How To Tell If Someone is Lying


The art of reading the body and understanding more about the present mind state of a person can be a very interesting topic indeed. If you are a parent and need to better know how to tell if your rebellious young teenager is lying to you or even if you’re just reading about this because its informative and interesting, either way the points below are easy to understand and use for your future lying-detecting missions.

1. Avoiding eye contact: if someone is lying or is hiding something, then the person will usually look away from the one they are talking to, or, their eyes will focus on anything else present in the surrounding area except the person they are talking to. This is a quick and common way to know if a person is lying.

2. When questioned, someone who is lying will try to get away by saying as little as possible or by changing the topic of the conversation. This acts as a decoy for them to throw attention of them.

3. Further, deceptive people will always give a justification for whatever they are saying even if no one is double checking their answers. This is a definite give away that one can easily catch on.

4. People who repeat questions or talk slower than usual are known to be hiding something. They probably do this to stall for time before answering. After all, they are trying to cover something up!

5. You could also observe their gestures and actions while they talk. Because someone who is lying will often use a lot of gestures and eye movements to draw attention away from their mouth and words… its almost like a sub conscious act, one that can quickly be spotted.

6. If someone is acting extra fidgety or restless then these are clear tell tale signs that the person is lying. Toying with the hair, playing with the hands, moving from foot to foot…constantly looking at the time – these are all samples of signs of a liar.


7. You can also listen for inconsistency in stories when you’re trying to see if someone is lying or not.. The best thing to do is ask more questions to verify facts. A liar will give different dates, times, and reasons every time you ask a question and this act as a clear indication to tell if someone is lying!

8. If someone is purposely trying to be defiant by not giving you an answer or saying its, “none of your business,” you can easily pick up the signs that he’s lying / hiding something.

9. If you have a doubt that someone is lying, you can even ask the person directly if they are lying or not. Chances are that the person will openly spill the truth because it will be a relief to stop hiding the facts.

10. Look inside yourself and understand why the person in front of you is lying to you. If they are just trying to protect you from a hard reality, then, it was all for a good intention and so you should react accordingly.

11. Notice if the person is being suspicious about you! Sometimes a liar will try to point the blame toward someone else and may end up calling you a liar instead.

12. If a person has a history of lying, then chances are that the next time you doubt they are lying, its probably true. Over time, lying becomes a natural habit and so you should always review the person’s past behaviour too before making any conclusions…

13. Listen to your gut and intuition. When someone is lying and you doubt it, then chances are that you’re right. But of course, look for some solid evidence before blaming the person directly for being a liar.

14. If there is a lack of assertiveness when someone is talking, this too is an indication of the person covering up the truth. A liar will usually be casual, not too serious (most times), there will no confidence in what he’s saying and therefore you yourself will start doubting what he’s saying…

Do remember that these tips are written keeping in mind that the person you’re trying to screen is a normal, known associate. Because, seasoned liars know exactly what the tell tale signs are and time has trained them to cover the signs gracefully too. Besides, seasoned liars would need professionals and lie-detecting kits to screen them!

So, when you doubt someone you know and you want to be a lie-detector for that one time, the tips given here can surely help out! However, they are not meant to be used for professional reasons and neither are they to be used to implicate someone!

So go ahead and start detecting the liars out there…

  • Valarie