Homemade Damaged Hair Treatment Advice


Hair damage is caused by several variants in the normal course of life. Seasonal changes, chemicals used while coloring and / or styling hair, pollutants and dirt in the air – all contribute towards hair damage. But the solution cannot obviously be to stay indoors so as to avoid the causes that lead to hair damage.

One can go for regular hair care treatments at salons or even visit hair care experts for professional treatments. Trained professionals can largely contribute towards reviving the original luster and style of your hair if damaged.

However, if you are the kind of person who is pressed for time and can’t go to a salon for treatments then taking the help of homemade products and solutions could be the next best thing for you.

1. One home made treatment that’s quite simple to stick to is the avocado conditioning treatment. All you need is a jar of mayonnaise and ½ an avocado. Once you have these, simply: peel the avocado and then mix the mayonnaise and the avocado until the mixture turns green. After that, apply the solution to a hair like you would a normal conditioner. Make sure to cover all the strands till the end. Put on a shower cap to seal heat in and leave it on for at least 10 minutes, in the meantime, you could maybe read the paper or watch some TV. After that, wash your hair with a daily use shampoo. This treatment is quick and easy and completely natural. Furthermore, your hair will get a natural moisturizing treatment that will help bring back some shine to the hair.

2. Another effective treatment is the jojoba oil and beer mix treatment. The products act as natural conditioner and beer helps add luster to the hair. The process is simple: mix half a glass of warm beer and a teaspoon of jojoba oil, after that apply the solution to the hair and massage thoroughly. Keep the solution on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse or shampoo your hair. The treatment is effective from the first wash itself. Another variation is to try and use only beer on your hair before a head wash. Apply some beer, leave it on and then wash your hair with a daily use shampoo. The hair will look so much luscious.

3. Another commonly used home care treatment is applying warm oil to the hair. It could either be coconut oil, olive oil or even mustard oil. Massage your hair with oil, making sure you reach the scalp too. This process helps stimulate hair growth while nourishing the hair thoroughly. Leave the oil in for about 30 minutes before going for a head wash. Its simple and all you need to do is invest in a bottle of hair oil. Doing this once a week for about 3-4 months is enough to heal damaged hair.

4. Although this next one may seem a little icky, applying a raw egg on the head is again another great homemade remedy to fix damaged hair. All you have to do is break and egg, beat it and then apply it to your hair. If your hair is damaged and your aim is to fix it, forget about the smell that comes with this treatment. Leave the egg on your hair for about 20 minutes before shampooing. The difference will make you want to do it again.


5. Fixing damaged hair basically means helping it get back its lost moisture. Butter helps moisten skin and hair alike. Another effective homemade remedy includes mixing very little butter to some mayonnaise and applying it to the hair. If you opt for this treatment, be sure to use little butter, lesser than a teaspoon full. Because too much of it will make your hair greasy and will make it difficult to wash off.

Although this list of homemade hair care treatments may help you heal your damaged hair, it is also advisable to try and find out the cause of your hair getting damaged so that you can try and fix the problem from its roots. Study your lifestyle and food habits and see what is affecting your hair. Fixing the problem from the root will after all be a better way of protecting your tresses. If it’s the harsh sun of the summer months, wear a hat every time you step out. If coloring your hair is the reason, stop using color on it, leave your hair natural!

Its simple to maintain good hair after all.