How To Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him


The funny things about relationships is that we love the person we are with but we run out of ways to show it and eventually, stop showing it altogether. Gradually, everything becomes a habit and the excitement of doing something special to make the other person feel loved starts fading. The important thing however is to always keep doing small things to make our partners feel special because it’s often the little things that counts. If you want to show your boyfriend how much you love him, these ideas might help you:

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Say it with words

Words are the strongest and most effective tools of communication. Even though guys hardly say it, they are glad to have girlfriends who take care of the communication aspect in a relationship. If you want your boyfriend to know how much you love him, just tell him. ‘I love you’ can have a much greater impact when you really mean every word you say.

Treat him like a king every now and then

If you want him to know how strong your feelings for him are, treat him like royalty every once in a while, Guys love to be the center of attention for their girlfriends so serve him breakfast in bed with the paper or his favorite comic book, treat him to lunch/dinner and cater to his every need to make him feel like a king for the day!

Plan surprises for him

Guys love surprises as much as girls do so plan a nice surprise for him whenever you feel your love oozing out. The surprise can be a picnic lunch, a sudden trip to his favorite vacation spot or a set of handmade candles. What matters more than the size or price of the gift are your feelings so make sure he understands how much heart you have put into it.

Write him a love letter

Love letters are the most romantic things on this planet and they really help in expressing emotions. If you aren’t the kind of a girl who can express emotions and feelings through warm gestures, you can definitely try to write them up. Keep it by his pillow for him to read in the morning or hide it in his morning newspaper and surprise him.

Buy him a gift

Another great way to convey your feelings is to buy him a present without a reason. Get him anything you want. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to speak on your behalf.


Treat him with a body massage

Everyone likes body massages, be it a girl or a guy but what can be better than getting a massage from someone you love? This is a very sensual form of expressing love and it cannot go unnoticed. Choose some hot oil, some essential oil of his liking and you are all set to go!

Make him his favorite food

We all know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so this one is a tried and tested idea. Cook him his favorite food and you can try to make it a fine dining experience for him at home by dividing all his favorite meals into different courses and serving it up in style.

Gift him tickets for a concert/basketball match

What can be better than tickets to see his favorites performer or play? If he is a musician, gift him tickets to see his favorite artist. If he’s a Lakers fan, get him some tickets to a game and let him choose who he wants to take!

Let him spend time with his friends

Guys love hanging out with friends but when they enter a relationship, things change and they don’t get that much time to have fun with their friends. So, the next time you want to show him how much you love him, encourage him to plan something for himself with the his friends.

Go out of your way to do something for him

As much as we like it when our boyfriends go out of their way to make us happy, they enjoy that with equal warmth. The best way to show love is through sacrifice. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice everything for him but if you know he has to do something important, sacrifice your own plans to be there and support him. Support and care is just another name for love.

Wear some sexy lingerie

Well, let’s face it. Men will be men and no one can do anything to change that. Nothing can please a man more than his girlfriend draped in a hot negligee. To let him know how much you love him, all you have to do is to show him some love.

Be nice to his mother even if she isn’t nice to you

It’s difficult to deal with your boyfriend’s parents, especially when his mother is just trying to find reasons to disapprove you or your behavior. However, be a good girl and ignore her remarks. Go out of your way to be nice to her and he will understand your efforts (unless he’s blind).

Take care of him

At times, all you have to do is to care for him to let him know the depth of your love. If he falls sick, pamper him with care. Make sure he gets everything he wants. Make his favorite breakfast, let him hog the TV and basically, just let him have own way.

Be there when he needs you

The true grit of a relationship is tested during the difficult moments when things go wrong. If he is in some kind of trouble, stand by him and protect him. If he loses his job, don’t go away because he will get another job but you won’t get someone like him again. Be a strong support system in his life.

Fulfill one of his dreams

Is there something your boyfriend wanted like crazy but couldn’t get? It might be a PS3 and it might be a gold watch. Whatever his secret desire is, if you can do something to fulfill it, then just go ahead and do it. He will definitely understand how much you love him.

  • Delinda

    Be nice to him and love him with all your heart. As long as you are always there for him, you won’t need words to express your love! :)

  • Artie

    Lots and lots and lots of sex!!!!!!

    • sutten

      well a guy likes when he gets to see his girl whenever he can to have some alone time and have a little hands on are just talk and dont be afraid to tell ur man u love him cuz that is the most importanat

  • lasianiga

    lots and lots of hard sex a guy loves when his girlfriend can handle and give him a little caution for the push sex is good it calms the mine!!!