How To Make Money On EBay?


You can make a good income from home by selling stuff on eBay. Believe it or not, but you can sell almost anything on eBay. The key to make money on eBay is that you need to know from where you can buy products for cheap price so that you can sell them on eBay for higher price .

How To Make Money On EBay?

Getting started with eBay is easy but before start selling on eBay you need to do some research. There are several things that you should know before you start listing your products for auctions. So research the following answers before you start selling on eBay:

Market Research

  • How big is your target market?
  • How much the product cost?
  • How much competition is there for the product?

How to find the answers of these questions?  There are many tools you can use in order to find the answers and research the trends of your target market. First you need to go to and browse all the products in your target market and check out the pricing. It will give you a good idea about the products which sells best and on what price.

Also, dont get upset if you see large number of competition because the large competition tells you that your target market is very popular and if you could offer good value in low price then you are sure to make good money on eBay. Following are some tools that you can use in order to research the market and the competition. EBay itself is a good source for checking which products are doing great.

Google Trends You can check the trends of you targeted niche using Google trends, It is a good way to find some seasonal niche markets like Halloween.

Google keyword Tool You can get the good idea about the size of your market by knowing how many people search Google for you targeted market.


It is very important to know at least the answer of the last two questions. You just can’t list any product and hope that it will make you money. It is a business and you need to do the proper research before entering into it.

The second most critical thing you need to know before start selling on eBay is that you need to have a clear idea about the cost of shipping. For example, shipping a product to England costs $100 and you made a sale of a product worth $50 and the buyer is from England. Now you can see that you are running into the loss. It is very critical thing that you need to know before making any listing on eBay.

Scaling Up EBay Business

Tie Up With a Wholesaler

If you are really serious about earning money on eBay or starting a real business from home then you need to find a wholesaler who can provide you the items that you want to sell on eBay for a cheap price. The best way to find the wholesaler is to get the salehoo guide which I found very well and has the detailed information of the process. It also provides you the list of many legitimate wholesalers whom you can contact directly and saves the time and the hassle of finding a wholesaler.

I recommend you to get this guide if you are serious about starting an eBay business as it provides you the list of the legit wholesalers whom you can work with without having any worry. It will provide you the details of all the legit wholesalers so that you only buy from legit people and don’t run under the risk of loosing your money. Salehoo is a must have guide if your thinking to make a good money on eBay.

Use Drop-shipping

Another good way of selling products on eBay is use of Dropshipping. It means that wholesaler will also ship the products to your customers. It is getting very popular day by day and more and more people are opting it, as it removes the tension of shipping the products from you.

Now you also don’t need to store the products as the wholesaler are shipping the products to your clients. It really makes your eBay business very automated and gives you more time so that you can focus on the growth of your business.

There is a company called Dropshipping wholesalers which you can use as your Dropshipping company. It also helps you in setting your own eCommerce store with over 2, 00,000 branded products which sells very well. It also provides you necessary training and I believe it gives you business cards, domain names and some more additional features that will really make the selling on eBay very easy for you, click here to check them.

If you are completely new like most of the people then you need a proper guide that will show you a step by step how eBay works and how to make money on eBay. I don’t know any well written guide yet which will tell you the process in detail so do ask the questions in comment section if you have any problem also do check the salehoo and Dropshipping wholesalers.

I really hope that you will start making money on eBay. EBay has been a great way for earning money for a long time and has  turned the life of many people into success stories and now it’s your turn to give up your day job and start your own business that you can control from home.

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