How to Manage a House as a Single Parent


In today’s times, being a single parent is not an unusual thing. Death, divorce, separation, work, etc all contribute to a couple turning into a single individual. Being a single parent can be a terrifying thought, in reality it is not that tough to manage a house, the child / children and work related pressures comfortably. With just a little bit of organization and planning a single parent can be in control of every aspect of their life.

The main thing to do is to stay motivated and to be positive throughout your journey as a single parent. Although every responsibility is now yours, you have to believe that you are more than capable of handling everything well.

The few tips below could certainly help you as a single parent:

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Get some help to clean the house

If you are a single and working parent then you would get too tired to clean the house everyday. If you can afford it then try to keep a cleaner. You could ask the cleaner to come over once a week to do the cleaning and laundry. This will save you a lot of time and energy and what you pay to the cleaner will be worth it at the end of the day.

Get a nanny for your child

If you are a working parent who is single then you would need to manage your child when they return home from school. If you can’t be around when they come and if your child is too young to stay alone, then employ a trustworthy nanny to baby-sit your child every evening between Mondays and Fridays. That way, your child will be cared for and you won’t keep wondering about them while at work.


Find a suitable day care center


If the thought of having an external person come into your house everyday (like a nanny or baby-sit) to care for your child makes your uncomfortable then find a day care center close to your place of work. Your child can come there everyday after school and wait for you to pick them up once you get off work.

Ask your parents to help out once in a way

A child loves spending time with their grandparents. Grandparents offer a sense of safety and care that parents don’t. They are naturally more soft and gentle. Ask your parents to come stay with you for a few weeks every few months so that your child knows that family cares and gets to spend time with someone in the family besides the nanny / baby-sitter.

Keep a day in the week for grocery shopping

The one thing that you need to have all the time is well stocked home. If you are a working and single parent then it may get too tiring to shop for groceries during the week. Make the most of your weekends to stock up your house. This will help you to manage your finances and to have a weekly outing with your child.

Use Sundays to return the house back to order

It’s normal to find bedrooms messed up and closets jam packed and untidy with things every few days. It takes time and patience to constantly tidy up the house. Since you may not have time during the week, keep Sunday for tidying up and putting things in order. Ask your child to help out by letting them take care of their own room at least.

Cook once a day, for both your major meals

One usually doesn’t have to spend too long “cooking” breakfast. If you stick to toast, cereal for breakfast then all that will be left is lunch and dinner to worry about. Since you have a child, you will have to be extra attentive to make sure that your child gets good and nourishing food. In this case, try to cook only once a day but for both meals at the same time. For instance, use your evenings to cook two simple dishes, one that you will serve for dinner and the other that you will store for yours and your child’s lunch.