Jobs for 13 Year Olds


As soon as teens enter high school – a sense of independence crops up in them. Not happy with their measly allowances, all teens get tempted to earn money because after a point of time they get tired of hearing the “take-a-conservative-approach” speech from their parents. For the guys, it has become a necessity to earn some extra cash. Renting a car, buying tickets, or just hanging out in the cafeteria becomes completely exorbitant. And no guy wants to be the one who looks towards his best friend when the bill appears.

But, working in the United States of America at the tender age of 13 is an offence in the eyes of the law. So, getting a legitimate job and fat paychecks is ruled out for all minors. But, this has lead many youngsters in the Big Apple and other states to work illegally. As an alternative to this, parents and other elders have encouraged their young ones to do odd jobs which they may easily perform in their spare time. This helps them earn some quick bucks without affecting their studies or play. It also gives them the know-how about household chores and other jobs like mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, organizing a garage sale, etc. Some youths are so smart that after completing their household chores, they also carry out the chores of their neighbors to earn extra income. This income – earned through such handy means – gives the teens a sense of self-respect and also serves as a stepping stone towards self-dependence. Parents really appreciate their children executing chores rather than sitting idle in the house and playing playstation games for 3-4 hours at a stretch and thereby being a menace for the whole family in general.

  • If the kid happens to be interested in the academics, he/she can tutor the kids studying in first grade to fifth grade. In many houses both the parents go to work and no attention is given to the child. So those teenagers who are good with the basics of each subject can even tutor and look after other – smaller – kids. It’s a good source of income and plus they get a chance to analyze their basics. Also, tutoring helps their communication skills and they also get a hang of dealing with kids.
  • Some youths are so creative that they use their musical skills to earn quick bucks. It is common practice for teens to play either with their bands or individually at local parties and earn some quick cash. This perfects their skill and helps hone their talent. It also gives them a back-up career option.
  • Those good with babies undertake babysitting. They search for houses with toddlers and ask for babysitting them. Girls, especially, find this better than excessively physical activities. They are usually good with babies and it seems like an extension of a regular doll-house game to them.
  • There are some teens who are exceptionally well at handling computers. These kids can undertake activities like writing blogs, designing Websites, online marketing, software development, etc. which are worth a lot when done perfectly and sincerely. If they work hard they could be the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. After all, they all started with an idea and not a CEO post. Every gadget invention begins with an idea and ends with their popularity and prosperity. Some teens can even repair small equipment like keyboards, mouse, etc. on a small scale.
  • Many teens are looking for new and innovating ways to earn, so keeping in touch with friends is also an important. To save money, they can also arrange for a car pool. This will reduce their gas requirements and help them earn a few bucks. Friends also help out each other by paying for lunch, etc. They can even wash cars on weekends. And perform odd jobs in their locality with due permission from the authorities. They can prepare paper bags from older newspapers and sell them. Selling the paper bags can also help in eliminating global warming on a small scale and also reduce the use of plastics.
  • Teens who are fond of reading and writing can surely undertake content writing, especially the kind that’s targeted specifically towards kids. It does not require a blog, only basic writing tools (MS word) and writing skills. They can write articles which they have an interest in and later publish it online through a free publishing website. There are many such sites and one good example would be which pays for publishing articles, provided it imparts knowledge and information to those who seek it. They can make the workload of other people searching on the net effortless and earn decent money.

A point to note here is how some sites have a made a business out of supplying ‘ideas’ for what jobs a 13 year old may accomplish and are robbing people of their hard-earned money. These sites sell books, e-books, videos, which have the content on how 13 year olds can make their life better and become millionaires in no time. The books cost around 30-60$ and in itself is very costly for an average 13 year old to buy just for doing jobs in their spare time. In this age of technology, it is possible that your child might fall for such trickery once he/she has earned a little. Keep a check so the child does not end up wasting whatever they have earned with sheer hard-work on something that promises big bucks in no time. Tell them that the best way to double their money would be to fold it and keep it in the wallet. It sounds humorous but it’s true.

Although there are so many options available to the teens, the time available is perhaps not enough and this causes a lot of discomfort. While following their passions, they should not forget their main motive -which is to complete their education. Mowing the lawns, babysitting, and doing other household chores is enough to take them through to their 14th birthday.

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