How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster


If long hair has always been just an illusion, the following helpful tips will be worthy of your time.

To start off, its important to note that hair growth comes quick and easy with just a little bit of extra care. Your crowning glory is one of the most important keys to your natural aura and beauty and understanding how to better care for and manage those lovely tresses of yours will help you a great deal! So make the best use of these tips!

1.) Combing your hair daily, rather regularly through the day can help stimulate quicker hair growth. Even if you’re at work, be sure to take constant breaks to brush your hair and retie it…it will be effective and will help maintain the texture and promote faster growth!

2.) Regular massages are essential to speed up the hair growth. Massaging warm oil, twice a week before washing your hair can help improve texture and increase quicken growth. Use natural oils, like olive or coconut oils. You can do this at home by yourself or walk in to your nearest salon for a relaxed massage treatment.

3.) Cleansing the scalp of collected grime and residue is a must. This is why professional hair care experts will always tell you to wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner at least once a week, twice would be ideal. Although nowadays one can experiment with a range of daily use shampoos too that can help in cleansing the scalp while locking in the moisture and shine.

4.) Flip your hair upside down in the mornings when you brush it for about 2-3 minutes. It will help give an additional healthy bounce to your hair and will help stimulate hair growth too.

5.) Moisture in hair helps quicken the pace of hair growth. Find a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner that adds volume to your hair. Take the help of hair care experts if you’re confused with the plethora of choices!


6.) Use hair packs once a week to add nourishment to your hair. Just like your skin, hair too needs some amount of pampering on a regular basis and modern day hair packs help give a clean shine to your hair.

7.) Trim your hair regularly (once every three months is supposedly ideal) to get rid of split ends and to add shape to your hair. No two strands of hair grow at the same speed; this therefore gives an unruly and uneven look if not trimmed regularly. Furthermore, regular trims help spurt hair growth.

8.) Maintain a good and healthy diet. Like your body, your hair too needs the constant support of a balanced diet to grow well. Make sure your meals include enough iron and protein, the absence of which can be counter-effective resulting in loss of hair!

9.) Avoid stress, because stress causes hair fall! Whether at work or in your personal life, whatever your peeves deal with it in time and get over your problems! This will help you have good skin and hair both!

10.) Stay away from harsh chemicals that salons use as hair treatment solutions. The chemicals don’t help in any way and instead strip your hair of its natural shine. Any ingredient that is damaging to the hair can be an obstacle to quick and healthy hair growth.

1.) Limit your exposure to harsh weather, especially the intense heat of the mid-day sun or the intense cold of the severe winter months. If you absolutely need to step out during these forbidden times, cover your head and protect your hair. Intense temperatures have a greatly damaging effect.

11.) Use high quality products and brushes on your hair. A good brush can help nourish the scalp whereas a sub standard one results in hair breakage and scalp damage. Be sure to spend time at your local store to parcel off the best products!

12.) Cut down on caffeine and nicotine intake. These substances are known to make hair greasy or dry. If you crave your daily cuppa, limit the number of times you drink it!

13.) Exercise regularly. If you notice, every time you exercise, your skin has a healthy glow to it. So will your hair. Regular exercise boosts cell movement and blood flow.

14.) Get enough sleep (at least 8 hours daily) and drink enough water or other hydrating liquids. Avoid alcohol as much as you can and stick to the bare social drink if required.

15.) Use natural products on your head as much as you can. Look for root healing complexes that can fix problems if any and nourish the hair for better growth.

16.) Your head towel and bed linen should be changed regularly, at least once a week. Clean surroundings are a must and accessories that are in constant contact with your hair (rubber bands, head bands etc) should be treated regularly too. The dirt collected in them if not cleaned can transfer onto your hair and scalp.

17.) Supplement your diet with multi-vitamins and protein capsules. This will ensure that you have the right mix of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for better hair growth. Ask your doctor to prescribe the best pills for you.

18.) Consult professional hair care experts for advice on home remedies. Applying curd on your hair, sometimes even beer or tomatoes are known to help boost hair growth and shine. They are cost effective methods that are purely natural. Get more ideas by approaching the professionals in your salon for tips!

19.) Avoid damaging treatments like hair straightening and curling. These cosmetic techniques will damage your hair and scalp and it will take a long time to revert back to your natural look!

20.) Never keep your tresses tied for too long (if you have medium to long hair). Keep changing your style and the way you wear your hair by leaving it lose and one day and then bunching it up on another. Let your hair have the space and freedom to move…and grow!