Best Jobs for Shy People


Although there are several job options for people all over the world to choose from, sometimes one needs to choose jobs on the basis of their personalities. This is important as it helps people to stay committed to their profession for a lifetime. Fortunately, there are several career guidance counselors who can guide people better on what career is best suited for them.

However, if you are specifically seeking the ideal job for people who are shy then you first need to understand the qualities and capabilities of a shy person. Shy people will usually not prefer jobs that require them to interact too much with others. Shy people are not necessarily quiet by nature. The point is, they don’t open up easily to people and furthermore don’t talk much or rather don’t talk comfortably in the company of new ones.

It’s because of this that jobs wherein first impressions and lots of conversational skills mean everything aren’t right for them. This is precisely why jobs related to marketing and sales, relationship executives, Media hosts etc are probably not the ideal jobs for them. However it is important to note that there are several successful people who are shy and belong to these very occupations. That’s because they found ways to overcome their shy feelings to do their jobs well. Several celebrities and actors also claim to be shy but have made an impact on broadcast acting at the same time.

Still, not everyone can overcome their shy feelings this way to turn into a successful icon. It is therefore a smart option to weight what jobs or careers could let you be who you are and help you work well too.

The following few jobs are known to be most suited for shy people:

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Jobs in research

A job that involves research of any kind be it scientific or market related research is apt for shy people because of the sheer fact that it doesn’t involve long interaction with new people. The interaction is limited to team members and supervisors and during the rest of the time the employee gets their time to just do their research.


Jobs in Programming software

Software coding requires one to write codes through the day with deep thought and careful attention. There is not much social or corporate interaction required. One needs to be adequately qualified for this sort of job.

Jobs as a clerical worker in an office or administration

Clerical jobs call for limited interaction if at all and it basically requires people to concentrate on what is on the books / computers. It’s perfect for someone who just doesn’t want to open up because they are shy. Jobs in an administration department are also perfect for shy people as the job primarily involves dealing with lots of files and paperwork.

Job as a librarian

A librarian is another option shy people could pursue as a career. Librarians are only expected to interact with book borrowers when they need to sign in / sign out a book. For the rest of their time they pretty much get to do as they please.

Jobs in Accountancy

The accountant of any company relies on their books of accounts to keep their job going well. It’s never about the people; it’s just about the calculations. Therefore, a shy person who is good in math could flourish in a job related to book keeping and accountancy.

Jobs in cleaning

Janitors, Maids in hotels etc do not need to interact with clients / people. In fact they are sometimes even told not to interact and are instructed to just focus on their duties. This could therefore be one option for shy people although not many people would be open to a job of this stature.

Jobs as a typist

If you know how to use a computer and can type fast then typing could be a job for you. Not many companies hire typists these days but there are still a considerable few that always need them. Especially in court houses and legal firms a typist is usually required to type the dialogues of proceedings. This is again an apt choice for shy people because it doesn’t require them to talk to anyone.

  • Keith

    They can basically do any desk job with minimal interaction so a clerical job would also work great for them.

  • M.Jeeli

    Or as an Artist.