How To Get A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend


If you have come across a guy who seems interesting and you are dying to go out with him, the first thing you need to do is to find out if he already has a girlfriend or not.

If he doesn’t have a girlfriend then your mission will be a lot easier and won’t induce feelings of guilt in you!

And if you find that the guy you like is already in a relationship with a girl and if you still can’t stop thinking about him, then there are ways where you can get that guy to like you instead.

However, first ask yourself – are you willing to break up two perfectly happy people for your own selfish gains?

Then put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you were the one in the relationship and there was a girl out there who was interested in your guy and was trying to get your guy, how would you feel?

And, if you still are sure that you want to go ahead and get that guy and that guy only, then read the following tips to get the guy who already has a girl. A few tips to steal the guy:


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Impress him with your looks

It’s a known fact and a very commonly known one that guys look at any pretty girl on the street, whether the guy is with someone or not doesn’t matter. Use this fact to your advantage. Dress like a model and bank on your good looks to get him to notice you. Half the battle is won once he notices you and your good looks and starts checking you out.

Go over and talk to him

Once he has noticed you, he won’t mind having a word or two with you. So, go over and talk to him. If he is with another girl, smile at both of them and strike up a general conversation, maybe one about the weather. It will give you a chance to interact with your crush. If the guy is alone, then all you need to do is talk, talk, talk and get him to take you on a date!

Act confident and sensuous when you see him with his girl

When a guy is with his girl and when he is checking another girl out at the same time, the chances of the girlfriend getting jealous and picking a fight are pretty high. Use this to your advantage. Get the two of them to fight over you and when the girl walks away, (its usually the girl who walks away) you can go over to the guy and talk.

Befriend the girlfriend

Let the girlfriend not feel insecure about you, this way you can befriend her and get some more inputs on the guy, regarding what he likes, dislikes and how he is as a person. The phrase, keep your friends close but enemies closer comes in handy here. Use the information that you collect from the girlfriend to woo the guy!

Send him gifts he’ll like

Once you collect some information about your guy – send him gifts that suit his tastes and likes. He will have to call you or meet you or contact you somehow to thank you for the thoughtful gesture…and when he does so, talk to him like a girl who is interested for him to get the picture.

Find reasons to hang out with him

This depends on where you met the guy you like. If you met him through work, find ways to meet him post working hours to “discuss a project”. This will give you an excuse to spend some time with him. If you saw a guy you liked in a bar and he was with his girlfriend, find a reason to go over and talk to both of them.

  • Jasmin

    i see a flaw in “befriend the girl”. If they happen to break up (he dumps her) to get with you, then you lose a friend.

    • Kizzy

      So true

  • karlita

    This could really come in handy.i mean it kina does make me feel bad knowing that i will break a couple up but at least itll get you the guy you really want to have.

    • Anonymous

      True I have a crush that already has a gf but on Monday he’s all mine thanks to these steps but afterwards I will feel bad:-/

  • Anonymous

    this is terrible

    • anonymous


  • Mary

    This is so stupid. Lmao. There aren’t enough fish in the sea for someone to find a significant other these days? Great way to tell people how you met.

    • Anonymous

      Listen this is good advice if u really like a guy and don’t want to let him go duh hello if you really are smart you’d know that so there

  • Selma

    This guy hes a christian there’s no ways i can ask him out or partyng with him,he likes church very much and i cnt talk wit his friend becouse his friend hes the one who making his moves to me and i dnt want him..i dnt knw what to do coz when hes making hs moves to me he doesnt make it secret he talk in front of that 1 i confused i need solution how to deal with this situation coz i do realy want to end up being with mark.

    • Anonymous

      How about learning to speak and spell correctly first, then try for a guy.

  • no one

    this is really bad

  • anon

    this is absolutely horrible. especially if you think reading an article is gonna help you.. -_-

  • Jae

    This is a sick article. Why would you incourage adultery? If two people are happy together, don’t try to break them up because you’re jealous and you wish you had what the girlfriend has because ultimately that’s what it is. And even if you do end up breaking them up, what makes you think he’ll stay committed to you? What’ll make him go with the next hoe that tries to bring you guys up? And he’ll see you have no morals or self respect once he sees you trying to end things between him and his girlfriend. Get a life and find someone else who is single. Trust me, the Karma is not worth it.

  • katie

    this is so wrong!!! It kinda screams out “I LIKE YOU”!!!! and the gift part is way too much and too far once u are dating sure ok but before nononono just ask one of your b.f.fs who is good friends with him to try to hook you too up.and if he has a girl friend and he is checking you out that good and yet bad yay he noticed u but who wont know if he will do that to u as well

  • Gigi

    Why is this even a thing? If he has a girlfriend, they’re together for a reason. Don’t be a homewrecker.

  • sam

    I came for advice and got nothing . Th reason is that myy crushes girlfriend is my best friend and he has no clue i like him. So this is no help.

  • Anonymous

    Idk wht to do I love Kwami and he is into me to we talk all the time about being together but he got a girl and I just need help with dis idk what I can do???

  • hellomynameis

    Hmmm… 7.7. Wow. Just wow. If he really dumps his girl for you he will probably dump u for another girl. Think about that?

    • eriannamoric

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  • someone

    wow. i want a guy that i got a girl with but now i regret it and want him and me to be together. i dont even think he likes her that much. but im not that pretty so i doubt he will like me any better:/

  • samantha

    This is very wrong its like being a girl looking for everyman that comes your way….GET A LIFE! And find a perfect single man , there are so many fish in the sea

  • nthateng shabalala

    I really like this guy man and I can’t get him

  • Anonymous

    I see many flaws in here

  • Jody

    Only pathetic girls can break up a perfect (or even not so perfect) couple. I think its stupid. Relationship is between two people.

  • Anonymous

    this is messed up

  • sindy

    U know sometimes u have get what u want

  • Christina

    No guy in his right mind would leave his perfect relationship for a desperate home wrecker. Lol this is stupid.

  • Alyssa

    I’m happy that I finally will get the boy that I like but I know that when I get him ill feel bad for her but not bad enough to where I would go back and make them be back together:/ ;)



  • MonicaM

    Wrong on so many levels. That’s why I’ll just one night stand and send him back to gf. If he cheats on her he will cheat on you!!