How To Deal With Relatives You Hate


Its normal to detest certain members of your family, because, not everyone’s perfect. Probing questions, endless comparisons and the lack of an open mind can all make you hate someone in your family but the trick is to not let it affect you.

You obviously cannot just wish away the relatives you hate and you cannot act like you are not related although you highly wish you weren’t. People cannot choose the families they are born into, but they can learn how to deal with the different types of family members they have been blessed with. If there are a couple of relatives you absolutely hate in your family, then use the tips below to deal with them:

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Learn to ignore

When at a family gathering, try and ignore the relatives that you detest. Act busy and like as though you are in deep conversation with someone else every time you notice them coming towards you. Or simply – hide!

Act like you don’t remember

If you bump into a relative you hate after a long time, then act like you don’t remember them. They will spend the next 10 minutes trying to tell you who they are and what they did for you in the past while you work on a way to disappear from there.

Draw comparisons

When speaking with relatives you don’t like, start talking about relatives you do like and draw comparisons. They will eventually get the picture.

Never call

If there is a relative you absolutely can’t stand then make sure you never call them during key festivals like Christmas. Why contact someone you hate after all.


Change your numbers and don’t inform them

Change your contact numbers, get a new telephone number and avoid giving it out to relatives you hate so as to limit contact.

Identify why you hate those relatives and do the same things to them

If you hate a relative because they tattle tale too much, then pay them back by tattle telling on them in turn. Do as to them as they do to you and give them a taste of what it feels like to you when they behave in a certain way.

Have a party at home and don’t invite them

If you hate certain relatives a lot then its best to show them in an indirect manner…don’t you think? If you agree then simply forget to invite them over the next time you have a party, this will give them the impression that you don’t like them. Once they hear the news of the party from other sources, it will be a clearer message.

Send things you don’t need yourself over

If you hate a particular relative so much that it affects you night and day, send things you don’t like or don’t need over to their house…it will make you feel tons better. Parcel it and send it across with a note that says, “Thought you may like these”.

Intentionally forget important social dates

Forget the birthdays and anniversary dates of relatives you dislike and don’t call and wish them. They, being relatives will be sure to take this heart and might make it a big issue for a while and then eventually forget. On the other hand, call the relatives you do like so that the ones you don’t like find out and get the message.

Don’t reply to calls and emails

In the modern world of high tech communication there are several means to get in touch with someone. If you don’t answer your phone, people try to reach you on fax, email, messenger – the list is practically endless… avoid replying to your hated list of relatives so that your lack of response will eventually give them the idea.

Put a Facebook status message about pesky relatives

If you have your most hated relatives as part of your friends list, then they will be able to see all your facebook status posts. So maybe what you can do is put up a message about how “some” relatives can be so annoying and refer to the one thing that your most hated relative keeps doing to make you hate them.

Never visit

When you go back home after a long time, make it appoint to avoid going over for a visit to your hated relative’s house. That way, they will also get the message loud and clear and they won’t bother you no more…

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