Easy Jobs That Pay Well


Everyone dreams of getting rich and if they can do it without putting in too much effort and hard work, nothing like it! However, such jobs are very difficult to come by because every job requires a certain amount of effort and hard work which varies. Here is a list of 43 easy jobs that don’t demand a lot of efforts so, they are on the easier side and they pay well enough:

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What can be better than getting paid for sitting at a desk and calculating numbers all day long? Sure, you have to use your brains but the work is by and large sedentary. If you enjoy crunching numbers for days on end and getting a fat salary at the end of every month, then this job is meant for you.

A job as an air traffic controller

As an air traffic controller, you will have to monitor air traffic for the safety of all planes coming in and leaving the airport. You will get paid for avoid collisions. If you want to earn some good money, then sit in a tower and regulate air traffic.

Baby sitting can be a great option too

Ever thought of converting your infrequent baby sitting assignments into a profession that can help you earn a lot of money? If you haven’t till now, here’s your chance. It’s not as easy as it sounds because it will be your responsibility to look after the baby, feed it and make it fall asleep but apart from that, there isn’t much to do. There will hardly be emergency situations and you can have plenty of time for yourself so that you can relax and enjoy the money at ease.

Become a credit and collection supervisor

If you have received accolades for your soft skills from people around you and you know how to manage a team, this job might be what you are looking for. Credit and collection supervisors are the people who manage a team of employees trying to collect debts from people who haven’t been making their payments. The job is not very labor intensive and your salary will compensate for the constant motivation you will need to give your subordinates to help you reach your monthly goal.


House sitter

Can you imagine getting paid for looking after a house? Well, it seems that people who have a lot of money and huge houses pay others to stay in their house when they are away to look after it, feed the pets and at times, even to live in it. Can you think of anything easier than getting paid for staying at some one’s house?

Deli store worker

Doesn’t sound like a feasible option? But wait till you hear more. Not only do Deli employees get a descent pay but thanks to their worker’s union, some Deli stores also offer other benefits such as a week’s paid vacation and yearly hikes.

Work as an electrical repairer

Even though this might not seem possible, troubleshooting the problems with electrical appliances using anything from a small hammer to huge machines can help you to earn big bucks.

You can be a food critic

What can be better than eating at fancy restaurants, taking about its ambiance, service and food quality in addition to getting paid for doing so? Not only do you get money for eating but you also get a lot of respect for being a culinary genius who understands the complex mechanism of different foods that go together. Once you become well known, good money is sure to some your way.

Ever considered the job of a greeter?

Ever thought why employees greeting you at big departmental stores seem so happy to see you? Well, that’s because they get paid handsomely enough to just stand and smile at random strangers. A greeter can earn a lot of money to just look happy and smile when they see you.

Being an illustrator can be another option

You can work with an advertisement company or freelance and design fonts for everything starting from billboards to websites. You will also be in charge of creating the images required for the campaign so if you enjoy drawing and understand designing, this could be the job for you.

Voice over artist

You can earn a descent living doing voice overs for commercials, cartoons and other areas of entertainment. It is difficult to find the right company that pays you well enough. You can hire an agent to help you find work or do it on your own. You can earn really well by doing this once you get some experience.

Lead carpenter

The person who heads a set of carpenters working on a particular project, manages them and ensures the job gets done within the stipulated time is the lead carpenter. It is a little labor intensive because apart from managing the other carpenters, they also have to do their own share in the project so if you were good in shop class and want a career in this business, this job can definitely be of interest to you.

Graphic designer jobs

If you are good with creating graphics, layouts, designing elements and can use Photo shop then all you need is a course in graphic designing to get a deeper insight into its working and you will be ready to work as a graphic designer. There are so many people in need of graphic designers so finding clients will not be difficult

Online Articles

You can earn a steady income by writing articles for companies online. When you freelance, there is a higher tendency to earn a lot of money because you are not bound by contract and can work on articles by different companies at the same time.

You can be an aides supervisor

They primarily supervise aides intended for use at home, set it up and monitor their performance so that patients get the best care.

Search engine optimizers are in  great demand

They are the people who primarily deal with optimizing online content for the search engines. You have to know how to put in the right keywords so that the content comes as one of the foremost choices and Internet traffic can be channeled to your website among other responsibilities.

Payroll supervisor

They are responsible for giving you your monthly salary based on the hours of work, looking at your time-cards and adhering to the government’s rules for payroll when distributing compensation. If you want to earn some money while you give others their share of money, this option might interest you.

Computer hackers are also being sought after

They do not have to be evil at all times. If you have these skills, why not use it for a good cause and help companies find loopholes in their security systems? Your job will interest you and so will your payment.

Try being a social media analyst

It’s easy and it’s fun. All you have to do is to advice companies on the workings of social websites such as Facebook or YouTube and help them to figure out ways to promote their websites on it to get a fat salary at the end of every month.

Department stores jobs

If you are looking for a career in sales, this can give you a head start. You can learn the selling techniques firsthand and there will be plenty of avenues for promotion.

Become an author

If you enjoy writing and you want to write a book some day, then why wait for tomorrow to do something when you can start with it today? It does take some time to complete the book but once it’s finished, you are set for life getting money from the publisher as well as the royalty on your book.

Deliver newspapers

If you are a teenager looking for some extra money, this job is fit for you. You cannot make this into a full time profession but for kids who can cycle around their neighborhoods delivering papers, this job is easy and it pays well enough to support their requirements.

Have you considered the job of a sommelier?

You have to be trained properly to be a sommelier but if you have a knack for finding wines that compliment different palates and you know one wine from another, then a job in an upscale restaurant is going to get you a good living.

Tutoring can help you to learn and earn

If you are good at a subject and you can get some kids who are not, tutoring them will be the easiest money you’ll ever make. Since you can teach them in batches, you can earn a lot even on hourly basis.

Pool cleaner

It’s definitely not one of the most hygienic jobs but all you need to work as a pool man is some basic pool cleaning knowledge and some cleaning chemicals that you can get at any pool shop. The pay isn’t excellent but it’s descent enough considering a lot of people have pools and they are rich enough to pay good money to their cleaners.

Teaching is a great profession

This job requires a degree and a lot of patience but it’s one of the most satisfying jobs ever. The pay for an elementary school teacher is descent enough if she’s living alone. It’s not very easy to handle a lot of kids but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake.

How about working as a shot girl?

This one’s a little unconventional but we are looking at well paying jobs, not conventional ones. Some restaurants and bars have shot girls who get a certain amount of money for every shot someone buys. To this, add the tip coming in from the customers and this option has a lot of financial viability.

Secret shopper

If you are a shopaholic, you’ll love being a secret shopper. After all, what could be better than getting paid to go to different stores, using their products and evaluating them?

Professional dancer

This is for people who enjoy dancing and want to do it at a professional level. The big bucks don’t start rolling in till you get some experience and become proficient and graceful at dancing but when it does do, it’s a lot of money.

Take online surveys

Yes. You can get paid for taking surveys online. A lot of companies pay third parties to get surveys done on their behalf for new products they want to launch looking at the market feedback to produce goods that consumers are looking for.

Become a landscaper

If you enjoy gardening as a hobby, why not go one step further and turn it into your profession of choice? Landscaping requires refined taste but that can be worked upon. Apart from that, all you need is some good knowledge in gardening and with so many rich people just waiting to hire landscapers, it’s difficult to not come by a client.


Again, this is one of those professions that requires talent, training and experience in order to make a living out of it but for those who are passionate about music, it’s an easy way out and once you become well known (with so many reality shows, it’s not that difficult), you can start charging a good fee.

Groomers earn quite well

Grooming pets is another good opportunity to earn money. Since there are so many people with pets, clients are hard to miss and all you would need to start the business is a couple of trained groomers who can do the bathing, hair styling and clipping the nails.

Trash collector

This is definitely not what most people would consider as a career option but you get rewarded handsomely for collecting trash around the city. The trash collectors in major city earn comparatively more than the others but the descent salary is the only aspect that got this job option a place in this list.

Real estate broker

You will have to sell houses for a living and it’s not that difficult since there are so many people on the lookout for houses and condos. All you have to do is keep a tab on the vacant properties, talk to both the involved parties regarding the terms and conditions and help with all the paperwork. Once a property is sold, you can earn a good commission.

Truck driver

Most people have a passion for driving and being a truck driver allows you to drive for long stretches. The work can be tiring but it’s not that difficult. In some cases, a special license or a medical examination is required to get this job but if you are healthy enough, you can try this profession. The remuneration is also good.

IT employee

This is one of the best jobs because it is very well paid and there is a consistent demand for IT professionals irrespective of where they are.

Write blogs

If you have opinions or advice, why not write about it and make some money? Once you start getting some traffic, you can find companies that can post advertisements on your blog and pay you for that. You can also think about promoting and selling your own products if you have any. It’s a great way to make money sitting at home.

Data control supervisor

All you have to do is look after your subordinates and ensure that the data they enter is accurate and on time and actually get paid for doing it.

Lab rat

If you enjoy people poking you in different places and conducting experiments on you, then this job can help you get big bucks. A lab rat is basically a person who, for a promised amount allows research scientists to conduct experiments on him just like a lab rat. Unless you have issues with getting medicines tested on you and facing the side effects (which can also be fatal), this is your calling.

Working in a restaurant

If you feel like that you’re too qualified to be a waitress/ waiter then apply to be a manager or supervisor in a well known restaurant. You will get paid depending on the popularity of the place. It’s a relatively stress free job too and can give you a decent income.

Executive Assistant

Being an EA to the chairman can also be a job option. It’s not difficult and furthermore, if you have a good rapport with your boss, you can get away with a numerous breaks and day offs. If your boss is the kind that travels frequently for work, then imagine the days that you’ll have to yourself! If you get recruited into a big company then the chances of a good salary package are pretty high. But you’ll have to be prepared for some busy days too!

Receptionist/ Jobs in Administration

Working as a receptionist or in the administration department of a company can be considered as an easy job that pays well. The qualifications needed to bag these kinds of jobs aren’t too high and since they play more of a supportive role in the company, they are quite easy to handle.

So explore your options and pick up the next easy job that comes your way to live the easy life you’ve always wanted to!

  • June Martin

    I do not think that some of the jobs that you have mentioned are easy jobs however overall the article is very informative and indeed the jobs you have mentioned are not difficult to find :)

  • Lyn

    Being a restaurant manager is stress free!? I beg to differ! That’s one of the most stressful jobs a person can have!
    I used to manage a medium sized restaurant, talk about a living nightmare. Worrying about roughly 60 employees (hosts, servers, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers, etc), making sure none of them are stealing or fighting and actually doing their jobs, making sure the schedule is done, making sure all the servers have an equal number of tables and the hosts aren’t playing favorites, dealing with angry customers who ordered extra cheese and then scream that they’re allergic to cheese when their plate gets there and demand free food, the list goes on!
    I think one year of managing took about ten years off my life, to be honest.

  • Periwinkle

    I’m surprised voice over was included here as one of the easy jobs. Sure, once you have experience and become a veteran of it, it’s easy. If you’re just starting out though, it can be stressful. I can imagine. But it isn’t impossible to do, though.

  • Doodlove

    Air traffic controller is easy?! You are a moron.