Tips to Know If a Girl Likes You


Its tough understanding whether a girl likes you or not, because even if they do, the usual case is that unless they are sure that the guy they like likes them back, they will never show their true feelings. Girls try to disguise what they really feel although they drop a hint or two sometimes when they let their guard down.

This obviously makes the guys job tougher because he doesn’t know whether he should go ahead and just ask a girl out or whether he should still work his charms in an attempt to impress her further before actually asking her on a date.

But, if one takes the time to observe a girl and her reactions carefully then it is possible to spot the tell tale signs. Although the signs may be very subtle ones, they are very common ones so its possible to spot them!

Look for the following signs in a girl to see if she likes you or not:

Observe her dressing sense

A girl will usually dress up and take pains in looking good when she likes someone. If there has been a drastic change and improvement in her dressing style since the past few days then its probably because she is trying to make you get up and take notice of her. So start doing exactly that. Compliment her on how she looks till you finally ask her out.

Observe how she talks to you

If a girl likes a guy, while talking she will make use of many tell tale gestures like flipping her hair, looking you in the eye intently, smiling at you with a gleam in her eye. So look for these little signs that she may not usually use while talking to other people to know whether she likes you or not.

Ask her friends

A girl will always have her set of 2-3 gal pals who she regularly confides in. If she likes you then there are chances that she has spoken about you to her pals. Try and squeeze out a way for you to hang out with them so you can indirectly ask her friends questions about whether she currently likes someone or is ready to date etc.


See her reaction when you ask her to casually hang out

When you like a girl, you don’t have to immediately ask her out. Take the time to see what she thinks about you first. The best way to do that is to hang out with her casually, maybe go for a few movie outings or shopping outings together. See how she reacts to the idea of spending some time with you…if she seems happy and excited about it then it probably means that she likes you.

Ask her what her idea of a perfect man is

When you ask a girl what she likes in a man or what she looks for in a man, she will have a set of points ready to blurt out. So take the chance to ask her and if she looks at you while referring to some of the points in a keen manner then it means that she thinks you may fit the bill for some reasons. You need to observe how she talks about her perfect man and how she sees you in comparison with her description.

Her secret glances

When a girl likes a guy, she will try and look at him secretly as much as she can. If the two of you work together, observe her through the day and try and see if she is ever trying to give you a side glance from the side of her eye. If you catch her, smile at her warmly and give her back a reassuring glance that tells her you like her too!

Use the help of social networking websites

Girls usually don’t like showing their real feelings. But, add her on social networking sites to see how she talks to you there. She may not talk to you much when you are physically together but she will find reasons to send you funny messages online or pictures…this is her way of communicating with you without being too obvious. So, read into it to know if she likes you or not.

Ask a girl you like for help

Girls are helpful by nature but if they like someone, they will be even more helpful and would go out of their way to offer help. So try asking her for help on anything from a work related issue to a personal one and observe how she helps you out.

Notice how she blushes if at all

When you speak to her and tell her something nice, keep an eye on how she blushes. This will give you a clear indication of whether she likes you or not.

Hang out with other girls and see if she gets jealous

A classic characteristic common to all girls is the feeling of jealousy. Even if they think a guy likes them and decides to throw attitude on his face, the minute they see the guy with someone else, it affects them enough to get jealous. See if she starts acting jealous when you are with other girls and then you will know!

Talk about your idea of a perfect girl with her

Have a random conversation one day on what you think makes for the perfect woman / girlfriend. See how she reacts to what you are saying and pick up on little signs when she perks up on any reference you make to her, like, “A girl whose understanding, just like you”. If she does, you know she likes you.

Another way is to just ask her! Its plain and simple and puts all doubts at rest! Muster up the courage to go up to her one day and tell her how you feel about her and ask her if there is anything from her side…it definitely beats watching for signs and observing things all the time!

  • http://mtn Nthlanthla

    I give everything and when I ask somthing from her she dont have but she tells me that she Loves Me,lateky no calls,sms,nothing only asking from M

  • Dmoonwalker

    Thanks for tips. They are great. Well here is my story.. There is a girl i like so much out there. I am actually confused about the way she feels for me. Because for one second she’ll make signs that she love me. And for another second, the vice versa. So i really would need more tips on how i can figure out it she’s interested because am 100% interested. Lol :) sorry for my bad english

  • Evans, ghana.

    Is it always true these signs work.we talk but fight most times,tell her what to do