Effects of Stress on The Body


Stress is one factor that creates several problems for anyone’s overall health. There are several reasons as to why people get stressed. High work pressures, finances, career problems, relationship woes are just some of the commonly known ones. It takes just a fraction of a problem for people the world over to start getting stressed out. Stress results in so many health problems that it’s the one reason health fanatics and doctors alike keep reminding people that they should avoid stress as much as possible or seek medical help to assist them in avoiding stress.

Sometimes stress triggers health problems that can be fatal and this is why it is important to be aware of the various health problems associated with stress so that one can consciously avoid it.

People in their middle to elder ages face severe risks from stress. Hundreds of stress induced deaths are known to have been caused in the developed world due to this and today since the medical world has found the serious risks connected to stress they try their best to increase the knowledge of people so future generations don’t suffer as much. Here are some commonly known effects of stress:

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Heart problems

Depending on your age, too much stress can lead to several heart related ailments. This is why middle to elder age people are told to avoid stress as much as they can because it could result in sudden heart attacks.

High Blood Pressure

When someone is in severe tension or when someone is in stress, it leads to several blood pressure related problems. People who take too much stress suffer from high blood pressure problems which eventually lead to other health crises.

Hair loss

Many a times, high stress levels results in hair loss in people. Many young professionals who belong to the corporate world can vouch for this.


Sleepless nights

Stress eats into a sufferer’s sleep time because high stress keeps the mind awake. This results in a severe lack of sleep thus eventually resulting in severe health problems and probably even hospitalization due to exhaustion.

Skin problems

Severe and high stress levels can result in severe skin ailments in a person. From skin breakouts to other skin diseases that erupt due to emotional disturbance. Stress can thus leave an evident tell tale sign on a person.

Tension headaches

People who suffer from stress tend to suffer from periodic tension headaches. These headaches can be very painful and can affect a person’s daily routine. Although there are several medication available to counter the problem, the best one is to avoid taking stress.


Stress can also lead to asthma attacks in adults. This is why several professional youngsters have some time or the other faced sudden attacks while at work.


Stress if not countered in its earlier stages can lead to severe depression and emotional problems in people. Once depression sets in, it becomes very difficult for the person to be hale and hearty again.

The bottom line is that stress can affect a person’s health both physically and mentally to great extents. It’s not for nothing that people the world over resort to practices like yoga, meditation etc – the aim is to reduce stress and find peace. Many companies the world over have introduced stress reducing workshops in their premises to help employees balance their work and life pressures effectively. With a helping hand of this sort there can be a lot of improvement in the overall lifestyle of the general public.

  • Thefrugallery

    I did not realize how many of my health problems were stress related until I quit my job. My headaches went away, I lost ten pounds, I started sleeping better, and my skin/hair improved. This does not even factor in how my interpersonal relationships have improved. I honestly think that reducing my stress level has changed the path of my life!

  • Taylor

    My relationship almost ended because I would be so stressed out all the time. But I decided to take my relationship as a wake up call and made sure I change things. This article makes me feel so glad that I turned things around when I did!

  • Cameron

    I hadn’t realized how badly it impacts one’s health. This article has been a real eye opener.

  • Hugo

    Stress can not only affect our health but also our personal lives. I have this friend who wasn’t very happy with his job and he used to be cranky at all times. He would fight with his wife, shout at his siblings and just go nuts for the silliest of reasons. One fine day, he decided to quite his job and I guess that was the best thing that happened to him

  • Brendan

    I work in the service industry and it’s just crazy over there. I get so stressed out at times that i don’t even get any sleep. The hours are insane and the targets are so difficult to achieve.

  • David

    At times i get so stressed out that I shout on everyone around me My girlfriend gets so annoyed because of it… And this article’s just made me even more conscious about controlling stress. It can be such an eye opener!