82 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy


If you are in a deeply committed relationship with a guy or if you have recently just entered into a fresh new relationship with someone then looking for some interesting questions to ask each other can be quite a good way to spend your time. Its always nice to get to know someone better and the best way to do that is to ask questions. If your guy is really into you then he will definitely be more than willing to answer the questions for you.

Prepare your mind about what you really want to know about your guy so that you can draft the questions accordingly, but the endless list below can probably help give you an idea anyway:


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Some questions that could be interesting enough to ask your guy:

1. What did you think of me when you first saw me?

2. How would you describe your version of a perfect home?

3. Have you been in love before?


4. Who was your prettiest girlfriend?

5. What qualities in me attract you most?

6. Is there anything you would like change about me?

7. What’s your thought on marriage, do you believe in it and do you ever want to be married?

8. Are you open to a live-in relationship?

9. Does your boss like you or does he take you for granted?

10. If you could go on a dream holiday, where would it be?

11. What is the wildest thing you have ever done?

12. Who is the one person you hate in your family?

13. What is the one most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

14. Describe your first date? What did you do, where did you go? Did you love her?

15. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?

16. If you were caught in a fire and had to choose between saving your dog and new TV, what would you choose?

17. Who do you talk to more when in a problem, your mother or father?

18. If you came across a genie who offered to make three of your wishes come true, what would those wishes be?

19. Do you have any addictions?

20. What are your fetishes?

21. What do you hate most about yourself?

22. Do you believe that ghosts exist in the real world?

23. Do you get scared of the dark?

24. Who do you look up to most in life?

25. Are you fond of children?

26. What was the worst date you have been on?

27. Do you believe in God?

28. What do you want to change about yourself?

29. What is your biggest dream in life?

30. Describe the greatest adventure you have ever been on?

31. Name on expensive thing that you bought and now regret buying.

32. Have you ever asked a girl to marry you?

33. Do you have any wild fantasies?

34. If you had to choose between me and your best friend, who would you choose?

35. What is the one thing you are most ashamed of doing to a friend?

36. Would you go out of your way to help a friend?

37. How much money do you hope to make in life?

38. What’s your favorite sports car?

39. Do you lie often?

40. Who is your favorite actress?

41. If you could go on a date with your favorite actress, where would you take her?

42. Do you keep secrets?

43. What is your favorite childhood memory?

44. Would you ever go hunting for sport?

45. What pet would you have if given a chance to keep one?

46. Have you ever cheated on someone before?

47. Which cartoon did you like the most?

48. How old were you when you had your first crush?

49. Have you ever kissed a guy?

50. Do you think you are happy with your life?

51. If you were stranded on an island, how would you escape?

52. Do you believe there are aliens out there?

53. Do you believe in the concept of life after death?

54. Do you still think about your first love?

55. Were you ever drunk at college?

56. At what age did you start drinking?

57. Have you ever tried to steal?

58. What was the wildest dare ever given to you?

59. How old were you when you went on your first date?

60. Do you ever want to win a Nobel prize of any sort?

61. Describe me.

62. How would you describe me to your mother?

63. What animal is your favorite?

64. Do you still ever watch cartoons?

65. Do you pray?

66. Do you ever read the bible?

67. What was High School like for you?

68. Would you ever consider putting your parents in an old age home?

69. Have you ever been arrested?

70. Do you shy away from real love?

71. What was the strangest punishment your parents ever gave you?

72. Do you like going for parties?

73. Do you think my friends are hot?

74. Are you Eco conscious?

75. Are you ever jealous of me?

76. Have you ever been jealous of your closest friends?

77. Do you like experimenting with new things in life?

78. What super power do you dream of having?

79. Which famous person would you like to be?

80. Do you believe that there is only one love for everyone?

81. Have your friends said good things about me?

82. Did you ever have a crush on your best friend’s girlfriends?

  • Devon

    These are absolutely the best list of questions to ask a guy on the first date that I’ve ever seen. Mind if I take a few for my blog? LOL

    • Anonymous

      go ahead haha !

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Retarted ? Is that a new word ? The US needs to spend a little more money on English curriculum.

      • Anonymous

        And he’s the Dumb one?

      • I like grammar, not just letters

        It should be “You’re” not “UR” it should also be “Retarded” I think your argument is invalid.

      • Amber

        & you took the time out of your day to tell him he’s retarded for asking a logical question? Get a life .

      • Anonymous

        I think u r right but not all of them

      • AJR

        Says the person who cannot spell “retarded” correctly!

      • Anonymous

        you spelt *RETARDED wrong -_-

      • Anonymous

        well thats rude.

      • I. C. V.

        I find it funny how you called him retarded, but you can’t even spell it right. Think please before you act.
        Also, these are great questions, they have helped me get to know my boyfriend a bit better. :) Now I know how amazing he really is.

      • Anonymous

        That was uncalled for

    • Anonymous


  • laura franich

    these helped me alot thanks

  • Kelsey clarke

    These helped me out alot!! And i would like some more!! I have asked y boufriend almost all of them!! And he said that they were easy for him to answer too!!

  • Jordan Anderson

    my boyfriend and i are talking on the phone and i am asking him the questions, and some of them are just hilarious and we are laughing our butts off!! thankss!(: i think this made our relationship grow :)…. btw we are 12(:

    • morgan shaw

      Thats funny!! me too imma bout to be 12 lol

      • dgdsagf

        wow..you are so young how can these questions even fit your relationship?

        • TheChubbyBunnyWarrior

          hey~ im 12 too :) (im in 8th grade) but i liked this guy for 4 years and he liked me too (lol i didnt know) he asked me out and (of couse) I did C: now we are happily in love <3

          • 08-2-11

            Honestly hun,you dont know what love is when you’re that young.Im 16 and I havent even been truly in love with a guy yet.When you’re that young,its just all fun and games cause you think you’re in love.Honestly,you’re not.
            Sorry to inform you of that,but you’re not.Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and we just recently started telling each other that we love one another.Thats how long it should take for you to say you’re in love.You shouldnt date for a day and automatically say, “Oh I love you so much.” Cause its not true love.Not right away anyway…

          • aoiwdkslsf

            you’re not in love. you’re in 8th grade. talk to me once you get to college

          • Skvsjbs

            In love at 12?

          • notinlove

            I hate to be this person but you are 12 years old, you have no clue what love is. I am 25 and still don’t know what “love” is.

          • wtf

            you guys are 12 you cant be in love

          • Diana

            You can’t be “in love” when you’re fricken 12. I’m turning 16 and haven’t even dated yet, so STFU.

          • Casey

            You cant be in love at 12. Im 15 years old and I still have no idea what love is…I honestly learn a little bit more everyday. Ive known this guy since I was in 6th grade. He was in my first period…Ive literally known him since the very beginning of middle school…Im in 9th grade now and we still talk. I dated him for two years and it never really seemed to work out but somehow we always ended up being drawn to eachother. We talk to this day, like Im literally texting him right now, and we say I love you bt Im not IN LOVE with him. Being happy Is one thing…being in love I another.

          • Anonymous

            How can u be 12 in 8th grade?

          • Anonymous

            Tbf I doesn’t matter what age you are if you fall in love!

          • Hannah

            You’re 12? That’s so young! I’m 19 and I’ve never had a boyfriend (I chose not to date in high school). I can’t imagine that’s a very healthy relationship.
            Kids these days.

          • Anonymous

            Bro you ain’t in love!! all he wants is to take your damn animal crackers!! I’m 15 and have never dated so…. yeah you need to re-evaluate your life choices.. (re- evaluate means to re-think) XD

          • Alexandria

            I am soo happy for you ! I am I the same situation except he has not asked me yet

          • Laura

            Lol aren’t you 13/14 if your in grade 8? Not 12

          • Anonymous

            yeah, “in love”. the only love you can have at 12 is family love or friend love…

          • Not single

            Guys stop being mean to her just cause you all dont know what love is doesnt mean she doesnt and if you havent even dated anyone of course you want even know what love is

          • Anonymous

            Yes you can, you may not fully realize what love is but you can certainly feel a sensation

          • Krista

            Exactly 12 is way to young i’m 14 and yes i date, but its not love, u don’t know what love is u guys have play dates, not real ones.

          • Anonymous

            You can’t be in love when your 12.

          • sierra

            Ya u can be in love at 12. or any age. Like people say. Love is love. No matter age, size, appearance, or gender. Try not to take it too far :)

        • LOL


        • anonymousss:)

          Lol true dat.

          • Anonymous

            I am 20 all you lil girls saying I’m 12, 13,15,16 I’m sorry y’all can’t not be in love! You are way to young and boys at your age just want to touch and feel on your undies and will say anything to do so! Grown men do the same things. Young ladies please stop messing around you are doing things you should not even be thinking about! You are all to young to date and be in a serious relationship! 14-18 I can understand dating but a serious relationship trust it won’t last! There are aome

        • shanchan

          That’s what I thought xD

        • Anonymous


        • luv ya

          well i just turned 13 and i have been going out with him since 5th grade and we luv each other very much and i asked him some of these question so i dnt think people should judge young luv

        • alyssa

          well obviously they would skip some!

      • shyanne

        yes you are way to young to even have a boyfriend but i agree these are helpful questions to imply

      • Anonymous

        Lol, em 12 too..

    • Ducky

      I am sorry but you are frickin 12. You need to be at the park playin with your friends not trying to be adults. I thinks its sooooooooooooooooo wrong.

      • Rachel

        Totally agree, Ducky. Like, wtf do 12 year old couples do together? have play dates at the park? watch cartoons together? lol

        • anna

          im 15 in high school these questions were helpful but heyy me n my bf we be watching cartoons together n chill at the park nuthin wrong wif that



        • Anonymous

          Thats sweet

        • Anonymous

          Who are you to judge what’s in this kids heart? She may or may not be in love but it’s none of your business. By the way my parents watched cartoons together for their first dates and they were 30 what is wrong with that!

        • Anonymous

          um no, we aren’t five.

        • A

          I’m 12 and have been on dates like a 15 year old would. Yes we may me too young but it’s our choice. The dates me and my friends usually have are:
          Going to the movies
          Going to eachothers houses
          Go to the beach
          And we kiss, hug, cuddle, spend 24/7 texting/calling them. We arnt that young.

      • BoooBooo

        i agree wit u ducky they r too young they should be playin and bein little kids instead of growin up and plus its good to keep guys friends at ur age cause boyzz at that age r mostly likey to spread a bad rumor about u

        • Megan

          well that bull crap…. there shouldn’t be an age with love….. it fricken love leave it alone…… GOSH!¡!¡!!x!

        • lea

          BoooBooo i agree with u we are growing up wayyy to fast btw im 13 and i dont have a boyfriend because im as weired as it sounds im focused on school i think the boys will still be there when im 16

          • Anonymous

            Amen to that.

        • Ur mom

          Hey im 13 in 7th grade and i have a 14 year old boyfriend who is a freshman and we love each other so y’all can be quiet

        • lizzy

          Rather than be mean about think about what you’re saying. Ever thought how sad it is that 12 year olds are dating because it seems right to them because society makes the ‘rule’ that you have to date someone to be the ‘cool’ kid? And we do a lot of things that most people from your generation won’t even know about. I’m 14 and have a boyfriend and I am not with him at a too young an age. He’s 16 by the way. And to all those people who are saying stuff like ‘I’m 18 and haven’t dated yet’ well we know you’re trying to sound like an example maker but truthfully you sound like total prudes, how did you get your first kiss anyway, huh? Kissed some random guy? Leave the gays alone about this too they are WONDERFUL misunderstood people. Sorry if this was offensive to anyone.

        • dani

          Some people habe to grow up. And people like you booobooo and ducky should stfu if you don’t know the sitution

      • Anonymous

        More like the playground. I’m 15 and I just went on my first date last week. I don’t even think dating at 12 is dating. It’s more like sitting together at lunch. So stop trying to act like adults and go back to the playground 12 year olds!

        • Anonymous

          you’re 15, not an adult. you seem very immature. 12 year olds don’t usually have recess. because it’s middle school. we don’t play on the “playground” . we go to the movies, kiss, hug, hold hands, and go to the mall and such.

      • Dikki Di Doe

        yh i agree wif u im 9 in a vry sirius rlationjhip

        us 9 yr olds r rly mature lol we can hold a relathsnhip bttr than my parnts do lol they divorced wen i woz 8 xxx x (:

      • Amber

        I’m going on 27 & I’m married to a boy I met in 6th grade so you can all shut up. Things are possible & clearly she doesn’t care what y’all think if she’s brave enough to put it out there like that. Leave her alone.

    • tesh

      he just wants your lunchables!

      • shannon

        never laughed so hard in my life. HAHAHAHAHA

        • Ca girl

          Lls—-me too @’he just want ur lunchables
          dying laughing!!!

        • Mary Helms

          This made my dayy… Lmao…

      • Megan

        Ohh… WOW!!!!!!! Soo immature……

      • Lunchables

        I’m 38 and trust me when I tell you they ALL want our lunchables!!!

    • Kimberly

      So, I’m 18 and haven’t had a relationship.
      You are 12 and you have a boyfriend. sorry but that’s just wrong. friends is cool.

      But you don’t even know what a relationship is yet. wait until you are in High School.

      • None Of You Business

        im 12 and im in high school is there something wrong with m having a boyfriend?

        • Anonymous

          did you meet him in high school? is he older then you?

        • Katie

          lmfao! ur 12, not even in high school yet hha. everything is wrong with you having a boyfriend, lol. i was dumb at that age and thought i needed one , but it ruined my whole hiigh school life. boys are not needed at that age, grow up and enjoy life while you can cuz ur not going to be able to live it again!!

          • Anonymous

            Ur mom

          • amen

            Best advice EVER!!!! TRUST ME, i’m 30

          • http://Gmail.com Zahara Hussain

            Yep, I’m 18 and I regret having a bf that young. Out of personal experience, even though you won’t be it, you will be called a sl*t. People judge whatsoever.
            And it hurts.

          • dont matter

            YOLO!! BAHAHA

          • Anonymous

            Wtf?!! Yu can’t judge ppl on their ages! I’m 13 about to turn 14! N I have had boyfriends at the age of 11 n 10! There is nothing wrong with tht ! At my age I am allowed to go out to the movies with my boyfriend n everywhere else without an adult! It depends on if the child can manage a relationship.

          • Someone over 21 who has a man.

            You have had boyfriends at the ages of 10-11?! AND the result of that “relationship” is your stupidityand bad grammar… For some reason I have a hard time trying to congradulate you… I wonder why.

          • Anonymous

            Cuz? lol? Yes, you’re really in a place to judge people about how young they are. Whether people are in a relationship whatever age is not your business. I for one, believe that people can love, whatever age. The thing is when people are young they are naive and choose to believe they are in love when the reality is they think the person is cool. But I, even though I’m 13, believe I have loved someone. Kids are in love with the idea of being independent that’s why most of us believe we have been in love.

          • liilly

            lol you can be 12 in high school in australia.
            but you may only think your in love.
            im 15.
            I’m pretty much a slut. just putting that out there before i get hate.
            i know people who are twice my age and havnt dated yet ..

          • Anonymous

            I’m 12 but I won’t even think of dating a guy I wanna live my life while I still can I know I’m the same age as that 12-year-old but I think I’m much more wiser live your life and keep them guys as your friends I have a guy friend that’s 16 but we so close we compliment each other and we don’t keep us as grown ups so I agree with Katie live your life while u still can

        • tom

          stupid kids these days. he dont need u if he’s older.

          • Anonymous

            Not necessarily tom I dated some one older than me before and he needed me just as much as I needed him. at the moment I am single and I turned 12 in December. at this point in our lives age doesn’t matter. instead of telling everybody that they are stupid, try telling them its okay to date young, let them dream a boyfriend or girlfriend wont change our lives that is of course depending on how we play our cards. everyone out there that is reading this, think about it what r us kids going to do at 12? let us think we r dating before you go stomping on our dreams and start addressing your own problems.

        • lea

          wow u must be really smart if ur 12 in high school!!!

          • Anonymous

            I highly doubt they are since hardly anyone here can spell to save their life. And I agree that being 12 is WAY too young to be in a relationship. When I was that age I thought you got pregnant by kissing someone I’m 15 and I have a boyfriend but I went on my first date with him to Homecoming and even though he and I are very close and have been dating for 7 months now I wouldn’tsay we’re in love. We are DEFINATELY attracted to eachother in a way that could lead to love but right now isnt the time to be thinking about live espicaly for our 12 year old friends here. Enjoy your youth becauseyou have a lifetime of drama and boys and dating ahead of you and it’s not as fun as you think it is.

          • Anon

            Well actually in England we go to High School at age 11….

          • Anonymous

            In England high school starts at 6th grade (aka year 7).

        • Humor Me

          You’re 12 and in high school ? You must be a super genius. Most 12 year olds are in 6th/7th grade. Kids these days are just ridiculous.

        • Anonymous

          Omg all of you stfu. We get it. Youre too young, But obviously thats not stopping you. Sorry to break it to you but you may think your in “love” but youre not. But i guess you two can figure that out on your own.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to point out but you can’t be 12 and already in HS.? I was 15 when I started HS.? You can’t 12 and be in HS.? It just doesn’t work like that.?

        • irene

          bad..you are too young

      • jennib

        so? You’re 18 you still know nothing about anything either, wait until you get to university. Relationships at 12 or even 18 are more for fun and happiness then anything. As long as someone does not take it too seriously then whats so wrong with it? You can learn a lot from a relationship about people and yourself even at 12 years old or 18.

        • Anonymous

          I’m 18, in college, and single.. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. I know very little about relationships but the few that I’ve had helped me grow as a person and I’m learning to appreciate love. I have gained a lot of friendships from my “relationships.” The important thing is to know one another and not get too serious too quick… Especially at a very young age.

        • gem

          Well said!!!!!!

        • A

          I agree

      • klynndell

        i believe in young love. if this girls happy leave her alone and shut up. let her be happy don’t ruin it(:

        • Anonymous

          AMEN. THANK YOU! :)

      • Megz

        No one really knows what love is. Some love easier then others. Just because your 12,15… 75u doesnt mean you dont have that euphoric feeling inside every time you see that person.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously…look in the mirror…enjoy being a kid…seriously…I promise if you don’t enjoy that now you will regret later…ps if ur boyfriend is Alex..tell my son he’s too young too:)

    • Anonymous

      think you are a bit young to have a boyfriend, keep your options open, u will have more fun

      • asdfghjkl-

        12 years old kids these days…

        • gahhhhhh

          no joke

        • Diana

          I know, with their uggs and iphone 5′s and “omg”ing around D:

          • anonomus


        • http://www.corebloggers.com/blog/interesting-questions-to-ask-a-guy.html eww 12vies

          hahaha 12vies!!! make me laugh grow up ur to young (don’t like being mean but oh well ) the cloths u people wear is sick i wouldn’t even call them cloths!

      • Anonymous

        Being a single pringle is fun especially in high school #JuniorStatus

    • chealsea

      i was looking at these cuz the guy i like and i were playing the question game (were actually doing it right now ovr txt:P)

      • Anonymous

        omg you go girl!!!

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha, my friend and I are doing that too!

      • Anonymous

        Omg same!!

        • hi

          phew thought i was the only one

        • Anonymous

          Best thing to play when u want to get to know them better(:

        • Anonymous

          Lol me n my friends doing the same so awesome loving it but I’m just asking the 1s that are not 2 personal

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Doing the same thing !

      • lilsurferbabe

        haha i am too, So much funn.

      • Me:)

        Are u kidding me!! I’m playing that game too! @Chealsea

    • Anonymous

      i had my first relationship @ age 10 and lost my virginity @ age 12 now that im almost 23 i can honestly say i wish i would have waited looking back it was crazy and relationships that start that young never last EVER!! youll get. “i dont want to just say ive been with 1 person my whole life i want to try being with other people”

    • Teil

      your 12. how the hell does your relationship grow.

    • http://Gmail.com Zahara Hussain

      Omg you guys me too! :D
      But I’m 18 so it’s absolutely legit for me to be on here. Lol!

    • AJ

      I have some great news everyone! It’s new years! We gonna hit the clubs! kill some spiders! everything!

    • rachel

      Sorry all these ppl r being wo rude to u i mean u can do wut ever you want and they dont have no say in thay and it just hurts me that these ppl r being like that foreal SHE CAN DO WUT SHE WANTS ITS HER LIFE QUIT JUDGING HER U ARENT HER MOMS

    • Anonymous

      hts not even true love or u guys r way 2 young 2 know what love is!

    • Anonymous

      F)ckin everyone chill out-what this lil minded 12 year old is callin “love” is just a crush that she’s put too much damn thought into LOL

    • http://www.corebloggers.com/blog/interesting-questions-to-ask-a-guy.html rebecca

      hey i agree you are too young to be in love but its fine to date. i say try to enjoy your childhood you grow up to fast and get into relationships to quickly and you will have some problems. just take it slow and easy i am 16 and i say i love my boyfriend but we are not “in love”

    • Annonymous122

      Omigoodness! please!! 12 year olds don’t kno the meaning of love!! Thts so dumb when I was twelve I stull thought guys were gross! So for serious get a real life and stop trying to be in love. It’s not gonna last so who the hell cares!

    • Anonymous

      ur 12…to be honest hlf these questions shouldn’t even apply to you. you and your “boyfriend” aren’t going to be together forever because that’s how the real world works. but, then again you wouldn’t know vthat because your 12 YEARS OLD.

    • I. C. V.

      I am not judging you, I am just warning you. At the age of 12, you don’t need a boyfriend. I remember liking some one a lot when I was 12, I thought I loved him. But now that I am older and in a relationship, I know that it was just puppy love. Puppy love is cute, but odds are, it’s not going to last. Enjoy being a kid, it’s the best time of you life. You don’t need to be worrying about dates and making a boy happy.

      By the way, those questions are amazing. I found some funny, while others were highly informative. :)

      Thank you to who ever wrote those.

    • Anonymous

      Lol that’s what I’m doing too!!

    • Anonymous

      you’re 12….? i’m 18, when i was 12 i had a boyfriend. he was more like my best friend.. ur young!! live before commitment!

  • danielle

    awww lol dont worry same here lol

    • trinity squires

      hahahahahaha omg im asking my ex all these questions anmd im cracking up laughing in a 7th grader and hes a freshams no joike omg lol i swear its ssooooo akward lol i luv him as a friend hes soooooooo funny!!!!!

      • trinity squires

        btw im turning 11 and hes 14 turning 15

        • Anon

          Lol! Dude! That’s not a relationship! That’s babysitting! X_X LMAO

          • Anonymous

            Haha exactly!!!so true

        • Anonymous

          Hes way too old for you

          • dont matter

            once their older and at es 20 and 23 etc. it wont matter this person doesnt need random lectures and smart arse remarks from people

          • Anonymous

            O my god! Why can’t people just be happy for one another? He’s not too old for her, people can like whoever the heck they want. Maybe it won’t work out but that doesn’t mean they can’t be happy! Some kids these days have it hard with their parents because their parents want to be better than their parents were to them and it might be hard for the kid. I know people have all of their own opinions but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude to people like twelve year olds because they have dated someone or really like someone two or three years older than them. Just let them be happy because everyone makes mistakes and everything happens for a reason. They will look back on it and laugh and say to themselves “I never realized how that less than a day relationship actually changed my perspective and my life so much”.

        • you’re too young

          wtf so ur 10 dating someone whos almost 5 years older than u? wow i wonder how long it will be until you end up pregnant and single XD

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  • Harrison

    Some of these questions only make sense to ask if you’re a WOMAN. Whatever you might say some of these things no woman would want an HONEST answer to. Why put a guy in a position to have to lie to your face out of the blue. Geez. Gross. Stick to questions about likes and dislikes and leave “how would you describe me to your mother?” to his mother because as a woman shell probably tell you.

    Before you shoot me down keep in mind I’m a gay man looking for questions to ask my guy. Even gay men wouldn’t want to be asked half of these. C’mon ladies it’s not that hard!

    • sjhdfg

      the straight man’s perspective is the same. when will you all stop listening to eachothers nonsensical theories about why ur guy does this or that or blah blah blah blah. If you want to know what a guy is REALLY thinking? ASK HIM! if you dont think hes being honest with you then that is YOUR fault for not making him believe that he can tell you the truth without said truth being held against him in the future (you probably do this, and you know it).

      • allie

        Thank you for your opinion. I understand where you are coming from and now I’m going to help you understand that we are women && as women we get excited over getting our hair done && traveling to new places. With that being said, of course were going to find new Questions to ask or new mini skirts to get a better idea of our man. Also, it would definately depend on the relationship weather or not asking random questions will help.
        P.S. no offense intended

      • stop being nosey

        “….if you dont think hes being honest with you then that is YOUR fault for not making him believe that he can tell you the truth….”

        That’s crazy that you actually believe what you typed. The fact that any person (man or woman) can sit up there and blame another person for why THEY THEMSELVES can’t tell the truth is an immature dumbass. If you can’t the the truth then that’s your fault not anybody else. I really suggest that you represent yourself and all other BOY-BITCHES that think like you. Real men and women don’t sit around pointing fingers. Man up & leave your mothers nest…

    • none of your beezwax

      why be gay in the first place to me its nasty.
      thats my opinion.

      • Lesbiangurlll.

        People can’t help being gay.

        • totally against gays

          actually you can help being gay its a demonic influence you can easily get delivered of at a church then you could find a man or a women and have kids and be happy and praise God for everything he’s given you :)

          • bi-gurl ;)

            I guess everyone has there opinion but what does it matter to you if people are gay, lesbian, straight or bi-sexual. As far as I am concerned, everyone has the right to be who they wanna be and they shouldnt have to put up with douchebags like you that dont approve of them. i like both men and women , so what you got to say about me. should be nothing becuz other people decisions in life dont affect you what so ever!!

          • Anonymous

            people like you give a bad name to religion

          • the f*ck???^^

            you are just crazy…im straight and i adoreee gay people….God also says that we shouldnt judge others and you are doing it right now…so wooopsss get ready to re-read that bible (;

          • Jessi Mac

            thats disgusting that you would be such an ignorant, unenlightened ape.

          • Prejudice losers

            What gives any of you the right to be so cruel and mean to a lovely lot of people? You have no respect. It’s plain rude and you should be ashamed with your self. Does one man being gay or one women being lesbian affect your relationship? Anyone has every right to be gay or lesbian or bisexual. You people are being such rude dogs you are the ones that should be shamed on!! I’m not gay or bisexual myself so this is totally unbiased and is not being influenced. I can’t believe the hide of some people!! Gay and lesbian people are often the nicest and most valuable people in the world! They should not have to receive crap from low lives like you people! The questions were a great help! Just with some friends but it was so funny and good! We all had great fun!

          • Emmonae

            Maybe you should go to church and get delivered of all that hate and intolerence. Nobody said you needed to approve their lifestyle, but the bible also says to love one another

          • really?? ^

            actually the bible says that marriage should be between one man and one woman. seems to me like you are the one who needs to reread the bible

          • lizzy

            Gods meant to love you the way he made you right? ( I’m atheist so don’t expect anything nice about him ) well then why did he make gays the way they are?he made everyone the way they’re meant to be, then why won’t he let them get married? So we can be mean to them and ruin their lives? Because that doesn’t sound like what good god would do for his child. Leave gays alone, and you go do your pray and praising for yourself that you aren’t so ignorant about topics that change lives.

          • Screw. You.

            I’m a bisexual girl. So are you saying i’m going to be damned to hell? I don’t even believe in that stuff. I don’t believe in God or the Devil. You can’t help who you love. Love comes on its own, and if you’re really too blind by the illusion of religion to see that, then I think that if there is a hell, you should go to it for not accepting ones sexuality.

        • Anonymous

          You were not born gay. Its not a disease. Its a choice.

        • http://Lol Think about it…

          Why be gay it’s a commandmentOf God it says a couple should be a man and a women so no u can be gay I am a genst that

        • Natural Beauty

          I don’t understand why you guys are even getting offended by what lesbians and gay people do, if they love each other then they love each other. They don’t say nothing to you all or give their rude opinions when they see you kiss all up on your partners. Keep your rude opinions and comments to yourself and stop putting the bible in this conversation. It also said we shouldn’t judge each other .

      • baha ur dumb

        Love knows no gender. If you were in love with a dog you wouldn’t want to be called nasty now would you?

      • Anonymous

        That is awful to say about someone. Ur probably an old fat hag who lives at home with 37 cats. People can’t help liking who they like

      • Anonymous

        You’re disgusting.

      • lea

        wow ok ur sooo ignorant like y would u say that ok its a sin but thats wat they want to be its not u damn stay out of there life

      • lea

        wtf is wrong wit u ok its not u that is gay sooo why tf do u care just leave people alone

        • A

          Totally agree to lea

    • Bellatrix916

      Totally agree!! Some of these questions are just so unrealistic!!!

    • Anon

      I ahve to agree with you there. I think some of these questions are rediculous, no woman would want an honest answer to them, and a lot of guys won’t like some of them….
      I mean… “if you had to choose between me and your best friend, who would you pick?” That is an AWFUL thing to ask a guy!! OR anyone!
      These are so stupid, seriously
      BTW…. i’m a woman. I seriously think that a lot of these are rediculous, and would be disasterous to ask a guy!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you some of these questions are just going to hurt the asker or put the man in an awkward position. But some of these questions are good for anyone to ask.

    • I. C. V.

      Honestly, I do want the honest answer to all of these questions. I don’t really care if he loved a girl in the past, I am just curious. If you can’t ask a man these questions, then what are you doing with him? You just have to keep in mind that some of the questions are about the past, so don’t get jealous over the answers. At least he’s being honest with you, that should be a bonus on his side. :)

  • Shayla Mora

    I’m playing a game of questions with my boyfriend and I was running out so this list will help me whenever it’s my turn! Thanks for the questions! d(^__^)b

    • Baby J

      I was doing the same thing and trust me they help ALOT! Just be careful about which one you ask. Good luck! :)

    • Hopeless_writer

      I was too! Lol I was like “PLEASE LORD, LET THERE BE DECENT QUESTIONS SOMEWHERE” and found EM. Thanks for the questionnaire!

    • I. C. V.

      So I’m not the only one to play the question game… Lol it looks like the question game is a well loved pass time for couples. :)

  • Coralinemarie

    Jordan, your twelve, get over it… You won’t last forever

    • Anonymous

      Dam she likes the guy leave her alone ….joy kill much just cuz ur miserable and lonely don’t mean everyone have to b

    • kimmy13

      why u crushing the little girl dreams its a learning process if you tell them not to they,re gonna do it based upon suspicion so leave them…….young love #smh people im telling you

    • Rayne

      Shes not crushing anybodys dreams, my gosh, shes giving her a dose of realitiy, you should try it sometime, looks like it would help you ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chickyracing porsheamorren

    Your a Bitch, get over it. Truth hurts sweety. Grow some balls and stop provoking little girls

  • Myork

    Great list, but I totally agree with Harrison. I’m a 26 year old girl and I’m going to ask my boyfriend a lot of these questions, except the ones that scream insecurity, like “Who was your prettiest girlfriend?”, “Is there anything you would like change about me?” and “If you had to choose between me and your best friend, who would you choose?”.

    If you can’t handle the worst possible answer, don’t ask the question. You shouldn’t need his validation or praise to feel good about yourself.

    • Bellatrix916

      Couldnt agree more…

    • Yoemi Rivera Perez

      i love this list of questions…Its good to ask questions to each other so you can get to know each other better. I found another list almost like this one and i have asked my boyfriend all the questions and he replied to all of them with honesty which i believe is a great thing. I am 28 soon to be 29 nxt month 10 days after valetines day :) lol I agree with some of the questions tho..why ask a guy if his last girl was prettier than you?, or is there anything you would change out me? and last but not least If he had to choose between you and his best friend(girl).. Anyways, a relationship should always have trust, faith, communication and lots of love .. :)

  • Anonymous

    i like these questions very much so thnx for help

  • Lolmonkey

    I don’t care Wat people say coz these questions got me so much closer wiv my boyfriend I now no a lot about him and some of the answers were sooo funny :)

  • jkirk

    Thank you for these questions. I found them very helpful

  • hellothere

    haha these comments make me laugh

    • Anonymous

      yeaaaaaaaa i know lololololo

  • happygirl

    yeah this help me a lot thnx :)

  • sharmi

    a lot of thanx for this questionnsss… this will really help to improve our relationship….. thanx a lot…

  • jesse

    I like most of these questions,sometimes I need questions to ask this guy I like wise I’m afraid he will get bord of me or something lol I’m 16 and I never dated at the age of 11 but that’s ur problem I guess lol.

  • tif

    wow yall is funny

  • tesh

    oh you’re in love with your boyfriend at the age of twelve? I’m sure he’s just in it for your lunchables

    • Diana

      Well those are pretty damn good xD

  • Paige shaw

    These are really funny! Lol

  • perfectly

    hey, can dis questions be asked to a friend who is ur biggest crush…???

    • http://barracudagirl@verizon.net Jordyn

      I think some of them can be but not all. Good Luck! I asked my guy friend (whom I had a major crush on) some of these and now he is my boyfreind. Be careful which ones you choose to ask.

  • Britt

    These helped me so much! Really helped keep the conversation going! :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow You guys need to grow up

  • Anonymous

    most of these I wouldn’t even ask my boyfriend. they make you sound a tad bit clingy. ” kids?! do you want them? yes or yes! ”
    haha. I could be a little bit more creative.

  • Me

    im 16…. but when i was 12 i also had a serious realtionship and it turned out bad. trust me having a serious realtionship so young will scar you for years…..you were warned.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry to hear that but it is some great advice that can now help other young girls. Thank You for sharing.

  • madelena

    I think it’s perfectly acceptable for people to fall in love at the age of 12. How can teens resist if they have hormones. As long as there not doing anything dirty I think it’s fine.

  • http://barracudagirl@verizon.net Jordyn

    When I was 14 I got into a relationship, now I am 21 and married to the man I dated at that age. Be careful who you choose! Good Luck girls! :)

    • annie5621

      wow so your still with the same guy since you were 14 thats amazing

  • Sofie

    Lol I think I liked the comments better than what the actual post was about haha
    12? C’mon guys, sure you can have a little “fling” but no way will this last out. Sonner or later you’re gonna find out he’s been stealing your animal crackers.

    • Anonymous

      He wants your lunchables!!!!

  • Carrey

    Do you guys think 14 is to young to have a relationship?

    • autum


    • annie5621

      no i dont think its to young to have a relationship but now a days kids think they are adults and try to do sexual things at early ages

      • notika

        not true thats what adults think because they’re older and tried to do those things when they where kids cause now day sex to kids is gross so imm just saying

        • sarah

          no,it isn`t haha. cause i`m a teen,and i know ppl who had sex around my age,and younger,so this person is right bout young kids having sex at a young age.

        • Emmonae

          Thats not true my friend started dating at 11 and she lost her virginity at 13 to a guy and then he dumped her

  • Some1

    I’m 11 and I’m in a serious relationship so idk what u ppl r talking about!!! Just to let u know.

    • A

      Please learn how to form a proper sentence, thank you.



    • latty

      you kidding me right

    • sarah

      u will know when ur our age kiddo. :P

    • Anonymous


    • Justine

      Hey. Listen. It seems like a long time to you, a whole decade! You’re in the double digits now. But you are a child. When you’re 14, you’ll look back on 11 year olds and snicker about how immature you were. When you’re 16, you’ll roll your eyes at the 14 year olds who think they’re so cool.
      When you’re thirty, everyone below 27 will seem young and childish. And so on.
      However. 11 is too young to date and really KNOW what love is. You can fall in love, sure. But you’re not going to fully appreciate it until age has given you experience.
      We’re not pulling words out of our asses. We were all 11 once. Appreciate the things people older than you have to say. Good knowledge is hard to come by.

    • Diana

      When I was 11 I had a jumprope and a tamagotchi that I loved.

    • Anonymous

      You are crazy I didn’t have my first boyfriend until freshman year of high school and I still haven’t had a serious relationship and I’m 16 just wait enjoy the little things in life and if this guy really does like you he will wait as long as he needs to to be able to be with you.

  • lolly

    Well what would you do in life if their’s so many guys after you in different age groups. either the same age and older. and you like them all but dont wana hurt their feelings by telling them “sorry i like someone else!” ?? help me on this one………….. i need some advise.

    • Emmonae

      If you say you like them all then you obviously don’t like any of them enough to date them

  • HaHa!

    These responses have been exteremly hilarious!!! I loved the questions! My fiance’ & I are having a good time w/ these, But, I do think that being 12 and asking some of these questions are a little inappropriate & they shouldn’t even fit into your lifestyles at this point, but to each their own I guess. Just be careful & no need to rush anything.

  • Sam

    I’m f

  • DominicStAr

    I don’t think 14 year olds are too young to date . And some kids around 12 years old can be mature for their age .., I think it’s a bit rude to be making it seem like 11-13 year olds are 6 year olds . Also if you’re 11 or 12 , you’re most likely in middle school and most of them eat school lunch , or skip lunch . Besides that , I came here to look for some random questions to ask my friend because we were just asking each other questions because we were bored . xD Then I managed to think of some for my own . Haha . ~

  • GirlFriend

    I cannot believe you all. I am 13 years old, I have been with my boyfriend for 2years now. Not everyone has the same experience with they relationships when they are younger. Leave the poor girl alone. If she’s happy then its perfectly fine. Age is just a number so stop moaning about that and go make your relationship perfect or go get one if you don’t have one:)

    • what a 12 year old couple dose

      I’m with her all the way

    • Anonymous

      Age is just a number ehh? Well jail is just a room.

  • Carlota

    Let her be m about to twelve and so what if she has bf live your life

  • Carlota

    Oh yea I also got a bf and no we don’t. Hav ply dates or watch cartoons together and we dont do anything dirty either

  • Andra

    Am gonna try dis out

    • http://facebook.coom Someone

      Why Do Ya’ll Write Soooo Mucch Stuuf Heeree? Like Foreals’ >.<
      Just Asking ?

  • what a 12 year old couple dose

    if you wanna know what a 12 year old couple dose then read this
    they hold hands
    hug talk crack jokes
    talk on the phone
    text and call each other nock names thats all
    whats so bad about that its their choice so stay out of it cause its being nosey

    • kent

      r u a 12 year old couple

      • Anonymous

        These days twelve year olds are having sex

  • Kendra

    do you think 23 is to old for a 19

    • HoneyBee

      No, not at all. It’s only 4yr. apart. I’m married to my wonderful husband and he is five years older than me. :)

    • latty


  • http://xat.com/laughoutloungue soha

    i can just say,GREAT!

  • WOW

    seriously! who cares! i she’s say she’s inlove at twelve let her be, it’s her life she can live anyway she likes. and i am agians people wo are agianst gay’s and bisexuals lik seiously! how rude, yeah everyoe has there oppionons but didn’t your mamma ever tell you “if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anyhting at all”? like com on most of you guys are adults why don’t you act like one!!!

  • Chicken

    who the f*ck cares if shes 12? xD we all learn from mistakes. Some girls start puberty at like 8 ffs and then they get hormonies :O and then they want sex and everything :O OMFG how dare she. Your all a bunch of tits :’) just leave her to do what she wants to do, who are we to judge? plus the fact most of you probs had sex at 14 anyway so ;) tbh everyone matures at different ages so shurup :D thank you :) now go call me a twat <3

  • SkyBaby

    hello ppl!!! im 12 and my bf is turning 14… and we have already talked about marriage and kids and losing our v-card and everything. he is gonna be mine forver.

    • Emmonae

      Slow down, kid

    • Kassandra

      I think you should wait to have sex, your not even near being old enough to think about it… Unless you wantto be the next teen mom. (not a smart move) Go to college, get a job, get married then settle down. Or you could just work at Mcdonalds the rest of your life.

    • Ohmygoodness

      Oh my goodness. You talked about marriage and kids and losing your virginity? You’re boyfriend is 14. He’s just hitting puberty, of course his hormones are raging. However, that does not mean you need to be the one to help him out with that. Losing your virginity at such a young age is scary, you don’t even know what’s out there. What if you got pregnant? What if you got or gave him an STD? What would you do? Have you talked to your parents about sex? Chances are, you haven’t talked about all of that with your boyfriend.

  • His SkyeBaby

    im 12 and i have a boyfriend… and this is what we do!
    we hold hands, we kiss, we go to movies, and we laugh our butts off together! ans so what if we do dirty things!! im just sayin

    • Diana

      You’re like 5. 12 and dirty things? You deserve a spanking. If I was your mother, I would shoot myself.

      • DB

        Omg!!! I can’t stop laughing!

    • Ohmygoodness

      12 and do dirty things? That is so sad.
      When you get married someday, you’re gonna have to tell your husband or wife all the sexual things you did before you met him. Do you really wanna have to start the list when you were twelve years old?

  • kent

    hi i’m a guy and i like guys i told my friend i like him if he shuts me out how do i get him to be my friend again

    • DB

      Does he like guys too? If not, I’m sure he feels extremely awkward right now. I would give him time to process his feelings. If and when he is ready to talk to you, he will. If you don’t want to wait for that, you can always reach out to him and just say that you understand that he may not feel the same way, but you want your friend back. Good luck!

  • latty

    wow that was interesting but still its your life

  • Maria

    Thanks for this website. Omg i really like this guy and these questions helped me alot with stating convos.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to say that asking him who the prettiest girlfriend he ever had was… is probably not the best idea even if you are really curious. Unless you just want him to play suck-up all night after having him name someone else. Looks aren’t everything when a man wants to settle down and knowing this could be a not so fun experience and wreck your evening plans for romance.

    • LOL

      you is smarttT!

  • Questioning

    Honestly i am 14 and in high school it has been amazing with my bf of exactly 10 months today we kinda rushed thing and lost our v-cards together. But i really do agree with everyone about the 12year olds are a touch to young unless they are mature enough to handle it because it isnt fun or easy having to take care of a baby!!!!!!

  • Stacey

    Rofl… some of you adults commenting here are worse
    than the kids…
    The questions are helpful, though. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    DO NOT USE NUMBER 34!!! bad to bring up

  • cutie…..

    he loves me a lot ….. nd i thnk i dont need ths anymore …. thnx

  • Nothing

    Not Sticking Up For The Kids That Date At 12 But To Them This Is Fun
    They Feel Grown Up Probably And They Probably Wanna Be Like The Older People They See

  • http://hehehe HANNAH BIEBER

    I is 11 and ids question help me nd my boyfriend relationsiuop grow.Tottal in luv.

  • Anna

    I’m 18 and the dude I go with is 24 do you think that too much of a age difference?.

    • http://ask.fm/IAMMSARIIV Saria

      No honey if you’re in love then I say date him AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. just have to be careful that he don’t try an play you. I’m 16 but I know about relationships.

    • Mashaal

      Yea it is…

    • DB

      My ex-husband and I were 6 yrs apart. The guy I’m seeing now is 45 and I’m 37. Once you are an adult, age doesn’t really matter that much. :)

  • Ashleigh

    I think that age doesn’t matter when it comes to relationships. I was 11 when I had my first boyfriend, and yes my parents had a fit because of how young I was but it was my first relationship and we were more friends than dating but that doesn’t matter. I think that these questions will help any relationship, no matter what age. I have been asking my boyfriend these questions and I have been with him since I was 16 and I am not 22. So who ever you are that is 12 and in a relationship, hold onto whatever you have and ignore those who tell you otherwise.

    Thanks again for people posting these questions because they do allow me to get to know my man better than I ever have.

  • Jazz

    Its a shame that everyone plays like they are so old and experienced. All of you were there once so don’t be so quick to judge. They may be 12 and it may be too early to claim love, but I never knew love had an age. If you are in love you are. The world is just full of hate and jealousy. Love is full of innocence and does not require sex. Hell nobody told your mom it was too soon to love you when you came out when she was in love to make u. Oh well. Just saying. Im 21 by the way(too young to know what I am talking about though). But guess what, I have experience to know what I am talking about. I fell in love at 15 and is still in love with him even when it was on and off.

  • Brittny

    HA. All these make me laugh, 12 14 18. of the young years of puppy love, first crushes and infatuation. These kids are becoming sluttier every day. When i was 12, I was do busy outside playing, fishing being a child to even think of liking a boy unless it was a backstreet boy or n’sync. But the questions are good, Thanks. Little girls i need to you be little not trying to be a grown woman, trust me 12 years from now when you are 24, you will wish you were still 12.

    • nathalie

      i totaly agree with you brittny, im 25 and wish i could back and be a kid again, playing outside , hanging out with friends, having sleep overs i miss those days, alot of days it s*cks being an adult, all you girls under 17 need to just live you younger lives and have fun, be a kid while you can cause before you know it you will be 25 years old with an apartment a job and money to barely scrape by, not all of you but some of you.

    • Aly

      I can’t agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dinasaurrrr

      I agree with the fact that kids are becoming sluttier.. But a word of advice, don’t ever call a 12 year old a little girl. You will be hurt then XP And obviously people have crushes when they’re little. I think kids are in love with the idea of being happy and in love and grown up because it seems like the best. But the older you get the worse it gets. Whether kids think they’re in love or even feel like they’re in love is not your problem so don’t bother siriusly (no that wasn’t a typo, I just made a Harry Potter reference). Speaking as a 13 year old.

    • George

      Liking a boy doesn’t make a girl a “slut.” What word would you use for a boy that liked a girl? The sex drive can be hard to control for a teenage. So they making end up making bad decisions. Getting pregnant as a teenager can have long-term negative consequences, that may not be understood when a teenager. Having a fun and close relationship with the opposite sex at a young age is healthy.

      I think promiscuity depends on the child’s social environment: parents and peers.

  • WildCharizards

    I’ve seen people on here about being 12. Really?! If you guys are 15 and 16 you should probably grow up and let these kids do whatever they want. I’m 14 and I’ve had a boyfriend since 5th grade. They obviously are little over their heads with this whole “love” thing lets just put it as a “strong like”. Also, you guys think your so grown up even when you can’t even use proper grammar? Maybe you should go back to 3rd grade and mature a little more, how would you feel if older people were judging you??

  • idk

    OK look im am 12 and i have had boyfriends and one of them was two years together but he moved. and i have an amazing one right now. So for them stupid olde people who put all the stupid smart comments about 12, 13, and 14 year olds, well some of us know what love is and know what a relationship is so how about yall just STFU!!!!!!!!

  • Hehehe

    Haha hilArious comments ! New question to add to the list : ahem ahem should 12 yr olds have bfs ? Lol ANswer – totally a no no. … Honey go play with ur barbie doll and tell ur bf to play with his ninja turtles : D act like a kid should. full stop. Ooh btw questions are good :)

  • Jade

    I agree that 10-12 year olds are to young to “date”. You talk about how you are so in love. You are a kid. You don’t know what love is yet. I am 14, turning 15 in a week. You could say I’m to young and stupid to be giving advice. But I’m okay with that. If you truly love someone age shouldn’t matter.. Unless your boy/girlfriend is like 20 something and you are still basically started wearing your big kid underwear. Then that’s just wrong. Love is something that happens. You can’t control it. Love is that feeling you get that starts in your toes and works its way up. Filling you with that warm fuzzy feeling. Puts a indestructible smile on your face. Makes your heart beat like crazy when you think about that someone. Makes you feel like a heavy weight is on your chest when you can’t be with them.. That’s love. Not what 10 year olds call love. Love to them is whether or not someone is cute. That’s nothing. Love is real. Don’t misuse it for your petty child game.

  • Kassandra

    Oh my… Love is not what these youngsters think it is im afraid.
    You will understand when you are older children.

  • Aly

    I feel old, I’m 20 yrs old and reading these comments from 12 year olds. I must admit though you should be asking questions for boys to answer not men. I’m not dissing you about your age or that youre in love but 12 yr olds are boys and girls not men and women. Good Luck to you though. :)

  • kim jones

    awww leave them alone i had my 1st bf at 10 and im 14 now and still with him !!!!!!

  • RR

    Many helpfull questions.. But I think that some things are not supposed to come out. Some of those questions are negativly loaded and ask fortroubble and arguement..

    Like ie questions about thinking of your first love and choosing between best friend og boy/girlfriend. You should NEVER ever build a doubt between his/her friends and yourself. Its a different question to answer and it can quickly escalate to something bad.

  • http://ask.fm/IAMMSARIIV Saria

    I’m 16 && haven’t never really been in a relationship but I know a lot about them. “my opinion” a 11+ can date it just depends on there lifestyle, && were they raised to respect them selves , I believe in love at any age really. Call me crazy, that’s fine. I done been called worse. people say kids there age dont know much about love well I say otherwise, they don’t know about sexual crap but love is different, Love is when you enjoy being with that person an they make you so happy, even when you have fights ,.make right back up. So what if a 12 year old like there friend. It’s okay for them to bring each other gummies an stuff. If you ask me as I read the comments above. Look like they keep longer relationship then you 16+ so get off there back an let them be kids.

  • tayte

    Its Hard to take any of these 12 year olds seriously because they spell everything wrong. like wut and ppl and omg! Dont be in a relationship until you can actually read, write, and speak properly. its common sense.

  • Lily.

    What is wrong with this world these days. Kids dating and making out. Injoy your life while you still can, cause you can get pragnant but wait we all say it will never happen to me in the result it can. Listen to grown ups cause we all ready bin there. You will end up saying I wish I never done this or that, but guess what it will be too late.

  • Annie

    Love knows no gender, no race, and no age. It is ineffable, which means indescribable. If twelve year olds have experienced this magnificent gift, then it is wonderful. Likewise for the women and homosexuals on here. Regardless of religious belief, every one of us is human and every one of us deserves happiness. These were great questions to ask my boyfriend. We really had a great laugh answering them and joking about them.
    Peace to everyone!

  • http://hyfgtyu samuel

    your friend is godd and every day it grows like rose flower

  • Crimson

    Ok Well I need a little advise…. please don’t judge. My aunt took me to a party with her all the people there are 19-23 I’m 16… eeh I was having fun made some new buds…and met a guy. He wanted my number gave it to him and this was like a week ago, started talking and texting things are actually good, yesterday came and we were talking about our birthday’s. Im 16 ill be turning 17 October 20th. Jonathan’s 20… turning 21 November 14th. He’s a really sweet funny guy and I enjoy my time chit chatting with him….. 4 years I’m fine with….. but about what other’s think I’m self conscious about…. what’s the best edvice ypu cOuld give me? Yes I know he’s an Adults and about him getting in trouble if we were to do stuff (which I haven’t done nor planning to until I’m of good age) What can I do. What are you’re thoughts???

  • Love doesn’t exist

    Everyone. Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether or not you think they’re too young to be dating. It’s up to them. And, yes, they may only be holding hands and hugging. Yes, that can be considered something you do with a friend. And yes, kids are dating at age 10. But, we all have to realise that things change over generations. And this generation is trying things out. We all have felt a certain pang for someone at age 10 and up. Don’t deny it. These kids are just taking that pang a little further. And, yes, they are kids. They might say that they’re in love but they’re not. And they only say it because they think that’s what they feel. I’m sure nearly all the woman (and man) on the world have at least once in their life thought that they were in love and maybe even said it to the person they loved. We all have to pull our heads out of our arses and understand that human’s relationships have grown over the years. It’s all about what they feel like they want to do. It’s THEIR choice. NOT yours. You have to respect that.

    • Love doesn’t exist

      Oh, and by the way, I’m 14 turning 15 in May. I’ve had two boyfriends and there’s a possible one that I’m currently talking to. He’s a darl and no, I don’t love him. But I have said that to the previous boyfriends. Even though I might be wrong I think I have a feeling that he and I are going to be together for quite a while. I don’t believe in ‘the one’ and I know that I’ll end up settling for someone I deeply love but they may not be perfect for me. The guy who is a possible bf makes me feel like I can walk on water. He makes me deeply happy. And, right now, while I write this I’m smiling a huge smile because I’m thinking about him. He’s the nicest guy I have ever met and he’s adorably cheesy. And he is caring and cute and sweet and of course our relationship will never be perfect. But I think it could be pretty good. So maybe what I’m feeling is what all those really young kids feel. And that’s why they have have bfs and gf’s at such a young age. Cause it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. That feeling is everything. It’s their choice, it’s my choice, not yours. :)

  • Anonymous

    idk y yall are being rude to thoes lil 12 year olds lol like get a life and leave them alone :p

  • vanessa

    leave the 12 year olds alone and yall that are like 13,14,15,16,17. realy im 20 you kids these days

  • Emma

    Hey thanks for these! My best guy friend and I have been asking each other random Q’s, its a game we play a lot when we have nothing to talk about…. Anyway thank you! It really helped!

  • Jojo

    These are great! Thank you!

  • Blessed Kid


    • Alice

      Just because someone does not believe in Jesus, does not mean they do not know love. He might show the “ultimate love” someone could give, but your religious belief does not determine how you love someone, most of the time my friend.

      • jane

        Blessed kid used a pun…

    • Liloo


    • Jazmyne Drakeford

      shut up.

    • blessed sista

      amen preach it sista/brotha lol

    • Hellmonkey


  • DelaylahLoves

    And look you guys should be saying stuff like umm 15 and I have found love look love come when it comes it doesn’t show up Whenever it feels like it and Is there a book for love and it’s ages???!!!! No there isn’t Okay?!?!? Age is just a number love can be any age there’s no age Okay so leave these people alone there’s probably wrong with their feelings probably not

  • Julia

    You can to be in love at 12 you !!!!!!!

  • Mashaal

    Well em 13 n having a relationship… Do u guys think its the right age?

    • Liz

      It DOESNT matter what age you are just follow what your heart tells you

  • DB

    I personally don’t care who is dating who, but it’s a shame to set yourself up to get “heart broken” so young. I don’t think anyone is trying to be mean, but until you’re older and have experienced more of life, it’s really difficult to proclaim Love. Instead of focusing so much time on these “relationships”, redirect that time and energy to your education. Before you tell me to STFU…you might want to read through the responses above and note that you can’t spell and your grammar is awful. What do you think is going to get you a job when you are 18?…the fact that you had a boyfriend in Junior High or the fact that you are educated? I had my first “boyfriend” when I was 12. You know what that consisted of? Holding hands during lunch and talking on the phone after school. That wasn’t love! I wish all of you the best. If you are sexually active, please use condoms so you don’t have any regrets later.

  • PokemonGirl

    I’ve been in a relationship with my current significant other for a little over a year. We started dating after 8th grade. I believe in young love, but I have a biased viewpoint, because I’m only 15. I wanted to save dating for high school, but you can’t help falling in love. And I honestly believe this boy and I are in love. And these questions-Well, some of them-are fun to ask each other. We always play the Question Game via text. And to the people who are criticizing others? Yes, 12 is too young to be dating. I personally wish I had saved dating-type relationships for later, but I don’t regret my decision. If it makes someone happy, let them be. They can, if nothing else, learn from their decisions.

  • carebear

    At age 12 you might believe your in love and I don’t blame you we all had that boy we were crushing on so hard that we wouldn’t eat or sleep.
    if you say you are in love than that good just don’t do something you will regret later on (like losing your virginity). I lost mine when I was a 14 n in a way I still regret it but im still with the guy gone turn 3 years in October . but im not gone lie to you keeping a relationship is really hard n well if you think his the guy if he really loves you then good luck:) btw age dosent matter im 17 AND my husband is 20 and honestly I prefer older guys cz when their your age or younger they are so immature . but dnt go over board with the age if so that gross lol

  • Tyla

    OMG. My boyfriend and I were talking and we have so much more to talk about with you!! These questions are the bees knees. Thanks :)

  • Kitty

    In my personal opinion(and we all have one), I don’t think kids who can’t even spell right should be in a relationship like that. Dating is simply to find who you want to spend the rest of your life with, and chances are you’re not going to find that person in junior high, or maybe even Highschool. The word, “love” is way overused. You guys may like a person a lot and be attracted to them, but do you love all of them? Even their faults? If you two really think you “love” each other and are ready for a serious relationship, then go ahead, but don’t say people never warned you.

    • Babygurl1234

      I dont agree with this. I am in a relationship with a guy and we are in tenth grade. He has likes me for two years and never gave up until i gave him a chance and for that i am grateful everyday because when i gave him that chance he has shiwn me what love is and how i dont think i could go on without him. It doesnt matter how old you are. When you feel that kinda of connection there is no stopping it. Just like an adult. When they are in love the only difference is your older. But weve seen personally from adult mistakea what not to do.

  • kittycats are awesome

    I love thesse qustions they helped me figure out my boyfriend was cheating on me and my best friends ex has a crush on me but hate him to the end of the world

  • friend to all

    It’s all good and well to know Jesus but kids are dating at different ages and kids mature at different times. These conversations need to be had. Better for kids to be influenced by a knowledgeable adult than an inexperienced peer. Most kids go into relationships, friendship and romantic without asking any questions at all.

  • Jenna Joon

    This may be the worst list of questions to ask anyone, ever.

    • Kris

      Completely agreed. This list is only going to make your significant other squirm and sweat trying to find the “right” answer that will make you happy. At least, in the adult world it would. Perhaps due to this site being aimed at teens and preteens you MIGHT get some honest answers but most of these questions are things that a person reveals about themselves during the course of the relationship rather than sharing them due to being questioned as though they are on trial. I got on to this site by accident and then realized it was for teens. A lot of the comments surprised me so I want to give some advise. 1. Any of the comments talking about “spells” or magic solutions to relationship problems are scams and should be avoided. I am surprised that the people running this site would not delete them considering they are running site for teens. 2. It actually isn’t a 10,12,14, or 16 year olds choice to date. Their parents decide that. 3. Dating at that age isn’t something new that your generation is doing. For thousands of years most people married at the ripe old age of 13 because there was no such thing as condoms and birth control. Also, people weren’t in school until they were 18 generally either. What you’re doing isn’t new. 4. The scary part of reading these comments is that there are a lot of young people who think that this site has ANYTHING informative or worthwhile for them. After reading two articles I can assure you that if you are looking for a site that has good advice you have come to the wrong place. Take care of yourselves. Question everything.

  • Jlo

    You should ask them if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend before you ask any other question

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    • MaureenHill

      Oh My God, Lady did you say He cast a spell??? #Shocked

  • Walsh

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    –Walsh, Seattle

  • MichaelBrookshire

    Love – To love someone is not so easy as happiness, as joy and lust and a gut feeling. Don’t get me wrong, you need that; if you don’t have moments when you simply can’t look at the person without feeling their presence, their own emotions taking home beneath your own, breaking into a smile… well, quite blatantly you’re screwed. But that is not all there is. No, love… love is about change, and understanding that everything changes. The world, your life, your friends, your age, politics, society, all of it is constantly in flux, and so is love. The truth about love is that it’s hard. Love takes time, takes bonds, takes laughter and tears and a lot of truth, and most of all takes acceptance that things change, and people change. The person you love today, even if they end up staying by your side until your days come to a close, will never be the same as they are in this moment. Think about them, I dare you. Guess what? A second’s past, and so has that person you thought of. They are different. And yet, sometimes, we can find those who change, and change with us, and still love them regardless. To understand that love changes, that love ebs and flows and that it takes work to keep it up… that is how you succeed. Sorry for the speech, but too many people in the comments were being too superficial about something so amazing that it has been discussed and debated from the time of Socrates and Aristotle to Schopenhauer and Blackburn. Just… enjoy your life, and let love come to you. And if you happen to catch it… well, you better be ready for the ride of your life ;)

  • Lachaindra Foster

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  • Lachaindra Foster

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  • Dudewheresmycar?

    As a dude, it would be hilarious to ask another dude as if you were a chick asking these questions LOL good for breaking balls / ice

  • Haliie

    Moreover, you guys are moist why are you searching this for? About questions to ask a guy..smh you guys have no life and that’s why none of you have boyfriends