15 Gift Ideas For The Romantic Guy


Guys are a completely distinct variety of people. Some of them completely fail to respond to emotions whereas others are just waiting to burst with their feelings. The question is – what do you get for a guy who’s romantic? The choice has to be made very carefully because they would want the gesture to be thoughtful and sentimental. The most important thing to keep in mind before giving something to a romantic guy is to personalize it and to add your own special touch to the gift. They look for the extra effort. Here are some gift ideas that can help you to get something for your guy:

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Burn him a mix CD:

Nothing expresses emotions better than songs. The old classics work best with romantic guys and the mix-tape (now mix CD) always tops the charts. You can choose songs that express your sentiments or select his favorite songs and present it to him. I am sure he will listen to it every single day.

A body massage:

What can be more romantic than a special body massage with some essential oils like lavender or peppermint (depends on the aroma you are looking for). Give him a nice, rejuvenating body massage with some hot oil after he comes home, tired and devoid of energy.

A scrapbook:

A great idea would be to make a scrapbook for your guy filled with ticket stubs and pictures of the two of you. You can write quotes or poems against each picture and take him for a walk through time. Decorate the scrapbook with bright colors (you can use his favorite colors) and the thoughtful gesture will definitely appeal to your guy.

A surprise vacation:

Do you know of any particular place he always wanted to go to? As a surprise, you can book tickets, make reservations and then get him on the plane without revealing your destination (how you do it is your call). This is a very romantic idea and the thought of you going the extra mile to give him his dream vacation will only add to your appeal.


Tickets for his favorite band/game:

Every guy is a sports fanatic, a music enthusiast or both. The next time you feel at a loss of finding the perfect gift for him, get him tickets for his favorite band/game. As I mentioned earlier, a romantic guy understands sentiments and emotions so you can add your own touch to this gift by giving it to him in a special way rather than just handing the tickets to him.

Love coupons:

Love coupons work for any and every kind of occasion. Whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary, valentine’s day or just another normal day. A love coupon really speaks the language of love.

Write a love poem and snail mail it:

Nothing beats the old classics. Another classic idea is your everyday love letter (not that usual anymore though). Write all your thoughts and mail it to him but remember to snail mail it instead of emailing it or handing it down to him. The postal system adds a different level of charm to it.

A candlelight dinner:

Here is a twist to homemade meals. The next time you feel like doing something special for your guy, make his favorite meal and add a little twist with candles. You can decorate your entire dining area with candles so that it glitters in the darkness or if you can, create a romantic setting in the lawn and serve dinner over there.

A video montage:

A video montage is one of the most personalized ways of expressing emotions. Gather your favorite pictures of him or of the two of you, select a track that suits the mood, make a DVD and present it to him. It’ll definitely be one the best gifts ever!

A ring:

Nothing conveys love and sentiments like love bands. There is something to suit everyone’s pocket. You can choose a silver, gold or platinum ring and get your/his favorite quote engraved on it before you give it to him. If you aren’t married or engaged yet, just make sure he doesn’t read it as a ‘sign’.

A personalized calendar:

You can get some great calendar formats online. All you have to do is download them, insert your pictures in it and print it. It’s that simple. You can fill the calendar with pictures of the two of you or nice, seductive pictures of yourself to spice things up.

A love letter in a bottle:

Another great carrier of an everyday love letter is a bottle. If you don’t like the option of snail mailing your love letter to him, you can put it in a bottle (consider decorating the bottle) and keep it on his study table or next to his bed. Wait for him to react when he finds it in the morning. This idea is genuinely romantic!

A gift basket:

If you have too many ideas in your head regarding the perfect present for him, you can give them all by turning the gift into a gift basket. You can go one step ahead and plan a treasure hunt for this reward. This is one of the best gift ideas for guys who are truly romantic.

Something he really wants:

Do you remember him telling you about wanting to buy something in particular? It can be a sweater, a watch or a perfume. If you do, then that would be the best thing to get for him. It will also show that you are thoughtful enough to keep a track of what he likes.

A custom made portrait:

Anyone who is even remotely romantic loves portraits so the next time you want to get a gift for him, grab his favorite picture and get a custom made portrait of it. A picture is worth a thousand words so don’t let go of this opportunity.

  • Gisele

    Wow! Really nice article. The ideas are so innovative and romantic. I was looking for something really special for my boyfriend and I think I’ve made my pick! Thanks :)

  • Sheila

    I tried the whole photo calender thing for my boyfriend and it turned out to be so amazing!!!! Just wanted to let you know how great your suggestions are!!!!! Thanks a ton!