12 Dresses Women Should Not Wear On A First Date


The first date is always a ‘make it or break it’ sort of a situation and it is very important to create a good impression if you want a second date with that man. Usually, people get so excited for their first date that they end up making fashion faux pas instead of making a statement through their clothes. If you get a better understanding of what-not-to-wear on a first date, it’ll be easier to decide on clothes that you should. Some things women should not wear on their first date are:

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Shoes that don’t fit

If this is the first time you are going out on a date with someone, there is no point in torturing yourself with shoes that don’t fit you. Irrespective of how brilliantly they go with your dress, they will either be very loose and keep slipping off your feet or they will be so tight that you will be barely able to walk in them. And honestly, you don’t want to sit with your date and constantly think about how your shoes hurt right? If your mind is constantly diverted, how will you be able to listen to him or connect to him? I am not asking you to go out wearing a pair of sneakers with your dress either but wear a pair of high heels or pumps that you feel comfortable in.

Avoid wearing tights with silly prints

Tights go with a lot of clothing articles and they also help in muting down loud dresses but you have to be careful about the kind of tights you wear. Men don’t really fancy seeing their date in a black, low cut dress that ends right above the knees teamed with a pair of tights with red dots all over it. If not chosen carefully, a pair of tights you wear for the first date can potentially ruin his first impression of you.

Dresses or tops that reveal too much cleavage

Who wouldn’t like to show some cleavage and tell the man what’s in store for him but wearing a very low cut dress is really not a great way to attract his attention. At times, less is more and when it comes to revealing your assets, less is always more. You don’t have to hide your cleavage but at the same time, you don’t have to put it on display either.

Don’t wear a formal suit

You might have a formal suit that you look great in but at times people come on as strong and arrogant in formals. Avoid it, especially if this is the first time you are meeting him. Allow him to judge your personality rather than have it written all over your clothes. What you wear on a first date should give him hints about you but not describe you entirely. If you wear formals on the first date, you might be misinterpreted as boring, unavailable or disinterested. So, to be on the safer side, just avoid it.


Don’t look like you are coming from a funeral

Black might be your favorite color but it’s not smart to go completely black at the first date. Experiment with color contrasts. If you are wearing a black dress, team it with golden, red or silver accessories.

Clothes that match your personality

Wear clothes that suit you. Your first date is not the time for you to experiment and wear something you haven’t tried before. Wear clothes that embody a fragment of your personality but don’t let it shout it out. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. You do not have to suffocate yourself to look good for someone.

6 inch heels

You might have the most gorgeous pair of six inch heels but your first date is not a place to show it off unless your date is very tall and he is taking you to a fine dining restaurant. If you are not sure about your date’s height, leave the heels at home and avoid taking a chance at looking taller than him.

Tube top

Strapless tops are a bid no-no for the first date. They tend to be very uncomfortable and you will have to keep pulling them up constantly which is a little embarrassing because your date will probably notice the discomfort. In addition to that, the top’s going to demand all your attention instead of your date so you might get distracted more than once in your conversation with him. Wear something that allows you to be yourself.

Too many layers

Layers are always ‘in’ during autumn and winter but avoid wearing too many layers just because it looks good on you. If you wear a dress, an overcoat, a scarf and a pair of gloves will look great but don’t wear anything additional on your dress. Every cardigan, jacket and overcoat you wear will have to be removed once you reach the restaurant so the more you wear, the more you will have to remove and spending so much time in removing layers can make you look weird.

Bra straps that attract attention

If you are going for a day at the beach, funky straps can look very attractive but when you are going for your first date with someone, keep it simple. Make sure your straps aren’t visible when you wear your dress. If there is nothing you can do to pin it up or hide it, wear transparent straps so as to not attract too much attention to it.

Clothes from another decade

Be in tune with what people are wearing these days. You do not have to read every fashion magazine there is and keep up with the latest trends but avoid wearing clothes that belong to another decade. Don’t try to look like you come from the sixties or the eighties unless he’s taking you to a theme or costume party. Wear clothes that are elegant, sophisticated and reflect your taste.

Jeans or shorts

Unless you are going to the park for your first date, don’t wear jeans or shorts. While one guy might like the jeans and a dressy top look, another might think that you weren’t interested in the date so you didn’t bother to make an effort to dress up for him. So, it’s best to steer clear of the confusion.

  • Michelle

    I love the part about bra straps… In fact, some women wear florescent bra straps deliberately to show it off… and it just doesn’t suit most of them… They end up looking awkward. Steer clear of visible bra straps to be on the safer side…

  • Sheena

    Anything that glows brighter than the sun. Avoid excessive bling unless you know you are going to a club. The first date is all about first impressions…

  • Stuart

    I am strictly against flip flops. Somehow, women in flip flops lose their appeal from the word go!