How To Ask A Girl Out On Facebook


The spread of social media has played such a huge role in everyone’s online life that nowadays several people propose to each other, make or break relationships, sometimes even get married online!

It’s not uncommon to fix business deals online anymore either just like it isn’t uncommon for people to ask their crushes out, online.

Facebook is the one social networking medium that is famously used for connecting with friends, business advertising, and personal social levels. Friends, friends of friends can together be part of a network through which they share information about great places to eat at, shop at, hang out at, reviews on movies, pictures from birthday parties and “just like that” pictures etc. The list is long, there is so much to do on Facebook that its no wonder how teenagers, young adults and even middle aged people the world over stay on their profile pages for hours on end trying to share their life’s greatest and even most general moments.

Facebook has therefore also become a medium through which young boys ask their young girl crushes out on dates. Although nothing beats a face to face interaction, Facebook is still a way to hide from reality and behind the mask of a smart picture of yourself. If you are looking for ways to ask a girl out on Facebook, read the tips below for help:

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Make her your friend first on Facebook

You obviously need to be her friend first on Facebook to even think of asking her out. So first make sure that she is your friend…once she is, start posting funny or general posts on her wall or make flattering remarks about her latest pictures. When you do so, she will get the hint that you may like her. One final day, just send her a private message asking her what she’d think about dating you. The rest as they say, will be history!


Interact with her on Facebook and maybe with mutual friends too with frequent posts and comments

For girls, it’s important that their friends think a potential partner is good for them to start dating. So, get in the good books of your crush and her friends. When she posts pictures with her friends, comment on how they all look good but focus on making “her” feel special.

Chat online through Facebook chat

Every time you see her online, make it a point to chat with her. Talk about interesting things and school life / work etc. If she reciprocates with interest then during one of these random chat sessions just pop the question. It will be a sweet and sudden way of asking her out.

If you know her well, make it a status question!

Who says you only have to write about your own thoughts for your status message? If you know your crush well enough and if you feel that you two already have something special going, make it official by asking her through a status question! If she says yes, all your other friends will also be aware of the latest happenings and will be able to share your new relationship’s happiness with you.

Make a photo album of you two as friends together

If you have known her for a while and have a collection of pictures clicked together, make an album of your pictures together, add tag-lines that will eventually result in the question, “Will you go out with me?”. For instance, if the first picture is you two eating at Pizza Hut, put a tag-line that says “We eat together”, the next one could be “we play ball together” and so on and so forth till you reach the last one where you ask something like, Shouldn’t we spend all our time together and make it special? This will be a romantic and different way of getting her to go out with you, no doubt.

Post a video of you posing as Romeo

Thankfully Facebook supports video sharing. So you could make a video with you posing as Romeo (from the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet) and with a rose in your hand you could record going down on bended knee and asking her out. Tag her in the video when you finally post it. Once she logs in, she will probably be so flattered by it all, she will accept happily.

Post a note about how she is the perfect girl in the world

Girls love being considered the prettiest and the ones who are perfect in every sense. If you were to make a short note about just how great and perfect she is, she is bound to be floored by your attempt. End the note with the question you have waiting to ask and the reply you seek will eventually come to you.