Little Things That Count in a Relationship


It isn’t uncommon to hear girls / women in a relationship talk about the little things that count in a relationship. At the end of the day, material wealth and gifts do matter, but not as much the little things.

It is therefore greatly essential that couples learn to do little things often in the relationship to really make their partners feel like they love them. Have you ever wondered why the start of a new relationship is always so delightful? It’s because of the little things that people do to impress their loved ones…and with time, they forget to continue doing it because they get so used to each other.

This is one prime reason why it is important to keep doing little things to show each other how you really feel. It’s only with these signs and time that your love will grow and your bond, stronger. It’s pretty difficult in this day and age to find true love, so when you think you have found it, do your maximum best to never let go of it for a lifetime. A few examples of those little things that count:

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Opening the door for her

Before you started dating or rather, right after you started dating, you would have always been sure to open car doors for her. But eventually, it stopped. A girl always feels special and pretty if you continue to open doors for her. It is just a gesture that requires hardly any effort. So remember to do it the next time you step out together.


Making her breakfast in bed

In most cases, it’s usually the girl who has to cater for indoor meals by preparing it from scratch, so it really relives them when for a change; their guy brings them a hot cup of coffee or toast first thing in the morning. Be sure to do this for her, at least once in the week…so she knows you really care about her.

Say it with new music or video games

Guys like their share of new music and video-games. Instead of being the typical girlfriend and nagging to him when he plays his gizmo’s, try to be supportive and allow him his playtime. These little things will make a great impact on him, making him believe that you the perfect girl for him.

Sharing the chores

Most times, if a couple is living together then the usual situation is that the girl / woman does all the cleaning and all the chores in the house. Since you are her partner and live in the same house, it’s only fair that as a guy you help out with the cleaning and chores too. Step up and be the man by buying the groceries, doing the laundry, once in a while.

Dropping each other to work

If the two of you have only one car, then try to use it in a way whereby one of you can drop the other to work. This will help you spend some time together before work and will also show the other person that you care.

Bringing her flowers

At the start of a relationship, it is customary to bring a bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend. But with time, that stops and you don’t bother with it anymore, not realizing that deep inside, she still expects a surprise bouquet every now and then.

Making him his favorite dish

It’s no secret that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and a simple home cooked meal, maybe of his favorite cuisine will be appreciated by him. Not only will he feel special, he will know exactly how much you care about him and it will help you strengthen your relationship.

Buying her little gifts you know she’ll like not necessarily expensive ones

Girls like thoughtful gifts and they love surprises. Something as simple as a simple tee shirt (because of the cute picture on it) or an anklet makes them happy. So even if you have a tight pocket, a random little gift will be the ideal little thing to do for her.

Surprise gifts for him

Just like girls like surprises in little forms, so do guys. But the choice of things you can gift a guy is pretty limited. But, if you chance upon a funky pair of boxers or wallet then pick it up for him. It will make him happy. A gift to him doesn’t always have to be a big, expensive one like a new laptop or iphone.

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