How To Get Over A Break Up


Although getting over a break up is considered to be one of the toughest things, its not that complicated. There is just one best and proven way to get over a break up that is time. Wait for time to heal you and to get over your sad feelings. Time is not just the best healer, its an assured one.

Because once you’ve just had the misfortune of breaking up with someone, nothing anyone says will make you feel better.

But some things that can help momentarily are:

  1. Go out with your friends, limit the time you spend by yourself. Surround yourself with people so that gives you lesser time and chances to think about your break up.
  2. Go all out and do fun things that you haven’t done in a long time. Go bowling, shoot some pool. Go for a long drive to nowhere in particular. Grab some beers and friends along the way…
  3. Take a vacation to a place you’ve always dreamt of going but haven’t had any time to. Now is the best time as any, maybe you’ll meet someone more special there to help you get over your break up faster!
  4. Plan a singles party over at your place and invite everyone over who you know is single…drink and dance the night away.
  5. OR, plan a party for everyone you know and put a theme in place! Make it fun, make it loud…let everyone keep talking about it for days on end!
  6. Take all the gifts that your partner gave you and dump them in the garbage. The point is to get rid of anything and everything that remind you of them. Look for personal belongings that were left behind and dump them too.
  7. Call an ex and meet for coffee. Sometimes meeting an ex flame works wonders…
  8. Get a hobby if you haven’t got one already, find a passion. Spend all you free time staying busy doing that. You could even join a dance class and improve your dancing skills!
  9. Hit the gym! Exercise your blues away. Who knows you may just end up meeting someone interesting at the gym.
  10. Don’t sit around in your sweatpants feeling sorry for yourself. Go for a walk. Get out of your hole. Go shopping if it makes you feel better.
  11. Redecorate your house! Sometimes, getting in new things might help you forget about someone…buy some new inexpensive furniture or just simply change the layout of your home.
  12. If you’re a girl, get a makeover. Makeovers give you practically a new life! Set up an appointment at your saloon and take some friends with you.
  13. Get a whole new wardrobe. Clothes that are all new and ones that help you look better. Get rid of the old clothes that you wore in front of your ex. It will surely help you get rid of your ex too.
  14. Find a friend who can constantly keep checking on you. That way if you’re found to be down on any given day, its your friends job to pep you out by taking you out.
  15. Put $10 in a box for every fault you think your ex had. Take the money (I’m sure it will come to a couple hundreds!) and spend it on yourself!
  16. Change your number; buy yourself a new mobile connection…this way knowing your ex doesn’t have your new number will help you stop hoping your ex calls.
  17. Avoid bumping into our ex. You need time away to get over the break up. Seeing your ex may put you back in square one. Try and stay away from places you’ll used to visit together or friends you knew in common.
  18. Buy yourself something you’ve been aiming to since long. Whether a car or house or bike…your new prize will help keep your mind off things like the break up.
  19. Change your routine. This will help keep your mind focused on getting used to the new routine you have set down for yourself. And not the break up.
  20. Go visit your parents. Going back home may help put things in perspective and besides, reliving childhood memories will always help heal emotional wounds faster.

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