How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs Easily


Everybody’s body is shaped differently. Some people have pencil thin shapes while some have the misfortune of being pear shaped. The pear shape unfortunately is the most hated and the most common shape among women. And its usually the women folk who get affected with the accumulation of fats in their thigh area and hardly anywhere else in their body as they grow older.

Therefore, the trouble when wanting to lose that excess thigh weight is more worrisome. The secret lies in toning the rest of the body while targeting the accumulated fats in the thigh areas. It is tougher than losing weight anywhere else in your body and needs a lot more patience, dedication and commitment.

If women notice that they have pear shaped figures at a younger age, they should start exercising their thigh areas regularly from the start itself. This will help them to maintain an hour glass figure at least. It takes longer time for accumulated fats to burn out after a certain age.

Furthermore, its important to remember that its not unusual to have a pear shaped body with fatter thighs. Its natural and many women experience it.

Exercise, stay positive and do things that help you maintain a good self image. There are also ways to dress that can help you make your body look slimmer at the thighs. So visit a stylist too if you can.

If you have noticed that your body has started resembling a pear and you are eager to lose weight in your thighs then try the following methods to lose your thigh fats:

1. Include a regular 30 minute work out session everyday in your schedule for the next 3 months. The thigh area needs work outs that include walking, running, jogging, skipping, even swimming. So its not necessary to join a gym for this purpose, you can even go for a daily early morning jog and focus on long strides so your thighs get the adequate exercise.


2. Adopt a better diet regime. If you have a pear shaped body, chances are that this shape has been handed down to you thanks to your genes. So what you need to understand is that your thighs are sensitive enough to hold onto fats at greater levels than the rest of your body. It will therefore be important to include natural foods and vitamins in your daily diet so that you minimize your fat intake. Because like it or not, the more fats you consume, the fatter your thighs will keep getting.

3. Include more leg usage in your daily activities. Another reason why the thighs are bigger and not proportionate to the rest of the body is the fact that we keep sitting everywhere we go. Or we depend on cars to take us from place A to place B. Start walking. Climb more stairs. Ditch elevators and it will eventually make a world of difference to your thighs.

4. Buy a bicycle and use it for short distances. Keep in mind that what your thigh needs most is more movement, so use bicycles to travel.

5. Do some leg raises. Get a soft mat, place it on the floor and lie on your back. Then slowly raise each leg at a 45 degree angle and keep it there for at least a minute. It will be very painful the first few times but it is an effective way of exercising the leg and thigh muscles. Repeat the process for at least 10-15 minutes, daily.

6. Do some squats. Maybe you can alternate your routine by doing leg raises one day and up to 50 squats on another. Do it while in front of the tv, before a shower, even as soon as you wake up before your jog. Leg squats don’t take time, but they are painful especially the first few times. When you do it the first few times, your thighs will hurt for a few days but soon, your body will get use to it.

7. You can even lie down and act like you’re riding an air bicycle. This is a thigh exercise that is relatively easy to perform and it works fast at losing thigh fats. Do it for at least 30 minutes daily taking short breaks in the middle.

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