How to Stop Hair Breakage


Its common a problem to find your hair breaking, this is a sign that your hair needs more attention and care. Most of us focus on nourishing the scalp and part of the hair which is closest to the scalp. But what is important is nourishing every strand of hair right up to its tip.

Hair breakage occurs usually when you try to brush your hair or tie it. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are brushing it too hard or tying it too tight. It just means that the hair needs more nutrition. The health of ones hair and skin is a window into one’s overall health. So if you notice that your hair is either breaking, falling or has lost its color and shine then it’s a sign of an underlying health problem too.

The best way to combat hair breakage is by mixing a range of solutions (from the ones below) to heal the strands.

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Massage the entire hair, from root to tip with special oils

Sometimes, the lack of moisture in the hair can cause it to break. Try and fix the problem by using special hair oils to massage the hair, be sure to apply the hair oil from root to tip. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil are known to be great for hair nourishment.

Use a mild shampoo and conditioner

Sometimes your very own shampoo and conditioner will be the contributing factor to hair damage and breakage. Harsh shampoos that promise you will have great healthy and shiny hair use a high chemical content that with time strip the hair of its moisture. So if you must use a shampoo / conditioner choose one that is mild and one prescribed for daily use.

Brush your hair with a wide tooth comb

Sometimes people use fancy hair brushes with rough bristles that break the hair, the point is, brushing the hair should be to stimulate the scalp blood flow and it should therefore be done gently with a wide tooth comb or soft bristled brush.


Brush your hair regularly

It is essential to brush the hair regularly to stimulate its hair growth and blood flow. Ideally, one should brush the hair at least twice a day.

Get regular hair trims

The hair grows unevenly and every strand is subjected to split ends so it’s advisable to get long hair trimmed at least once every three months to minimize hair breakage. Split ends lead to tangled ends thus resulting in breakage.

Use hair serums

Hair serums are helpful in styling the hair as well as helping it stay tangle free through the day. Try to apply some hair serum on the hair at least once in the day so that it avoids tangles. This will help limit the number of hair breakages at the end of the day.

Avoid cosmetic hair treatments

Cosmetic hair treatments like straitening, coloring etc lead to severe hair damage over time thus resulting in breakage. This is due to the high chemical content in cosmetic products. So as much as possible, stick to your natural hair and avoid any kind of hair treatment.

Avoid too much sun exposure

When exposed to the sun, the hair loses its natural moisture; it becomes rough and then tends to break easily. If your work requires you to stay in the sun for long hours then protect your hair with a cap or scarf. This will help lock in the moisture and will help reduce the hair breakage.

Eat the right foods

Sometimes, all your hair needs is a good and balanced diet to increase its health and shine. Focus on your diet, eat protein and iron rich food and see the difference it makes to your hair within a few weeks.

Nourish your hair with homemade products

Every time you get a free weekend, spend it indoors and apply natural products like yogurt, raw eggs to your hair. Either of these solutions will enhance the hair texture thus adding more moisture to it…your hair will eventually stop breaking as easily as a result of this.

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