How to Stay Awake All Night


Most people like to sleep and if given a chance would spend as much time sleeping in the day as possible. Sleep is the best way to rejuvenate one’s mind and body. However it is sometimes required to stay awake all night. Especially if one has taken a new job that requires late night shifts or if one is a student and needs to stay awake all night to study for a test the next day.

For most people, when they try to stay awake beyond the time that they are used to, they start feeling so drained and tired that they can barely keep their eyes open. But, with time, if one practices staying up later than their usual hour everyday, it is easy to master the art of eventually staying awake all night!. The key is to tune your mind and command it to stay alert and awake. Below are some tips on doing just that:

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Drink caffeine products, although be aware that they are not healthy for you

Beverages like coffee and tea that are high in caffeine content help stimulate the human mind and body and help to keep you awake for longer periods of time. Try to drink a couple of cups the first few days that you want to stay awake all night. It will help you to a considerable extent.

Do something you like

Every individual has some kind of passion or interest. If you have a simple one like reading, reading novels, etc then use the night to pursue them. Grab an interesting best seller and read it through the night. If the story captivates you enough then you won’t even realize that time went by and morning came.


Organize yourself

There is no time like the night time to reorganize your things. When you indulge in arranging your clothes, wardrobe, kitchen, rooms etc you will come across so many things you forgot you had that it will give you a renewed energetic feeling. Start with your every day wardrobe or bedroom to discover and rearrange things you forgot you had.

Send e-mails to loved ones

If you want to stay up all night, think about the things you can do during it to make someone smile first thing in the morning. One of those things is – sending nice e-mails to loved ones. Be it your parents (who don’t live with you) or your siblings or partner, you can draft a funny or just pleasant e-mail and send it out before morning comes. Make a list of people, include old friends too so it takes time to complete and you don’t realize how morning came.

Do your chores

If you live alone, chances are that you always have some pending chores or the other. Make a list during the day and the night you choose to stay up, start completing them one by one. You will get a great sense of satisfaction too because you will feel in control and like you completed your long pending tasks and they will life the weight off your mind!

Do something new

If you want to stay up all night, there is nothing better than stimulating your senses with something new. Read a new recipe – then practice it. If you play a musical instrument – play a new song. If you like making things, make something new! The time it takes to do something new will take you the whole night and you won’t even realize it.

Watch movies

Watch interesting movies to stay up all night. Each movie would last for an average time length of 1.5 to 2 hours. So watch a couple of them and the night will just pass you by with you awake through all of it. It’s a simpler and easier way to stay awake at night.

  • Sydney

    I have a big test coming up in two days and I haven’t prepared much for it as yet. I usually find it difficult to stay up at night but I will try these ideas.

  • Zack

    I have tried staying up in the night and it doesn’t quite work for me. I inadvertently always feel sleepy and groggy whenever I stay up. Any ideas on getting over the lack of sleep?

  • Ellen

    It’s best to avoid it though because staying up in the night really messes up the body clock. I don’t think it’s a healthy way to deal with things when the lord has created a bright sunny day to work and the night to sleep

  • Victor

    I used to stay up at night to study when I was in college and when every other idea failed, I would simply splash my face with water after ever 20 mins or half an hour. It works :)