15 Date Night Ideas For Married Couples


Date nights are a great way to revive the lost love. Once a couple gets married and they have children, all the romance takes a backseat and the love diminishes beyond recognition. No wonder so many people get divorced after 20 years of successful marriage. Date nights help both the partners to understand the transition they have gone through in all these years. It gives them some quality time to relax and unwind in each other’s company which strengthens the base of a marriage. Here are a few wonderful ideas for a date night you will cherish forever:

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Look through old photo albums

A great way to spend a quiet and peaceful night with your partner would be by going through old photo albums and reliving those moments. Usually, when my husband and I do this, we get to know so many stories behind the pictures that we were previously unaware of and that makes these pictures even more special.

Go out for a candle light dinner

This is one tradition that can never fade or get outdated. A romantic candle light dinner is the perfect idea for a date night. You might have even done this as a couple before the marriage but marriage doesn’t really have to change everything. You can relive your past with her, bit by bit on date nights.

Dim the light, put on some music and sip some bubbly

This is another formula for a successful date. The dim lights and the soft romantic music will only add to the appeal and both of you can really dress up for this event. Add a couple of dance tracks to your mix and have a great time. Nothing can be better than a beautiful wife, some champagne and your favorite tracks all thrown into one.

Draw a picture of your dream house

We all have a fantasy dream house full of the weirdest things and the most creative rooms. Just because you have married someone doesn’t mean that the dream house shouldn’t stay. Sit with her and plan your dream house over a bottle of wine. Think about the rooms you will need, the attachments you will make to go with those rooms and let your imagination flow. Such activities actually help in strengthening the friendship in a marriage.

Watch a drive-in movie

Drive-in movies will never become outdated and even when they do, a certain section of the society will still go to watch it. For your next date night, take her out for a drive in movie and have a meal on the go. Life is about having fun so why not have some on your date night?


Enjoy a night of clubbing

Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you have become old and cut down on your social life! Both of you can go to a club and really let your hair down. It’s best to understand one another in places where you feel comfortable so if you and your wife like clubs, go clubbing on your next date night.

Sing along at karaoke

If you guys enjoy singing, a karaoke would be the perfect place to head over to with your wife for your next date night. The music and the people can take fun to another level altogether.

Get creative

When was the last time you made something on your own? Get all the papers, glue or whatever stationary and craft material you have and get to work. You can make cards, photo frames, bookmarks and so many other things so it is a fun idea.

Make a list of reasons that make you love your spouse

You can sit with your spouse and make a list full of things you like about each other. It’s soothing, doesn’t require a lot of effort and it’s perfect for a date night when you feel very tired. Keep your list under her pillow for her to read in the morning.

Fulfill your childhood dreams

This date night, do something both of you had always wanted to do as children. That can include anything from breaking a neighbor’s window to shouting at a random stranger. Even though this sounds extreme, it will be a lot of fun and you can look after each other to make sure it doesn’t get serious.

Go back to your honeymoon

Another great idea for a date night is to relive your honeymoon. You can’t go to that destination but you can bring the destination close to you. For example, if you had gone to Hawaii for your honeymoon, serve coconut water in the green coconuts, wear lei and put on some hula music.

Revisit your childhood

At times, you don’t need any of the fancy stuff to have a date. A simple and honest conversation goes a long way so instead of running around and planning special things all the time, just sit back and have a talk with her. I am not talking about a serious discussion. Talk to her about your childhood, all your memories and encourage her to do the same.

Treat her like a princess

Ask her to write down everything she has ever looked for in a date and try to follow the list in its entirety. Treat her like your queen and make her fall in love with you again. Talk about swapping roles for the next date night.


Date nights don’t have to be full of gooey romance all the time. Every once in a while, whenever you get tired of the mush, play paintball with her, take her bowling or do anything that is fun for both of you. A date night is supposed to help couples to relax in each other’s company so don’t worry about breaking any rules.

Have your dream date

We all think about a dream date where everything goes according to plan. No one really speaks about it but everyone thinks about it every now and then. A dream date is basically your representation of a perfect date. Think about what you would want to do on your perfect date and let her enjoy the satisfaction of a super romantic evening.

  • Cassidy

    My husband re did the entire proposal on our first date night. IT was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Basically, you should do things that interest you or things that are personal for for. Reliving a memory really close to you is a fun idea and as long as you get to relive it, doesn’t really matter who plans it out.

  • Derek

    I like to lounge around and relax with my wife because we hardly get to do that anymore. We cuddle, watch movies and basically relax. It’s very old school and very us.

  • Erica

    Date nights are really enjoyable. My husband and me try to explore different parts of the city we’ve never been to before. It’s so exciting. I mean, to think there are beautiful places that don’t attract a lot of crowd in our very city!

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