Why Do Guys Like Short Girls


This question has been asked so many times in so many places but the exact answer is still unknown. Guys like short girls because they find them pretty and attractive. They don’t really know the exact reason of this attraction and unlike girls; they don’t sit and think about such questions hoping to find a final answer. However, here is a list of the probable reasons that may put an end to this question altogether:

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Guys feel more powerful in the relationship

Our relationship choices are largely determined by our psychological needs. When a guy towers over his girlfriend, he automatically feels more powerful in the relationship. A guy usually looks at a relationship as a combination of love and constant power struggles so his height makes him feel like a triumphant winner.

Short women look like they need protection from the world

There is something about short women that encourages everyone to protect them. Short woman look so cute and adorable all the time and a guy who’s fond of her will want to keep her safe. Even though short women can be very feisty and defensive about themselves, their height makes them look vulnerable which attracts a guy even more.

It feels nice to hug them

A lot of guys love the feeling of hugging women who aren’t very tall. I have this friend who’s dating a wonderful woman who would be called short by general standard and he can’t stop talking about how amazing he feels when he hugs her and her head stops right below his chin. And he’s not the only guy who enjoys this experience.

Guys feel inferior to tall women

Tall woman are usually very confident but their confidence often has a lot of pride and arrogance mixed in it. Since most men have a huge ego (which they can never compromise on), tall women can make them feel inferior to them in no time so short women are definitely a safer bet when it comes to protecting their ego.

They don’t know how amazing they are

Tall woman know that they have it in them and they are aware of their options. However, some short women are unaware of their beauty and charm because they have always been very preoccupied with their height. Innocence and humility can be very attractive in a woman. When someone has both these, why will anyone care about how tall they are?


Sex is more enjoyable

Some guys find sex to be a more pleasurable activity with someone who’s shorter than them by a massive degree. Since short women weight less, some men find it easier to experiment with them.

They are easier to pick and move around

A great thing about short women is that you can pick them up with ease and take them wherever you want. They are like the little dolls a guy never had but always wished that he did. Whether you talk about a ride to the bedroom or snuggling up on the couch, short women can fit themselves anywhere which actually makes them even more adorable.

Short women look more proportionate

Short women tend to look well endowed which attracts every guys attention. A tall woman with a small chest and a well endowed butt may look disproportionate but a short woman with the same vital stats will not. Since the disproportion is less obvious in short women, they are usually more favored by guys.

They feel more secure in the relationship

Being with a short woman gives more security to a man. Men in general are very insecure even though they will never accept it so being with someone who is short makes them feel dominating and the fear of losing a girl does not come into play.

They can take them around like a trophy

Short girls are petite and very cute. They are like a guy’s arm candy (of course he loves her). Being in a relationship with someone who’s attractive, adorable and completely loyal to them will helps guys to win some brownie points with their friends.

Short women are more feminine

This is actually a fact. Short women have more estrogen content in their body which makes them much more feminine than tall women who have more testosterone. I am not saying that tall women aren’t feminine but short women have a higher degree of sensitivity which really attracts men.

That’s the stereotypical norm

A very obvious reason for guys to like short women is the traditional societal norm. Most of the guys have always dated women shorter than them so the degree of the difference didn’t really matter.

As long as a guy likes a girl, their difference in height doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

  • Alvin

    Short girls are just really cute! They always look sweet and petite irrespective of what they do. And they always always attract attention. I don’t know how but they just do!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! :) I’m a short girl….

      • http://yomama.com somebody

        u ppl perverted

        • Anonymous

          Why do u care mind ur own business

        • Anonymous

          ya its true

      • Shortie

        Omg me too!!!!!!

        • Shortie

          Lol im 5’0

      • anon

        me too but this doesn’t help me from taking it as a weak point .

      • Anonymous

        I am too!

    • whatda

      I’m tall and I always attract attention too… it has nothing to do with the height.

    • ItsKeke

      Thank you.. now it feels good to be a short girl!

    • pamla

      Thanks, I’m short and cute. this must be about me!!

    • Anonymous

      a lot of short women are not cute- they are ugly rude and fat with ugly bodies
      sorry! Look around youll see what I mean
      medium is the prettiest bodies not short

  • Leo

    Tall, short doesn’t really matter as long as the girl is genuine, kind and loves me with all her heart!

    • lenny

      Marry me.

    • Anonymous

      Aww that nice

    • Anonymous


    • Fruits

      I’m 6’2 and fantasize about tall girls!

  • Katty

    I don’t understand how someone can get attracted to someone on the basis of their height but yea. I’ve noticed how girls who are either really short or really tall get all the attention from the guys… What about women like me?

    • richab27

      Good For me if i find my girl Tall or shoprt is just nothing, i see nice girls in all size so let your heart speak for you

    • lenny

      You too. Damn I want to marry all of you.

    • star shortie

      stop bein a hater n chill go model or something

    • Some1

      Some submissive guys need taller girls rather than shorter ones. I know the feeling. I need someone who can tell me what to do and always be more confident and supportive.

  • Rose

    Height has no relationship with femininity. I know many short girls who cannot afford to wear skirts because of their hairy legs. And there are many beautiful tall women around such as beauty queens and models. By the way, if tallness is good for men but not for women, why are high heels worn by women and not by men? Besides, it is no fun to have to bend double or climb a chair to kiss your partner on your wedding day.

    • Anonymous

      awww so defensive

      • Anonymous

        LOL RIGHT. We all know this persons tall..

        • lenny

          What’s so funny? She’s right.

        • Anonymous

          Short women tend to attract the “boys” and tall women seem to attract the “men”..and what I’m saying is I’ve had guys shorter than me (I’m 5.8 1/2) be attracted to me, and not care that I was taller than them because they were comfortable with their masculinity Also, tall women have long legs…Tall women less feminine? Try telling that to the millions of men swooning over the Victoria’s Secret models.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah yeah. This article was just offensive to tall women.

    • Me

      I agree!

    • Anon.

      true about the defensiveness… But the reason girls wear high heels and guys don;t is because the media shows a bunch of 6 foot tall stick women and display them as “beautiful”. To some, that may be beauty, but to others it is not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, there have been many tall beauty queens, but that is becuase that the media does not take shorter women and display them like they do taller women. However twisted or correct the media may be, it is what it is. I, however, am short and do not think that being a stick and six feet tall is attractive to men. But then again, I am a girl so I wouldn’t know. But again, the reason tall women are more commonly “beauty queens” is because media doesn’t give short girls a chance. In the modeling world, 5’6″ is considered “petite”! Obviously, they’ve got a few things to learn about the real world, because the average height of America women is 5’4″. 5’6″ is not petite…

      • Maggz


      • smith

        The guy I like called me petite and i’ 5’6 but i’m also skinny with a small frame. I weight around 103, sometime a little more or even less than 100 pounds. But I also feel crazy tall sometimes because so many girls are shorter than me. And to be honest I don’t really think 5’6 is that tall

        • Shortie

          Im 5’0

      • pansy

        Women wearing heels has nothing to do with height. Heels make a woman more attractive because of the way it forces them to arch their backs and shows off the shape of the legg muscles, gives this all “tight” appearance, that reminds men of how women arch their backs in the bedroom, when they’re h0rny. It’s kind of gross, when you really think about it. which is why I never wear heels.

      • lenny

        I’m 5’8″ and I love it!

      • Anonymous

        The reason why beauty queens and models are chosen tall is because tall girls look better in clothes thus model and sell the product better. It’s not because society is messed up they don’t give short girls a chance it’s because there’s no point. If I wanted to see a girl that was under 5’6″ walking a runway I would just walk down the street like you said the average American is short it’s nothing to look at. Tall girls are elegant and they carry themselves and clothes better. That’s it. After that, whether men like them more or not is up to the man that’s not something that can just be generalized.

      • anon

        i think that a beauty contest should be held for all the short girls as well , they too deserve to be a beauty icon . just because of the height, i don’t think that people should stop dreaming or any criticism should be made.

    • Stanley Clark

      To answer your question about the high heels, it’s because that butt is irresistible in heels, and every guy including myself knows this. The goal for heels is the bum, not the height. Although some girls do wear them for height.

      • Anonymous

        not true

    • Maggz

      Lol yeah this is a tall person.

    • richab27

      Good Job

    • Nikkole

      Ha that’s an asshole thing to say. A man will gladly bend over double for a woman he loves.

    • shrekboy.

      That’s true…….i prefere tall girls to short ones. Almost the same height as me.Feminity to short girls is kind of being psychologically forced into them which makes it fake if i may say so, but real feminity is seen in tall girls as they are more natural.
      They don’t hide it if they aint!

    • Anonymous

      Actually shorter woman are more beautiful and men like it that they are short and stand on their tippy toes and they could cuddle more

    • Mannelig

      women like to wear heels because it stretches the legs and the body form in general, which makes it seem leaner and more toned. plus the illusion of longer legs.

    • Anonymous

      Not all short girls have hairy legs! We shave too, idiot!-.-

  • Jessehh

    I love being short :3

    • unknown… :D

      same here!! :)

      • Anonymous

        Short women are just so cute i just want to hug them all fay (6,3)

    • Anonymous

      Hehe, me too! I’m 4’10!

  • Anonymous

    Being short does have is “ups”. lol i <3 being short tooo! :)

    • Anonymous

      I like the fact that guys like shorter woman. Because I am extremely short. (4’10″)… I’ve always been short. Being short has some advantages but when you’re my size, all you want is a few more inches.. And shorter women are cuter but taller women are more gorgeous. Us petite girls are just little toys for men. I always want a guy that’s much taller than me though.. But I just wanna know how short is too short for guys to like a girl?

  • Anonymous

    being short is very inconvenient for everything other than relationships. lol unless your a lesbian..

    • Anonymous

      I love being short. I have all tall friends:)

  • Bea

    I am 5ft tall and I seem to be able to get away with murder! Luckily that is not usually my agenda!
    It’s not just men that seem to want to protect me, although they definitely do act that way, it’s also women. I think some women find it cute and want to protect short people like they would a child, for men it is to do with feeling strong and masculine and dominant over the shorter person. It’s working fine for me either way ;)

  • Anonymous

    if short girls are so “feminine”, and tall girls are apparently masculine then why can’t short girls be beauty queens or models? I don’t get the part about they don’t know how amazing they are? how can you judge someone’s personality from their height. and the stuff it says is wrong with tall girls, you’re basically saying that models are masculine? I mean I’m not putting down short or tall girls at all but you’re saying short girls look better. um hello look at Katrina kaif and all those gorgeous celebrities or models. every one of them is tall. maybe lots of short girls look cute but you can look cute depending on how you dress and your face and weighT. Anyway looks are not about the girls height its about her weight and face. there is such thing as being too tall, well there is such thing as being too short. I think it’s nice if a girl is a little short (about 5’4) or if the girl is average or a little bit tall (about 5’7). but it all depends on a guys preference and the height of the guy.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, a lot of celebrities are really short.

      • Anonymous

        I was talking about celebrity models. They’re famous because of their looks

      • Anonymous

        The Victoria Secret models, maybe actors. But models are usually pretty tall usually 5.8 at their shortest.

    • cl

      umm actually thats why taller girls are more masculine because they are the tall skinny models, and short girls are more femine because they can’t be models and things like that

    • Jasmine

      geez u don’t have to put down short people. i am constantly getting upset over my height and you’ve just called me “too short”. i know how u feel because i get annoyed at posts about girls should be curvy, not skin and bones, because i’m quite thin and can’t help my weight because of my metabolism.. but please don’t insult people

    • Anonymous

      I am tall but I am tired of short people trashing tall people so they can feel good about themselves.mwe all have our own individual insecurities as girls.

    • anon

      i dont find any kinda beauty contest that allows short girls of about 4’10 to participate.

  • M.Jeeli

    Just like most men don’t date older women, most men don’t date women whom their height is greater than their own.
    This is understandable as females in nature needs to be protected.. that also explain why most women are short (natural selection).

  • Anonymous

    if that picture of the girl on the top is supposed to be a short girl and short girl=cute and femenine and that stuff so then youre basically saying the girl on the top is cute?! or pretty?? that immediately lets me know im right about what im saying since the girl on the top is deformed and looks downsyndrum or however you spell that. and that girl is the opposite of cute look at her eyes they look they are going to kill someone and her face is rectangle and huge she is so ugly if youre trying to display short girls as cute why on earth would you put that picture ow my poor eyes her face is so ugly looks like a man and her hair ewwww i hate her SO much and you people think that is CUTE? ew ew eww

    • Anonymous

      Oh my gosh that is so mean :(

      • Anonymous

        Wow you can so tell that whoever said that is just jealous

    • cl

      you probably look worse

    • Jasmine

      thats a horrible thing to say, about the girl and people with downs sydrome. if i were you i’d be ashamed of yourself. you’re just pathetic hiding behind your computer screen. i’m sure it’s a horrible feeling to be called ugly

    • Anonymous

      Wtf. Some people on here are taking this forum too seriously. Jeez calm down a little babe.

    • Anonymous

      Saying that girl is ugly in the top picture makes you unattractive to men. Makes you seem jealous and gross. sorry but being mean makes you seem uglier not prettier.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up you jelouse loser

    • Anonymous

      There is not anything at all wrong with the picture! Find something else to complain about!

    • Anonymous

      First, its Down’s syndrome. Its not that hard to spell correctly. Second, you really come across like a jealous, insecure b*tch with your comment. Didn’t you grow out of that sort of catty b**lsh*t in middle school? Trying to tear down someone else to make yourself feel better never works for very long. Third, the gal in the picture is beautiful; not only to myself as a 6’1 man, but apparently to many more men than just myself. It speaks volumes to your character that you’d be so insecure and quick to tear anything beautiful down that gets more attention than you, even when its a mid-resolution jpeg file.

    • Anonymous

      You hate her? You don’t know her but you hate her.. OK. :) This tells everything about you.

    • anonymous

      wow. you have got issues. What you have just said is so rude and inconsiderate. Everyone is beautiful in their own way… what gives you the right to decide whose ugly? please, take a look at yourself, wash your mouth out and gain some respect for others!

    • Anonymous

      Ok first off it is right. Second nothing wrong with that girl. She actually has a figure if that is what you call deformed. Sounds like your jealous. :) Infact i know you are.

  • Jamie

    I’m exactly 5 feet and I love it ! I don’t worry about my height

  • Erica

    Being short is awesome! I like being short because i have more options, whereas tall women are limited!

    • Anonymous

      Just like you’re limited to modeling ;)

      • Anonymous

        Petites can be models too ;D

      • Just another petite girl

        Petites can be models too nowadays, if you don’t believe me then watch “America’s next top model petite” Hope you enjoy it ;D

      • Jasmine

        i have a sneaking suspicion that you’re the same person taking digs at short girls..

      • Anonymous

        who cares about modeling, id rather have someone than model

        • anonymous

          its not about wanting to its just the fact that this blog says short girls are so attractive but if they are then.. why they can’t model? :/ its the fact that if a shorty person ever wanted to they couldn’t

        • Anonymous

          I’m pretty sure Adriana Lima can have any guy she wants (she’s 5’10).

        • Anonymous

          That’s the stupidest thing i have ever heard. I’m tall and i still “have someone”. Idiot

        • anonymous

          Its not all about modelling. They are actually individuals out there who are have carries because of the brains they were given not because of the height or their physical features. No disrespect to models but doesn’t make you any less of a person if you are not one. Open up your narrow mind please!

      • Kay

        Honestly, not every single girl in the world wants to be a model. Like many other females, I have no desire to be one. Besides, you can’t eat McDonald’s when you’re a model.

      • Karly

        Who cares about modeling short girls are awesome with much options

    • -aquarius

      I agree! It’s harder for tall women to find a guy, becuase they’ll have to find other guys who are taller than them, whereas short girls have more options;)

    • letterq

      And baby roller coaster rides…lol

  • anonymous

    i’m a tall, naturally thin woman…this blog makes me feel so undesirable.

    • Alexandra

      I’m a tall woman too, and I’ve always had short people be envious of my height and I think being tall makes people more beautiful. There is a reason why all the models and beauty queens are tall :)

      • Anonymous

        You do realize that beauty is a social construct and being extremely tall was not always the ideal, right?

      • Karly

        I think being short is beautiful , I do not know the reason why short girls would envy you, however the medias definition of beautiful is tall. But short girls are beautiful I’m short and I love it yeah beauty queens are tall but there are more beautiful short girls out there it’s better to be with someone than to be a famous beauty queen.

        • Karly

          And tallness does not make people more beautiful , short girls don’t realize how beautiful they are and that they don’t need to be tall I think short girls are more beautiful

      • anon

        this is seen everywhere. tall pple envy short ones and vice-versa.

      • Jana

        Being tall does NOT make you beautiful. There are many many tall famous models that are quite ugly and unattractive.
        That being said, this blog was not meant for tall women, it is obviously meant for short women who don’t feel like they have a chance with men because of their height. Taller women seem to have more options in this country.

      • anna

        Actually, models are tall because ALL clothes hang better on them. Models are basically walking clothes hangers, and tall people are better hangers than short people. For instance – maxi skirts look terrible on short girls because it makes them look stumpy unless it’s high-waisted, but amazing on tall girls regardless of where it’s placed. It’s not to do with beauty.

      • anonymous

        The reason tall girls are used to model is because of their body frame and has nothing to do with beauty. If you’ve ever seen fashion shows, those girls are too skinny and they look tired. This is because of their weight in conjunction with their height.

        Even if you were a 6 foot woman, you wouldn’t be able to model if you weren’t stick thin. Therefore your point is irrelevant.

        Also modelling has nothing to do with beauty per say. I’ve seen some extremely ugly models and some extremely beautiful ones so your point is once again irrelevant.

        Sorry, I just had to point that out.

    • anony

      Don’t worry! So am I and after reading this I felt terrible but this still made me laugh. because this is unbelievably ridiculous. Why would someone enjoy doing such thing? I mean, this is not the right way to make short people feel secure. This is the right way to make tall girls feel insecure. I’m 5’8″ and my ex boyfriend was probably about 5’6. Every second of our relationship was worth it. He was never bothered by my height and neither was I. I am 123 pounds, and being 5’8″ and only 14 years old. My whole grade thinks I have the perfect body. I hope this made you feel better because no one deserves to feel that way!!

    • Nat

      I am tall and skinny and I wish I wasn’t. I am already insecure about my self but reading this doesn’t help. I’m tired of fat people trashing me cause I’m skinny or short people trashing me for being tall. Everyone just needs to learn to love how they are and not try and mar themselves feel better by putting someone Else down.:(

    • Marj

      me too…i feel that way :’( does this means tall women are ugly? I don’t think so…short women are cute…but tall women are beautiful :P haha!

    • Blaine Mindeau

      Please don’t feel bad! I bet you’re beautiful! I’d love to be tall and slim! Just find out what works for you and rock out! <3

    • Anonymous

      Im about 5,2″ and I actually get what you’re saying but I would much rather be like you because this makes me feel like he would see me as a childish thing and then go has a serious relationship with a taller woman on the side. It makes me feel inferior to read this. So offensive all around

  • Anonymous


    • A person u dont kno:D

      True about what you’re saying.. Short people have stubby legs and to top it all off, 5 extra pounds looks like 15 extra pounds on a short person

      • yahoo

        eye problems? i think so

      • Anonymous

        I was about to say the same thing, I put on five pounds, and still look great, if a short person put on that weight they would look like a whale. And having long legs rocks.

      • ChloeLala

        It’s not a short girls fault that they’re short. There are way too many people bashing eachothers heights. All figures are beautiful it’s your personality that makes you ugly, as you can see the person that I’m replying to.

    • Justin bieber

      Justin bieber agrees with you, baby. But.. That’s my mother.

    • Pretty,short,desirable

      Who are you to say short girls are ugly I’m beautiful I love my height I’m 5’2 and a half and I’m loving it

    • short but sexy bitch…

      shut up insecure girl or guy, or whatever you are…sounds like your tall….tell me..are all tall people like that?that just proves that short girls are better than tall girls..haha

  • Anonymous

    You people are stupid I hate being called petite you dumbasses “petite” is a French word. HAHA I bet half of you fucktards didn’t know that. It’s french for little, Not short. Well actually could mean small but yeah it doesn’t mean short or tall it means tiny it could refer to a short person or a tall person it doesn’t have anything to do with height! You friggen English idiots use ur own words and leave ours alone. Petite has nothing to do with being short its not even English ugh its French for skinny or tiny not a midget. Okay? im 5’4 and stuck in the awkward middle of being short and tall. Not average cause im not American.

    • Justin bieber

      Why are you swearing :( im a petite man
      -JB <3

    • ummm

      your post is insanely idiotic.

    • Anonymously anonymous

      Alright.. Petit(e) is French for small, not little, tiny, or skinny. I know French. And we (in America) use petite to describe clothing that is smaller than average, same with people, usually women. So before you decide to be ignorant and vulgar, you might want to learn what you’re talking about. P.s. I am four feet eight inches and I am proud of my height and je t’aime etre une femme petite.

    • gina

      At 5’4 you are short. You are not “stuck in the awkward middle of being short and tall”, you are just short. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Shorty

    I’m about 5,1 or 5,2 and I’ve always been really insecure over my height cause I was always smaller than all my friends and they always would point it out..and act like it was some really big deal that I wasn’t tall…. but this little article makes me feel better about myself :) I’ve always thought guys liked tall girls because they looked more like models, but I guess thats not nessacarily true :D so Thanks! :D!!

    • E

      lol… I’m 5.0 and some of my best friends at Dutch guys… imagine how short that makes me feel? They’re cool tho – even if they make height jokes!

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s better to be tall because older people who are short struggle with their weight a lot more than taller people. When you’re tall you and you gain weight it isn’t as noticeable as when a short person does because you have so much more space for the fat to go.

  • Tall guy

    Actually I prefer tall women. 5’8-5’11 is PERFECT. Maybe because I’m 6’3, so it really depends on the guy.

    • Anonymous

      you are perfection.

  • Justin bieber

    Hey everyone, its me, Justin bieber a short Guy and im here to say that the girl on the top looks like she’s trying to make her boobs hang out and yes, she has a longer torso than her stubby little legs. And if you were wondering (I know most of you were wondering) but yes I do know her hands are boney and too big for her body and her hair looks like a wig, her eyes are small and her face too big for her body, like a rectangle. But I still love short girls.
    -JB <3

    • Anonymous

      Obviously all the people that are talking rudely about the girl in the picture is the same person, making different names or just not using one. They are so jealous, that they felt the need to show a bunch of strangers their ugly side. As you grow older looks fade, and all you have left is your personality. If you are ugly on the inside, than prepare to be just one big ugly blob for the rest of your dying, miserable, green-eyed ridden days.

  • yvette

    Well i happen to think everyone is beautiful tall or short, i dont agree on tall women looking masculane, they are just as beautiful as short girls, everyone has their own preference, I dont understand why people make height so important. EVERYONE is different in their own way, how would the world be if we all looked the same, it would be dull and boring. No one is better then anybody and if u think u are then you need a reality check. I am myself 5ft tall and i have no problem being short, I happen to love my body and my small feet :) yea a lot of immature people would make fun of me because I didnt measure up to their height, But I love myself and so does my 5’10 boyfriend :)

    • Jasmine

      i think you’re comment was the only non biased comment on here, and i loved it. touche’

    • anony

      Again, I agree!

  • K.

    Being 5”3 myself I’m what society deems petite, but if some unwitting, egocentric d. bag dare hits on me because I’m o’ so ‘innocent looking’, ‘adorable’ and sickeningly ‘cutesy sweet’ [barf], I’ll give him a proverbial tongue lashing that’ll take him YEARS of psychotherapy to forget.

    I consider myself to be like the runt of the litter of a Rottweiler. ‘Looks’ non-threatening enough, until it sinks it’s teeth into your tender flesh;)

  • http://twitter.com Jasmine

    I’m tall, 5’7 and I think relationships and preferences are about height in theory, but in actuality, once you meet someone and get to know them, their height starts to fade. A guy wont only date a girl because she’s short or tall. Same as her one only date her because shes a certain race, religion, or has a certain look. He’ll date her because he thinks she’s awesome, you know, her personality. I hate how all people are generalized to be so superficial when in actuality, its all in our minds. Nothing about a girl being a couple inches shorter or a foot shorter will make a huge difference in how “dominate” the guy is. nothing about a girl being short will make her vulnerable or want to be treated like a baby. Just like nothing about girls tall like me makes us feel like models and super confident and dominant. Everyone’s a bit insecure about their looks, so bringing so much weight to them really does nothing good for women or men.

    • anony

      You’re amazing.

  • kasandra

    i feel better about my height now :)

  • Anonymous

    People need to stop bashing on the girl in the photo. She’s pretty and cute and you have no reason to hate or or think she’s a bitch. Also, Tall women shouldn’t be so defensive; everyone knows tall women can be beautiful. I’m short with a taller than average friend and I feel completely inferior to her long slender legs. No one says shorter is better or taller is better. It’s just an article about stereotypes.

    • cl

      thankyou l’m 5′ feet and people always be like aww your so short and adorable not that I mind but people always trying to compete over short and tall like does it really matter

  • Anonymous

    People need to stop bashing on the girl in the photo. She’s pretty and cute and you have no reason to hate or or think she’s a bitch. Also, Tall women shouldn’t be so defensive; everyone knows tall women can be beautiful. I’m short with a taller than average friend and I feel completely inferior to her long slender legs. No one says shorter is better or taller is better. It’s just an article about stereotypes.

  • Anonymous

    this is such bullshit…a short bitch can be ugly just like a all bitch can be ugly. height should have nothing to do with your opinion of a person or attraction to them. Shallow fucks. Sheesh.

    • anony

      The names were not necessary but I still believe you’re right.

    • Nat

      I know right and people do this with blondes and brunnettes. Makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    A guy should like a girl for her ability to have an independent mind. Not get attracted to the fact that she is adorable and he can protect her. A lot of girls get annoyed by this. I have a lot of short friends and relatives and they don’t like being portrayed as the damsel in distress or demure. All their boyfriends respect them, and the girl likes that.

    • 5’3andhappy

      Totally agree!

  • Anonymous

    I am 6’9″ 380 lbs and not over weight just nuilt and all women to me are short but a woman thats 5 ft tall for me would not be a good thing I mean height really doesnt matter but when it comes to the sexual portion of the relationship thats not Do-able its like a rottweiler and a hampster. impossible

    • Anonymous

      Well you are 6’9″ so….you would be a giant next to even an average sized girl.

  • Anonymous:)

    Oh my gosh I agree with Shorty!! I want to thank whoever wrote this because now I feel better about my height:D I would always be sad that I wasn’t tall like the rest of my friends and that no boys would ever like me but, then I read this and boosted my confidence:))

  • Jessica

    Being tall & female is awful! I’ve never had a boyfriend, can’t wear heels, & unless you you really succeed in modeling it’s not worth it. Short girls are vicious, just saying.. The girl in the picture does look like a spinner with down syndrome & that’s not to be mean that’s what men like I admit it short & “special” soo sexy ;/ & I’m not kidding. Peace

  • 5’3andhappy

    this is like ssuuuch a lie.. out of all the reasons you gave, maybe 3 or 4 are true, the rest could work as well for tall girls..
    What is this for? Are you trying to make short girls feel good by making tall girls feel bad?… this is absolutely ridiculous. I agree with the fact that guys like short girls, I, myself am 5’3 and I love it, but there are really beautiful tall women out there, and I don’t understand why do separate tall women from short ones. You’ve just got to accept your height and move on! And by accepting it I don’t mean making the other “team” feel miserable.( since you’re talking about them as different kind of people).

  • Anonymous

    I´m about 5 feet and 2 – 3 inch tall and about 88lbs.
    But I never dated before and I´m 21.
    Somehow i feel really insecure when I´m around men.
    Like they would laugh at me or they are thinking I´m not even an adult.

    This article sound really nice to me, but is reality really that easy?

  • Short and Sweet

    I am only 5’2 and a half to 5’3 and I’m 16 years old. I’m turning 17 soon and I stopped growing at 13. Being short is great.

  • Anonymous

    Yes,I am VERY short for my age..and all my friends say I’m very attractive, but i always disagree. I do notice a lot of boys in my high school that flirt with me, so your right on this one,short girls do attract guys more than tall girls

    *P.S Doesn’t really matter what size you are, love is love.

  • No name

    Why do I feel this article is, instead of coming up with reason why guys like short girls (which they do, short girls are cool) they’re just dissing tall girls…

  • Kitty

    Okay. Moment of truth. This article was truly offensive. =3 *Embarrassed* I guess you would consider myself “tall” at 5’8.
    Things that were… offensive/ uncomforting?:

    1. I’m pretty sure hugging a tall girl isn’t bad. xp I dunno I’m not the guy here.

    2. That tall women have a lot of confidence! I felt that this article was implying that tall women are over confident. That is not always the case. It goes both ways – girls are either confident, cocky, or not whether they are short or tall.

    3. Short women look more proportionate? Is that implying that tall women don’t? That’s just mean. T-T I object to that statement! =p

    4. Short women are more feminine? Okay, they tried bringing science into this. Apparently we’ve got more testosterone? Lol. Let’s say we do. We’re still GIRLS come on… =S

    P.S. For one thing, I love to wear heels. Not at all for the height. I just think they’re really pretty.

    P.P.S Bottom line, it shouldn’t matter whether we’re are tall or short. Everybody just wants to be loved for who they are. Nothing more, nothing less. =)

    • Nat


    • Against BS

      Kitty I agree with you. This article was a totally offensive, but a boost for short girls. Short girls may not be confident…that is a false statement. There are millions of people in USA, did you took the time to make a poll or find evidence that short girls are feel a certain way. I have friends who are short but more confident than any tall woman I know. I am done with these comments about how short girls are the best choice for men’s and their ego.

    • WOo

      Short women are usually not “proportionate”
      Stumpy legs and small breast buds don’t translate into pretty. Cute and unintimidating though? Probably.

    • TINY

      don’t listen to this article AND rude people. Tall women look as pretty as short girls, if they learn how to look pretty and learn to be confident and feel sexy.

  • Kim

    I’m short,sweet and petite.I agree.Men feel more comfortable and in controll with a petite girl,unlike a tall towering one. OH,and whoever said it doesn’t matter is most likely tall like a giraffe and can’t catch men.So whose too short now?

    • Anon

      That’s mean :(. I’m a tall girl and your comment insulted me. Height doesn’t matter, love is love.

    • anony

      You’re disgusting. Your argument is pretty dumb. Fist of all, If you were SO confident and sure about your point.. How did you end up on this website? And there’s no need for you to say “a tall towering one” or ” tall like a giraffe and can’t catch men” WHY WOULD YOU? i bet there’s girls tall like a giraffe out there that get way more men than you do. Why? Because of their PERSONALITY. If insulting people makes you feel good about yourself, there’s something wrong about you girl. Besides, “short” and “petite” are synonyms. It’s like saying “I’m sleeping and Asleep” You sound pretty.. dumb? I am tall (5’8″), and damn how happy I am! I’ve had 4 boyfriends and I get the guys I like. People say I’m too tall but although my height is not convenable, they still love me because I have an amazing personality… And the end of the day a pretty face gets old, but a good personality never does. So who’s (not whose) the one that said it was the only thing that matters?

    • Cairro

      You should respect someone’s honest opinions. She wasn’t insulting short girls, so I don’t understand why you felt the need to call her a giraffe and say that she is unable to find a guy.

      Plus, by the way you treated her, it seems that “short, sweet, and petite” really means childish, rude, and judgmental.

    • Anonymous

      I rather be a giraffe, than a midget, and btw the only reason why some guys go for short girls, is with a tall girl, they’re uncomfortable with their masculinity.

    • TINY

      seriously that’s so mean. I’ 5ft3 so not a giraffe, but why women always nee to diss each other?
      I love being short too and I always knew guys prefer short women (well depends, i feel like rich men like businnes men, actors etc prefer tall women)
      but why the need to put down tall women. So imagine you were tall? you wouldn’t like to be called a giraffe)
      I think tall women must know how to make their body/looks look good.
      It’s the same with body types: pears have flat stomach and nice wide hips so they can wear clothes that will make their body loo, good, with jeans, short tops etc. But when it comes to wearing skirts/shorts, it’s a disaster
      Now women who have apple body times, have big upper part of the body wich isn’t as feminine as pear shapes, BUT they can wear nice skirts./shirts and heels and cover their bellies/big chest/shoulders with looser tops/shirts

      People should learn to accept their looks: that’s the key to beauty. Learn what fits your more, what make you look your best according to YOUR body/height

      I’m a short pear shaped women (actully my legs are quite skinny, but i got wide pretyy hips and big buttom and tiny breasts, but learning to love myself entirely just makes me 100% confident in the way i Look. I used to hate my small breasts, now i love em 100% and wouldn’t want them bigger AT ALL)

      anyway typed too much (ps sorry english ain’t my mother tongue)

  • kissmeonce

    I’m actually 4’10, and a lot of my relationships broke because of that… My currently partner is 5’3 and I think this makes the relationship evenly spread… A lot of you girls are fighting about how short girls are UGLY and this and that, well in my life of 32 years I don’t think any of my exes thought I was ugly :/ I mean girls call me old fashioned or whatever but don’t guys like it when they have superiority over their partner? Hmm… (Btw there is no harm in you people dating someone shorter :P may be your kids will have non envious life that way hehe)

  • Nobody

    Wow that was extremely offensive to tall women. The one about tall woman being arrogant and full of themselves doesn’t make sense at all. As a tall girl myself I am very insecure and don’t feel confident even when people tell me I am beautiful. I also know a lot of tall girls that feel the same. In fact I’ve never met any tall girl that thought she was “the best of the best” just because she was tall. In fact any girl I have ever met that was arrogant and full of herself was SHORT (not trying to offend anyone or put a stereotype on a huge group of people by a their appearance like the writers of this obviously are.) I get how reading this probably makes A LOT of short girls feel very good about themselves and I commend the writers for that, except it stated that “tall girls usually have a big ego” and such. Most tall girls feel very insecure about their height so the irony that I can literally feel while reading this is taller girls will feel even more bad about themselves and think no guy will ever love them and short girls might get the big ego. Hmm… Tall girls aren’t feminine? Jennifer Lawrence= 5’9 Katy Perry = 5’8.Taylor Swift= 5’11 Yeah- Guys like tall girls too because I think we all no how many boyfriends Taylor has had. The writers off this have gotten it wrong. GUYS LIKE ALL TYPES OF GIRLS UNLESS THE LIKE OTHER GUYS. Some guys like tall girls and some guys like short girls. If guys didn’t like tall girls I wouldn’t be here today because my grandmother was very tall (5’11) and beautiful. Her whole life she always felt like a freak even though guys loved her! She was also a model.

  • anonymous

    why are there taller people commenting/ complaining? not trying to be rude, but this was supposed to help boost the esteem of the people who are insecure about their small size… not offend you if you’re on the taller size. everyone’s beautiful. there is no such thing as ugly so please don’t be offended or thing of yourself as undesirable. :)

  • Michaela

    I am five foot ten and 130 pounds and haven’t ever had any problems with getting a guy,LOL…even short ones who I thought were cute and tall ones who I thought were hot. I know plenty of short women who look butch and ugly and I know plenty of men that prefer a women to be only a few inches shorter than them not many men I know are with somene whose five foot tall…thats just too short my 11 year old is taller than that and gorgeous, blonde,blue eyed she will be a a stunner for sure…a tall stunner at that.

  • emmss

    This is ridiculous. It’s offensive on so many levels. Tall girls have the same problem short girls do. We’re all self conscious about our height. I’m 6’0 tall, stick thin and according to this article I’m disproportionate and will never have a boyfriend because I’m too masculine? I’m as girly as they come people. Kudos for making all the short people feel better but don’t tear the tall ones down in the process. Everyone is born the way they are. You can’t change your height.

    • lori

      Tall women are awsome. Hold your head up high and be proud!

  • http://twitter.com Ben

    I’ve observed that most commonly rich men seem more attracted to tall slender and athletic women. Middle class and poor men appear to choose shorter heavier women. In part it leads me to believe that economic status has something to do with height preference. An average Western man is not a wealthy one. The funny part is that I am middle class and prefer an average height woman. We could be onto something Julia!

  • Anonymous

    I’m 4′ 11″ woman- I will meet my 6’5″ date on V day for the first time ! He is Dutch and he stated that he loves the height difference between us ! Never a problem with him as much as with me !

  • Emily

    This is so so so (so) very degrading. I’m 5 ft. tall; that doesn’t mean I want to be the “little doll he never got to have, but always wished he did”.

  • http://facebook.com/lawldipstick Anna

    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I’m decently tall, 5’8. I have extreme curves, C cup breasts, and have a nice round a#$. I don’t have hairy legs, or look like a dude, or am in any way shape or form masculine.
    Also, the men I have dated have all preferred taller women. My current boyfriend is 6’0 tall and he likes my height. He finds short girls annoying, and plus he can be rough with me and I won’t complain.
    Sooo honesty this is thing about short girls is all biased opinion and tall pretty women like me should feel gorgeous too. :)

  • SwiftMemory

    Totally not true! Well a lot of this article I see to be true. But truly offensive to tall girls. I’m tall, and a good amount of my friends are tall. We’re all very insecure about our tallness. You think its fun being taller then most guys? No. How would that give us confidence. Check out tall girl problems :P.
    Whatever, all those guys who are tall and have short girlfriends. I hope their offspring, inherit their height from mom.

  • Alex

    To be honest, I’m 5’1, and I hate being seen as cute, innocent,etc. I feel so weak and inferior.

    • youdontknowme….

      sorry if the one who did this site insult’s tall people..he or she doesnt mean to hurt you..he or she just wants to give confidence to those short girls who think they’re ugly and they could’nt have they’re happy.little lovelife…learn to appreciate each other’s feeling…by the way..im 4`7 and im proud of it….if your a judgemental person….judge me like how you judge other’s opinion about this..it will show your true attitude surely..

  • Catie

    I don’t know whether I would be considered short or not.. I’m like 5’3… is that short.?

  • courtney

    Im only 4″11 and everyone always tells me how short I am. All my friends are at least 5″5 and the guys always tell me that. I haven’t went out with anyone who has told me they like short girls.

  • courtney

    Sooo idk about the whole guys like short girls thing not in this generation at least my girl friends think it’s cute but I don’t know about guys

  • Hazelbabe

    I’m only 5 foot and I love it! I’m 17 and done growing. I have a tall best friend and she is beautiful. I’m cute and I’m Okay with that. My only problem is that I want to date super tall guys. Like 6 foot or taller. I feel short and tiny and protected with a tall boyfriend. No one is afraid of me and I feel more loved being short. YAY FOR ALL DA SHORTIES. XD

  • beanstock

    I’ve always felt too tall, this article confirms that men prefer shorter women which makes me feel manly especially because I’m with a shorter man and he’s always preferred petite girls. I guess I’m kinda jealous so I over compensate by acting extra girly wearing dresses and always keeping my hair long and wearing makeup and doing my nails. I hate being taller than most because everybody makes me feel like I’m some kind of giant beast. I do stand out and it’s uncomfortable to be out of place among a group of people. I’m 5’9″ & 130 lbs but as far as my facial features, curvy booty, p3rky bre@sts, and small waist I feel attractive even beautiful but it’s things like this that make women who have been teased their whole life to feel insecure. I’m blessed and lucky for the way I am but everyone has something about themselves that bothers them. It’s how life evens itself out…short women are cute, no doubt, they tend to look younger for longer and are feminine but tall women can be cute too especially with the right face and if they have a youthful, fun personality. Tall women are just as easy to lift or carry especially if they’re small framed (eg. narrow shoulder width) and maintain their height to weight ratio. It’s wrong to think of shorter women as more feminine because it’s not always true in every circumstance. I have a lot of short friends who act much more aggressive, tom-boyish, and have a larger frame than I do. So for all the short women on here, you all should understand that the jealous sounding remarks coming from the tall women are out of hurt for such an offensive article to state that height matters in femininity. Just as men are very conscious of their masculinity, a women’s ego can be hurt by someone making them feel less feminine. How would you like to be called a giraffe or a giant all your life (not that giraffes are bad, they’re actually cute). Think of how it feels when someone calls you an umpaloompa or a gnome, doesn’t it kinda sting? Instead of judging others remind yourself to consider their struggle and the stereotypes they’ve dealt with. Not all tall people are good at basketball or have an interest in modeling so our stature can be a limitation to us just as much if not more so than a short stature can be a limitation. No, our lives are not all runways and glamour; pants flood on us more, we bump our heads on low hanging lights, we can’t fit into cramped spaces as easily, we look lanky, we don’t get pampered as much since everyone thinks we can defend ourselves better than short women, we have to be tougher since we look it, we have a hard time finding someone to dance with that won’t make us look like giants, we can’t fit snuggly under our man’s arm as we walk down the street, we were never the “adorable one” just the “big one”. That’s another thing I hate about how other people refer to us tall women as “big”, we’re not “big” because we’re not all heavy or fat, some of us our light and have smaller narrower bones. We can be extremely flexible in bed as well, and our v@g1nas are just as tight so don’t let stereotypes fool you.

    • https://www.facebook.com/BlaiseGaubaSculptor/photos_stream Blaise Gauba

      My question is: The person…Julia…who wrote the blog…or article, what age is she? How old is she? And what and why are her impressions about her opinions in her article based on all the statements that she made? That is, how did she come to the conclusions for her comments that she came to? What have been HER experiences in her life that would make her make those statements? I would think that she must be pretty young and inexperienced in life for her to make such statements in the first place.

    • lori

      Im 5`2. . Be proud of whatever your height is . Tall women are beautiful. I always envied my 5,10 friend and wished I had her body. She turned heads.

    • Neeks

      If it makes you feel any better, I’m 5″2 and everytime I see a tall girl I get jelly -.- I think tall girls are beautiful and feminine. You all look more independent whereas short girls feel as though we look like children dressing as adults lol and I feel embarrassed when I go to the gym in case someone stares. So I guess we all have our own self inflicted flaws. :)

      • Macy

        This may seem lame, but I seriously cried at this. I have always struggled with beig too tall. I’m 5’8 and 14!!! Short girls shouldn’t be ashamed of their height because you have so many signs saying your height is good such as this article, men, and more. All I get asked is if I’m in basketball or modeling and it just reminds me that I’m really that tall. It’s almost painful that amount of times I get asked that. Guys are usually not tall around my age so it’s super awkward dating in high school btw. It’s a day by day struggle with my height, and I know I’m an attractive person it’s just I wish I was short so bad. I know I should embrace my height but in my awkward high school years I will never get confident about it because no guy likes tall girls :( sorry this is really late but i had to really get that out there

        • Shannon

          I was 5’10 in highachool, so I know your struggle. Its not easy. But I’m 6′ now in my early 20′s, and I promise you it gets better. Once you embrace your height (short or tall), you will be so much happier! And happiness is what all girls deserve. There are plenty of men out there, maybe not in your high school, but come after, there is plenty. I promise! Chin up and love yourself

    • Munson Talbot

      I want to fuck the girl who wrote this article, but I want marry you! ;-D

    • garnov

      while it’s true that tall slim women are easy to lift.. they are
      a)a little bit more awkward to lift as as they’re more of an awkward object Like the difference between a stick and a pole of the same weight, the pole is more awkward . they don’t fit as snugly into the man’s arms. A smaller girl’s legs at the knee area, and neck, rest snugly and neatly on the guy’s arms.
      b)Taller girls just don’t react so well to being moved around.. they worry they’ll fall off the bed. they’re not used to being handled like that,
      c)Girls like taller guys, and so sometimes a guy might choose a shorter girl because she’s more into it.
      d)tall girls almost never look sweet and adorable. Their faces tend to be longer..

      Tall girls that are thin and have tits, are still good though and they can have long legs which is very arousing and is one thing they have over shorter girls, but that’s the only thing. It’s a great thing though!

      • Shannon

        You are clearly a tool, therefore, your argument is invalid. Its guys in this world like you that stem all insecurities from all girls in general. Please, do not speak on a matter you have no idea about. Thanks

        • garnov

          If that makes you insecure then you’re pathetic. Men are actually much less fussy than women on the subject of height. Tall and Short are fine with most men. But if you watch women interviewed, or speak to short men, you’d know that women take a much worse view of short men, than men do of short or tall women. So that makes some men feel insecure but it’s a fact.. I don’t hear men attacking the fact. And even your first sentence is wrong in at least three different ways.

          • Izzy Bolden

            dude…..you just contradicted yourself lol

      • Jenna

        oh they dont look sweet and adorable…
        Miranda Kerr
        Kelly Gale
        Melanie Iglesias
        Taylor Hill
        Marina Nery
        Ashley sky
        Flavia Oliveira
        Cara delevingne
        Kendall Jenner

        The list goes forever…

        • garnov

          I didn’t know tall sweet looking girls existed! Good list!

      • Robert Harvey

        Shutup shannon. He knows exactly what hes talking about. In fact let me end this bullshit argument. Theres a thing called a “preference” which all of you dimwits are forgetting about. I dated a girl taller than me. Her name was faith. The most beautiful and cutest girl i thought that i would ever meet. Because she was hot, she had a great personality. And she was very outgoing. Those are the things guys like. Why? Well lets face it guys are a bit more outgoing then girls are. Sure you can say “im a girl and waaay more outgoing then my guy friends. But im clearly speaking via “majority rules”. Guys naturally have a higher testosterone level than girls. Ive had sex with many girls so as far as testosterone goes, dont try and argue. I aint braggin but im trying to prove a point. If i could go back in time and fix me cheating on her, i fucking god damn would. But i presently speaking i dont want to. Because im with a girl named erika who is shorter the exact same as faith personality wise. But she puts up with my bullshit. As i do hers. And im in love with this girl and will probably ask her to marry me. But. Stereotypes have nothing to do with a relationship of any kind whether it be a sexual/intimate/dating/friendly relationship.

    • ohjaayox

      Honestly, this comment made me smile. I’m 5’10 and I’ve always been so insecure of my height, especially around my short friends who always look all sweet and cute having guys pour all over them because they’re like little dolls. But then I realised – HEY, I couldn’t think of anything WORSE than being treated like a doll! My friends get treated like incompetent babies that can’t do anything for themselves just because they’re small. I don’t want that! I’m independent and I can look after myself, I don’t want some guy babying me just to fit his ego?
      When I found my boyfriend who IS TALLER than me I realised how lucky I was. I can look after myself, thank you, I don’t need someone picking me up and carrying me around like some sort of luggage.
      Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and this article is total rubbish. Everyone is different and that is FINE. You don’t have to be short to be feminine, same way you don’t have to be tall to be confident.
      Everyone is beautiful to someone.

  • Danggg

    Sex with a smaller girl isn’t more enjoyable because we can toss them around in every which position, or walk around while tossing em up and down. or holding em upside down while ya both get freakki

    It’s more enjoyable because chances are, sma***************************** O.o know what I’m sayin?

  • SMR

    I’m 6’4 and I love girls that are 5’5 and under there’s just something about them that drive me crazy I think its because they are so adorable that i just want to hug them and never let them go every time I hug the girl I like I just want to pick her up and carry her around on my shoulders ever were we go she only 5 feet tall and one of the cutest girls I’ve known

    • https://www.facebook.com/BlaiseGaubaSculptor/photos_stream Blaise Gauba

      I think there are some “words” missing from your comment…am I right? That was the longest, unpunctuated non-sentence I have ever not been able to understand in a long time. But hey, as long as you’re happy about what you didn’t say, then that’s all that matters.

    • Isabelle

      Your post makes me wanna throw up.

    • SS

      LOL Because women are dollies that you can just carry around like a cave man!

      • xoxo

        Jesus he meant it in a sweet way. Can’t you see he didn’t mean anything by it an just shut up. cheers xoxo

  • notmyrealname

    as 6’3 (193cm) guy It would be very nice if I could find a girl to date that I did not need to bend down to hug or she hugs me she does not even clear my shoulder

    • Juke Box

      Don’t complain. There are plenty of tall girls around you, you just choose not to date them.

  • Cairro

    I’m 5″1 but I think this article is extremely offensive and bias. I understand you want to make short girls feel better, but that doesn’t make it right for you to demean tall girls. Girls are girls, and they are all loved by different kinds of people, so it isn’t really accurate to say that one height is more popular.

    2). In my experiences, I’ve met petite girls who look like they would rather shoot themselves than accept any kind of ‘protection’ from men, and trust me, the guys don’t offer any.

    3). Because I’m short, I’ve run across several awkward hugs with guys, where my head will be practically on their stomach. And it’s awkward for them because they end up putting their hands around my neck instead of my back. Plus, there are some hella tall guys out there, who would probably appreciate hugging a girl who was at least close to their height, so as to keep it from being uncomfortable.

    4). “Tall woman are usually very confident but their confidence often has a lot of pride and arrogance mixed in it” Says who? Since when is your height directly related to your personality traits? You can’t be confident without being prideful and arrogant? We should all just be short and self-conscience? “[...] short women are definitely a safer bet when it comes to protecting their ego.” It sounds like that’s the guy’s problem, not the girl’s. It isn’t her fault that he has a sensitive (and inflated) ego, so that really says nothing about how short girls are better, since that is dependent on the guy’s personal issues.

    5). “Tall woman know that they have it in them and they are aware of their options. However, some short women are unaware of their beauty and charm because they have always been very preoccupied with their height. Innocence and humility can be very attractive in a woman. When someone has both these, why will anyone care about how tall they are?” Mm, this whole paragraph is just…okay, since when does height=confidence? Never. Just because you had a growth spurt doesn’t mean that you have never dealt with self-conscience issues (and I’m sure a lot of tall girls that read this are now having worse issues learning to love their height, so that’s just great). When I was younger, I was taller than everyone else, because I grew fast and then stopped growing. And I’ll tell you, those tall years were just as awkward as my short years (aka now). On the flip-side, I know plenty of confident, self-sufficient short girls. And I’m sorry, but is being humiliated with yourself attractive these days? Cause I always thought that people (girls or guys) who were confident in themselves and who had fully accepted and learned to love themselves were the most attractive people. But, I’m going to humor you and pretend that humility and innocence are both redeeming qualities in a girl. What if a tall girl is both of those? You said then that it shouldn’t matter. So really, you have no relevant reasons why a short girl is better than a taller one because you just said that it depends all on their personality, thereby contradicting the fact that you previously stated that short girls are better simply because of their height. So what is it that really matters- physical appearance or personality?

    7). What are we, furniture?

    8). I have really short legs and a long torso, and yes, I look disproportionate but I’m short. Also, I know that there are a lot of guys who like long legs, and that is sometimes impossible for short girls and sometimes is something only tall girls can accomplish.

    9). A guy in a relationship shouldn’t feel confident that a girl won’t leave him simply because he knows he can dominate her. This typically leads to domestic violence because the man gets over confident and tries to force a submissive girl into doing something.

    10). If a man truly loved a girl, he wouldn’t need ‘brownie points’ from his friends. Furthermore, his friends shouldn’t care what his girlfriend looks like, as long as: a). They are genuinely good friends and b). They knew how much the girl and guy were in love. Also, I’ve read on several websites, heard in multiple videos, and talked with many girls about the fact that they actually hate being treated like they are nothing more than a trophy by their boyfriends/fiancees/husbands and would actually like to be treated like a human being instead of an object with which to impress the guy’s friends.

    11). Femininity and masculinity are nothing more than states of mind, meaning you can choose to be as feminine or as masculine as you desire- it has little to nothing to do with estrogen or testosterone ratios. Femininity and masculinity have to do with personality, environment, upbringing, and personal decisions of one’s image more so than chemicals found within the body.

    12). First off, it may be common that tall guys like short girls, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is a social norm, because there are varied people in this world with many different tastes, and it just isn’t realistic (or provable) that one height is favored more than the other. Also, since when does something being a social norm make it justifiable to criticize the “social abnormality”? Just because something is a social normality doesn’t make it right and fair.

    “As long as a guy likes a girl, their difference in height doesn’t really make that much of a difference.”
    So you pretty much insulted every slightly tall girl in the world throughout every other paragraph, only to go back on your previous statements and say that it doesn’t really matter all that much, because in the end, it’s all about which guy it is.

    And all you guys who felt good about yourselves after reading this article, think about all the tall people who are self-doubting their worth right about now. God forbid you already were uncomfortable with being tall before you read this article or now it will probably take a while for you to truly accept yourself in your own skin after being mercilessly criticized by this misinformed bully of a blogger.

    • Nikole

      I am 5’10″ and my sister is 6′, and I just need to thank you for your comment!! As my sister says; you deserve a hug and chocolate. This article couldn’t have been more wrong or hurtful (trust me, height does NOT equate confidence), but your comment gave me hope that we tall girls are not so completely misread by everyone. Thank you and bless you!!!

      • lill cr7

        hey dear!! thanx for this article.. made me feel good… but i need to suggest one thing … i know u want to make short girls feel good for their height and all.. but at the same time u dont need to discourage tall girls by saying that they are confident not so much very feminine and all.. u can encourage short girls without pointing towards tall ones… i am 5’2 ..and i am really thankful for u to post this article…but as i read the comments below .. i felt bad for the tall girls.. so plzz make sure you dont do it in your next articles. dont take is as a offence plzz …. but keep writing i like reading u :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/BlaiseGaubaSculptor/photos_stream Blaise Gauba

      Wow…I REALLY liked your response. Fantastic! From one average height guy to a short lady…finally, someone who speaks the truth and the facts.

    • Ileria

      Thanks. Now me a short girl (4’10″ ) feels incredibly depressed again and since I have been struggling with my depression in the past this only makes it worse. I understand about the whole hating on tall girls thing that the article was doing, but your comments about short girls and guys liking them or not makes me feel like crap and makes me feel worthless.

      • joejoe

        i love very short skinny women. i guess because i was so skinny for years i felt better and more confident with some one who wouldnt crush me at 135 lbs. Im 6′ 3″ but have put on 50 lbs over the years. i still like them 70 lbs and 4′ 10″ though.

        • Ss

          A lot of guys I know have married teeny bopper women who are “cute and tiny”. Then, they marry them, knock ‘em up, and have little round wives as “arm candy”. KARMA

          • Meghan

            What the fuck. Wow thank your these kind words.

          • Christina_bdba

            You sound like a very jealous woman.

            • lol

              Lol she must be very tall haha. She is very jealous. My short and cute girl is still thin 20 years later , gutted bitch

        • lizz

          That’s like pedophilia lol.

    • lee

      Why do i think someone who wrote this is some depressed tall woman ? And i dont believe if you were petite like youve been described.

      • Jewels Nefeteri

        im short and i love it that way, guys always find the need to protect me and they think im adorable. small girls weigh less so there’s no trouble walking around with us and plus down there is much smaller

        • Tall but small

          Hey I’m 5’10″ and been totally by everyone I’ve been with that I’m “small down there,” as you’d say…external size means nothing in that sense.

        • ohjaayox

          I’m 5’10″ and I don’t need a guy to protect me. And I like it that way
          Plus, if being smaller means you have a smaller “down there”, I think it would be fair to say that would mean taller people have bigger everything else too? Like brain and heart… WINNING!

        • Molly

          “plus down there is much smaller”

          LMAO no it’s not. Please, learn something about anatomy because you spread misinformation like this. The size of vagina varies a lot between girls of the same height, but there’s no correlation between the height of a woman and the size/depth of her vagina. Most vaginas are around 3-4 inches deep, and stretch when aroused. There’s also no correlation between height and “looseness” of a vagina. Those are just myths made up by idiots who don’t know anything about the anatomy of women.

          • TruthSayer

            Exactly! THIS is what happens in our stupid American educational systems when we insist on separating boys and girls in sex ed and perpetuating the “eww gross” factor and ignorance. Boys become ignorant men whose only knowledge about women and their bodies is what other men tell them and what they see in porn, All mostly wrong. And extremely damaging to women. Both short and tall, young and old.
            I am 5’11″ and never felt “superior” in any way, but was under the misconception until recently (thank God) that men were smart enough not to extrapolate our height with the size of our vagina. Apparently, I was SADLY mistaken. I had obviously given the men of America far to much credit. The legend of the “spinner” lives on. (And for the three of you out there who are not yet aware what that is, and I apologize for those with sensitive natures, but you mind as well find out what 99% of men are thinking anyway – a “spinner” a.k.a. “short/petite” woman – oh, and she has to be thin, as well. lest I forget to mention that – is one men prefer above all “trophies” because why? Cute? Oh no. Nothing so boring and clean as that. The REAL reason is far more insidious and loathsome. Simply put, they are so named, and vastly preferred the the pervy world over, because they can imagine “spinning” them around on their penuses. Period. That’s it. And yes, the opposite still tings true. They are laboring under the Neanderthal belief that a woman over (oh, I don’t really kn ow what these trogladytes’ cut off is – let’s say 5’7″ -) anything over that and it’s “like throwing a pencil down an elevator shaft.”

            THAT’S THE REAL REASON ‘MEN’ prefer ‘short’ women.” Sad but true. Learn it, know it women of America. I am not bitter, believe me. I have a brother and all my friends are guys. I am just telling you like it is. I am just telling you what I know – what you don’t want to know and what they will probably never tell you nor admit. But knowledge is king. And being short or tall – let me tell you – it has NOTHING to do with your GPA or your sense of humor…mmmmmmK?

          • Christina_bdba

            Actually I have been told just the oppposite from my hubby the OBGYN. Tall women always have bigger looser ones than small women do.

            • Medusa

              I asked my guy friends so I could answer here. My guy friends who have slept with taller females have told me they didn’t notice any difference between short or tall ‘down there’ while having sex. Your hubby also must be unqualified to be a OBGYN as everyone who has studied the anatomy of a female knows the length inside a woman’s vaginal canal is not smaller or larger based on a woman’s height, a vagina stretches to about 3-7 inches when aroused and no more than that (perfect enough to accommodate a man’s length) so you need to keep your mouth shut and educate yourself first. Just as being a taller man or shorter man doesn’t mean one’s penis is larger or smaller than the other, a woman’s vagina is not bigger or smaller based on her height. Short women could have a vaginal canal being 7 inches while a taller women could have a vaginal canal stretching 4 or even 3. And as a matter of fact, I doubt you’re even married to one judging by your BITTER reply. Ya know, I think the only way a woman could be loose down there is if she was constantly used as a blow up doll to throw around in the bedroom (just like most guys like to use you as). Since tall women get less action then shorter women on average, I’d be more inclined to say that’s it’s women like you who are probably so loose and used up, you could fit a bowling ball in there.

          • shut up hoe

            Every short girl I have fuck is tight. Shut up bitch

        • Meghan

          I’m 5’2 and don’t need/want any guy to protect me I’ll do it myself. And the size of your fucking vagina hole has actually nothing to do with your height. Please, educate yourself!

        • Heather

          I’m embarrassed for your lack of knowledge.

        • angie

          I don’t need to be a pathetic little needy girl to be lol. I’m called adorable all the time and I’m 5’5 so average because I am adorable, not because of height lol.

      • Jenna

        why do you sound like some lame guy that couldn’t ever pull a model chick if he tried. What tall girl is depressed it has nothing to do with her height. Hot tall girls with crazy legs get plenty of attention of admirers and love from everyone. The ones that don’t are ugly and being ugly even if you have long legs doesn’t help. Short ugly girls don’t have it easy too they’re usually easily fat or michelin men or tubes or spongebob look a likes.

        • foxyfoxy

          I may be only 4’9 or 4’10 but I have long legs and a short torso. Also I have curves so no all short women look like that. But all do.

    • Patrick

      He wrote a stereotypical article on possible reasons, all of which are valid, you’re overreacting.
      You’re also incredibly naive. “If a man truly loved a girl, he wouldn’t need ‘brownie points’ from his friends”. The whole idea of needing brownie points has nothing to do with the love they share. We are apes(obviously), there are very very few men and women out there who are actually independent, and don’t require the recognition of his/her fellow apes.
      “it may be common that tall guys like short girls, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is a social norm”.
      A social norm is something that is common and acceptable, your argument is invalid.
      Point number 4. You’re right, there is no “direct” correlation between height and personality. But your personality is created by your experiences, and tall people are more likely to share experiences, therefore tall people are more likely to be over confident/arrogant. You’re arguing against yourself.
      I entirely agree with point number 9 and offer my full support for this argument you offered Cairro.
      Your argument number 5 is more contradictory and pathetic then his. He said that innocence and humility are redeeming qualities, favourable qualities, and that short girls are more likely to possess these because of their lives as short people. So you agree with that, as we all should, because it makes sense. Then you say that you agree that if a tall girl were to have these then that rule would be thrown out the window, which makes sense. Then you say that his argument is invalid, even though you just agreed with him…
      Point three, the hugging one. He said that hugging a girl, and having her head right under your chin is comfortable. And it is. I’m 6″4 and when a girl slots under there it feels just the way it should. But nowhere does he say it’s comfortable to hug girls who’re practically around your belly button. Read it again, maybe it’s in invisible writing only you can see. I can’t see it, can anyone else? I can’t.
      Finally I’m gonna try and not lose my cool about this next argument, argument 11. Oestrogen is the feminine hormone… Testosterone is the masculine hormone… It’s not that difficult. Voice pitch, height, natural muscularity, facial/body hair, metabolic rate, red blood count, aggression, competitiveness, and that’s just the beginning. Did you know males and females can smell if the other has a surplus of testosterone or oestrogen? It spurs on sexual relations and increases the likelihood of attraction if a male can smell a surplus in oestrogen in a female, and vise versa. Males will tend to link there testosterone cycles with females menstrual cycles who they spend a lot of time with(not including family) so they have the largest sperm count when the women is most fertile. Don’t even get me started on your’s, and anyone else’s, ignorance in believing that who you are is totally independent of your body.

      I’m gonna take a guess (completely independent of the last piece of my argument) and say that you are unhappy with you’re size and dislike the way this man has managed to label you so accurately that it seems as though he has placed boundaries on you you will never be able to surpass. Honey, the only way you’re gonna be happy is if you accept that, or if you show yourself that stereotypes are stereotypes, they’re generalisations, things that humanity has been doing since his creation. Deciding, based on past experience, that that tiger will eat me and so staying away from it; it doesn’t mean the tiger will eat him, but it’s a good place to start. The only one capable of breaking the stereotype is the stereotyped.
      Also you’re a rage B*^ch and need to get that checked out, maybe some psychiatric help.

      • Maegan

        I am from the Netherlands, which is the country of tall people and let me tell you that tall people are not more confident and arrogant, but get just as much shit about their length as short people. A lot of tall girls I know are actually pretty insecure about their length.
        I’m 5’2 so I get a lot of shit about my length here, but when i talk to a girl who is 6’1, she gets just as much shit about it as me and at the end of the day we are both as unhappy with our length. End of story.

      • Medusa

        If this is the type of man that goes after certain types of women (short) then I’m glad to be avoiding someone who is highly insecure with himself. It’s one thing to have a preference, and it’s a completely utter different story to bash someone over something they can’t change.

        Are supermodels like anything described in this article? Didn’t think so. Would anyone turn down Adriana Lima, a 5’10″ female? Didn’t think so. Lol win.

    • Some Random Fellow

      There is absolutely no reason to be offended. I’ll note that the article did not suggest that men do not like tall women. It was an article that explained why men like short women. And it did not mean to suggest “all men”, because we know that’s not true. Was was not a single negative statement made about tall girls.

      I don’t agree with every single point made in the article, but you should not just blow up over it. It’s an opinion blog post, nothing more. You could likely find another blog post somewhere else talking about why guys like tall girls. Another on why girls like tall men.

    • Marlo

      I wanna slap who ever made that article, I’m 5’9 and I love you thank you for making everything more clear. This article completely made tall girls feel like shit! saying short girls are more feminine? I’m not confident about my height at all! And so saying all tall girls are confident is complete bullshit. This made me mad, but thank you for being a great person.

      • Nay nay

        Hey :’) I’m 14 and 5’7 and always get told that I’m too tall….honestly be proud of your height…”short girls are more feminine” most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Compare Miranda Kerr who’s 5’9 and Snooki who’s 4’11..who’s more successful and beautiful? That’s right Miranda kerr….whoever wrote this article is obviously someone who’s insecure about being short and wishes they were tall so puts everyone with a good height down to boost they’re confidence….short girls may be “cute” but tall girls are beautiful….look at iggy azalea who’s 5’10 and you can’t tell me she’s not confident! Be proud of your height :’)

        • Tjebskxbd

          I don’t mean to be rude… Like seriously I’m being serous… Okay…
          But uh, well I’m short and when you said that tall girls are beautiful it’s kinda like you meant that short girls aren’t beautiful as well. Every girl is beautiful, no matter there height (this isn’t really to you anymore, your great.) I’m kinda um saying that, this article is just because… Well there are alot of dumb articles out there, and this is just one. You can’t take everything to seriously.

          Just because your short or tall doesn’t mean your any less sucessful. It’s the choices you make in life, those are the things that make a difference. Choices.

        • Imperfection is Beauty

          Thank you for this coment I am actually almost 13 and 4’6 or 4’6.5 I think and I feel like although this article is making short girls feel good about their heights but putting tall girls moods about their height down but I like you’re reply to the article cause u are referring all heights in the end where u say to be proud of your height thank you for not putting other short girls down in your comment when trying to emphasize a point. In other comments people wanted to leave their opinions about the article and I understood their upset the article did go overboard stating fall facts about tall girls but that gives them no excuse to try and make short girls feel bad in their coment. So thank you for proving your point and oppinion with out making short girls feel bad and I like the comment at the end to be proud of your height no matter what height it is

          • Pipermay

            I agree I didn’t really like this article how it made short girls seem cute and lovable and it made tall girls seem cold and ugly there are many kind, beautiful, smart tall girls out there just as much as there are kind, beautiful, smart average and short people out there. You should be proud of your height, not ashamed.

      • Pipermay

        Marlo I understand what you’re saying! I’m 5’4 (I guess that’s short) but they had crap in here about us short girls too! They’re saying that short girls are little pixie, Barbie girl, tiny girly-girls. That one made me mad. I don’t need a boy to ‘protect’ me-trust me, men don’t even offer it (in my dating experience).

      • lill cr7

        hii i am 5’2.. i agree to your point.. even if i am short enough but it depends on my behaviour and personality.. i am not considered to be so much very feminine !! :P ppl call me a guy.. they call me ronaldo coz i walk like a guy!!!

    • Nycuh

      Stop bitching.

    • Pizza

      I both agree and do not agree. I agree that it’s wrong to say that short women are more desirable to men, no one has done real statistics there, but on the other hand, does that mean I am bad because I prefer short girls? My girlfriend is more than a head shorter than me, and I love that. But that doesn’t mean I base my love for her on her height! Gosh, of course not. Love and attraction are two completely different things, as it’s been proven that they’re associated with completely different parts of the brain. Many of the guys I’ve met prefer short girls, many of the girls I’ve met prefer tall guys, but it’s not finite. Just like some people are straight and some people are homosexual, attraction within a sexual orientation completely depends on the person. I like short girls, yes, and I’m sorry if that makes tall girls feel bad, but really, they shouldn’t. Because that’s just what I feel. Not all guys like the same things, not all girls like the same things, that’s a fact. This article just lists 12 POSSIBLE reasons why the guys who like short girls does. I don’t agree with all of this. To be honest, the only ones I recognize myself in are the second and third one.

    • foxyfoxy

      I have a short torso and long legs but I’m 4’10. People assume I’m a lot bigger and taller in pictures than in real life. At least it’s easier for you to get dressed.

    • Christina_bdba

      Cairro get over yourself. I am a tiny women and found nothing offensive about this. I found it honest and truthful on the guy’s part.

    • Chris

      I’m 5 ft tall and alot of people make f of me for that. (Mostly tall guys) so I’m not entirely sure you know what you’re talking about. I also really DO NOT appreciate the fact that you said short girls are much more submissive to taller guys. Because even though I may be short if someone disrespects me I’m gonna kick their ass flat on the floor, if they’re 4’10 or 6’5! So that’s all I have to say about this matter. And whoever wrote this article you get some real facts

  • ki

    I have to ask a question about something that was brought to my attention about small women. After I ask the question can you guys let me know what you think? Here it go I was told ” Small women have deep waters and big have shallow ones”. This was said after I was curious as to why men seem more attracted to smaller women. What do you say about that?

  • Olivia

    Im only 4,10 and my boyfreind is 6feet 6 and we get on fine our sex life is amazing and he helps me when i need it like to reach things and i help him when he needs to bend down see we both compliment each other

    • Neeks

      That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! ♥

    • joejoe

      id like to see that. You should make a video. id watch

    • ss

      good for you, midge.

  • Anonymous

    Short girls are unattractive.

    • gabii

      *GASP* no they are not ! wtf have u been

    • kevk300

      YOU MUST LIKE GIRLS WITH BIG TWATS THEN.. i like petite chick because they are tight down there

      • phil

        dude, height has nothing to do with tightness, been with a shortie that’s loose as hell.

      • Kayle Beehive

        You like petite chicks because you’ve got a tiny dick.

        • Izzy Bolden

          BURN!!! lol

  • Chris

    Wow. This article was obviously written by a young woman who is envious of tall women. Your defensiveness of being “petite”, and your obvious jabs at tall women just scream “I’M INSECURE”!!!!

    For the record, as a man I dont feel that short women are any more cute or feminine as tall women. Its all about the individual. You cant just lump people together.

    And just so you know, most men do not like short womens legs. They are stubby, especially when the calf muscle is really short. Short women also tend to have t-rex arms and disproporianately large heads.

    • Elona Alley

      Woah there Chris, Calm Down. I just want you to know that 7 months later, even if what you say is true, you made a complete ass of yourself.

    • brody

      lmao you are spot on though

    • >>>>>

      and you sound like a ignorant self absorbed bitch

    • Littleone

      Oh wow just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you need to insult and crush small girl’s/women’s self-esteem. This article was supposed to make us feel better about being small and you achieved to ruin it with your comment, thank you very much. It’s nice to know that you think that our body looks disproportional and ridiculious. You obviously hate people and have some serious issues but don’t drag other people into your misery!

    • https://www.facebook.com/BlaiseGaubaSculptor/photos_stream Blaise Gauba

      Well, I was in agreement with you until I read your last paragraph. Whew! You should have stopped while you were ahead.

    • Juke Box

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a short guy that couldn’t find any women to want you. Another bitter short guy angry at short girls.

      • lilly

        If anything you sound like a man who could never get a hot tall girl that’s why youve left like four or more posts on here obsessing about this. You’re really pushing for short girls cause ur an insecure man.

        • Juke Box

          Or just a girl who speaks the truth. Also what is this hot tall girls you speak of? If this were the case, you tall girls wouldn’t be here bitching and moaning about short girls taking “your men.” Quit talking like people couldn’t get with you and your types when most people don’t want it in the first place.

          • lilly

            First of all, Plenty of tall women get way more attention than your girlfriend would ever get.

            Ashley Sky
            Doutzen Kroes
            Adriana Lima
            Candice Swanepoel
            Shanina Shaik

            Miranda Kerr
            Barbara Palvin
            Elsa Holsk
            Taylor Hill

            SO MANY. If you’re a girl you’re just a jealous one. If you’re a man you never could pull a hot tall chick in your life.

            PERSONALLY as a HOT tall chick, I’m offended because I get plenty of attention from lame fucks like you who do anything to be with me and then you men claim you don’t like tall girls except you’re hitting on me and checking me out everywhere i fucking go.

            • lilly

              not to mention:
              Megan fox.
              Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos.
              Petra Nemcova

        • Juke Box

          Hahaha! The only people here obsessing are tall girls who can’t get any man and are too much of a bitch to even settle for a short one. Tall, hot girl? No such thing unless you’re a super model that only dates short guys for money and only a handful of models are even deemed attractive. We are all here because of the blog entry on how shorter girls are desirable so don’t give me this delusional tall hot girl bs. Nobody wants them, according to what we all read.

          • Anonymous

            XD uhm idk if im 5’5 but seriously im pretty tall for my age. Oh & seriously “Nobody wants them, according to what we all read” uhm this is the internet for God’s sake. Short girls are cute & all but really some guys find taller girls slightly a bit more attractive. Yes, tall guys do find short girls attractive as well. Yes, ive dated a short guy once. It was pretty awkward when I tried hugging him, but overall he was a nice guy. All I gotta say is im not just another tall girl who is “bitching & moaning” seriously so immature of you to say that. Anyways, tall/ short girls are both attractive but I guess you can say tall/ short girls have their con’s & pro’s.

    • ss

      ROARRRR t rex hahahahaha

    • foxyfoxy

      You must not be very bright if you think all short women have the same proportions. Some short women have long legs and shorter torso.
      But at of people tend to be jealous of tall womenor short wwomen.

  • Alina

    I’m 20 years old and I’m 4’11 I get called cute, adorable, and squishable by my taller BF (I think he is 5’11”) at first it REALLY bugged me but I’ve grown to accept my size and I secretly love being called that by him. I am very feisty about it with other people still lol

  • Silvia

    Cant believe the comments of women being so critical of one another tall/short.
    I’m more disgusted by the language of this article; things like pick and move around. Trophy. Makes it seem like women are objects. Also while this article seems to praise the short woman, it also kinda implies that short women are vulnerable, have no confidence, blah blah. That’s not even true of short women in general. Or women in general. This is just another one of those articles to make women feel insecure about themselves.

  • WOo

    Wow, thanks for being honest.

    I’m a gorgeous tall woman who encounters this repulsion to tall men quite frequently – the fragile ego and insecure thing comes shining through.

    It is actually shorter males who are drawn to me, because they don’t have the strange issues of taller males. For shorter males, they want the most beautiful and confident woman they can win over.

  • Panida

    God I seriously hate being short.I’m 5’0 ft and I have a friend who is 4’11.personally I don’t think it’s cute.You just look like a midget and I just honestly can’t believe people like its cute sometimes.

    • Sofia Alejandro

      I know the feeling.

      I see some people pulling it off, but I personally can’t. I would do anything to be three or two inches taller. Alot of my (tall) guy friends are like “AWH you’re so adorable”. “.-.” I’ve heard some of these things that the blog states from guys, but not every guy is the same.

  • Me

    Yes I am tall and I agree with many things the blog states, it is obviously coming from a male perspective. However I think that any man can date a short girl. But if a man “dares” to date a tall girl, that means he is beyond those manly, protective insecurity issues, and he may be a keeper or at least worth considering. And its not just the height, because if the girl was 5 inches and 150 kg or a had frumpy, bitter face, she would not be as dated as a 6 inch girl with some curves and a nice smile. I also have a cute short friend who all the guys go for, but as soon as she opens her mouth they go flying in the other direction. So again, height is not all.

  • http://youtube.com bibi

    Wow stop being so cruel to tall girls, guys. I’m a girl, 5’2, which means I’m not tall at all. Girls, tall or short, you’re all beautiful. And to the short girls who call tall girls giraffes, SHAME ON YOU, you might be short and ‘cute’ but you’re mean-spirited if you feel the need to put the taller girls down, you’re also probably just jealous, otherwise why would you say such condescending things? SHORT MEAN GIRLS, GROW UP!!!

  • Rebellka

    Jesus girls calm the duck down. You realize that this article is about STEREOTYPES? So stop bitching about it being offensive. Also most of it is true. Yes. Tall women often have smaller boobs BECAUSE their body is bigger! Jeeze… and being tall = more testosterone = less feminine. DEAL. WITH. IT. and yes short girls are often less confident BECAUSE they’re being looked down at most of the time. Models. are. not. beautiful. Anorexia is not beautiful… oh and one more thing.. for those who dont know it yet. Hells are worn by girls because their legs look better in them (and they’re pretty :3 ).
    It’s all about what the guy prefers… Even if being short means being more attractive to men doesn’t mean that the “right guy” will arrive faster..
    (I’m 4’9” and 18 and I’m still still a kissless virgin :) even if my friend is 5’10” and she’s dating awesome guy )

  • Melissa

    After reading this I’m not worried about my height anymore (5″3)! I can’t wait to go hug a guy right now XD

  • Patrice

    In this day and age short women actually already have enough confidence they’re the one I see all over the internet wearing stylish clothes, stylish hair, cleaveges, hot boyfriends or boy friends, daring pictures basically they just scream confidence some of these are also the same with short girls I see in real life, and tall girls.

    I am not tall myself (about 5’4 and actually tallest in my female friends) but I really feel bad about the tall girls reading this. They can be just as adorable, cute, and sweet but they can also be fiesty. In fact a lot of tall girls have little confidence now because being short is the norm today.

    And to the tall ones who felt uneasy, don’t worry, these are just the voices of the men who needs a short girl to make him feel manly.

    And to the short ones (like myself, although I don’t feel short as I am the tallest in my friends, probably why I’m defending them and why I felt uneasy) I am really happy that you can finally be confident.

  • Anonymous

    I’m short this is cool finally something good about being short I was always picked on for my height

  • Jennifer

    Seriously? This is just so stupid. The person who wrote this is so stupid.
    Tall girls are feminine too omg and it’s pretty too be a tall. I’m 5’7 and I hate it because of what some people are saying so please STOP so rude.

  • Lily

    Well, mother nature is just wonderful. Let’s balme her.We cannot be all tall or all short. So, what canwe do huh? Be the best we can.

  • Anonymous

    oh god you can’t diss tall people to boost short people’s confidence

  • http://Google Hello

    This article just made me hate being tall even more now. .-.

    • Bella

      Ikr. I’m 5″9 1/2, and I hate my height. The boys is just looking a me and saying: “wow, stop growing”, and I’m like: “I’m sorry that I have the genes, I have”.
      Anyway, I would do anything to be small, cute and adorable, and have a boyfriend, I could look up to, but you can’t do anything about it.
      Also, I think, that if you really are in love, height doesn’t matter. My mum is taller than my dad, and they still love each other.

    • girly

      Please don’t! I am very short and I have been bullied for years when I was a teen. I believed that I was ugly and less than taller people, and I just wanted to be someone else… but now I am an adult and I understand that I do not have to listen to those hateful comments. I am beautiful and even if many times I find obstacles to get jobs based on height I now that steriotypes are cruel and based in wrong ideas. I have a great friend who is a supermodel
      she is beautiful and humble, she alwas says that beauty has nothing to do with height and I agree. I wasted many times of my life believieng lies and now I know that the only thing that matters is to be happy as you are, and to be the best version of you. Short, tall… slim… doesn’t matter… Tall girls are beautiful as well. The only difference between being short or tall is your heart and the way you treat others.

  • Anonymous

    a person’s height is determined by genetics and nutrition. The reason women are on average shorted than guys is because they hit puberty sooner. and many factors determine the age of puberty, genetics again being one of them.
    A person’s feminine and masculine personality on the other hand is determined by the level of testosterone a fetus is exposed to in the womb. so a lady can be short but masculine and be attracted to shorter less masculine men since they don’t want to feel inferior in a relationship.

    • Munson Talbot

      Thank you for this very informative, fact-filled diatribe. Also, may I add: if you eat a teaspoon of dog shit each day, you’ll grow 5 inches in a month.

      • jay

        You mad, short man?

  • Dirk

    I heart spinners!!

  • Clara

    Okay it’s obvious that you’re extremely insecure and wrote this article just to try and bring down tall girls in order to make yourself feel better.

    Tell me, if short women were so incredibly feminine and proportionate, how come they aren’t the ones strutting on the runways? Following your logic, wouldn’t clothes look better on them, since you said tall women are dispropotionate? Just saying, I’m 5’9 and much more proportionate than most of my short friends.

    Also height doesn not equal confidence, it took me a lot of time and work to gain self-esteem and reading this offensive article just made me want to punch horrible people like you who enjoy bullying others for a confidence boost.

    All in all, it takes many and different things to make a person attractive, and being short (or tall) does not automatically mean someone is desirable. Yes, short girls are petite and some guys like that, but tall girls can look extremely elegant and glamorous, so get off your high horse. Tastes vary, and if you can’t accept that then I’m sorry for you.

  • meens

    i am 5 feet.. at times people says i am very beautiful but short…they wish i was tall and could look like a model…but i don’t prefer that…i am happy the way i am.. i am happy and thankful to the lord that i am poor, i am not hungry,i have shelter, i have very good parents, i am educated and i have my love. never under estimate whether you are tall or short…. thank god you are not handicapped.
    if we can walk, write, if we can talk, hear,smell,sense and see…. then you are perfect.

  • meens

    if you have one strong reason to be happy then why should we worry about something that disappoints you. think positive and be confident.
    though you are short you are short your confidence helps you to achieve the heights of your life.
    life is not all about dating men and being attractive…. its all about being HUMAN.

  • Juke Box

    What’s with all the bitter and insecure giants?

    • “giant”

      What’s with an asshole like you?

      • Juke Box

        Being too damn cute because I’m short.

        • Feathers Black

          Too cute or too much of a gaping-wide asshole? Oh, wait!! I forgot this article was written for those short lil gals with injured objective mindsets~ Just.like.you!! Awwwww, precious~~

          I’m 5’4, considered short to most folks and this article was very boastful and ignorant. Tall women? GIANTS? WTF. A woman is a woman. Stop finding reason to come out on the asshole pillar above all else.

          • Juke Box

            Nope. Gaping asshole is a tall girl feature.

            • Laurel__feels

              That’s very rude! Everyone is different and shouldn’t be judged based on their height, weight, hair color, skin color, etc. If people are unwilling to look past these small details then they don’t deserve a “beautiful” person. Beauty is beyond what someone looks like on the outside. It is about who a person is inside, and how they treat others. A friend of mine is over 6′ and she is possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met. Everyone, just please stop arguing about height. The article was offensive, that I agree on. But saying things that aren’t necessarily true isn’t making you look any better.

        • Kayle

          I call my little sister cute. I wouldn’t take it as a compliment. By the way, men only like you because they can use you as a human basketball :) They don’t like you for your personality. Short girls will only ever be a good f**k.

          • Hans

            Kayle, what?

            As a tall guy, allow me to say the following: You’re an idiot.

          • JusticeServed

            Interesting, I didn’t realize my height had a link to my personality… This must mean that since you’re jealous, all tall women are just as insane? Your logic is stupid, thinking that because we’re short, it doesn’t mean that men can’t like our personality. They’re not linked in any sort of measurable way. Now, that being said my 6’3 boyfriend does love that my 5’1 self is easy to lift up, especially during that good f**k you speak of. Enjoy your bitterness and I’ll enjoy being tossed around a little.

    • talldoll1

      He’s just another insecure guy. If you’re a real man you could be with a giant and still feel like a man. You’re clearly not anything of that sort. Just another short man that hates on girls he can’t get

    • Isabelle

      More like being a midget than cute.

  • Alex

    I’m 6’3 and I only crave shorter girls. This writer is sooo right. I’d take a short girl any day. Great article! (:

  • kim lam

    Gay bammers

  • Akuma de Soro

    It’s because to most men petite women there lest effort in the bed room.But harder to please

  • stephany

    that’s cute. i have always felt self conscious of my 5’0 lol but i have had ppl tell me my chest is unproportioned to my petite body lol

  • stephany

    it also makes me think of jackie burkhart. i love her. she’s always calling donna a lumber jack lol

  • arashi

    What makes a girl adorable is what is inside not what is outside.People tend to decide by looks everything without thinking deeply.I am 6’1 and I always hated being tall bcoz it was just hiding what I really am inside.I am very innocent,naive,childish,sensitive women who needs protection but bcoz I am tall people cannot know how I really am bcoz everyone think same short = adorable .I am adorable too,I am a women.I never tought about my future boyfriend that must be taller than me otherwise I cannot feel protected or good.All womens wants to be protected and all womens are adorable and cute even tall.Why discriminate tall girls…boys should be proud in having a tall cool girl next to them and also adorable and cute . 2 in 1.

  • None of your business

    This article is, and this is saying it nicely, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. I think I lost brain cells from reading its content because of the stupidity within it. I’m sorry, but ‘Julia’, I would think if you were secure and confident you wouldn’t post things that bring another woman down. And while some men may actually prefer shorter women, I think you completely forgot the whole idea of personal preference. Your article, so called ‘research’, and opinion are garbage. Grow up little girl, no pun intended. ;)

  • anon.

    this is stupid and dumb.

  • https://www.facebook.com/BlaiseGaubaSculptor/photos_stream Blaise Gauba

    Wow…this article IS quite wrong…unless I am just a guy who thinks differently. I’m average height for a man believe it or not for general international standards (5′-7″ or 170 cm) and my wife, who, before I met her, said that she had never considered dating a guy who was under 6′-0″ or 183 cm…before she met me. She is 5′-1″ or 155 cm. She said that it wasn’t that she refused to date shorter guys, but that it just hadn’t entered her mind…and initially, she also said that she had just never met a shorter guy that she was actually attracted to…hee, hee…until ME!

    My wife told me that she loved the fact that she didn’t have to crane her neck any more just to kiss or have a conversation with her man. The funny thing is, I have always been attracted to all sorts of women…even tall ladies…who CARES about height? What I was always attracted to has been (looks of course) but beauty IS in the eye of the beholder…so what I consider to be beautiful may be thoroughly unattractive to someone else…but what really attracts me to the opposite sex is PERSONALITY.

    My wife and I met on an online dating service of all places. We met in 2000 and have been inseparable ever since. We just celebrated our eight wedding anniversary and we still laugh everyday and hug everyday and KISS everyday. We can sit deep into the night and just talk about everything and absolutely nothing. We laugh at the same things, and we cry about the same things. She truly is my soul mate…and my best friend (sorry Nick).

    This article mesmerizes me…dumbfounds me, and makes me thank my lucky stars that I am not so shallow after all…because certainly I can be shallow…but lots of people can drift from the path every now and again. Isn’t that what the word “sin” actually means anyway? To drift from the path, to miss the target? Well, we all do that on occasion.

    Once, when I was single, I dated a young woman who was only about five years younger than me. She was a fashion model, she was absolutely beautiful. And no, she wasn’t grotesquely skinny either. I really liked her…but the only problem that I had with her which wasn’t just me thinking that SHE had a problem, but the fact was, it was ME who had the problem…and that was that she was five years younger and just that little age difference between us was enough for me to walk away because just that five years between us included a difference in our personalities she being younger, behaved quite a bit more immaturely just enough to turn me off.

    I have also always been attracted to women who are mature and/or even just slightly older than me. My wife is now 54 and I am 51. My wife and I are like a couple of pieces of Leggos…we snap together perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing. We can kiss almost face to face. Personally, I love that about us. And yet, I also dated a beautiful Black lady once who was about five inches taller than me! And SHE approached ME first. And no, I wasn’t intimidated at all. I liked the fact that anyone could be attracted to me for who I am and not necessarily what I look like or how tall or short I am. And that is how I have always looked at the women I have been attracted to. Because ALL women have something that makes them a goddess. And that goes for men too. There are always redeeming things in all human beings.

    We don’t have to make excuses necessarily for why one sex is attracted to another sex. I would think that perhaps those tall men or men who are attracted to much shorter women, might have a form of pedophilia hidden deep inside them. But I might be wrong about that…I’m just wondering.

  • jade

    what the fuck PLEASE COREBLOGGERS.COM BE MORE SELECTIVE OF ARTICLES YOU CHOOSE TO POST so you don’t end up publishing offensive trash like this

  • Smr

    This is stupid Lol short women do not have higher estrogen and it has nothing to do with their height.

  • Smr

    And having higher testosterone does not make you taller.

  • Vale Doublechubbs

    Quoting from the comments: “And just so you know, most men do not like short womens legs. They are stubby, especially when the calf muscle is really short. Short women also tend to have t-rex arms and disproportionately large heads.”

    Woah, thank you very much for pointing that out. Yes, i have short legs but it is evident why guys don’t like you; omg keep your defensiveness in check. It’s never about the height, lady. I don’t agree to most points in the article but I like how it builds the self esteem of short girls. Disgusted by some painful comments, be more gracious with your words. Its not a representation of all short girls’ view. so take a chill pill. This article at least forms a positive reinforcement to girls who are short, but the comments i have been scrolling through are hurtful to read. Its not as though it said tall girls are bad in anything. So, let short girls feel beautiful about themselves. You too, can come out with an article about “why guys like tall girls” instead of being so nasty.

  • Shorty

    Well, I believe this theory is entirely depends on what country.

    I guess the term short is entirely different depending on culture and country, I am 170cm and I prefer 155-165cm girls, are those consider short?
    (I am Asian Chinese so 170cm is common, I am not short…)

  • arielle

    this is like an indirect insult to tall girls -.-

  • KJ

    This is rape culture. “Easier to move around?” “Make men feel powerful?” Jesus Christ.

  • Marianne Brown

    i’m 1.45m tall and I doubt this, is bullshit. I envy tall or short people!

  • Clare

    WOW this is probably one of the dumbest articles i have ever read. sexist to the core. i will not be dating any guy who wants any of the things listed in this article tqvm. that guy sounds like a total tool.

  • Unkel G

    I looovveeee tall girls! All my girlfriends have been taller than me. I don’t quite agree with this article simply because it just sides with guys who have inferiority complex. Women are amazing and hot no matter their height. To write such things just demeans women as a whole. Can’t wait to read an article about why some women prefer shorter men or older men. That should put into perspective why more and more women go for the type. Hopefully you’ll realize how demeaning articles such as this is! :P

  • Anon

    I’m 5’6. That’s average. I’ve seen the ugliest short girls imaginable and unless you provide the mathematical and scientific proof that tall women have more testosterone (which they don’t!), I won’t believe you. This article is fake and offensive.

  • Rich Kretzschmar

    OK I see your point and it makes sense, however this doesn’t mean a passionate relationship can not happen with what some term an “Amazon Queen” or a gal of similar heights. Really it’s all going to relate back to the chemistry and personality in addition to the physical attraction.

  • Brittany

    This is completely offensive and untrue. Im 5 foot 9 and Ive dated guys who have been 6 foot 5 to 5 foot 7. This whole article is favored toward towards short women.
    **Sounds like a man wrote this article and isn’t man enough to handle a tall women. This man should show some respect because I bet he is a short tiny man who couldn’t get a woman anyway

  • p2pguy

    Height is just a matter of perspective, after reading many comments i noticed my height of 6ft 9in makes you all short in my eyes.(even the tall ones)

  • normal person

    This is some grade a, ignorent, sexist bullshit.

  • TSJones97

    This author writes “Guys feel inferior to tall women”. Well that’s only a small part of that issue. For many ‘short men’, a lot of women have no interest in men who are the same height or shorter. This doesn’t come from men. It comes from women who are not attracted to short guys.

  • Aj

    My… God… Some of you are stupid, arrogant, and vain! A women is a women. It doesn’t matter how tall or short she is. What matters most is how she acts. I mean, geeze people! If you want to find a nice women, then ask her some questions instead of gawking about her height. Her personality is what should drive you to like and lover her, not her looks. People should stop being so vain and just look at things how they should be.

  • jdceee

    Wow what a stupid article. Honestly. Why do you have to say all this negative shit about taller girls? Does it make you feel better? That pretty much is what bullies do. Yeah news flash. It makes the already marginalized group that is tall women, feel even worse about their bodies.

    And you have it ass-backwards. In my experience, taller girls tend to be MUCH more self conscious about their height simply because the media by and large portrays petiteness as equating to femininity. Most girls I have known who were say, 5’10″ or taller were the very definition of a sweet unassuming wallflower. They often feel like a large portion of the male population is out of their grasp because they feel pressured to date taller men so they don’t get stares from narrow minded idiots that apparently constitute much of humanity.

    For the record, I am a half inch over 6′ and male. I have had huge crushes on tall girls and short girls alike. I’m currently involved with a lovely girl who is believe it or not, 6’2″! She has struggled her whole life, like many tall girls, to get to a point where she feels comfortable in her body. Luckily has had supportive and loving people around her to remind her how beautiful she is. I can tell you she turns me on like a lightbulb. I like her not in spite of her height but in part because of it. It is something unique and compelling to me to be dating a taller girl as I am not used to it, being over 6′ myself. Being eye level (or nearly!) during make-outs is divine. And her overall physical presence is drop dead sexy and impossible to ignore.

    Your powers of empathy towards your fellow human being are sorely lacking.

  • Jovy

    How do you know that tall girls are confident? I’m 5’7 and as an Asian, that’s considered tall. If you only know that I’m so insecure of my height. By the way, check your spelling and grammar straight! “Woman are” or “woman is” or “women are”?

    Your article is very subjective! It’s mostly based on your opinion! Don’t even say things as if you’re generalizing the whole population!

  • Kayle

    So basically, insecure men go for short women to make them feel better about themselves. That’s kind of sad.

  • Aura

    I have a huge crush on a guy and im super short, though he is a little taller…he kinda likes girls a bit taller than him so yeah this isnt really as true .__.

  • hazel

    this whole thing made me want to vomit.

    • sara

      lool i knw right? am 5 feet tall but i think short or tall it doesnt really matter all women are beautiful

  • Anonymous

    “…Some short women are unaware of their beauty and charm because
    they have always been very preoccupied with their height.”

    Actually, tall women can be just as likely to be preoccupied with height and have to learn to deal with insecurities because they’re taller than other girls. Since its true that a lot of guys like short women, imagine how tall women feel when compared with them.

    In my experience, taller girls seem to be less confident while many short girls happen to be social, fiesty, and full of confidence. However, height doesn’t equal personality and it really just depends on the girl herself. Sure, some tall girls are confident and some short girls are lacking confidence, and vice versa. Confidence depends on the girl’s personality. Not their height.

    When it comes down to it, short girls, tall girls, medium girls, we’re all beautiful :)

  • Guest

    He’s just another insecure guy. If you’re a real man you could be with a giant and still feel like a man. You’re clearly not anything of that sort. Just another short man that hates on girls he can’t get

  • talldoll1

    Writer of the article is another guy who’s watched the victorias secret fashion show and felt depressed about the fact he’ll never get any of them. The TRUTH is, guys know they will not get a tall girl and that they aren’t good enough (or at least insecure ones) and THATS why they dont go after tall chicks.

  • Short Angry Bitch

    Wooooow! This….this is so fucked up on so many levels. So, according to this post, tall women are big, ugly giants and the reason why guys like short girls (except for, you know, every female model in existence since to even be a fucking model you have to be almost 6 ft tall or taller, yet men have no problem ogling and fantasizing about them) is because they’re so fucking insecure about their own masculinity. This blog post is not only offensive to taller women, but also to me, despite my being short, because it is also sexist in that it states the only reasons shorter women are attractive is because short women are tiny, weaker than they (men) are and supposedly need protection, make the guy feel more macho (because that is TOTALLY a VERY good reason to be in a relationship with someone), and (this is the fucking icing on the cake here) short women are fucking PORTABLE TROPHIES. Bravo! You, dear blogger, have to be one of the most sexist, misogynistic, ignorant people in the world if you actually belive the shit spewing forth from the orfice you call a mouth. If you are a man, go fuck yourself. If you are a girl, you should be ashamed of yourself to demean and dehumanize and objectify your fellow women. Thank you and good day.

  • Zaria

    I’m short (5 feet). I feel so unconfident when I talk to a guy. I wish I was tall. This article didn’t make me feel happy about my height, it made me feel like I was some sort of furniture. I seriously wish I was 5’5 or 5’6. Because guys want tall girls with sexy legs. I went out with a 5’7 guy. He seemed to love me being short. But, truth is, I would never like my height. No matter what I do or make myself believe, I wont grow tall. Like dammit, this woman or man who wrote this article was trying to make short girls feel better. He/she was also saying that “Tall girls are pretty much aliens” Um, hold on, guys swoon over pornstars and models with long legs on fashion magazines. So, I guess tall girls are better. :/

    • belardo

      This article is a joke… is silly.
      I’m 6ft tall… I’ve dating women from 4′-10″~6′ tall. In general, I found I liked my women at about 5-4 or shorter for dancing. Weight becomes an issue with taller women. My wife is 5’3 and 105lbs. We like each others sizes and she loves how I can throw her and swing her around on dance floors at clubs.

      Out of the 4 women I dated in the 4’10~5’0 size range, only one had some issues with her height. The others just live their lives like anyone else. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET TALLER!! So why bother being upset about it? If you are attractive and have a good personality – that MEANS more to a partner than anything else. You don’t have to HATE your height, it’ll get you now where… but scare people off, especially guys.

      Just make it a NON-ISSUE or joke with it. I prefer my woman to NOT wear heals so when we go out, her feet don’t hurt… One of my ex-dated women who is 4’10 is fun and lively, and I can still put my drink on her head and its not insulting to her.. and she looks cuter and younger too.

      When I first meet my future-wife, she didn’t like her breasts, she always wanted bigger and to get a boob-job, since she is a barely an A-cup and my pecks are actually bigger than hers breasts. After two weeks, she “got it”, that I love her and her boobies. After 2-3 months together, she stopped wanting breast “enhancement”. As I type this out, she just walked by and flashed me her breasts… I tell her “I love your tits, and I love you”.

      A friend of mine, she is 6′ tall… and when she puts on boots/heals along with her big hair – she towers over most guys. She is GOOD with her size, but she generally only dates guys taller than her because she is so intimidating.

      Nobody is perfect… make improvements to your self that YOU can actually do. Wear nicer clothes, lose weight (if you need to – hey, I’m 30lbs over weight!), read self-help books on outlook with your life. See the GOOD parts of you and present that to guys.

      At most, after a few dates with someone do you casually say “I wish I was 5’5″ if you feel you must, but if a GUY likes YOU and is dating you over and over again – complaining about your short-comings is a TURN OFF.

      If a guy calls you back after the first date (with or without Sex), then he LIKES YOU.

      PS: A woman I know is a little-person, she goes to clubs and was a DJ… about 4′ tall, at best. She has been in a long term relationship with a 6-2 guy.

  • Lala

    I am 5″1.5 and this is disgusting! All this is saying is short girls are basically for guys who are horny and wanna feel powerful. I DO NOT ever want protection from a guy.. Infact those article makes me wanna be 6″ so I can ruin all ur egos because as I can see, if you want a short girl it’s because you have a TERRIBLY LOW ego

  • Ashli 5’1

    Lol why look this up and read the article then have the nerve to feel depressed? Whoever wrote this was just stating what they think! Then y’all insecure tall ladies just come on here and make a scene because the person wasn’t writing about tall girls. HELLOOO THIS IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT SHORT GIRLS. So why read it if you’re already feeling insecure and you’re tall? If you wanted to know why guys like short girls then now you know. Don’t get mad at the facts. Oh and I’m 5’1 and my guy friends have told me similar things of why they like short girls. Don’t get mad just quit reading.

  • zucco

    Seriously, what difference does it make if a girl is tall or short? If the girl catches your eye, that’s all it takes. One thing I do truly believe is that some guys are more comfortable with short girls, because short girls have small hands. When your holding hands and your hands are so much bigger, it makes us feel good. Also girls with small hands, performing sex acts with them, makes the man feel like his penis is large enough for her to be fulfilled.

  • Molly

    This article is bullshit. I’m 5’6 and I’m only 97lbs. So now just because I’m tall I’m fat? Any woman, tall or short, is beautiful. Tall women are just as feminine as short women. And it stings to be called a skyscraper or giant just as much as it stings to be called fun sized or mouse. I’m sorry I don’t make your ego feel better, and I’m sorry I’m to tall to lift. Honestly, that doesn’t make since. Guys need to stop sterotyping girls. Short girls are just as tough as tall girls and we are just as feminine and pretty as short girls. My best friend is 5′ and she hated when people think she can’t defend herself. Ladies, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you’re all beautiful and unique in your own ways.

  • Kayle

    I don’t understand the article. It raves on about petite girls and then says height doesn’t really make much of a difference! Obviously it does!

  • mechanichix

    im 95 lbs and 5 feet tall by genetics i’ve stopped growing and luckily stayed the same weight. men have always politely gave me their seats on the bus or train, carry my bags, load it on the plane, hail a cab, etc thus it’s true that men always think petite women need help. i would joke to my bf “how’s the weather up there?” it’s cute how i tiptoe to kiss him or how he rests his chin on my head. i like to pretend that i’m asleep on the couch so he can carry me to bed

    • Belard

      Great attitude… after all, you cannot take a pill or drink something to gain 5 inches!
      Enjoy and love yourself. You have to be able to laugh at yourself if you are healthy.

      What *IS* more important is health… weight, smoking, drugs.

    • Kay

      “i like to pretend that I’m asleep on the couch so he can carry me to bed”

      are you five years old by chance?

      • sexybabe..;)

        hey bitch…dont show your insecurities in public…your making almost everyone here pity you…maybe you dont have a boyfriend that could treat you like that..dont show your true colors that much..your too judgemental to say that…

  • Anon

    I’m 5ft and half an inch tall and this article is so fucking offensive to pretty much every short girl on earth. Keep in mind that this is from the perspective of an adult too.

    1. So some men go after short women to fulfill a power struggle? They do it because they want to feel dominant in the relationship rather than an equal?

    2. This makes us sound like children, because people generally feel this way about children in a dangerous situation, since they are generally defenseless. People often make the assessment that short women, when they’re young adults, could pass off as high school or even middle school students too, I should say.

    3. In my experience, short women tend to hate being picked up because they lose their body autonomy and/or it hurts (which is just so CUUUUUTE right?!) when hugged like that and feel awkward hugging super tall people because of the empty space between them that’s created to make the hug happen. You can’t win when you’re short it seems.

    4. This part made me giggle. Tall women are arrogant now because they “tend to be confident?” Do you think they feel superior to short women? News to me. Do you like the “meekness” of short women? “Since most men have a huge ego (which they can never seem to compromise on)” sounds like you need therapy, dude, but you take it out on short girls because it’s easier than to admit you have a problem.

    5. This is confusing. So short women are insecure? This article is about what makes guy like short girls and this is listed as a reason?! Insecurity?! Oh, but then at the end of this point you say it doesn’t matter because “as long as they’re innocent” like a child or teenager, right?

    6. This reason is ok, I guess. Some men have a physically easier time having sex with a short girl because they are small and light. Some body types are easier than others, that can’t be helped. I’ll let this pass.

    7. It’s like what I said earlier with short women disliking being picked up when hugged, and this is one of the big reasons. We’re not adorable, tiny fucking pets that you feed (and have sex with, apparently) and go all doe-eyed every time they do, say, or feel anything. We’re human beings!

    8. No we don’t. I’ve seen some really hot tall girls in my life and they look perfectly fine even if they’re really skinny! Some short girls look really out of proportion. Quit lying.

    9. Like what Cairro said, this is very problematic and dangerous. No one should have to feel like they have to be dominant over their partner in order to not have to fear a break up because the dominated party feels too afraid for their own safety to get up and walk out. This is the sign of an abuser and you really feel that way, author, GET HELP.

    10. I personally felt very offended by this one. I know what it’s like to be treated as a trophy, and let me tell you, IT DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. It makes you feel so used. Like you’re nothing more than a hot thing to look at and to “conquer” and when you’re “conquered” the dude shows off the spoils he collected. But he doesn’t share them because she BELONGS TO HIM. If you’ve ever done this to someone else, fuck you dude.

    11. In society, actions, looks, and mentality are seen as feminine, not hormones. You like women who have higher hormones because in your mind, they’re following gender norms better? What if they act masculine? Are they just “lying to themselves?”

    12. So the fuck what? FUCK GENDER ROLES AND GENDER NORMS!

    So this is my overall analysis of this article. This guy, and men like him, want to be dominant in their relationships because they’re insecure and have masculinity complexes probably brought on by bad raising. They prey on short women because, in their minds, we’re submissive, insecure, and are really fucking cute. This is because we’re small, and because no one teaches us how to fight, we’re defenseless, so they can force us in to staying in abusive relationships because we fear for own safety, just in case we want to leave. We also look very young, underage usually, but we’re not. We’re… LEGAL, so it’s ok to desire us because it’s LEGAL so they don’t have to feel guilty about it. Tall girls don’t do it for people like them because they actually look like adults and they could probably kick their asses if they crossed them. Their masculinity complexes can’t deal with that, it destroys them, eats at them slowly until there’s nothing left. They can’t deal with security, even a façade of security. They need insecure girls to feed off of, but that’s hard to find in adulthood, so they live off of tired stereotypes and force the short women to comply because it’s the closest thing to being with an insecure teenage girl. It really sucks knowing that I, as a short women, and other fellow shorties have to deal with predators like this. All the more reason to hate being short.

  • Humbug

    All she has said is possible reasons guys prefer short girls. And the majority that I know do. Dosnt mean they are more attractive though. There’s no height limit I think generally guys like girls smaller than them it makes them feel more manly. Like I as a girl would feel wierd with a guy smaller than me personally I’m 5’4. My current bf is 6’2 my last was 5’8. I have way more fun with my current if you know what I mean ;). It’s on overall attraction and personality I think

  • Isabelle

    This post is extremely offensive to tall women, go fuck yourself whoever made this STUPID USELESS POST. Short women look like midgets, no wonder they will never look like models or be in the HIGH fashion world. Lol, seriously kill yourself whoever made this post. This is ridiculous and absolutely non sense??? Tall girls look MUCH better in clothes, everything looks good when a tall girl tries it on. You’re full of bullshit, die you midget.

    • e

      this article does sound offensive and doesnt make them any better but wow if ur height or someone elses height makes u tell ppl to “kill themselves” u need help and u really need to chill

  • PewDieCuties

    If anyone is insecure about their height (too tall) go to Norway! I’m 174cm (5’8) and I feel normal, sometimes short here! I move a lot, I just moved from Turkey where i felt like a giant i sticked out all the time and i got depressed about my height, now in Norway i feel normal and like my height! (I’m Norwegian, 14 years old)

  • Dri

    Wow, after reading this I feel really bad for small girls… It’s like you treat them like pets or something.

  • Tall girls are the best

    This is literally the stupidest blog I have ever read. Guys should not like girls just because they feel more manly around them. I’m 6′ and I would be even more offended if I were short.

  • ohjaayox

    I’m 5’10″ (tall) and now I feel rotten after reading this article. I now feel ‘manly’ and unbelievably insecure… wow, just wow

  • Tall girl

    I’m 5’11 and feel sad now.

  • Hailie

    I find this to be stereotypical and offensive.

  • Ashly

    This article just made me feel even more sad v.v im 5’7 and im very insecure of my height v.v i have a bf hes 5’11 but still i see short girls and i feel horrible cuz hes dating a giraffe …and this article saying sex is more enjoyable that short girls make a guy feel better and idk what makes me think alot but my bf always say i love you for who U ARE SO WHAT DOES HEIGHT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? I think this article is very offensive to tall girls and women . And makes short girls look weak and vunerable and makes it seem that they cant defened for themselves . Thank you cairro ! You actually made me feel alot better of my height than this article.

  • Shan Ray

    I’m a dude,5’10 and I believe all girls are different,you can’t base personality traits on something based on height or body shape for that matter.Although for me even though I’m average height , I think women prefer taller men in the 6′ range.One of the things I do like is to be able to have eye contact while communicating especially if its a female to me its just a nice feeling.I prefer women who are 5’6-5’10 ish because i want that eye contact but the short women are awesome too.You gotta appreciate all of them regardless height,shape,looks etc. and thats what I’m sticking to.

  • Amy Lee

    Listen, whoever wrote this article wasn’t trying to offend tall girls. He was just trying to explain why “some” not all men like short girls, but does it seriously matter if your tall or short. I’m 5’1, and truthfully my height never has once appealed to me.

  • mermaid

    I just laughed out loud at this pathetic article justifying being ugly. I feel sorry for the author and those who are genetically disadvantaged by being short – I know why you’re all so angry, being inferior sucks! Hasn’t anyone heard quotes explaining that to be truly elegant one must be tall?

    Every single man I know prefers tall women, as they are more beautiful, have more exciting sex and biologically make more sense since they have better genes. The ones who two who prefer short women are also short and insecure and need to feel control over a woman. That’s what all the “reasons to love a short dumpy woman” imply. They need control or they are pedophiles (the woman in the photo for this article looks 12 years old).

    And for the record, short women do NOT look more proportionate. They look fat and dumpy. A pound on a short woman is like four on a tall one. At nearly 5’10″, my proportions are pretty much perfect. Think of someone like Jessica Beil, or Blake Lively; curves look slim, sleek, proportioned and sexy. The waist is long, toned, and slim. Then think of someone like Hayden Pentire (or however it is spelled, she’s forgettable), and how thick, chunky, and ugly she looks. I almost wonder if she’s part “midget.”

    Stong, confident men prefer tall women. Biological fact. It’s better for the entire human race. Sorry fat midgets (bc all short girls looks fat, no matter how hard they try and look uglier when they are old and even dumpier). Why else would super models be tall?

    I’ve never walked in a room without the attention and admiration of every man woman and child focused squarely on me. I’d love to attribute it to my “beautiful face” or “stunning figure,” combimed wjth the authority, and elegance only achieved over 5’7″. But without my height, it wouldn’t hold the same impressivness. Short girls with nice faces can be cute at best, but that only goes till about age 25. Look at tall women like Christie Brinkley or Sofia Vergara…over 40 and hotter than any short woman half their age.

    Also, the author of the article has a “short” brain, because it wasn’t strong enough to see the significant errors in a published article.

    • E

      shh shh shhhh this article isnt right either but all girls have insecurities we should help each other not stomp on each other.. this is why the world is how it is. its about personality really


    Listen I dont know how tall I am but I do know I’m short like really short. Tall girls are new nice to we are just girls what’s the difference.

  • sweety

    stop making short girls as inferior !! most of them have charming face and good body structure too!! most tall girls will look like man and ugly

  • David

    I lost my virginity to a short girl. I have loved short girls ever since that day!

  • lum

    Julia is writing this as if she were a dude. And that dude had a mild obsession with teenagers and young women, tiny women.
    OH AND HEY. If you’re tall, that sure sucks! You better hope Julia writes a similar article about that.

  • Anonymous

    As a tall teenager, this article just killed every ounce of confidence that I might’ve had. I already hated myself for being tall and this just brought me down to a whole new level. Am I arrogant because I’m tall? Definitely not. What I am though is presumably unnattractive according to this article.
    Do I have more testosterone because of my height? I believe not. If you’re going to get scientific then show your data, you’re evidence.
    Honestly short girls are awesome – every one is , but that doesn’t mean you can degrade taller girls. We can’t control our height so we have to learn to live with it and it makes it that much harder after reading things like this.
    Sorry if you found this offensive or dramatic, but I just wanted to speak on behalf of the people who are hurting inside.
    I’m with Cairro btw.

    • girly

      I bet that you are beautiful! Do not listen to harmful comments. People always find a reason to be mean or judge others. Yor inner beauty is what matters, that will.make you shine everywhere. LOVE yourself.

  • truth

    I have only a few things to say: Megan fox 5’7″ Angelina Jolie 5’7″ Adriana Lima 5’10″ the list goes on. No one likes tall girls cause they’re always considered the most beautiful women in the world. Everyone else is just mad you never hear anyone say some 5’2″ chick is the most beautiful.

  • truth

    Average height for men is 5’10 and most of them have small dicks and the confidence to match. Why wouldn’t they want a smaller woman? Facts are everyone finds supermodels gorgeous but intimidating, most men don’t feel manly enough so they go for those that help them feel that way. For the ones who have security in their manhood beauty (long legs) trumps security (short girls). Tall girls, its not you its men who are insecure.

  • 6’2

    Ok so I can see everything being right except for the part about tall girls knowing how amazing they are. Tall girls are confident and they know their standards however tall girls don’t know what they have going for them at all. Men don’t approach us, don’t even look at us because we are so overpowering so we might take it in the realm that we aren’t attractive enough. I mean just types in “attractive things about tall girls” in Google and you’ll find basically nothing.

  • Erika Whitmore

    Exactly! THIS is what happens in our stupid American
    educational systems when we insist on separating boys and girls in sex ed which
    perpetuates the “eww gross” factor and ignorance. Boys become
    ignorant men whose only knowledge about women and their bodies is what other
    men tell them and what they see in porn, all mostly wrong. And extremely
    damaging to women. Both short and tall, young and old.

    I am 5’11″ and never felt “superior” in any
    way, but was under the misconception until recently (thank God) that men were
    smart enough not to extrapolate that our height was directly proportional to the
    size of our vagina. Apparently, I was SADLY mistaken.

    I had obviously given the men of America far too
    much credit. And so, the legend of the “spinner” lives on. (And for
    the three of you out there who are not yet aware what that is, and I apologize
    for those with sensitive natures, but you mind as well find out what 99% of men
    are thinking anyway. A “spinner” a.k.a. “short/petite”
    woman – (oh, and she has to be thin, as well. lest I forget to mention that) -
    is a special treat men prefer above all the iconic “trophies,”
    because why? Is it because they’re cute? Oh no, nothing as boring and clean as

    The REAL reason is far more insidious and loathsome.
    Simply put, they are so named, and vastly preferred the pervy world over,
    because men can imagine “spinning” them around on their penis.
    Period. That’s it. And yes, the opposite of this ugly coin also rings true for
    them. They are all still unfortunately laboring under the Neanderthal belief
    that a woman with a height of over (oh, I don’t really know what these
    troglodytes’ cut off is – let’s say 5’7″) – anything over that and they believe 100% that it’s
    “like throwing a pencil down an elevator shaft.” THAT’S THE
    REAL REASON ‘MEN’ prefer ‘short’ women

    Sad but true. Learn
    it, know it, women of America.

    I am not bitter, believe me. I have a brother and all my
    friends are guys. I am just telling you like it is. I am just telling
    you what I know – what you don’t want to know and what they will probably never
    tell you nor admit. But knowledge is king. And being short or tall – let me
    tell you – it has NOTHING to do with your GPA or your sense of humor…mmmmmmK?

  • Bianca

    I’m in highschool still but I’m 4’11 1/2 and like everyone is like aww you’re so tiny and cute. And then guys are like aww you’re so short. And girls are always hugging me. And my crush even like gets closer to my face since he’s talk just so he can hear me when I’m talking to him.

    • Bianca


  • Stejo

    I’m 4’8 and I don’t need anyone to protect me. Why? Because I’m a big girl now. I’m comfortable with what I have and in fact I learned how to love my height instead of wishing to be supermodel tall. I’m short I can wear pretty mini skirts as a normal skirt, wear knee length pants as a long skinny jeans and what not. Our personality is not based on our heights, I have a very tall friend who is sinfully shy then a short friend who is aggressive and has nothing “feminism” about her but at the end they are very kind people, have big hearts unlike heights. I have seen tall people feeling really bad about their heights because according to some people “A woman shouldn’t be so tall, it’s mannish” I mean, wtf? Tall woman being called coconut trees, moving tower etc. It’s not funny, even taller people face humiliation in public like shorter ones, same goes with our weight, we just don’t react to those nutjobs because as a normal human being, we don’t want trouble and try to make our day less crappier as possible. TO ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  • Heather

    Who writes this crap? A 15 year old?

  • foxyfoxy

    I’m 4’10 and I don’t have stubby legs legs like the girl in the picture. I have long legs and a short torso. I hate when people think all short women have the same proportions. I’ve heard guys complain that women with long legs made them feel inferior because she seemed taller even ifshe was short . Only a guy with a napoleon complex would sit around bashing tall women. I’m only 4’9 or 4’10 but I can’t defend myself just fine.

  • Michelle Figueroa

    I’m rubbing toilet paper on my boobs

    • Rhianna Hutcherson

      Hi bicthes

  • Medusa

    ——-”Tall woman know that they have it in them and they are aware of their
    options. However, some short women are unaware of their beauty and charm
    because they have always been very preoccupied with their height.”———

    Hmm, not true for me. I’m 5’11″ and was always bullied in school for being tall. And then even now as an adult, I always meet men who have short man syndrome – in other words they put short chicks on a pedestal and leave me all by myself.

    So no, I am not “aware” of any “options”. I’m also not aware of my beauty because in reality people always praise short women and ignore tall women.

  • Drea

    Actually, saying a girl is more proportionate when they’re shorter is such a lie. The taller you are the more your weight distributes evenly. I’m 5’5 so pretty average height which I love b/c I’m skinny but have muscular legs. I’m glad I’m not really short because than my legs would just look chubby and fat. Also just because I’m not a midget doesn’t mean I’m not fun in bed and can’t be tossed around. My bf is 6 foot even and he tosses me around like a rag doll without a strain and gives me piggy back rides and stuff, it’s not like im 500 pounds lol. Thing is sometimes he doesn’t realize his own strength and throws me too hard, which is another reason why I’m glad I’m not too short cause if so than when I get tossed around I could get hurt very easily… Why would I want that to happen?? Lol

  • Country Girl

    So let me get this straight. Women now have to not only be skinny, have long legs, large breasts, an ample bottom, and tan skin, they also have to be short as well? Let’s just add to the the impossible standards men have set for women, shall we? Because really, why not give even more women even more reason to be self conscious. Major thanks to the ignorant jerk who thought it would be even somewhat okay to write this.

    If a woman is tall or short it doesn’t matter at all. As long as she’s confident (not cocky, as apparently all tall women are) with who she is and how she looks, what a man thinks is completely irrelevant.

    Furthermore, why do men think what they have to say about how a woman looks matters so much? The minute a man judges a woman for how she looks more than how she acts and her opinions is the minute a woman needs to drop that man. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and the stereotypical “preferred” body image for either of the sexes is ridiculous.

    People are allowed to desire whatever they want in whoever they want, but just because you think one way doesn’t mean that every single person in the world agrees with you. People are attracted to different kinds of people for different reasons. That does not give you a right to put down any person that doens’t meet your sick standards. There is no excuse for that.

  • suzie30

    i am a short hottie. all guys tell me i am cute and charming. i have game all the time. i am so cute all guys think i am flirting with them when I am not. I am just friendly face x

  • tallandhappy

    Hmmm, I am 5’10 and earned every gorgeous inch of me. I am perfectly fine with never being called cute because guys always call me “hot” or “gorgeous”! Cute is for teddy bears and the crack about women being tighter down there because they are short is crap! I have asked many OBGYN’s and they all say that is a wives tale. Yes, I am able to carry a baby much differently than a short girl but that is about as far as it goes! I am proud to say that all 5’10 of me has never had to hit on a guy or ask him out and guess what, I am a friend who is all of 5’2 and neither has she. Women exude their confidence and this article makes short girls look helpless and week!

  • Audrey Wild

    Is this true

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaP_n0ttcUfDq1HLAgMnUcg Tech

    This makes me feel a little more confident in myself, despite the fact that everyone dislikes this article. I’m the shortest person in my entire highschool (and I’m a junior) because of my medical history (cancer is a bitch). I always feel so self concious and I am in fact a bit feminime so this kind of made me more confident. I’m pretty sure my comment is going to bring some angry people who try to prove their point but I don’t care, it still made me feel better about myself, so thank you.

  • BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor…

    I’m 14 and 5’10″ and them saying that tall girls are naturally more confident and arrogant and all that fun stuff *note sarcasm* really ticked me off. I have serious self esteem issues and articles like this don’t help. I seriously can’t even take a picture of my self without grimacing and wanting to cry. I get told I have a huge ego even though I can’t bear to post a picture of myself online because I don’t like how I look. Even though people tell me I’m cute sometimes and ect. Ect. I still can’t get over my height making me feel unloved by guys in general because I’m not 5’5″ or something like that. No hate to all you small girls out there! I just feel like (in my experience) you have it easier in most of the dating pool… I’m not trying to start an argument but with my standards and low self image i feel like it would be easier to be shorter sometimes. That’s just me wanting to date someone taller, and possibly being butt hurt to all you short girls!

  • Nahzuul

    Short women have more estrogen? Did you just make that up? Do you have a source or two? I have heard that higher pitched voices are correlated with estrogen, but never height.

  • Bobby

    Great. So this lady/guy is telling us that tall girls won’t get a girlfriend/boyfriend.

    If you’re short, how will your girlfriend/boyfriend kiss you?

  • Bobby

    This whole website is fucking bullshit.

  • carrio is a twat

    Carrio guys love short girls the end. 5ft to 5ft 4 only

  • arianna


  • Pxstel Bae (Bellaaaa)

    Meh, tall guys don’t always go for short girls.
    Making up lies to make yourself feel better? Awh, its so ‘cute’ that you’re jealous and sad.

    I’m not saying being short is bad, I’m just saying that women aren’t supposed to look like small stumpy children. Honestly, nobody will date you; whether you’re short or tall with that attitude.

    Anyway, i doubt anyone wants to bend down to your level, literally.
    Tall girls don’t necessarily weigh more, i weigh less than my short friend. Must be all that extra fat building up on her because there’s no room to spread it out.

    So hah, tall girls have positives too.
    Oh wait… before i leave I’ll step on you’re giant ego

  • maria

    Im a 5’7 girl and clearly im not short, but i really dont give a flying sh*t. I think this article highlights the good things about short girls and I see nothing offensive here. If a guy prefers a short girl so what; thats their buisness. I even think that the short girl/tall boy thing is CUTE. Short girls are CUTE.
    P.s The only thing I strongly disgree with, is the “short girls cant stand up for themselves” comment. I know a lot of fiesty short girls.

  • maria

    Im a 5’7 girl and clearly im not short, but i really dont give a flying sh*t. I think this article highlights the good things about short girls and I see nothing offensive here. If a guy prefers a short girl so what; thats their buisness. I even think that the short girl/tall boy thing is CUTE. Short girls are CUTE.
    P.s The only thing I strongly disgree with, is the “short girls cant stand up for themselves” comment. I know a lot of fiesty short girls.

  • Aaron Owens

    because tall women reject short or average height men. that is the reason why. society taught us that short men are weak, and tall men are strong. its shallow and pathetic. women reject short men. plain and simple.