Jobs for 14 Year Olds


At the age of 14 teens can work part-time legally and fatten their wallets. When the school is still open, teens have 3 hours a day and 18 hours in the week to do some part time work; in case of summer vacations, they have nearly 8 hours of time to use on a job that could provide them some income. Summer vacations become a much welcome change not because children will get to sit at home and watch TV or play games on their computers all day long, but because they will finally go out, work, and earn some money of their own, thereby instilling in them a sense of self-dependence.

Though it’s legal to work, it’s difficult to obtain a work permit from the high school. Some places require age certificate before employing a 14-year old. There are also restrictions on how many hours one can work per day or on a weekly basis. Some employers consider this a bane. They don’t hire 14 year olds in their workplace as their work would get affected due to the absurd schedule of the youngsters. Yet, there are many jobs that 14 year olds can do in order to earn some income.

1.) One of these exciting jobs is being a host, a cashier or a waiter in a restaurant, bakery or a deli. It will increase their social connections. They will also get to interact with various types of people and more importantly, learn to deal with their varying moods and emotions. This improves one’s communication skill and gives them knowledge about the typical behavior of certain kinds of people. Such practical experience is very valuable.

2.) 14 year olds can easily work as a secondary worker at a grocery store or a retail store. This is an interesting job for them as it gives them the information about which brands are popular and reliable. They may also learn how to select certain vegetables, fruits and grains.

3.) Another exciting job would be to work at an amusement park, municipal Park or a sports Complex. Teens interested in sports can use this as an opportunity to learn more about the sport they love. Working at the amusement park gives them an idea on how the park functions, how the marketing techniques pay off and how the booking systems work.

4.) Teens with a charismatic personality and brilliant communication skills can even apply for the post of a receptionist in an office. This is also an opportunity for those heading in the HR&M direction – career-wise – to learn something useful from this job. For example, those who want to be consultants for a popular software manufacturing company can treat this as a stepping stone.

5.) Youths who like to ride around town on their bicycles can use this skill of to deliver newspapers and thereby improving their cycling skills. Not only does balancing and handling improves while delivering papers on a bicycle, but it also helps develop a good habit of getting up early in the morning.


6.) Owning a pet has become a trend nowadays and every 6 out of 10 households own a pet. According to a survey, every pet owner spends nearly 150-200 USD per month taking care of their pets. So, owning an online pet store which provides information about the various breeds of animals, their availability, their food habits, etc. would do a world of good. Ads hosted on the website would in turn make for quick cash. People who are very crazy about starting their own websites and blogs can pursue this idea.

7.) Teens who are naturally inclined towards the computers, especially software development, can also try their hand at developing applications for android based products. An interestingly designed popular app can easily earn some quick bucks.

8.) Teens who like to organize parties can simply form a small group and undertake party planning. It is a good platform to learn and improve management skills.This job also has to be done in a group as it involves a lot of moving stuff, managing of resources, decorations and needless to say, handling money.

9.) Even in the field of music, there is a lot of scope for earning. Teens who like to play musical instruments like guitars, violins, drums, etc. can use their talent to perform at weddings, birthdays and other various parties.

10.) Teens can work at churches. Parents love this idea as it pushes the teens more towards spirituality. They can even wash cars on weekends and carry out odd jobs in the apartment with the permission of the concerned authority.

These are but mere ideas and there are many other, equally fulfilling jobs. If it’s snowing and all the houses in your neighborhood are filled with snow, teens can shovel and thereby clear driveways for some quick cash. They can also babysit and earn some money and develop important virtues (read patience) at the same time.

It is equally important for parents to keep a tab on their working teenagers to instill in them the right qualities and ensure that they are not being bullied or harassed in any way at their work place. Especially for those kids working at a deli or a grocery store, sometimes the customers can be rough and this might affect the child negatively. Hence, it becomes the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the kid does not suffer just because he/she has chosen to do work. It is the parents’ prerogative to explain to the kids that such ups and downs are part of a working professionals’ life.

Concluding, it can be said that a part time job is really necessary for a 14 year old. He will get a real understanding of what is going on in the world and what needs to be done to become successful. As someone has rightly said, “You need to fall into a pond, then and only then will you understand how deep it is and how cool its water is.

  • serli

    hi im going to be 14 soon i promise you that u wont regret hiring me. i already do Everything at home but i dont get payed. i am willing to work after school and weekends till watever time youd like . please send me an email i really need a job.

    • Anonymous

      learn to spell thats another thing to do for a job

  • bianca

    I am looking for a job . I am only 14 years old , but im turinng 15 very soon . I have had experinces working at a public library . I go to a school , were I have to work once a week to help pay for my tuition . I will work as many hours as possible on weekdays and weekends . Some things Ive also done while volunteering were fileing , and helping to put things in its place like books and dvds. I Hope to soon get an email . Thank you

    • Anonymous

      no comma needed after 14 years old or I go to a school and it is where not were

  • Kimmie

    I’m 14 and looking for a Job. I have recently reseved my working papers and am ready to work. My school hours are from 7:30am to 3:00pm i am free to work everyday after those hours. I mantain a A&B avrage so work will not intefear with anything school related. I am a hard worker and have had experinces with landskaping and baby sitting. I am a quick learner and hard worker. I hope to a reseve an E-mail soon. Thank you

  • http://Any Alisha

    Hi im alisha ive been wanting a job im 14 turning 15 in jan. i am young but very smart sweet and loving id do anything just for a job i want to prove to my parents i can have a job and make my own money i promise i would not let you down , emAil me please .

  • Brittany

    Hi, im 14 years old , and i would really appriciate it if you offer me a job, im a hard worker and very determined , i live in Manhattan , New york and go to a school in Staten Island just for there Nursing program , and i pass with straight A’s and B’s Please Reconsider.

  • Jacob

    I am 14 years old of age, and looking for a job in any field. I have experience in putting coupons on every door in the neighborhood, and experience in carrying out jobs familiar with cleaning, washing windows. I am willing to commit to any job I could get. Just pop in an email anytime.

    • Anonymous

      hi my name is sherice am 14 years old turning 15 soon am a very hard worker and i believe in the goals that i set and i think u should definately hire me be sure to email me please

  • autavia

    hi , i am 14 years of age . ive been looking for a job since i was 13 , i am very capiable of any job you give me , im very outgoing and outspoken . i volunteer for EVERYTHING ! i love too help out . i really am looking for a job a.s.a.p , please help me , im pretty sure you will love hiring me ! ; i hope to get an email soon , thanks .

  • Ruth

    Hi, I’m already 14 and would like to start working soon, but it is seriously hard to find a job. I am good at culinary, arts and animals, but those jobs often ask for 18+ years and I have to wait awhile for that. Any job would do, so I hope I’ll be accepted. Please e-mail me, Thanks!

  • Yvonnie

    I’ve been 14 sence October and now I’m on the basketball team so I’m look for a job after 5 and could do on the weekends I’m not picky and I’m very respectful and need to start saving money for a computer cause I’m in advanced class and need to do a lot of work also my teachers and parents think if I have a job it would be a great responsible experience, no I do not have any work experience what so ever but I’m a very quick learner

  • Tiffany

    14 year olds hard worker ,work with family owned business. Im really good with kids, not afraid to get my hands dirty and work weekend after school when ever im needed . I’ev been looking for a job for 6 months and nothing out of it . I need a job as soon as i can if you can help me please email me soon.

  • Darneisha

    Hi, my name is Darneisha and I would really like a job. I am only 14, but I have been watching my siblings since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I enjoy doing everything and I’m good at everything except playing an instrument, besides the clarinet, and taking care of animals. Just email me if you need to ask anymore questions. Just in case you can’t see my email address, it is

    Thank you,
    Darneisha Harrington

    • Cariyhana

      I actually watch two children with down sydrome. Their parents are looking for someone else to help me. I am 14 also. I get paid well, for my age. You should give it a try, They are twin girls, they are really sweet and they just want someone to talk to.

  • http://Facebook Kariah

    I have been looking for a job since i was 13 but it is very hard i need ideas and help!!I really want a store job like sears,walmart,target, and many more but im most interested in babysitting (childcare) I love children and children love me because im nice,responsible,and capable of taking and treating any children Respectful and i care and have alot of patience for any kid bad or good!!!!!!!!! I want a job because i dont want to always depend on my mom and dad for my whole entire life i want to be independent, and responsible for myself!! If you have suggestions or concerns please email me!!:)

    • Kariah

      Hey my name is Kariah Dixon i really want a job to take care of me and get all the expensive things i want to get for myself!! I love to help out others and people think that im very caring and have a good heart which is true!!! Only thing is that im good but when peopel try to use me i get out of my charcter but anyways i will take any jobs suggested!!

  • AJ

    hi im 14, i am looking for a job. ANY SUGGESTIONS?


  • dijah

    heallo im 14 years old ill be turning 15 august 3 2012 and i need a job you will not be regreat leting me working with you guys thanks

  • angelo

    hi I’m 14 and looking for a job I’m really good with pets,talking with people,making people happy,cooking,etc and I’m really hoping you can help me because I’m really trying to get my own money and get out of the house ha ha thank you

  • dulce morfin

    hi, am dulce morfin and i am 14 and will be turning 15 in september 28,2012 i will like to work right now.I am responsible and hardworker if you contract me you won’t regret it.
    sincerely,dulce morfin

  • Kamari Jett

    Hello, my name is Kamari Jett and I am 14 years old. I live with my mom and my little brother. I work hard as a teenager in school and outside of school. I maintain a GPA above 3.0; I’m great with number and communication. My school hours are 8:30 to 3:50. I live in Roswell, Georgia. I will soon be an athlete and I really hope you accept me as a hardworking student.

  • Micaela Morris

    Hi i’m 13 years old (almost 14) and I have all my papers ready. I also have good grades, i’m a hard worker, and I am willing to do anything.

  • pedro

    hey my name is pedro i been looking four a job four a long time im smart and im 14 years old i will do anything to get a job im a hard worker and my school hours is to 7:30 to 3:00 so please contact me fast …

  • Charles

    Hello, My name is Charles I’m 13 (almost 14) and I am looking for a job because I’m willing to work of my best ability . I would be the best worker that you ever had and I’ll will strive to do my best and make business smooth and comfortable . Please , send me a email because I would love to work for a business extremely . And get paid for stuff I did at least have money in my wallet for I can stop asking my parents for money and buy it my self.

    Please Email at ,

    And May You Please , Send me more information

    For this jobs application

    Thank You

    • jazmine


  • Breanna

    Finally now that i’m 14 I can get a JOB hopefully!!!

  • Theresa Edmunds

    Im 14 years old. My parents,are both layed off and I am trying to get a job di that,way I can keep my horses and,show to my parents that I am actualky responsible and I can do things for myself. To,show them that I actually do care,about them and that I will do anything to help them out.

  • Lovetee Yoway

    Hi iam 14 years old i really need a job to help me get stuff. I live with my mom and she cant seem to get very important things i need for school and for my orechetra classes or sports after school.Iam a hard working person, easy to get along with. My school hours are 9am to 3:45pm. Iam really good with kids,food and and cleaning. And i promise that you will not regret hiring me at all. I have not had a real job before but i once helped at this daycare my brother went to, I help to play with the kids, feed the kids and put them to sleep. Please hire me I really need a job, it would help me a lot and it would take a lot of my mom. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  • Deena

    Hi I am 14 and I am looking for a job.. I really need one!
    I’m Sick of sitting at home on my butt all day..
    I’m Good with children and cooking and cleaning I’m Very Good with Talking to people.
    I’m a Fast learner and I work really hard..
    So I would really like a Job so please send me a e-mail

    Thank you ,

  • JR

    Hi I’m JR and I’m looking for a part time job I’m really good working with kids,mechanics,cooking,and lifting heavy things I’m looking for a job because I’m tired of hearing the word no to every thing I want and also trying to get into some top of the line collages. I’m a hard worker and will not complain about anything so please email me with something that I can make money in. I’m also 14 thank you for reading my message to you

  • Anthony Truong

    Im 14 and turning 15 in feb—-Do u guys have any other jobs like technology jobs….

  • toni

    Hii im toni im 14 yrs old, and im looking for a job, i work around the house for my perents and earn £10, but i would like a proper job to earn a little more than i do oready, my school hours are 8.45 till 3.45 but i do have a horse i have to provide for and that relies on me to come and do him everyday, but my mum said she wouldnt mind doing him for me! if needed,
    please email me if u have any jobs thanks im very gratefull! :)

  • Julia

    Hello, my name is Julia and I’m currently looking for a job. I’m 14 years old and I can do just about anything. I’ve been cleaning the house and watching after my siblings since I was about 8 years old. I’d like to earn some money as my family is struggling right now and I feel that I need to help. Please e-mail me if you have a job for me. Thanks!

  • Victor

    Hi im 14 and iv been looking for a job for a long time and i really want one. im a fast learner and iv had experience on landscaping and baby sitting and i want a job now. thank you.. Please email me, thanks

  • ashley

    im 14 i need a job to feed my lizard my mom and dad will not give money. please hire me. im turning 15 in april. get me a job……

  • shalome

    my name is shalome and im looking for a job i want to work with little kids i really need a job please help me

  • Andrew

    My name is Andrew,

    I am currently going to school and getting very good grades,I suppose you can call me a nerd.I am really into projects but some projects are pretty expensive so I really need some work to do please e-mail me and I will be very grateful.

  • breanna

    .Goodmorning , i’d like to find a job for a 14 year old middle school student , that involves working with people or clothing . i have good communication skills & i also maintain my grade point average. With this said i wish to please get the chance for you to share some idea’s. Anything will do , i just want to show that im responsible & i can handle the task.
    Thank . You <3

  • tilaya green

    hi i am 14 years old looking for an good jod that i could kepp my head on i am in school welling to work and love kids and help out others i really love kids.

  • tilaya green

    email mii at:
    thank you!!

  • kelci

    hello i am 14 years old and i have been looking to wrok somewhere for 3 months now i am in school but really dont do anything after that i really like to work with children and the elderly so please help me out!:)

  • Berenice

    My name is Berenice and im looking for a job im 14 i great at babysitting children and im a hord workand if i set a goal i complee and achive mi goals i have a good attiude;D

  • Paige

    My name is Paige, I am 14 years old. I do work at home but I don’t get paid for it. I always ask my parents for money and they give me a lot of stuff, so I thought it’s time to get a job, so I don’t have to keep asking them for money. I have applied many places but they don’t get back to me. If you could please help me out email me at:
    I am a hard worker and put my mind to anything, and I believe you can help :)

  • Tash

    Hi, my names Tash.
    I am 14 years old, but will be 15 in July. I am really interested in a part time job for after school and for on weekends, I am a hard worker and im committed. I have previous experience working at RLinker joinery, where i was an assistant and a cleaner.
    I would love the opportunity to work with children, animals or elderly, im also interested in being a salesperson or checkout worker. I really don’t mind what job i am given, i am just really needing a job.
    please send me an email if you have any available jobs!

  • steve

    hey im 14 and im looking for a job im a hard worker i will be thankfull if you gave me a job please email me thank youuu

  • Emily

    Hi!! i’m 14-years-old, and i’m looking for a job to help my parents. My dad just lost his job and we are a family of 8 in a big house, and the house as you can imagine is not cheap! we are really tight for money and all of us kids are looking for a job to help out. if not we may lose our house. so i would really appretiate the opprotunity to show what a hard worker i am. I have experience in cooking, cleaning, and child care. I am basicly a mini mom. E-mail me PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    i am 14 i got kicked out of my how and living with my frends i need a job so bad

  • Nikita Keyse

    Hi im 14 and i look after my little brother and hes five i want to get a good job so that i can save for my future i may be young but i am a stronge person who doesnt give up and i also need a job so that i can get stuff that my mum cant get me. i want to do something in my free time instead of sitting at home when i could be earning money.

    • sarah

      the best easy job for a 14 year old would be to work at baskin robins its easy

  • Celine

    Hi I am Celine I am ALMOST 14 and I want A job very badly!
    I turn 14 in March.
    I am very hard working and can multitask. I would like to get a job because I want to show my family that I can do more than just work at home and to prove to them that i am truly responsible.
    I am from Snellville,GA.
    I have experience at babysitting, cleaning, tutoring, cooking, and convincing. I like to dress up so I know style, and I am good in math so a cashier would be no problem.
    When i am looking for jobs online most of them say you MUST be 16+ so I can’t sign up for the position. I have no problem with any position that i could be in and i am very determined. I hope I get an E-mail soon! Thank You for reading this and i hope that you consider giving me a job!

  • Gabrielle Gullette

    Hi im 14 years old I really need a job any job it doesnt matter I hope I get a reply I really need a job I could babysit cook clean and many,more things so please write me back I really need a job

  • Jacob

    I have a band so I guess it’s time for my band to become professional. Thanks for the article. It has actually helped me to make this decision because I’d never considered going professional. It was more of a hobby and that’s about it. but I am going to explore my options now.

  • Marianne

    I can’t believe there are so many people like me looking for jobs… Glad to find an article especially written for 14 year olds. thanks!

  • Susane

    Thanks for all these amazing options!

  • Craig

    Amazing! I’ve never really given it much thought. I have been looking for a job since the last few months and I had never really thought that there would be so many options, I was basically at a loss to decide what I wanted to do. This article has really narrowed my options down for me.

  • Rene Diaz

    Hello Im 14 years old and Im ready to work . I have online classes so Im free to work whenever . I have good communication skills and good mannerism . Im physically fit and have experience working with my father at construction sites. I can tutor young kids in math ,reading and any other school related subject . Email me if you have any work I am looking forward to your emails.

  • Moana Tuitama

    hi my name is moana tuitama i am only 14 years old i need a job that gets me up everyday if your interested please contact me on 0211336275

  • Moana Tuitama

    the reason why im applying for this job is because i really really love kids

  • Moana Tuitama

    and love to play sports, entertain people, i am respectful, responsible, smart, professional, respect others in life.

  • Shem

    Hello my name is shem and im looking for a summer job. Im 13 about to turn 14 and im looking to do a job that pays. so if anyone has a job out there please message me back
    – Thank You

  • keegan

    hi, im 14 years old. And ill do any job really most specialized in computers but agin i will do anything for some cash not worried about how much a hour. As long as i get paid.

  • carla and florencia

    were both 14 and were looking for a job to help are parents out. cleaning, dogsitsting, babysiting, and anything else you got in mind. contact us

  • ashley

    hello i am 14 year old ashley looking for a job in varius stations from house keeping to baby sitting and many other things. im in need of a job because i would like to have some type of spending money in my pocket at the end of the week even if its 2 dollars im up for what ever i can recieve.


  • Marcos

    HI im a young man looking to get a job to learn responsibility and hope to earn my own money to help out my parents! Im 14 my school hours are 7:30am to 6:00pm. im able to work after football ends which is in october! Im a very hard worker im very good with landscaping and anything that you throw at me because im a very fast learner!! I hope to get an email anytime but i cant start till october. Hope that doesn’t effect your decision.

  • Marisa

    Hey im 14yrs old, i really want a job because my parents are struggling with money and i have an amazing opportunity to travel the world for educational reasons. But its a lot of money of course i have till the summer to make 4000$. Im totally dedicated and always active. I love children and animals. Ill be the best worker i can be! THANK YOU (:

  • Youana (Youa) Lor

    Hi, My name is Youa or Youana Lor, I’m turning 15, and I’ll love to find a job that will support me in the future. I’m experience leadership and top students at my school. My teacher’s recommended me to find a jobs that will also accept me, I’ll love to work, so please accept me, and I’m good at listening, helping others around me , and I’m a hard worker.

  • alec

    hi im 14 and really need the money my dad is berly making ends meat i will work when ever u need me to im good with people, im funny,and i am good at clening

  • Kimberly

    Hi. My name is Kimberly and I’m 14 years old. I’ve been trying to find a job for months now. My mom is struggling to support me and my 4 siblings and she can’t afford to give me a lot of money. If you hire me I can help her and help myself. I am willing to work after-school, weekends, and HOLIDAYS, if possible.
    I am a very determined and persistent person. I love challenges and almost never back down. I’m a great person to talk to. Anyways, thank you so much!!!!

  • Hope Hernandez

    Hello,my name is Hope
    .I usually go by just Hope .I am 14 year old girl who is looking very hard to find a job to help my single mother out with things I no she can’t afford.Having a job would be very helpful towards me and my family.if you can find it in your heart to help me,I would very much appreciate it .Thank You
    ….love Hope

  • Katelan

    Hi my name is katelan and I am 14 years old and looking for a job. I can work after school and at weekends. I already to things at home but do not get payed. I am amazing with children and love animals I a willing to do any job as long as it is in my local area which is Hampshire. I’m doing hair dressing once a week to help me for when I get in to collage so do know a lot about hair(but can’t cut) I’m a hard working and socialable.

  • karisa

    hey im karisa im 14 years old and im looking for a job i love animals and i would love to work at a food place or anything like that i am great with animals and my sister is 16 and she looking for a job too me and her are look like we fun and great with animals and we r homeschool we can work anytime

    thank you and have a nice day

  • Sabrina

    Hi. My name is Sabrina. I’m turning 15 in about 8 months. I would like to find a job that i love, and that i’m happy doing. I am very responsible, and independent. I’m also very smart, careful, respectful, and very mature. I think that working now will have a big effect on my career in the future. I’ve done some research on jobs but the only jobs available are in the summer, and i would like to start working now. I’m also a hard worker. I’m very dedicated to what i need to do, and i think that working will also gain me more independence and maturity. I will do anything that i can. Thank you for your time.

  • AeriAna

    Hi im Aeriana i am 14 and i will be 15 next January. I have been wanting a job since i was 12 and its not that i want money, i mean i do but i want a job to work. I am very good with kids, mostly because i have 4 younger siblings. Im also good with animals and i love them. I will work any time i can squeeze it into my busy schedule and im a very dedicated girl and i hope i find a good job that fits me.

  • AeriAna

    o btw my e-mail is so please e mail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Hello I’m 14yr old I’m looking for part time job after school to get extra cash on the side .from cleaning babysitting and anything you may need .aim very good with kids hard working determined responsible to get the job done.
    And in 9th grade so maybe if needed tutoring for the younger ones I’m from del Valle tx and looking for jobs close by. Thank you for time and hope you consider me fo a job

  • Jonathan

    hello my name is Jonathan and i am 14 and i turn 15 in august. I’m looking for a job after school to earn some money. i can can do heavy lifting, babysitting, dog sitting and basically anything else you might need me to do. i am a very responsible, hardworking person and i don’t complain much. i live in El Paso, Texas and hoping i can you can find me a job nearby. I go to Coronado High School so maybe you can find something near there so i can get there quick after school. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and considering me for a job and i hope to open my email with a new mail from you.
    Once again thank you.

  • Chloe Buckley

    My name is Chloe. I am fourteen years old, and very hard working. I currently attend Mission Montessori Del Sol Middle School in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m in eighth grade, and very determined.
    I would prefer to work as a busser in a small cafe or resturant, but any other job is fine with me. I am able to stand on my feet for many hours at a time. I have a happy and kind attitude to all people. I’m great at making things look nice, or just even giving suggestions.
    Thank you for reading this short bio about me, and I hope to recieve an E-mail soon.

  • Alissa

    Hello, I’m Alissa, I am 14 years of age, and I would love to be in some type of job. I am working hard in school, but I do get sick here and there so I miss a week or so of school. I am a fast and easy learner, and a great listener. I do have outstanding manners and I would work up to getting where I want to go in life. Right now, a current job I would want to start is being in a salon, (I love hair and makeup. I cut my own hair and have cut my mom’s hair. I love to do these things) And I am willing to learn anything I need. Another job I would like to fullfill is a receptionist. I have great social and people skills, therefore I would love to work as a receptionist. One last job I can think of is a clothing store (Old Navy, Kohls, ETC.) I would not be intrested in a food market because I have no liking in that. But, these are the jobs I am interested in. My favorite would be Salon work. If anything, please email me. I would love to hear from you, or anyone else. Thank You! -Alissa

  • Megan

    Hey i am 14 going on 15 in September i would really love a job to get rid of my spare time and earn some money for my Army cadet summer camp at the moment i live in Carlisle Cumbria so a job in Carlisle would be fantastic i am good with snakes i have my own called Sydney he is 15 years old now i babysit and i love taking care of children and elderly people i can clean and bake i am very dedicated to my work and it would mean a lot to me if i could get a job

    Thank you and please contact me back as soon as possible that would be wonderful have a wonderful evening

  • Hunter Moseley

    HELLO, i’m 14 close to being 15 i now work on a farm and cut grass on the side (part time) but i realy need a more sheacudle and promising job i live in henderson North Carolina and i cant find any othier thing to do i realy want to get a liltle cash so i can save money to get a car/truck when i turn 16 i know its not to far away so pleas type me back. “Thank You”

  • Aaliq

    Well I noticed that have got a lot of job applications it would be difficult for you to sort it out so call me up and I start to sort the applications for you , get the bad ones in trash and put the good ones on your table. I also have a lot of volunteering experience. I work on a simple philosophy work hard play hard !!!

  • Angelique

    Hi, I’m 14 Years Old (Almost 15), Im Very Smart And Pick Up Things Quick, I Really Need A Job Because I Don’t Want My Parents Money All The Time I Want To Have The Freedom Of Saying “I EARNED THIS Money” And I’ve ALWAYS Wanted A Job And I Love Having Money In My Pocket For Rainy Days. Im A People’s Person And Get Along Pretty Good With All Types Of Attitudes. It Doesn’t Matter What Type Of Job I Love New Things. I Can Work Weekends And After School And Yes I Really Need A Summer Job I Don’t Want To Spend My Summer On The Couch.

  • Elisa

    Hi, im 14 and i´ll turn 15 in July, i need a job because of the experience and because of the money for personal (sain) reasons, i speak english and spanish, and i can manage in french for some things, i know usually a lot of people comment, but, if u are interested, please reply

  • Matthew Arroyo

    I am 14 years old , male and looking for an afterschool/weekend job. Please email me if interested.

  • Taylor

    I’m 14 and looking for a job I go tafe 2x a week for hair makeup and beauty.
    Not interested in school anymore and needing a job asap, As many of us really want one.

  • dixon

    hi i am dixon, i am 14 year old and i’v really been looking for a job lately i am good at paper delivery jobs also restaurant jobs and i am also very hardworking,and i have paper job experience.i hope u consider me for a job ill really appreciate this.

  • alondra

    Im not 14 yet but it’s never too soon to start. I also like to try apling for the animal job. I have many experience with animals. I actually have two dogs, a lot of fish, a guinea pig, and a bird. Also I had a chicken and a rooster and ducks. However just in case if I don’t know about a animal I do research on it and learn it’s ways.

  • chardenay

    Hi, my name is Chardenay, I turned 14 on april 19th and i’ve been looking for a job since I was 13.I am energetic, and responsible an have lots of experience with pets because I have had many of my own. I would really like a job pet sitting or even doing chores like the ones I already do at home. I am a freshman in high school n have a schedual from 8:00 am to around 2:30 pm. I just want job so I can have money to get what I need for school , for myself , and to help out my family, it doesn’t really matter what the job is. I am a hard worker and always put all my effort in whatever I do.

    please contact me at

    thnk you , and please please please reply :)

  • Alyssa

    Hello, my name is Alyssa, I am 14 and I am good with communication, pets, websites, blogging, party planning and singing. I really need money and a job. I would love to work with any of these preferably pets, party planning, blogging, or communication. I’m a freshman in high school and my schedule at school is from 8:00 to 2:20 so anything after that would work better then before and also I would like a week day/week end job. I am energetic, responsible, hard working and patient. I really need to help my family out with money. It doesn’t matter what job really but I’m just more experienced in the work above so that’s my preference but it really is your choice. I’ll put my all my effort in whatever I am in. Thanks for reading and please reply to and when you email me I’ll give you my phone number to contact me with also. Have a great day!

  • Guest

    Oh yes I forgot my weekend schedule is from 8:00 to 5:00 sorry that I missed that

  • Poma

    Hello I’m Janes and I’m 15 Years Old .And I’m looking for a paying job that i can do after school which is 8:00 to 2:45 and during the summer . I live in Maryland and I’m allergic to animals , I’m smart , and i can take care of babies and toddlers. i have two baby nephews that use to live with me . Thanks …
    You can email me at

  • luz linda

    Hi my name is luz linda I am looking for a summer job I love to play around to see if I can make new things.I love to read it take me to a whole new level .I’m now 14 year old looking for a job think you.

  • Mekia

    Hello I’m 14 about to be 15 on August 2nd, and I was wondering if I could get a job at this age I’m very intelligent but I’m also shy, I can handle babies, I don’t mind doing anything right now I’m just looking for a job that pays because I want to help my mother out with bills and things like that but I really want a job and it seems like nobody is hiring a 14 year old

  • mackie

    hey my names macjeva, but people call me MAC for short …..
    I am 14 going on to 15..was born 18/12/1999.
    I attend Tamaki college and live in east Auckland and have been living there since I was prity much born. I am cook island/Samoan..
    okay so I am looking for a job and yes it is prity hard because of my age…
    I asked my parent/grandma if it was okay to seek for one and she says yeah..depends what it is…the reason why I need a job is cause I need and want the money….so my teen years can be easy although nothing in life is easy. Its not that my parents don’t give me money nor feed me, cause they do. its just I need/want the extra money. its hard to explain why I really want a job but yeah. like with the money I could help out around the house and stuff and like towards my school stuff too, also cause I like sport so this could give a chance to by the gears I need to succeed.
    to be honest I’m in second extension which is the second brainy class but I don’t think I’m that brainy…..but I can say that I’m honest,kind,truthful,talented,carrying,intelligent,humble,male,easy to get along with and hopefully one day to be the HEAD BOY OF TAMAKI COLLEGE or a prefect …..and yeah if you know someone that could provide a job for me that is suitable for me specially in the holidays please contact me
    or on facebook-mackie maccauley kiripati
    sorry i dont have a cell phone ……long story but ill be getting a new one as soon as i get this job ??! or just beg my parents for one …..

  • Marie

    If you live close to a Ponderosa you can get a job their

  • Fallon Rudolph

    Hi my names is [insert name here for safety] and I’m 14 years old and I’m looking for a job as a pet sitter or dog walker in Sumner WA. If you have a pet that needs care please contact me at :)

  • michael long

    hello im michael 14 and looking for a paying job for the summer and i am a hard worker looking for a job and can help with anything

  • Brenda Alfonso

    Hello , My Name Is Brenda Alfonso I Live In Austin Texas . I am 14 and Looking For a Job Near me (78752) I Have Worked In Restaurants as a Waitress I speak Both Spanish and English very well , i also Have Babysitting experience . I am a hard worker , fast learner , and very committed to any job that’s Offered . Please contact me @

    Thank You , i look forward To Your emails !

  • 14yearoldgirl

    Hi, I am 14 years old. I speak English, quite a lot of french and a little Italian. I am a girl. I am looking for a job preferably payed but work experience would be fine too. I have experience with children and waitressing. I live in England but would be fine to travel.
    if you have any interest please contact me at