Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy


Text flirting is simple and fun once you get the hang of it. Short message service (SMS) is an asset for those you are beginning with their new friendship. Flirting with a guy through texting can be a lot of fun when you know the right way to do it. There are a few right things to do, and there are a few things which should be avoided.

Talk To A Person Before Texting

Initiating a conversation is very important before you text flirty messages to a guy. You can ask questions about person’s life to get him to know better. Ask questions like “do you read novels?” Asking a question like this will give you the opportunity to take the conversation to a next level. You now can discuss various authors. When you ask questions, it shows that you are actually interested in him and are not looking for a one night stand type of relationship.

Talk to a person before texting

Initiate Texting To Know His Interest

Start with a healthy flirting text. You can simply use simile faces in the end of your text. Do not be too invasive in the beginning. If the other person does not respond to your flirty text, this implies that he is not interested and you should stop flirting. Continuing with your flirtatiousness shows your desperate feeling. Never show your desperate side to him, it will leave a very bad impression on him.

Initiate texting to know his interest

Complimenting A Guy

Not only girls but even boys like to be complimented. Tell him that he looks nice in a short haircut. You can compliment him for his accomplishment in the office. Be creative but do not exaggerate because your compliments should not look fake. You will surely have a positive response for your lovely text.

Complimenting a guy


Leave The Person Wanting More

At a certain point of time tell the person that you have to leave. Do not be rude by not responding to his messages because it can convey a wrong message to a guy that you are not interested in him. Simply say that you love chatting with him but need to go right now. This will make him feel jealous and he will be more interested in knowing your life.

Leave the person wanting more

Do Not Be Afraid To Send Your First Message

Showing initiative is a sign of courage and it will also convey the message that you are genuinely interested in him. Be careful while texting the first message. Abruptly do not begin with flirting,  but you can start asking him for a favor. You can judge his interest if he replies positively.

Do not be afraid to send your first message

Send A Blank Text

Sending a blank text may sound awkward but it really works. Send a blank text to your crush and he will surely respond back saying that he got a blank message from you. This is the opportunity to engage in a sweet talk. You can apologize by saying Oh! I didn’t know, sorry for disturbing you. This all will help you to begin a healthy talk.

Send a blank text

Short And Sweet Text Flirting

While flirty with guys always remember to be short and crisp. Boys are not at all interested in knowing your life history. Men usually do not have the patience to type pages. It will be better to keep things short and sweet. This way you will keep his interest and can even flirt for hours.

Short and sweet text flirting

Invitation Through Texting

Create invitations through texting. You can call him to accompany you to your home. It will show that you need his protection. You can also invite him for a movie or a coffee. Say that you are tired of work and need a break. He will surely take you out if he is interested in you.

Invitation through texting

Personalize Your Text

Keep it personal and do not talk out of the box. Give your own touch and style to your text messages. Whether it is romantic, poetic or crazy make it completely yours. He will appreciate that more than anything and you feel good to make him feel good.

Personalize your text

Cheesy Pickup Lines

Whether they are cute, funny or crazy your pickup lines should bring a smile on your sweetheart’s face. Pickup lines should match the personality traits of your guy. This will make him feel more important. You can give him a name like a perfectionist, a rock star or something like this.

Cheesy pickup lines

Send Your Picture

Try this trick once you have assurance that your crush is interested in you. This may probably work well. Sending your sweetie a picture of you will get him to thinking about you. You can send a smiling face picture of yours, but never ever send your nude pictures as this can prove embarrassing and dangerous. A gorgeous smile picture will be enough to lure him.

Send your picture

A Jokey Text

Jokes start a conversation without announcing that you are willing to talk to him. If you feel that your sweetheart is getting bored with flirty text. Send him some an absurd text which is amusing. He will revert back with an amusing reply which is best to keep his interest alive.

A jokey text

Ask For A Date

If you are able to chat with you crush for quite a while and have a fair enough idea that he is interested in you. Then there is no point continuing with silly conversation you can directly ask him for a date. If he is interested in you then he will never say no.

Ask for a date

Try To Be Visual

Boys have wide imagination and they visualize things very easily. Play with his imagination by sending him flirty text messages. If he asks you what you are doing, try to reply something like I was going for a shower. This will definitely make him wonder how you look in a hot shower.

Try to be visual

Use Smiley Faces

Smiley faces are flirty and fun when you use them in your text. Sometimes a smiley face or a wink is enough to say that you are interested in initiating a conversation. Use smiley faces in your texts almost all the time, and you’ll bring a smile on his face too.

Use smiley faces

Use His Name While Texting

To make the conversation more intimate and personal, use his name in your text. Use them especially when you are complementing him. You can also give him a pet name which matches his personality. Use that pet name in every few texts he will start liking you more.

Use his name while texting

Tell You Remember Him

When you tell a guy that you remember him then he will feel warmer towards you. He will spend time thinking about you. You can simply say that you remember something he did in the office which was very hilarious. This will give an idea that you are genuinely interested in him. All this will boost his confidence and he will try hard to please you and win your attention.

Tell you remember him

Do Not Flirt In An Obvious Manner

Trying too hard and desperately, will make him uninterested in you. Do not make it appear that you are flirting with him. He will think that you are easy to get and will not pay a heed to all the hard things you try for him.

Do not flirt in an obvious manner