Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend


Going out for movies and dinners has been done. So has going for every concert in town!

If you and your boy are a fun loving couple then exploring a courtship that’s full of real time fun activities would be the ideal thing for you. A few options can open the doors to many more fruity ideas that could enhance the fun quotient for you two! Use the list below and brainstorm together for a longer list of fun and fabulous ways to truly enjoy your time together.

  • Cook a special dinner for him and put on his favorite movie to watch
  • Go trekking with friends or family
  • Go camping or plan a fishing trip together
  • Take a class together, learn to play a musical instrument for instance or just go salsa dancing!
  • Order a pizza and bake a cake while you wait for it to be delivered
  • Go out for a jog together and take different routes everyday
  • Plan a surprise visit to a relative or a trip to an exotic resort
  • Make home videos and post it up on social networking sites
  • Go for midnight walks and sit by the shore if you chance upon any…spend time talking while you wait for dawn
  • Sing a song together and record it
  • Dance in the confines of your own home and record the video…send it to friends later! See what they have to say…
  • Buy a couple of board games and spend week nights at home playing them with a glass of wine or cola, depending on your age!
  • Find out a basic recipe to make ice cream and try to make some at home together!
  • Meet for breakfast at the next town
  • Drive around the city in the wee hours of the morning, clicking pictures of early light
  • Go shopping and buy each other gifts
  • Enact a scene from your favorite movie!
  • Pretend to be his favorite movie star!
  • Dress like science fiction characters from your favorite science fiction movie
  • Do some gardening on a sunny Saturday afternoon
  • Play hide and seek in the house
  • Run around in the rain or snow (depending on the weather) and click pics
  • Act like each other, wear each other’s clothes and record it
  • Plan a get together with friends and have a theme party
  • Create little couple cards and send them out to mutual friends and relatives
  • Buy a children’s pool and splash around in it
  • Better yet, buy a telescope and reach for the stars!
  • Go swimming in the sea or surfing
  • Make no plan and randomly wake up one day and drive away…in any direction. Stop when you need a break to eat!
  • Create a couple’s blog and write about the fun things in your relationship
  • Re-enact your first date or the time he asked you out. This time record it!
  • Paint a picture together
  • Be the founders of a band! Play music you both like for the town’s parties
  • Write a book about being in love with each other
  • Print all the pictures you’ve taken together and make a book collage
  • Paint a wall in your house together, make it creative and fun
  • Knit him a sweater or stitch him a shirt
  • Go snorkeling
  • Go Bungee jumping
  • Learn how to sail. Practice on a hired boat!
  • Spend time on the beach and build fancy sand castles
  • If its the winter season, build snowmen and dress them up to look like your relatives or favorite movie stars. You can even click pictures and send them to your relatives provided they are the kind who won’t take offence to that!
  • Adopt a stray dog or cat and take care of it together
  • Be part of a charity that hosts fun events for underprivileged children, this way you’ll be doing your bit for society too!
  • Dress up like clowns and do crazy things!
  • Host a karaoke night at your house for your boy and his closest pals!
  • Brew some beer at home together (only if you’re 21 and above)
  • Learn to play his favorite sport and challenge him to a match!
  • Record one of his favorite football wins and add your own commentary to it and gift it to him
  • Teach him to cook!
  • Wear scary costumes and scare good friends in the neighborhood (ones who wouldn’t get mad at you after)
  • Spray paint his car together; and add some funky colors and designs to it
  • Watch the seasons scariest movie at home on a Saturday night, with the light out!

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  • Nis

    well, you have found some good things here. Some of those are listed in my site as well, but this is informative as well.

    Thx for the share and looking forward to more update to this page.


  • Kaitlyn

    Lots of good ideas :) I”m definitely going to try some of these with him :) Good thing he’s up for anything or half of these wouldn’t be happening haha.

  • Anonymous

    fucking stupid

    • Man Up,!

      Too funny, Sad but True!

    • Anonymous

      Love these defiantly going to try some!

  • B

    This made me laugh so hard. I just picture some over eager girlfriend insisting on dressing up in science fiction outfits, then sitting around feeling bored and awkward… Or forcing the relationship into a horrible, cutesy, over-the-top cheese fest where they send out cards extolling their happiness to unsuspecting friends and have a blog about themselves that nobody else will ever want to read (nor should anyone ever have to). Basically folks, don’t be “that couple.”

  • Jace

    Good ideas!!!!!!!!:)me and my bf will do most of these

    • Jace

      Btw he’s HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) his nick name is johnathong my friend kaitlyn came up with it

  • Nicole

    Great ideas :) lol. Haha jace that’s my nickname for him u stealer!!:)

  • Nicole

    O and btw my bf’s hotter!!!!! Jaceie

  • Marie-Hélène

    So cool to read it!^^ ^^ Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Spray paint his car? Are you serious?

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ya I have a very cheap car myself but I would never spray paint it are you kidding me!

  • sam

    not necessary to drop the “f” bomb in your comment(anonymous). Some of the ideas are awesome, some a little silly.

  • Anonymous

    These ideas couldn’t be more great! Wow! I love them!

  • Anonymous

    thanks alot!!! my boyfriend hasnt spoken to me since i decided to spray funky designs on his new bmw

  • Dan and Jess

    We have done alot on this list, and we must say we had so much fun. Im 26 and my girlfriend is 19 but we like to keep it funky.

    The snorkelling was especially fun in the pond in the garden. Sadly we frightened the fish and they died. We visited a relative, and that was WILD!