How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You


There is nothing that can make you happier than the thought of having someone to share your life with. Even though a relationship involves both men and women, their approach to it is very different. Men are usually mute about their emotions and feelings whereas women just can’t say enough to satisfy themselves. More often than not, this opposing nature creates a lot of problems. So, many women feel undervalued and unimportant but in all honesty, there’s no reason to harbor such thoughts because guys can’t communicate irrespective of how much they want to. But if that behavior is annoying you, here are a few ways to make your boyfriend miss you:

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Don’t be available for him at all times

A big mistake women make is that they always try to be there for their boyfriends, even when they aren’t required. Don’t go out of your way to take care of him because you aren’t his mother. Keep yourself busy every now and then. Even if you aren’t busy, just say that you are and don’t allow him to take you for granted.

Go for a weekend trip with your friends

Girls usually tend to go all out for their boyfriends and they become such integral parts of their life that guys don’t even feel their importance unless they suddenly become absent. That is the next idea. Disappear with your friends for a weekend or longer. Let him understand life without you because unless he does that, he will never realize your value.

Go for a girls night out

When you go for your next night out, come back late. You do not have to worry about coming home on time for your boyfriend. If you are going out to have fun, don’t let your boyfriend be a buzz kill. Every relationship needs some distance so don’t impose yourself on him. Let him be the one to miss you instead of you missing him.

Play hard to get

A girl has to play numerous mind games to keep her boyfriend captivated and this is one of them. Don’t be willing to go on last minute dates. Don’t settle for less when you know he can give you more. The day you give in to him, he will stop feeling the need to please you. In order to make him miss you, you will have to be alluring and sensitive at the same time.

Let him go for night outs with his friends as frequently as he wants to

Many guys complain about not getting sufficient time to spend with their friends once they enter a relationship. Don’t give your boyfriend the chance to complain. Let him go out with his friends whenever he wishes to. He will enjoy it the first day, he will love it every day in the first week and maybe even the first month but, there will come a point where he will get bored of it and actually start missing you.


Stick to your words

If you say something, stick to it. Men don’t like women who don’t have a spine. If you tell him you will do/not do something, follow it through. Be a little assertive when you speak to him but you don’t have to be rude.

Wait for him to call you

If you give him a call and he doesn’t receive it, just leave a message. Don’t go around calling him endlessly because no one misses a nagging girlfriend. Wait for him to get some time off from work and let him be the one to call you back.

Change your attitude towards him without warning

Guy’s get easily accustomed to a pattern and once they do, it becomes very difficult to drag them out of their comfort zone. If you have always been very attentive towards him, start being slightly indifferent to him. He is bound to notice that in some time and when he does, he will miss your behavior.

Give him something he can’t stay away from

If your boyfriend is a devout Christian, gift him a silver or a gold cross that he can wear every day. Every time he will see it hanging around his neck, he will think of you and miss you.

Show that you have a life

Get a hobby to keep yourself busy. Go out with your friends for brunch, spend some time taking Yoga classes or get a gym membership. The key is to keep yourself occupied so that he longs for your presence in the house.

Occupy yourself with work

If you aren’t working right now, get a full time job to keep yourself occupied. If you want to spend more time at home, you can consider the option of freelancing. It will keep you occupied throughout the day, help you earn some money and the detachment will make your guy crave for your attention.

Give a temporary break in the relationship

If none of these ideas (or any of your own) help you enough to make him miss your presence, consider taking a temporary break in your relationship so that both of you get some time to evaluate each other’s worth.

  • Alan

    Girls pull this neat trick where they hang around us for a few days and then suddenly disappear from the face of earth! And trust me, it works….

  • Annette

    Guys are really cute and soft on the inside so they always miss you even though they won’t acknowledge it. This article has some great pointers on on getting them to talk about it! cheerio!

  • Sensei

    That is so true. Guys don’t miss someone who is all up in their faces 24/7. Stop bending over backwards and give them time and space to appreciate your worth ladies.

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahahahaha yeah yeah thats true

  • Ezhil

    Great article!!what if none f dse tricks work??Ma bf nd me are nt in gud terms.I decided to tke a break so dat he misses ma presence.Been more dan 10 days.I still dint hear from him.M all confused.

  • Anonymous

    i am not intersted u so dont call me.

  • Anonymous

    i think that love is just not for me because i’ll get hurt always not just ones but always :( how to know that ur girlfriend loves u forreals n cares n needs you <3

    • Cheyenne

      U know she cares when she goes out of her way to make u happy. For example I’m sending my boyfriend a care package with all his fav things inside. And she won’t beat around the bush if she loves u she’s gonna tell u every day and not let u forget it :))

  • melissa

    I don’t have a bf but I do have someone in mind ;)

  • johnnyg

    Hello Everyone .
    I was told about this by my ex girlfriend and OMG . She now sees how that dosent work at all . As a result of following that Advice I met my wife while she was playing games and being decietfull as per the authors direction. Its awfull I feel terible I love my wife very much and will be with her forever,but cant help but feel bad for my ex . its sites like this and silly girl talk that are quite the oppisite of what a guy want’s .
    A guy wants a girl that dosent have a dihonest bone in her body. If you want to be in love with someone besides yourself stay away from sites like this and be honest with him for better or worse. It seems the author wants to have company in her misery
    Very bed advice .My ex is so alone now its sad. Its too late to help her but maybe someone else dosent need to make the same mistake.
    I fell in love and love my wife more everyday because she is honest and dosent play the games her looser friends advise her too. We a truly Blessed.

    • Tania

      Ur full of shit

      • Tania

        If a guy is taking advantage of a girl, then she HAS to slam the breaks and not be so available. Once he sees that she’s not some love sick doormat and actually has enough self respect not to allow men to treat her less than the Goddess she is, he might actually start to respect her and second guess his lack of affection/ attention and by then, he better pray it’s not too late. And I don’t buy your story for one second, however, if you are being truthful, that only means that you did not truly love your ex as the entire time you were neglecting her, you found someone else…. And during that time, she decided to change her “availability” towards you as she saw that you weren’t reciprocating. Ur post was very negative and unrealistic!

  • tawanna

    Am not happy at all my boyfriend of three years called Cps on me n I have supported us all n He have too but I don’t understand why he so mean to me n am still here for him he treat his friends better than me what the hell do I do