How to Surprise Your Boyfriend


There are plenty of ways to take your boyfriend by surprise. Firstly, why do you want to surprise him? Is it because you want to throw him a party? Or because you just want to do something special for him? Either way, if you ask your friends for ideas or even think up your own original ideas, you need to remember that not everyone likes to be surprised. Some people detest the element by surprise so you should ideally know if your boyfriend is OK with a surprise or two or not.

Here are a few ways to surprise your boyfriend:

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Cook him his favorite thing

The way to a man’s heart is definitely through their stomach so if you know a thing or two about cooking then go ahead and cook something for him, maybe his most preferred cuisine. Take some help from a cook book if you like or download some new recipes for the purpose.

Invite his friends over when he doesn’t expect them for a game of poker

Boys like to be boys and boys love poker night. So host a poker party for your beau and his friends and he is sure to fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

Post him his favorite band’s latest CD and Tee-shirt

Every boy has that one favorite band they’d do anything for. If you happen to know who his favorite band is, grab a copy of their latest cd and send it to your boy. He will be so happy, he’ll never know how to thank you.

Buy him tickets to his favorite band’s concert

If you hear that his favorite band is playing in town, go out and book a few tickets! Take him and a few of his like minded friends and you will turn into their new best friend for sure.


Buy him tickets to a ball game

Its no surprise that men cant do without their share of the baseball or basketball game. So, let your man see it live! Buy him tickets and send it to his office to take him by surprise. He will be so shocked he wouldn’t know how to react.

Flatter him with technology

Guys love their share of gadgets, the latest mobile handsets, the latest Ipod, the newest version of their favorite brand’s laptop all make them go weak in the knees. If you have the money to, then buy him one of these latest makes and watch him lose control…

Write him a poem

If you want to surprise him with your love, write him a compilation of love poems or just one poem that you can perhaps frame later. It will prove your love for him and show him how much you really care.

Make him a scrapbook

If you want to capture your moments together to make it easily accessible to him then make him a scrapbook with all your closest memories / pictures and letters. Gift it to him on your anniversary or his birthday for a special touch.

Give him a watch

Men love watches and if you can afford it, buy him a nice new watch with the latest features that give world times, work under 50 feet of water etc.

Gift him his own website

If your guy has a passion for writing or photography then gift him his own portal so he can post his art work up on it to share with the world. Fortunately, websites don’t cost a lot these days so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Post him a love letter

In the age of the Internet everyone has forgotten about personally written love letters. Change all that by writing and snail mailing your beau a love letter. He won’t expect a letter from you in the mail and when he gets it, it will touch his heart.

Create a new screen-saver for his laptop that reminds him of your relationship

You can make a picture of you two or a symbolic image of the two of you a screen-saver and save it on his laptop. Don’t tell him you are changing it and when he finally sees it, it will be surprise that results in several smiles.