8 Methods to Have Permanent Hair Extension


Hair extensions are the ‘new’ thing. They come in different styles and textures. Remy hair extensions are the best quality hair extensions you can get because its smooth and does not tangle that easily. When considering getting permanent hair extensions, you have to be very careful about the method used to attach them to your hair because everyone has a different hair quality and if your extensions don’t match your hair care method, it can really spoil your hair. With proper care, permanent hair extensions can last between 3 to 6 months. Now, the good thing is that there are many options available when it comes to choosing an application method. Some methods you should consider are:

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Nail tip (pre-bonded) hair extensions

This form of adding extensions involves using Remy strands that have keratin wax at its end and heat is used during application to fuse the extensions with your natural hair via the glue. There won’t be any metal beads poking out from your hair so you can style it in any way you want to. It works great for short hair as well and lasts longer with proper care.

Sewn in hair extensions

In this method of adding hair extensions, your natural hair is braided to make tracks. Then, the hair stylists sews the extensions into the tracks to blend it with your natural hair. The extensions can also be glued on the hair tracks or ‘wefts’. It is very effective and can last up to 3 months.

Strand based hair extensions

Some methods involve attaching hair extensions to a section of hair strands. The extensions can be attached by modulating heat, weaving it into your hair, using glue, polymers or even waxes. You can use hair care products that are specially designed for people who have permanent extensions to enhance its durability. Even though the method of adding extensions to sections of hair strands is very time consuming, it distributes the weight of the extensions evenly so your natural hair suffers minimal damage.

Micro loop based hair extensions

This method involves using hair extensions which have small nylon loops attached at the end of the strands. The hair stylist weaves a tiny section of your hair through these nylon loops and attaches the nylon hoops to your natural hair by fusing it with the little beads of glue with the help of a heating clamp. However, the only drawback in this method is that you cannot use heating rods or curling irons very close to your scalp. Hot oil treatments should also be avoided if you are considering getting micro loops based extensions.


Shrink tube hair extension

In this application method, a mini tube made out of plastic is threaded through each hair strand. You may also choose to braid your hair instead but make sure the braids are very thin so that they can be threaded through the mini tubes. The mini tubes have adhesive at the end of it so once your hair has been threaded through it, a pair of heating clamps can be used on the tubes to tighten it and shrink it around each section. However, the tubes don’t allow your hair to breathe much so you will have to be very careful about not letting moisture seep in.

Monofibre extensions

This method of getting extensions is comparatively new and it’s also expensive. Unlike the other methods, this method uses extensions that are synthetically made in the lab from acrylic fibre but mono fibre is very much like human hair so it doesn’t look synthetic when attached to your hair strands. It doesn’t get split ends, it doesn’t shed and it doesn’t tangle easily but you have to be very particular about the hair products you use when you have these on your head.

Cold fusion hair extension procedure

If you are not very comfortable with the idea of applying heat to your hair, you can choose to fuse the keratin tipped Remy strands to your hair with the help of ultrasonic waves. The waves help in softening the keratin tips which can be attached to your hair before it re-hardens. Cold fusion hair extensions work great with people who have short hair as well.

Hairlocs Hair Extensions

They are the latest innovation in the field of hair extensions. It requires cold application and there is no heating, tugging or stretching of your hair which makes it safe to use. This product is attached to your natural hair using coupling shells which are color co-ordinated to match your natural hair color so that they become virtually undetectable. It’s easy to maintain and can be re-used and with proper care, it can last up to 3 months. Since it doesn’t damage hair, it’s a great solution for people with thinning or damaged hair who are looking for some volume.

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