How To Get Rid of Belly Fat


Losing fat anywhere in your body starts with the right diet. Each individual’s body is designed in a different way. Some people may be the kinds who keep putting on weight on their arms, while some people would be the kind who keeps putting on weight on their thighs. Many others suffer from weight gain only on their bellies thus giving their mid-section a flabby and somewhat “lose” look.

Its important to firstly know what foods suit you and what don’t and how you can limit the weight gain effect on your belly. Besides the right food, the right work out tips can certainly help you tone your belly too!

Before reading up about the tips though, remember that your body needs to be tuned to start regular work outs. If you haven’t been working out off late, first start by incorporating regular brisk walks or jogs to your daily routine. Once your body is used to the work out then customize the workout to focus on your belly area.

1. Try to get hold of an exercise ball because exercise balls are a great way of reducing belly fat. You will have to ask a physical fitness professional to help you with tips on how to use the exercise ball to lose belly fats.

2. Aerobics is a great way to tone your body and to lose your belly fats. Join a class or watch a home workout video to help you learn the best exercises out there.

3. If you are a drinker, limit the drinks you have. Drinks tend to add more bulge to the belly area in people. Avoid drinks like beer specially.

4. Take 10 minutes every day to perform a brisk skipping routine. Skipping strengthens the leg muscles while helping you reduce your belly fat.


5. Hula hoops are another effective and fun way to lose that belly. If you haven’t used a hula hoop before, you will have to first learn how to use it. But once you pick it up, it will be quite easy and its a lot of fun too. Put on some of your favorite fast beat music and do the hoop!

6. If your job requires you to sit in front of a computer all day then that’s one reason why your belly is putting on those pounds. Try to be mobile and try to move around as much as you can. The body loses calories for every little thing you do, so be on the move!

7. Add as many low fat foods to your daily diet as you can. Super markets store a lot of low fat foods that are available off the shelf. So keep a watch on the low fats available when you go grocery shopping.

8. Get a bicycle and cycle around the country side. The position you sit in and the effort it takes to ride the bicycle will surely help you tighten that belly.

9. Improve your posture and try to suck in your tummy during the day. You can’t obviously be expected to keep your tummy in throughout the day but practice doing it at regular intervals. This simple procedure will really make a difference after a few days.

10. Join some power yoga classes or practice some yoga exercises at home. Yoga is a healthy way to lose weight and some of the exercises are especially focused on losing belly weight. So give it a shot and enjoy the effects!

11. Try to buy an exercise belt and wear it around your waist when you go about performing your household chores. It will help you lose some fats from the belly area for sure.

Getting rid of excess belly fat can take time (as can any form of weight loss). Be patient and stick to your goal. Most people give up half way through because results take time to come. If you get sick of working out, take a break for a day or two and then get back to it. Consistency is what pays off at the end of it all.

Belly fat is something that gets accumulated after a long period of time on the body. So, if you took all those years to accumulate it, its only natural that its going to take time to wear off! Eat right, workout with vigor. Ask friends to join you during workouts to make it more fun and a flatter, trimmer belly will soon be yours for keeps.

Lastly, be focused and you will soon reap the benefits of your workouts.