How to Get Gum out of Your Hair


Getting gum stuck on your hair is not unusual anymore! Many people from teenagers to young adults and fully grown working senior personnel have had gum stuck on their hair at least once in their life. When people leave remains of their chewed gum on metro seats or park benches, it usually gets stuck on our hands. But then again, no one can predict where a person will leave their gum next so at some point of time, its bound to affect your hair too!

There are several ways to get gum out of your hair and given below are a few ideas that are worth following:

Cut the hair that has gum on it

You can use the gum stuck on your hair as an opportunity to get a new hair cut! Start by chopping off the part that has the gum and go to a parlor to get a professional hair stylist to then shape it properly.

Pour warm water over your hair

Warm water is known to smoothen out stains and tight things so if you have gum stuck on your hair, you could try to pour some warm water over that part. It will help to limit the sticky feeling thus helping you peel it out easily.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes can be used to cover the part that has gum for a while. Its not a method that’s used often but some wet wipes help a lot because of the moisture content in them. If you have a pack handy, then take one out!

Body Lotion

The key is to make the hair greasy so that its easy to sort of slip off the gum. Put a coin sized amount of lotion on your hands and apply it on the hair, to the part that has gum on it. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with a bit of shampoo.

Hair oil should do the trick

Put on some hair oil on your hair and like the lotion, leave it on for a few minutes. The grease should help make it easier to get the gum off the hair easily.



You anyway use conditioner after each hair wash. When you have gum stuck on your hair, try applying some plain conditioner to it. The conditioner will increase the moisture thus helping you to get the gum off quickly.


Pouring some alcohol on the hair, to the part that has the gum stuck on it will help get it off. Hard liquor is what is best to use.

Hair dryer treatment

The intense heat from your hair dryer can help to harden the stuck gum thus helping you break them into little pieces before pulling them out. So set your hair dryer on a high temperature and point it at the part that has gum on it.