

  • Andrew

    Me and my girlfriend broke up 2 months ago and at the time it felt like it was mutual, as we haven’t been entirely happy. She kept pushing me a away for so long which made me unhappy hence the break up. I just recently found out she has been messaging a guy for a while, which is f*cking soul destroying. She is still trying to be friends which I can’t deal with.

  • Bella

    These are so true I mean everything was on here that I needed but atleast I know now and I can move ons with a other boyfriend

  • http://facebook.com Raul

    I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 3 months she was so into me and I still am head over heels for her but she suddenly changed about 3 weeks ago ,she gets upset and fussy about anything ,she wont pickup her phone like she used to all the time and sometimes doesn’t return my text messages

    • Lorenzo

      My name is Lorenzo . I had that same problem with My x girl friend and sh ed was cheating on me big time she had another man and she went him now lol she took my daughter out my life I can not even call to check on my daughter don’t have her phone number to call my daughter it’s crazy

  • http://facebook.com Raul

    can anyone help me plz

  • Xyro

    I was in a relation with this girl for 6 months. I was pretty open with her. She knew my phone code, browsed my messages. She knew I won’t cheat or even flirt with other girls and I blindly trusted her and never thought about checking her phone, even when I knew her phone’s code. She got messages from guys including her Ex, sometimes calls too. She was very protective about her cell phone. Then I start to notice she sometimes keeps her phone face down when I am around.

    So one fine day when she was next to me talking, I saw these msgs pop up on her phone and thought ok, lets see who this guy is. What she did broke my heart. She immediately snatched her phone away and that look on her face, my god I can’t forget it. I was shocked. Never discussed about this scene with her.

    I mean I don’t really get it. Why women do such things. You can check a guy’s personal stuff and hell, you can get naked with a guy but then still hide simple things?

    Later in March we were on a vacation at a beach for 3 days, with 2 others friends. She used slang for some dumb reason, infront of my friends which insulted me. So I gave her a few back too.

    I followed my guts and we broke up that month and guess what she said : You don’t trust me. Duh, humor me. And I backlashed on that bitch. She didn’t see that coming. I feel bad but I think she deserved it.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    I’ve been dating my girl for 3 months. She recently has showed 9 of these signs.

    (1)She seems comfortable with our relationship but I feel like something has changed about her lately. She has been distant to be exact.
    (9) She had me look through her messages on facebook so she can prove she’s not cheating and I noticed that she went out with her friends without telling me about it and I remember texting her that same night and she told me she was at home that night so I don’t know what I should think of this? Did she not tell me because she just needed space from me an didn’t want to hurt my feelings? Or is it possible that she was with a guy?
    (10.) She used to always text me back the second I send her a message and now she just marks my message unread on Facebook and then decides to reply HOURS sometimes even the next day. When she does reply she gives me an excuse of why she didn’t reply. Today I messaged her at 1pm checking to see how she was doing and she marks it unread and when she accidentally tapped it read it says it was read right when I sent it and she doesn’t reply to me til 6pm. When she did reply she gave me an excuse telling me that she was in therapy. Therapy doesn’t take that fucking long like I don’t know what to think of this to be honest.
    (12.)She’s one of those people that barely shows affection because thats just her personality she likes bottling shit up. I won’t take that as a red flag because thats how I am but out of no where all this week she’s been saying I love and miss you a lot more than usual and I’m starting to grow suspicious because this ain’t how she is.
    (14.) As I un bottoned and unzipped her pants about to eat her out she stops me and says that shes not in the mood because she didn’t shave but from what I saw she was completely shaved. I get it there’s times where you’re not in the mood to fuck but this has been happening constantly. I don’t remember when the last time we fucked but it for damn sure has been a while. Should I count this as a red flag?
    (17.) She used to take my calls all the time. Her family doesn’t agree with us dating because they think I’m going to play her. Anyways she used to take my calls sometimes even calls me even when her family is around she would make the effort to talk to me somewhere outside but now when I call her she never answers. Her only excuse for not answering is because her family is around or she slept too early because she was tired af. Note that she doesn’t work and the only thing she has to worry about is school. None else.
    (19.) The times we hung out she would dress kind of casual (jacket, bra, leggings) and whenever I’m not with her she posts pictures of her with these new clothes she recently bought that looks NICE AS FUCK. I don’t know where she’s getting her money from since she doesn’t work and her family damn well didn’t give her the money and I also didn’t so what the fuck is going on?
    (22.) I would sometimes ask her if she still wants to be together, why are you still willing to be with me, etc and now shes recently asking if I’m cheating or if I want to be together with her because she feels like I’m getting bored. I don’t know what this means but can some of you give me a heads up on what you think of that situation.

    (25.) She only challenges each and every logical opinion I have about her possibly cheating. Sometimes she would avoid certain questions I have by changing the subject saying “I wouldn’t cheat on someone I love. My mom has been cheated on before and I know how that affects people so why would I start now?” or “Why won’t you believe me?” and another time she said “Whatever believe what you want” or “Leave me alone”.

    Anyways that’s all the signs she has been showing out of the blue. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME I’M PARANOID. She technically hasn’t showed all of these signs just only the 9 I listed above should I STILL count it as a red flag that shes cheating? Please advise me on what I should do. I can’t really talk to her about it because she tends to keep certain secrets from me that she doesn’t want me to know about.

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Sorry that this is a shit load to read BUT I HAVE to tell all of you whats exactly going on so you all can see things from my point of view and tell me what you would do in my situation.