15 Ways To Give Your Relationship A New Life


Relationships are very beautiful but even the most beautiful things are prone to gathering dust so if you are planning to bring about a change in the dynamics of your relationship, you will have to be prepared to give it your best shot. Try to kill the monotony that comes into a relationship with the passage of time. You might find some of these ideas useful:

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Go for a trip

There is nothing like a romantic trip for two to reignite the passion and recreate the spark. If you are thinking of ways to change the chemistry in your relationship, this should definitely be a part of your list. If you are married, just make sure this trip doesn’t involve your kids. Usually, everything becomes so monotonous in a relationship after a point of time that a sudden break can do a whole world of good.

Make a photo story

Do you have any memorabilia from when you and your partner had started dating or just got married? Use the ticket stubs, restaurant bills and pictures to make a ‘photo story’ in a scrap book. Write something about your partner (things that you felt or thought of on that particular day) and leave some space for your partner to write their thoughts. This will help both of you to revisit your dates and special nights which will in turn help both of you to start things afresh.

Break the routine

Do something that’s not a part of your usual routine. If you usually spend your weekends lazing around and getting home delivery, spend your next weekend in an amusement park with your partner. Relationships get boring once monotony creeps in so don’t let that happen to your relationship.

Explore each other’s hobbies

As a couple, you aren’t expected to do everything together but just because you think you won’t like something doesn’t mean you can’t try it. Participate in your partner’s hobbies and try to take active part in things that interest them. Show them that you care.

Go through photo albums together

Nothing can rekindle love like going through old photo albums together and reliving all the memories. In fact, it might even help both of you to realize how things have changed in the last couple of years and encourage you to do something about it.


Buy something for your partner

Surprise your partner by getting something your partner always wanted. It will help them to understand how much you love them and care about them.

Reinvent your sex life

If you are interested in giving a new life to your relationship, you will have to give a new life to your bedroom. Sex with the same person can become very monotonous over the years so do something new. Try to surprise your partner in bed. And, if you don’t have a sex life with your partner anymore, then it’s high time you get one.

Spend some alone time with each other

Go out on date nights, participate in adventure sports or have a pool party just for the two of you. Don’t get caught up in the rat race. Take some time to enjoy your hard earned money with someone you love and let them know how important they are. These are the things that become scarce as a relationship progresses.

Appreciate your partner

The lack of appreciation usually takes its toll in a long companionship. When we get habituated to our partner, the small things that used to invite appreciation from us earlier become a habit thereby making our partner feel that they are being taken for granted. So, start appreciating everything your partner does.

Give praise for all the positive changes

Sit and think about the changes that have come in your partner over the years that you might have overlooked. Give ample praise and show gratitude for all the things your partner has done for your family. Let your partner know that all the good deeds haven’t gone unnoticed.

Talk about things that aren’t a part of your usual schedule

Every weekend, when both of you are at home, sit with your partner and talk. Don’t talk about work, children, your families or anything else that is a part of your usual banter. Try to learn new things about each other during those minutes. Talk about your childhood dreams and aspirations. That will help you to grow together.

Place your partner before yourself

Make your partner a priority. Prioritizing is always mutual so if you give importance to your partner, your partner will automatically give you your share of attention.

Don’t shy away from touching each other

Touch is the purest form of love. Nothing symbolizes emotions more than touching so don’t be afraid to hold your partner’s hand when you walk around in public. Lightly brush your hand against your partner’s in a very carefree manner and try to stay as close to your partner as possible.

Go back to the basics

If you want your relationship to get a new life, then you will have to work for it and make efforts. Start behaving like you used to when you had just met your partner. Do things that your partner liked about you. Surprises are always welcome. Smile around your partner to let them know how happy they make you.

Quit whining

Try to restrict complaining about things to a bare minimum. Understand that your partner tries to do things for your happiness even if they don’t always turn out to be perfect. Unless you stop cribbing about everything, your resolution to give your relationship a new life might not go according to plan.