12 Signs That Show The Guy Is Not Interested In You


Before man learnt to speak, he communicated his thoughts with signs and even though man is fully capable of speaking now, the signs still exist. We have all fallen in love with someone at some point of time and wished for him to be ours. More often than not, the wishes have remained as distant as the guy but there were also times that such a guy would come and befriend us. Such friendship always followed a lot of thoughts, hopes and expectations which rarely got fulfilled.

I have spent years trying to understand this girl-boy chemistry and come to the conclusion that just like girls, guys also give tell tale signs of whether or not they are interested in someone. Here are a few signs that show the guy is not interested in you:

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He doesn’t give you much attention

If a guy likes you, he will give you his undivided attention even when you won’t notice him around but if he isn’t, he won’t notice you even if you keep glaring at him. If the guy you like doesn’t always seem to recognise or acknowledge your presence, chances are that he doesn’t like you like that.

He keeps referring to you as a good friend

If he keeps referring to you as a friend in front of everyone, don’t get your hopes up. That might be a good thing because he acknowledges you publicly but at the same time, he might consider you to be a good friend and nothing more than that.

He sees other girls and encourages you to do the same

This one’s a complete giveaway! If the guy is open and honest about dating other girls and he encourages you to go out with other guys, he is definitely not into you. If he had liked you, he wouldn’t have liked the idea of you being with someone else.


He doesn’t return your calls

Typically, every guy who likes a girl always return her calls without fail. If he doesn’t bother to make the effort of returning your calls or if he calls you back only if he has nothing else to do, you might be dealing with a dead end.

He doesn’t involve you in his life

You can understand the intensity of a guy’s feelings for you by the way he involves you in his life. If he takes you to his house, introduces you to his friends and family, then he really likes you but if he prefers keeping your friendship a secret, then it’s high time for you to understand that he isn’t interested in you.

He doesn’t initiate/respond to physical contact

Physical contact doesn’t have to be anything dirty or forward. It can be anything from a warm hug to holding hands to just touching your hand. If a guy likes you, His body language and the way he touches or holds you will make it obvious. However, if all he does is hug you before he goes, then he is just not that into you.

He gives more attention to your friends

Has there ever been a situation where he has overlooked what you were saying to strike up a conversation with your friend? Or, he might have even asked you for her number. Extra concern towards your friend will mean less importance for you.

He makes fun of you with/doesn’t defend you in front of his friends

He might be a well loved guy but that doesn’t mean that he can make fun of you or anyone for that matter. However, if he’s sarcastic towards you or he doesn’t defend you when his friends are mean, he’s certainly no admirer.

He isn’t around you a lot

A guy who likes you will find every opportunity to be around you unless he doesn’t study or work in the same place as you do. However, if he finds excuses to be away from you, doesn’t appear interested in meeting you, he just doesn’t like you.

He doesn’t reply to your texts very often and ignores the question when you ask him about it

Guys are very willful and they only do things that appease them. Unless he wants to reply to your texts, he never will irrespective of how many times you ask him about it. A guy can invent the silliest of reasons to avoid answering questions that don’t interest him.

He feels uncomfortable about spending time with you

Unless a guy is interested in you, he will not give you any time. If you are a good friend, he will meet up with you but preferably in a group. So, if you see that the guy you like doesn’t give you any special attention or doesn’t seem to be at ease when he’s alone with you, you can be rest assured about him not being interested in you.

He always has an excuse for not showing up

If your friend fails to show up for designated meetings or tends to postpone seeing you most of the time, he might be avoiding you so there is no way that he is interested in you.

  • Brenden

    Women should try to accept things the way they are. There’s no point in constantly bugging a guy even after he’s expressed his lack of interest in them.

    • Anonymous

      that’s right hey should not stare,look,talk to them to much cauze they think
      like him when they don’t.

  • Marc

    More often than not, a guy will make it very clear if he’s not interested in you. Men aren’t complicated enough to complicate things for girls.

  • Anonymous

    hmm … yeah these are true …. but sometime it is just not easy to accept the truth.. i like this guy a lot… in my eyes i see him as the perfect guy… he’s smart, handsome, and everything i have ever wanted in a guy …. we have all the same classes last semester but now we only have one class together …. i asked him to help me with my studies and he was extremely nice to me and he did helped me… it was actually he, who told me he can help me if i want him to…. and it was really nice… i loved every moment and i remember everything we did.. he is extremely polite and we never talked about anything else but studies, schools and teachers..

    but after few weeks, he got really weird… he talks to me but he ddnt offer me any help… and then he was not the same person again.. i’m sure he’s not seeing any girls… but he is different now

    later i realized that we dnt really have things in coomon.. i mean i try to talk to him but i feel like he’s not that intrested in me… and last week when i was sitting beside him he talked to this other girl who is a friend of him… i knw he’s not intrested in her but he really did share alot things with her.. like what he did yesterday, how he did that and this.. and i kinda felt miserable for being there so i got up and moved to another table..and after that i ddnt talk to him … and i’m planning to ignore him …i knw he’s not gonna feel it even a bit – he wont even realize that i’m doing that or not talking to him …

    but i just do it to hurt my self… i dnt knw why i feel soo miserable about this.. but i just .. i just dnt knw..i just wish that he can come and talk to me ….
    i just wish !!!

  • Curious

    So if a guy doesn’t have a high libido, is this a reflection of lack of interest?


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