12 Home Remedies For Hair Growth


Slow hair growth is a problem faced by many people. Some people on the other hand, just want their hair to grow as quickly as possible so that they can experiment with it or keep it nice and long. Irrespective of why you want to accelerate your hair growth, here are a few ideas that can help you with it:

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Rubbing your scalp

This is perhaps one of the easiest options when it comes to hair growth. All you have to do is wash your hair in cold water and then massage your scalp as vigorously as possible with your fingertips. The heat that is generated by constant rubbing helps to revitalize the scalp and improves blood circulation thereby improving hair growth. It also helps to improve hair quality.

Egg whites

Egg whites are known to condition hair and improve their quality. Hair is made up of proteins called keratin and egg whites can be a great source of proteins for your hair. You can also include egg whites and other forms of proteins in your diet to boost your hair growth. The proteins help in improving your hair texture by strengthening your hair shaft.

Indian gooseberry oil

 Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry is basically a fruit. It is used in the ancient Indian healing tradition known as Ayurveda. You can buy the oil from a specialty store or online. Do not wash off the oil immediately after massaging your scalp with it. You will have to keep it on for a couple of hours to allow it to work its magic on your hair so I would suggest that you apply it at night. Shampoo your hair the next morning. Repeat this process twice or thrice in a week to improve your hair growth.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk has been a great stimulant for hair growth. All you have to do is simmer freshly grated coconut in a bowl of water for 5-7 minutes and strain the liquid from it using a muslin cloth. Now, let this freshly prepared coconut milk cool down before you apply it to your scalp. Massage your scalp gently with the coconut milk and wash your hair with lukewarm water after an hour. Coconut milk can do wonders for dull, lifeless and damaged hair. You can combine this homemade coconut milk with other products like honey and camphor oil for better results but ensure that you aren’t allergic to any of these elements.

Olive oil massage

Olive oil helps to kill bacteria and keeps the scalp free from any infections after regular use. The presence of antibodies in olive oil helps to keep your scalp healthy which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. In fact, it also conditions hair leaving it soft and shiny. But remember to mix some other oil such as coconut oil in it before you apply it to your hair.


A concoction of essential oils

You can begin by adding essential oils to your hair care products like the shampoo and conditioner you use on a regular basis. You can also consider applying a mixture of essential oils on your hair to promote growth. When dealing with essential oils, remember that you will also require a carrier base oil so if you have two ounces of carrier base oil, add 16 drops of Myrtle essential oil, 16 drops of Lavender essential oil, 16 drops of Rosemary Verbenone essential oil and 32 drops of carrot root oil so as to create the perfect blend of essential oils to fight hair loss.


Honey can be used in more than one way to promote hair growth and to keep the scalp healthy. Applying a mixture of honey and cinnamon helps to clean the scalp which in turn encourages hair growth. Applying a mixture of honey and fresh aloe Vera leaves on the scalp helps to reduce hair loss. You can also make a mixture of eggs and honey to apply it on your hair like a hair mask and then wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

Aloe Vera

This is another natural ingredient that is excellent for the purpose of hair growth. Cut slices of aloe Vera leaves and keep them in a bowl of water overnight. Wash your hair with the resulting mixture and try to keep the aloe Vera and water combination on your hair for as long as you can.

Henna leaves

Henna leaves are a classic when it comes to hair growth and texture. Keep henna powder in a pot of black tea and apply it on your scalp the next day. This technique will surely prove to be helpful for you.
Apple cider hair wash: Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after washing it with your regular shampoo. You can also mix it with equal parts of sage tea and rinse your hair with it post washing your hair. It basically helps to restore the PH balance of your hair thereby promoting hair growth.

Rosemary extract

Rosemary is a well acknowledged hair stimulator and here is a homemade rosemary oil that can help you to fight hair loss. All you have to do is take some dried rosemary leaves, put them in a glass or a stainless steel pot and cover it entirely with grape-seed oil. Place this pot into a larger pot of boiling water and heat it for about 3 hours on a low flame. Strain the rosemary infused oil and let it cool overnight. You can use this oil to massage your scalp twice a week to see the results.

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